-->''I'm Sindbad the Sailor, so hearty and hale,''
-->''I live on an [[TurtleIsland island, on the back of a whale]],''
-->''[[{{Pun}} It's a whale of an island]]!'' ''([[LampshadeHanging that's not a bad joke]].)''
-->''Its lord and its master is this handsome bloke.''
-->''Whooooo's the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow?!''
-->(Lions Roar) ''Sindbad, the Sailor!''
-->--The Opening VillainSong.

Possibly the peak of {{Popeye}} the Sailor's cartoon career during TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation, this [[AnimationBump lavishly animated]], full-color, two-reeler 16-minute theatrical cartoon from 1936 brings together a crisply paced plot with impressive action scenes and comedy. Oh, and awesome 3-D backgrounds too.

The short starts off with a close-up on the isle of ''[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Sindbad]]'' the Sailor, and not long after we see the man himself, he begins his epic [[VillainSong villian boast song]], complete with ''[[SceneryPorn amazing]]'' live action model set and animation blending, ending with the introduction of Popeye himself, singing his theme song.

-->'''Sindbad:''' ''[[LargeHam Who fouls the air with notes so sour, and dares to challenge Sindbad's power?!]]''

Sindbad promptly sends his giant buzzard to destroy Popeye's boat and kidnap Olive Oyl ("But bring me the woman.") and naturally, Popeye has to travel to Sindbad's Island (along with [[TheLoad Wimpy]]) to save Olive Oyl.

The short was a smash hit when it was released, resulting in two follow-ups being done within the next few years. It was nominated for an AcademyAward in 1936, but lost to the now obscure SillySymphonies short ''The Country Cousin''. Fortunately, this cartoon got a better reward later on--the position of #17 on The50GreatestCartoons list, and it got selected for preservation in the NationalFilmRegistry.

This cartoon is in the PublicDomain and can be [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9JiQ5xO8AM&feature=related viewed here.]]

This short was popular enough to recieve a follow-up in 1937, ''PopeyeTheSailorMeetsAliBabasFortyThieves''.

!!Tropes Associated With This Short:
* AdaptationalVillainy: Sindbad, who goes from the somewhat kindly (if ruthless) man of experience of the stories to an arrogant, kidnapping blowhard.
* AnimationBump: In spades. The animation is noticably more fluid and detailed this time around, and that's not even taking into the account the lush, rich Technicolor and amazing model set backgrounds.
* TheBeastMaster: Sindbad has a myriad of fantastic and amazing creatures on his island, lions, apes, snakes, even dragons! He even has a Roc and a Two headed Giant
* BulletDancing: Sindbad does this to Olive Oyl by shooting pellets through a straw.
* CranialEruption: When Popeye hits one of Boola's heads, the ''other'' head gets the lump.
* CurbStompBattle: Popeye doesn't have a chance before eating spinach, at which point Sindbad has no chance.
* DeadpanSnarker: The first thing Popeye says after Sindbad's giant bird wrecks his ship? "Oh, that was a nice boat we once had."
* DigitalDestruction: The print included on the official Popeye DVD is a very good restoration--save for some truly bizarre color alterations, which pumped up the pink, purple and turquioise on the print! On that note, Sindbad's outfit was originally purple, but is now bright blue in this print!
* DistressedDamsel: Olive Oyl, as usual.
* DVDCommentary: Creator/JohnKricfalusi and his pals provide one for the first official Popeye DVD set. A second commentary, supplied by historians [[Blog/CartoonBrew Jerry Beck]], Ray Pointer, Bob Jacques and Leslie Cabarga, appears for it on the Warner Bros. Academy Awards Collection DVD set.
* EvilIsHammy: Bluto as Sinbad the Sailor
* {{Expy}}: Sindbad, Bluto, Brutus
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Popeye makes some pretty risqué comments, but they are muttered under his breath.
* GiantFlyer: Sindbad's giant bird, which probably recalls the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roc_(mythology) Roc]] of the original Sindbad story.
* IAmSong: "I'm Popeye the Sailor-man!"
* KickTheDog: In Sindbad's case it's more like "Slap The Lion."
* MultipleHeadCase: The two-headed giant "Boola."
* {{Leitmotif}}: Wimpy gets one in the short. It's most noticeable when he pops up inside Sindbad's fortress.
* NightmareFace: At one point Bluto says "boo" while singing and makes an awfully creepy face for a few seconds.
* PublicDomainAnimation: The shorts copyright is expired, so it's not uncommon to see this cartoon show up on dollar store PublicDomain cartoon collections.
* ShoutOut: Sindbad mentions Film/KingKong when talking about his two-headed ettin slave.
** "He'd frighten King Kong, but he's only my stooge!"
* ShownTheirWork: The Fleischer brothers and their studio pulled out all stops for this cartoon, and boy howdy, does it show, resulting in much SceneryPorn and all-around EyeCandy in general. The storytelling and pacing also received much attention to detail.
** Some of the things Sindbad mentions in his. VillainSong are actual parts of the Sindbad saga (the island on the back of a whale, the diamonds from the valley of serpents, the Rohk).
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: Due to its out of nowhere adventure story nature, that feels very different from the usual locales of Popeye's world.
* ThisIsADrill: How Popeye gets through Sindbad's wall, also the twister punch.
* UniversalAdaptorCast: One of the earliest examples of this in a Popeye cartoon. While Popeye, Olive Oyl and Wimpy are themselves, the cartoon is taking place during the days of Sindbad, with Bluto playing the role (as a villain).
* VillainSong: "Oh, who's the most remarkable," ''etc''.
* WholeEpisodeFlashback: This short was later remade by FamousStudios in 1952 as "Big Bad Sindbad", which is essentially the same cartoon, only with a FramingDevice where Popeye and [[ChasteToons his nephews]] go to a museum and encounter a giant statue of Sindbad, prompting Popeye to recount his fateful encounter with the sailor. Once Popeye was done with the story, the nephews chiseled the statue into that of Popeye in his honor. Understandably, a lot of footage from the original cartoon had to be cut to make way for the new material.
* WindFromBeneathMyWings: Sindbad's giant bird can do this.