->''"Yes, Wong very racist. Don't like black. Don't like Jew either. But black and Jew both like Chinese food. Go figure."''
-->-- '''Mr. Wong''', ''Film/{{Norbit}}''

Usually, in modern stories, a character who's [[PoliticallyIncorrectVillain a sexist, racist, or something else of that kind]] is the bad guy. This is mostly due to the present day view that prejudice is [[AndThatsTerrible generally bad]].

Sometimes, either due to an AuthorOnBoard, ValuesDissonance, DeliberateValuesDissonance, or something else, a character can get away with opinions that are... controversial. If the excuse is well-done, it can work. If not, it seems like a KarmaHoudini. Unless, of course, he is punished for it, or forced to undergo a FaceHeelTurn.

It has become increasingly common for heroes of this type to not only have their political incorrectness [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by the author and by other characters, but to ''be aware of it themselves''. This type of "hero" knows his attitudes are wrong but is too proud to give them up, usually due to HonorBeforeReason. He might develop into a NobleBigot or TroubledSympatheticBigot.

See: BuryYourGays because it's disturbing how similarly these two often work. Also see GoodFlawsBadFlaws for a more thorough analysis of "discrimination as a flaw".



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'':
** Ranma exhibits a surprisingly homophobic attitude in the storyline dealing with [[WholesomeCrossdresser Tsubasa]].
** Akane also had a sexist attitude towards boys (though not men) in the first season.
* Wufei from ''GundamWing'' in an early episode explains away an opponents weakness because "she's a woman". He then goes on to spare her life because "I don't kill weaklings or women" (thus equating women with weaklings). Eight episodes later another character (yes, a woman) helps pull his head out of his ass, and his CharacterDevelopment gets him out of that mindset by the end of the series - but these [[NeverLiveItDown epiphanies tend to get ignored by viewers]]. As for skilled female pilots, [[TeamMom Noin]] can stand alongside the show's mains and do so [[BadassNormal while piloting an inferior mecha]].
* Athena in ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'', taught Hayate that a guy had to be able to support a girl financially before he could consider romance. When this is told to the reader, it's blatantly made clear by the other characters that it's wrong. And that's before the realization that most of the girls (including Athena herself) could sit on their hands for a day and make more money than a normal guy could in a lifetime, coupled with Hayate's eternal poverty makes it impossible for him to see that he has at least a dozen young women all but throwing themselves at him.
* The Nations of ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' constantly make extremely offensive jokes and slurs against each other. The entire thing is generally PlayedForLaughs, owing to the fact that most of said Nations who do that sort of thing are just as hotheaded or stupid as the one they're insulting (also, the series pretty much runs on RefugeInAudacity).
* Allen from ''Anime/VisionOfEscaflowne'' can be subtly chauvinistic at times, coming across as fairly patronizing and condescending toward certain female characters. Likely a case of DeliberateValuesDissonance considering that he hails from a patriarchal society whose gender roles are more strictly proscribed than our own. (King Aston, the head of state, is worse about this, and decidedly less heroic.)
* In ''{{Robotech}}'', Rick Hunter and Angelo Dante to some extent. Both initially have problems with having female superior officers. But they get better about that in time.

* A few {{Underground Comics}} from the 1960s had satirically ultra-conservative "heroes" like this, such as ''Wonder Wart-Hog'' and ''Captain Guts'', that portrayed groups like minorities and communists as villains. (In the instance of Captain Guts, his alter-ego is even a fearful white nebbish who becomes ready to start his battles by chugging a can of beer.) The protagonists would certainly not be considered heroes in a traditional sense, but are depicted that way in the comics.
* The ''UltimateMarvel'' version of CaptainAmerica has many outdated views since he is a FishOutOfTemporalWater but he gets over it for the most part.
* Marv from ''SinCity'' once told his lesbian parole officer that it was a shame she was gay since she had such a great body. She slugged him for it.
