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This is going to be special episode. This is going to be a {{Pilot}}, PilotMovie, GrandFinale, OriginsEpisode, ReunionShow, or maybe even a VerySpecialEpisode. Or regular episode, in which we want something that will make it special. We need a guest star, but not [[SpecialGuest any guest star]]. And not another episode where [[CelebrityStar Metallica's in town]]. We need someone real big, like, like...like president of the United States! Or Russia! Or British prime minister! Maybe even a member of Royal Family! Or Pope! No matter - he just needs to be well-recognized political or religious leader. If he's popular, his face itself will earn thousands. And if for some reason people don't like him, we will just chip with him, and they will love us. It doesn't matter, if [[CelebrityStar the whole story will go round about him]], or [[SpecialGuest he will make only short appearance]], [[InvisiblePresident if at all]] - it will work perfectly.

Compare OurPresidentsAreDifferent.


[[folder: The actual politician, in person ]]

* ''WesternAnimation/CartoonAllStarsToTheRescue'' has a preface from George Bush Sr. Few kids who were watching it knew who he is, but still. Airings in other nations included similar forewords from the heads of government of those states.
* Barack Obama invited the ''Series/MythBusters'' to the White House library to request they retest "Archimedes Death Ray"
* Tony Blair appeared on the Simpsons once. Like, the actual Tony Blair. Details [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Regina_Monologues#Production here.]]
* Tony Blair also appeared as himself in a Catherine Tate sketch for Red Nose, meeting her sixteen-year-old schoolgirl chav, Lauren Cooper: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfkjvagVsRI]]. Can I just add he was actually the ''Prime Minister of Britain'' at the time.
** The possible UrExample is the then-Prime Minister Sir UsefulNotes/HaroldWilson appearing with smash-hit comedians Creator/MorecambeAndWise, who regularly commanded audiences in the high twenty milions. He figured this sort of TV exposure showing him as a generous-spirited man with a sense of humour, who could go with jokes at his expense, was something that would not do his career any harm.
* The Canadian sitcom ''Series/CornerGas'' had two Prime Ministers make cameos (Paul Martin and Stephen Harper), along with a smattering of Members of Parliament and mayors.
* Former Swedish prime minister Göran Persson at one point appeared on a kid's show, and danced with a woman in a cow-suit.
* Al Gore appeared on the [[ExecutiveMeddling network-mandated]] [[GreenAesop green episode]] of ''Series/ThirtyRock''. They had fun with it:
-->'''Al Gore:''' Quiet! A whale is in trouble... I have to go!
** He also makes quite a few appearances in ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', owing to his daughter having worked for the show.
** And Gore has hosted a season 28 Christmas episode of ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'', and cameoed on a season 35 episode where he outlines his plans to act crazy (such as taping toy guns to trees and planting the trees outside a politician's house so when he walks outside, he'll think the trees have come to get their revenge) so people will take his environmental views seriously.
*** Of course, ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' has had a lot of politicians (and political hopefuls) host and/or cameo in its 30+ years on the air, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturday_Night_Live_hosts#Political_figures as you can see here,]] but does anyone remember Barack Obama cameoing on the Brian Williams episode from season 33 (a full year before Obama would become President)?
* Canadian politicians frequently make the rounds on ''Series/ThisHourHas22Minutes'' and ''The Rick Mercer Report''.
** American politicians would sometimes show up. Most memorably was then presidential hopeful George W. Bush being asked by Rick Mercer what he thought of Canadian Prime Minister "Jean Poutine".
* The Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe appeared in ''Series/DoctorWho'' as one of Mr. Saxon's celebrity supporters.
* ''Series/TopGear'' has had Mayor of London UsefulNotes/BorisJohnson as a guest.
** Then-Prime Minister UsefulNotes/DavidCameron also had a brief cameo at the start of the India special (that consisted of him telling the presenters not to go to India).
* Johnson has also made four appearances as the host of ''Series/HaveIGotNewsForYou''. Charles Kennedy has clocked up ''nine'' episodes, one as host. Many other politicians have also featured on the programme.
* Two NYC Mayors, specifically Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, have appeared on ''Franchise/LawAndOrder''.
* One 2008 episode of ''Wrestling/{{WWE}} [[Wrestling/WWERaw Raw]]'' featured campaign speeches from UsefulNotes/BarackObama, Hillary Clinton, and John [=McCain=]. Later in that same show, Obama and Clinton impersonators went head-to-head in a wrestling match .
* British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher performed a [[SelfInsertFic sketch she wrote herself]] with the cast of the sitcom ''Series/YesMinister'', where she played funnily enough, herself as Prime Minister.
* John [=McCain=] had a walk-on role in the fourth season of ''[[Series/TwentyFour 24]]''.
* NYC Mayor Ed Koch appeared in ''Film/TheMuppetsTakeManhattan''.
* Former Victorian state premier Joan Kirner appeared on the ''The Late Show'' (Australian version), singing The Arrows's "I Love Rock and Roll".
* Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy is well-known to be a big fan of Batman and made quite a few [[TheCameo cameos]]. PromotedFanboy, anyone?
** He voiced the Territorial Governor in the ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' episode [[Recap/TheAdventuresOfBatmanAndRobinE13Showdown "Showdown"]].
** He appeared AsHimself in ''Film/BatmanForever'' and ''Film/BatmanAndRobin''.
** He had a line as a guest at Bruce Wayne's party in ''Film/TheDarkKnight'', where he tells the Joker, "We're not intimidated by thugs!" He may or may not be playing himself.
** In ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'', he has another cameo as a member of the Wayne Enterprises board of directors, appearing both when Daggett is booting Bruce from a board meeting, and also when Bane is holding the board hostage.
** He played Senator Purrington, one of the hearing members who get blow up by an explosion in ''Film/BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice''.
* This trope is Older than Cable ... Richard Nixon once made a cameo appearance on ''Series/RowanAndMartinsLaughIn.''
* Bill Clinton had a cameo appearance in the film FirstKid, asking the (in-film) current president if he's seen his missing saxophone.
* On ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'''s Season 5 premiere "Ms. Knope Goes To Washington" features Senators Olympia Snowe, Barbara Boxer, and John [=McCain=]. "Leslie vs. April" beats that by having Vice President of the United States Joe Biden. Michelle Obama shows up in the season six finale to briefly name-drop her youth activity and diet programs. Season 7's "Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington" has Senator Boxer show up again along with Madeleine Albright.
* U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun (by then retired) appeared as (by then long-dead) Justice Joseph Story in ''Film/{{Amistad}}''.
* Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis played himself on an episode of ''Series/StElsewhere'', limping into the Emergency Department to get his ankle taped after he sprained it while jogging.
* In Australia's ''The Late Show'', Mick Molloy booked former Victorian premier Joan Kirner (instead of Music/JoanJett) to sing "I Love Rock & Roll". Health Minister David White also appeared, playing the guitar.
* When legendary British disc jockey and talk-show host Creators/TerryWogan retired from his long-running breakfast show, one of the many heartwarming farewell messages he received on the day of his final show was from Gordon Brown, the current British Prime Minister.
* Former Texas Governor Ann Richards appeared in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'', where she briefly dates Bill, [[FatSlob of all people]].
* Massachusetts Congressman and Speaker of the House Tip O'Niell once ducked into ''Series/Cheers'' to get away from a woman on the street who was bothering him (turns out it was Diane). The rest of the bar recognized him and goaded Norm (who was in the bathroom) to share his opinion of that "Do Nothing Congress" which O'Niell found amusing. Was a big factor in the show getting noticed by the general public at the time.
* The UsefulNotes/{{Philippines}} takes this UpToEleven—a lot of politicians there weren't just ''guest stars'', they were often full-fledged, full-time celebrities—actors, singers, basketball players and other athletes, newscasters, and various other media personalities—leveraging their media popularity to handily win at elections. Possibly only the most prominent example was former Philippine President Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada, action star who became mayor of San Juan city for several terms (and went back to being mayor, this time of UsefulNotes/{{Manila}}, after his presidency expired—via impeachment).