* In ''TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen'', Captain Nemo of actually hates the English, despite working for them. Being an Indian prince (Creator/AlanMoore actually [[ShownTheirWork went back and researched]] and discovered Creator/JulesVerne had never intended Nemo to be [[InkStainAdaptation white]][[note]]except at the very first, when Verne intended him to be Polish - but this [[ExecutiveMeddling never made it to the published books]][[/note]]), he's understandably bitter about TheBritishEmpire [[TheRaj dominating his Homeland]], but takes his homicidal rage UpToEleven when there's a crowd of English Mooks to mow down. Most of the casual racism and sexism is pretty much PlayedForLaughs or DeliberateValuesDissonance, [[SociopathicHero Griffin and Hyde]] notwithstanding.
* Lance Blastoff from FrankMiller's ''Tales to Offend''. It's probably intended as parody but, with Miller, it's sometimes hard to tell.
* In a ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}'' story arc where the group finds themselves in the 1800s, a number of the "talented" street urchins they stay with refer to the Asian-American Nico as "the oriental" (she corrects one person with "I'm Japanese, by way of Glendale"). When Klara sees Karolina being intimate with Xavin (who is in his/her usual body of a black human woman), she freaks out at how "wrong" it is and refers to Xavin as a "negress". She seems to get past it when they bring her to present times.
** Xavin herself might also count - in her early years with the team, she was an unashamed Skrull chauvinist who used to treat Victor as a servant and once called Klara a "stray".
* ''ComicBook/JusticeSocietyOfAmerica'' member and golden age GreenLantern, Alan Scott (pre-2012 reboot), had admitted that he would never fully be able to accept homosexuality as normal even though his son was gay.[[note]]This makes Alan ''himself'' being gay post-reboot all the more ironic.[[/note]]
* Almost everyone who lives on Themyscira aka "Paradise Island", Post Crisis, who could be counted as an ally of the super-hero community likely fits, but they have an odd FreudianExcuse. The Amazons are actually the immortal reincarnations of women who were wronged or abused by men and are all (mostly) misandric as a result [[note]]That means man-hating, the opposite of misogynistic[[/note]]. (Of course, the Amazons who are blatantly evil would qualify for the [[PoliticallyIncorrectVillain opposite Trope.]]. (Franchise/WonderWoman herself, having been "born" in a different manner, is an exception to the rule.)
* Calvin from ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes says a lot of things that could be considered extremely sexist, often while addressing his neighbour Suzie. Arguably justified by the fact that he's a six-year-old kid who probably just doesn't know better.
* Whirl from ''ComicBook/TransformersMoreThanMeetsTheEye'' is a subversion. He makes some rather bigoted and offensive comments about monoformers and cold constructed bots but he doesn't really care about such things; it's just another way that he tries to antagonize and provoke others. This is also why no one reacts to his comments as they know by now that Whirl is ''trying'' to pick a fight.

* ''Fanfic/MyLittleCastlevania'': [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaPortraitOfRuin Charlotte]] grew up in the 1930s, and thus sees nothing wrong with using terms like "negro" and "colored people" when comparing Zebra culture in Equestria with African culture on Earth. [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaChroniclesOfSorrow Soma]] has to remind himself that [[DeliberateValuesDissonance to her it seems perfectly normal and acceptable]].
* ''FanFic/AShadowOfTheTitans'' plays this for laughs as a RunningGag with Beast Boy -- after the first encounter with Jade, he refers to her as a midget, with the other Titans reminding him that that is no longer a politically correct term. Later, he unintentionally performs mild racial profiling by comparing Jade with Mumbo because they both have blue skin.
* The notorious Harry Potter fic "Hogwarts School or Prayer and Miracles" does this to the whole main cast. The author is (or pretends to be) of the opinion that women are created to be subservient to men. Hermione is accordingly changed into a brainless girl in a frilly pink dress who cries almost all the time so that manly Harry can comfort her.

* ''ItalianSpiderman''. For all his [[HypocriticalHumour "Respecte la donna!"]], he's the biggest sexist of all time. And it's ''[[CrossesTheLineTwice hilarious]]''.
* A lot of monster movies have the girl falling in love with the biggest chauvinist in the cast. ''Film/KingKong'' probably started it, but it's alive and well twenty years later in ''Film/{{Them}}'' and the MST3K-ified ''Film/TheDeadlyMantis''.
-->"[[DoubleEntendre But I've got a mantis in my pantis!]]"
* Jack Crow from ''Film/JohnCarpentersVampires'' is a sexist.
* Film/JamesBond, especially when played by Creator/SeanConnery. Seriously, he treats women as nothing more than sex objects. In ''Film/{{Goldfinger}}'' alone he actually seduces ''two'' of them (first that one girl on the balcony who is helping someone cheat at gin rummy and then later on Pussy Galore) and everyone is okay with it, not to mention that whenever his girlfriends get killed horribly, he barely spends more than a few minutes grieving before he is in the arms of another in the very next scene, apparently having completely forgotten about the other girl he just confessed his love for. In any realistic setting he probably would have been court-martialled... several times, and he would be fired from the British secret service if it weren't for the fact that [[VetinariJobSecurity they apparently don't have any other agents remotely competent enough to do the job]].
* [[RayWinstone Cpt. Stanley]] in ''Film/TheProposition'' really does mean well, but he's certainly a man of his time in terms of his views on gender politics.
%%* Mr. Wong in ''Film/{{Norbit}}''.
* Ron Burgandy in ''{{Anchorman}}''. He is offended by a woman holding the same news position as him, so much that it ends up ruining his relationship with Veronica. In the sequel, although he's not outwardly racist, he can't get over the fact that his new boss is black and offends her family with incessant stereotypes.
* In ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'', bigotry against toons seems sadly common, and even Eddie Valiant, the protagonist, shows signs of it initially (although he has a FreudianExcuse, seeing as his brother was murdered by a toon). There are still a few toons who he regards as friends at the beginning of the film, however, like Betty Boop.
* The Mole in ''WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut'' is a character who helps the boys rescue Terrance and Phillip, but can barely go 30 seconds without saying something extremely blasphemous.
* Gus, the dad in ''Film/MyBigFatGreekWedding''.
* The truncated ending to ''Film/TwilightZoneTheMovie'' film segment "A Quality of Mercy" seems to suggest this, as Mr. Conner ends up shipped to off to his death in a concentration camp as punishment for simply being a bigot, with the UnfortunateImplications that bigotry not only should not be forgiven, but it ''cannot'' be forgiven. Of course, this message was not intended: Mr. Conner was going to be redeemed in the original ending after risking himself to save two young Vietnamese children, but a tragic [[RealLifeWritesThePlot freak accident on set]] forced the director to go with the much darker ending shown in the film.
* In ''Film/GranTorino'', the main character (played by Clint Eastwood) is a racist white veteran of the Korean War who has several disputes with his Hmong neighbors. Though he eventually warms up to them and they to him, he makes several politically incorrect jokes at the expense of Asians.
** He's also shown to good-naturedly swap ethnic barbs with his white friends ("What's happening, ya greasy dago" "Not much, ya dumb Pollack"), suggesting his slurs aren't necessarily mean spirited. Racial sensitivity is just something he never learned.
* ''Film/{{Chinatown}}'' is set in the 1930s and Jake has a um... ''period authentic attitude'' toward minorities. He also likes telling dirty jokes, usually unaware of women [[RightBehindMe Right Behind Him]].
* Even the non-corrupt officers in ''LAConfidential'' are slightly racist towards African Americans.
* He wasn't the protagonist, but the co-pilot in ''Film/SnakesOnAPlane'' was constantly on the edge of a sexual harassment lawsuit with the way he talked. After the pilot died, he locked himself in a cockpit full of snakes and kept the plane up until he died, making suggestive jokes to the flight attendants up to the end. To their credit, he was fairly good friends with the flight attendants, and it was mostly just friendly banter.
* The titular character of ''Film/DirtyHarry'' definitely qualifies:
-->'''Gonzales:''' There is one question, Inspector Callahan: Why do they call you "Dirty Harry"?
-->'''De Georgio:''' Ah that's one thing about our Harry, doesn't play any favorites! [[HatesEveryoneEqually Harry hates everybody]]: Limeys, Micks, Hebes, Fat Dagos, Niggers, Honkies, Chinks, you name it.
-->'''Gonzales:''' How does he feel about Mexicans?
-->'''De Georgio:''' Ask him.