[[folder: Just the politician's likeness ]]

* George Bush Jr. has a guest appearance in ''ComicBook/TheUltimates''.
* UsefulNotes/BarackObama got a special, short story in ''[[SpiderMan The Amazing Spider-Man]]''. And thankt to FollowTheLeader effect it was followed by his appearances in ''Thunderbolts'', ''Secret Warriors'', ''ComicBook/TheSavageDragon'', ''Youngblood'', opening of [[WesternAnimation/TheSuperheroSquadShow The Superhero Squad]], and even making him main character in ''Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian'' parody comics, and sequel of some AfterTheEnd comic.
** Obama appeared as a playable 'character' (actually a skin) in the add-on to ''{{Mercenaries}} 2: World in Flames'', although he wasn't actually President yet at the time. Sarah Palin was also playable. Sadly, he's ''only'' playable in the add-on missions, and all of them are vehicle-based, meaning you only really get to see him in the hub area, and can't take the POTUS on a mass Venezuelan killing-spree. Now that ''would'' have got Chavez pissed off.
** Perhaps it should be mentioned that before the election (and to a lesser extent afterward) John [=McCain=] and Sarah Palin also got comics based on them. Not to mention Michelle Obama, and the new White House dog.
* Canadian example that does this with the Queen, sort of. The absolutely terrible 1980s ''Captain Canada'' comic by Geoff Stirling features [[http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y287/Ronkaperplexous/Comics/atlantis-081.jpg a cameo by Liz and Chuck as they are about to get stepped on by a giant robot, only to be rescued by the greatest Canadian hero ever (oh, and Captain Canada)!]]
* ''ComicBook/CaptainBritain'' had Gordon Brown in it once, which naturally amused the UsefulNotes/BritishNewspapers immensely: [[http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2066678/Flash-Gordon-Brown-Space-Warrior.html Telegraph]], [[http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1023597/Have-fear-SuperGordon-help-save-world--new-comic-book-Captain-Britain.html Mail]], [[http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1237452.ece Sun]]. (Clue: that looks nothing like him.)
* President Kennedy was occasionally treated like this. There was a Superman story where he reveals his secret ID to the President, causing unfortunate implications (but not UnfortunateImplications) when he died at the time the issue came out and the story could be taken to mean his secret's safe with the President because he's dead.
** Of course Kennedy was treated like a pop star too.
** The Kennedy Superman example also has JFK holding up a picture of John Glenn as an example and Superman being impressed. Only in TheSixties...
* Ronald and Nancy Reagan appeared in ''ComicBook/EdTheHappyClown'' by Chester Brown, but they deliberately look nothing like their Real World counterparts. The prime minister of Canada shows up, too. Further subverted by the fact that the talking head of a "Dimension X" version of Reagan [[spoiler: ''appears on Ed the Happy Clown's penis''.]]
* Obama appeared in ''ComicBook/SavageDragon'' but he was not the first president to appear in the pages of that series. Both UsefulNotes/BillClinton and UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush have appeared in the past.
* In the first episode of the live-action version of ''Series/TheTick2001'', the heroes must save former president Jimmy Carter from a communist KillerRobot. The fact that it's not a real cameo is lampshaded by making him TheFaceless.
* ''Series/TheGames'' had [[NamesTheSame John Howard (the actor) pretending to be John Howard (the Prime Minister)]].