-->'''Harry Callahan:''' [[EspeciallyZoidberg Especially Spics]].
* ''Film/TheDictator'' and ''Film/{{Borat}}''. Since Creator/SachaBaronCohen is involved, it's not surprising the protagonists are over-the-top racists, misogynists and antisemites.
* The eponymous character of ''{{Film/Ted}}''.
* Many of Shane Black's characters are this.
** In the original ''Film/LethalWeapon'' there are two lines of dialogue that imply that the character Martin Riggs (Played by Creator/MelGibson) is somewhat homophobic. Well, it was the 80s.
** Film/TheLastBoyScout (Also written by Black) uses the same line "What are you, a fag?", this time by the protagonist [[BruceWillis Joe Hallenbeck]].
** ''Film/KissKissBangBang'' has a much milder example. Harry sometimes reacts with disgust when his partner Gay Perry makes a reference to homosexuality, but he doesn't treat him any differently.
* In ''Film/ConAir'', the prison guard in charge of transporting the prisoners calls Pinball "the skinniest Negro I have ever seen."
* The protagonist of ''Film/{{Thunderheart}}'' is an FBI agent who's a quarter Native American, but identifies as white and [[BoomerangBigot has almost completely turned his back on the heritage of his half-Sioux father]]. When he's assigned to a Sioux reservation to investigate a murder, he's not at all happy about it. Throughout most of the film, he feels almost no sympathy toward any of the Native American characters (except for a schoolteacher with whom he falls in love) and even mocks Sioux religious beliefs. He does eventually come to embrace his heritage, though.
* At the start of ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'', Padme is one by default. As most sources say, she along with most of the Naboo regard the Gungans as a barbaric and uncivilized species, and have treated them as inferior for most of their history. As a result, Boss Nass is reluctant to ally himself with the Naboo during the Trade Federation's invasion. Padme sees the error of this way of thinking, and when an alliance becomes crucial, she doesn't bother trying to make excuses for it; [[HumbleHero she simply kneels and pleads with him for his help.]] Fortunately, it works.
* Lily, Vera's partner, in ''Film/VeraDrake''. While she greatly helps Vera out and indeed is the source of most of Vera's business (back-alley abortions) through word of mouth, she has a dim view of their black patient, whom she calls a "darkie," and of immigrants in general.
* Danny Archer of ''Film/BloodDiamond'' is a subtler version that also has shades of TragicBigot. While not overtly racist, he does seem to be rather resentful towards black people. A white Zimbabwean (or, [[InsistentTerminology as he calls it, Rhodesia]]), his parents were horrifically murdered by Shona rebels during the movement for Zimbabwean independence, and after fleeing to South Africa and joining the army, he fought in Angola for several years, against exclusively black enemies.
* Blain, Wrestling/JesseVentura's character in ''Film/{{Predator}}'', makes a homophobic remark when no one would take some of his chewing tobacco.

* [[PrivateDetective Eddie Valiant]] from ''Literature/WhoCensoredRogerRabbit'' (the book that inspired [[Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit the similarly-named film]]) starts out as a shameless [[FantasticRacism fantastic racist]], thinking of the Toons as second-class citizens incapable of behaving with dignity or even of feeling the same emotions as humans. Throughout the course of his adventures, however, he learns to chill out and treat everyone's needs equally, eventually understanding that though they're fundamentally different in many ways, Toons are people too. He never stops being a bitter DeadpanSnarker, though.
* The Andalites, the "[[KnightTemplar good guy]]" aliens from ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'', in addition to being generally arrogant and seeing themselves as better than other species, feel female Andalites shouldn't become warriors, instead preferring they be scientists and artists in a society that [[SubvertedTrope subverts]] KlingonScientistsGetNoRespect, and one book shows that female military cadets are a recent innovation. Disabled Andalites are excluded from normal society, but apparently it's felt that this is for their own benefit (a belief that [[AlienAmongUs Ax]] eventually realizes is misguided).
* The Hunters of Artemis from ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'' all hate men and boys, but are willing to help them for the greater good.
* Averted by [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Commander Vimes,]] but played straight by Sergeant Colon, and both are discussed in the same discussion. Fred Colon gets the "product of his time" excuse; he's somewhere in late middle age when he's introduced in Guards! Guards!, and upgrades to "elderly" sometime before Thud! He's known to think of dwarfs and trolls as "gritsuckers" and "rocks" (speciesist slurs, both), and is a little too eager to buy into anti-Klatchian propaganda in Jingo. Vimes, by comparison, comes off as a bit speciesist on the surface, but A) nonhumans under his command put up with it because they know he's got their back when they're in trouble and B) he doesn't much care for humans, either.
** It can be summed up as "Sam Vimes only likes other coppers, his wife, their child, and their butler." (And it doesn't hurt that Willikins the butler is a member of the "Specials"—The Ankh-Morpork City Militia.)
* In Creator/StephenKing's novel ''Literature/TheRunningMan'', first published under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman, the main character is this. He uses the words "Negro" and "nigger," both of which mark him as out of place in 2025, an anachronism. Of course, you're still supposed to sympathize with him because he's trying to get onto one of the Network's sadistic game shows in order to make money so that his [[LittlestCancerPatient sick infant daughter]] can get decent medical care.
** ''The Running Man'' is a dystopian future novel, though, and it's unclear where that timeline diverged from the real world. 'Negro' is more understandable when seen alongside other deliberately archaic terms and references like 'atomic' in place of 'nuclear;' also, Ben's only use of the word 'nigger' was part of the phrase 'house nigger,' which has a different meaning than just calling someone a nigger. A 'house Negro' is one who lives and works indoors alongside the master, in contrast to the 'field Negro' who works outdoors and has no chance at any of the comforts that the house Negro has. Thus, house Negroes are loyal to their master because, if sold, they stand a good chance of being field Negroes under the new master; they are presented as traitors and dupes who allowed themselves to be turned against their brothers in the field in exchange for literal table scraps. ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_Negro The Other Wiki]]'', as always, has plenty more information on this.
* Literature/SisterhoodSeries by Creator/FernMichaels: Oh, man. Books like ''Weekend Warriors'' and ''Vendetta'' show that a number of the Vigilantes are very anti-Asian. Kathryn went into a rant at Yoko Akio about how she's using the fact that she's Asian and different as an excuse to be wishy-washy. Yoko is not wishy-washy. One of their targets is a man named John Chai, who they keep calling "Chinese boy". They don't call him anything worse than that, but the fact that the book he's in blatantly uses YellowPeril to justify putting him in the role of the villain implies that the Vigilantes are very anti-Asian, despite the fact that one of their members is Asian herself! Later on, the Vigilantes pretty much indicate that they are {{Straw Feminist}}s and misandristic, which male readers will ''not'' appreciate!
* 'Fat Ollie' Weeks from the ''Literature/EightySeventhPrecinct'' novels by Creator/EdMcBain. Very much a NobleBigotWithABadge, Ollie's multiple prejudices don't get in the way of him being very effective cop; possibly because he seems bigoted against all groups equally.
* While he starts out in the story as a DesignatedHero, Kyle Kingsley of ''Literature/{{Beastly}}'' makes a number of comments about objectifying women, and explicitly states at one point that he knows what to do to manipulate his girlfriend into being happy enough to have sex with him. This is contrasted to how he eventually views Lindsey, valuing her intelligence and personality and wanting a meaningful relationship with her, all of which show his growth as a person.
* Remo and Chiun of ''Literature/TheDestroyer'' regularly throw out sexist and racist comments and are called on it by other characters. Then again, [[CrapsackWorld the way their world is]], they're not always wrong.
* Kvothe from ''Literature/TheKingkillerChronicle'' subconsciously objectifies women. This becomes obvious when he likens women in general to music instruments to be played by him, acknowledges that women would consider that rude and sexist, and accuses them in advance to not understand his love of music - in his subconscious worldview, women actually are objects and thus can only rightfully feel insulted by comparisons to worthless objects, not by comparisons to valuable and beloved objects. This illustrates the fact that it is impossible to completely separate oneself from one's culture. Kvothe's male enemies are usually much more explicitly sexist, and he disapproves of their behaviour, which makes him somewhat likeable in comparison.
* David Lurie, the white protagonist of the South African novel ''Literature/{{Disgrace}}'', is openly sexist, and retains a condescending attitude towards blacks. He's perfectly fine with his daughter's homosexuality, however.
* Shep the German shepherd from ''Dogs Of The Drowned City'' is a HeroicDog...except that he and his best friend Zeus hate small dogs ("[[FantasticRacism yappers]]"). But Shep gets over this attitude later on in the first book, placing all dogs' safety before any certain dog.
* In TreasureIsland, supporting hero Squire Trelawney makes an offhand comment that the reason Long John Silver wants to take a sea voyage is because his wife is black. This is one of many instances in the early chapters setting up the squire as something of a shortsighted fool.
* Although it's a stretch to say any of Creator/PhilipKDick's protagonists are "heroes" in the traditional sense, quite a few are decidedly ''not'' politically correct. It can range from as minor as a man thinking uncharitable thoughts about womankind after being spurned to as major as Rick Deckard from ''Literature/DoAndroidsDreamOfElectricSheep'', who spends the entire book going on rambling Nazi rants about the ''Untermenschen'' androids trying to destroy human civilization. Of course, Dick wasn't really interested in writing about paragons of human virtue; his own views were usually somewhat removed from the characters he wrote about.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Perhaps the Ur example for television (at least in the US) is Archie Bunker from ''AllInTheFamily''. Racist, sexist, the whole nine yards. The only reason the show got away with it was because Archie was [[TroubledSympatheticBigot portrayed as an idiot for having these views]].
* The titular character of ''Series/{{House}}'' says some pretty sexist things, but then he is pretty much [[DeadpanSnarker an equal-opportunity insult-slinger]]. (Not that such a thing always stops complaints.)
-->'''Cuddy''' (evaluating House) Your attitude towards supervisory personnel is disrespectful, and a disturbingly large proportion of your comments are racist or sexist.
-->'''House''': [[IResembleThatRemark That top makes you look like an Afghani prostitute]]...[{{beat}}]...would be an example of that.
* DCI Gene Hunt from ''Series/{{Life On Mars|2006}}'' and ''AshesToAshes'' is a particularly good example. (Heavily lampshade-hung in the Season 1 finale of [=A2A=], when Alex tells Gene there's a ''sizeable'' percentage of otherwise intelligent twenty-first-century women who'd be perfectly happy to sleep with him.)
-->'''Gene Hunt:''' Now. Yesterday's shooting. The dealers are all so scared we're more likely to get Helen Keller to talk. The Paki in a coma's about as lively as Liberace's dick when he's looking at a naked woman, all in all this investigation's going at the speed of a spastic in a magnet factory.
-->''Sam Tyler, shocked, drops the radio he is holding.''
-->'''Gene Hunt:''' What?
-->'''Sam Tyler:''' Think you might have missed out the Jews.
* The Todd in ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' constantly sexually harasses the female staff at Sacred Heart, and says many sexist and derogatory things....yet remains one of the most popular side characters, second only to the AlmightyJanitor.
** The Todd is loved not in spite of his sexism as per this trope, but due to it being taken to [[RefugeInAudacity absurd and frightening]] levels. Plus later he starts [[AnythingThatMoves going after men too]]. Why? Because he is THE TODD.
** Dr Cox also qualifies due to his frequently berating his subordinates and giving them insulting nicknames, also Turk is visibly uncomfortable around gay people and can barely talk to them.
* Arguably, Dr. Christian Troy from ''NipTuck'': pathologically oversexed, determinedly shallow, given to anything from sexual harassment on up to psychological warfare as seduction tactics (see, for example, the scene in the ''pilot'' where he strips his latest conquest naked, stands her in front of a full-length mirror, and uses a red lipstick to indicate flaws he finds surgically improvable), and an overwhelming fan favorite. Possibly because of the hotness, possibly because of the tragic backstory, possibly because he's the only major character who isn't an insufferable hypocrite.
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'':
** Gibbs. Ari killed one of his female agents precisely because Gibbs would be more upset about it than if he'd lost a male subordinate. He shows little respect for his female boss (unlike her male predecessor), and it's suggested that he has trouble taking orders from a woman.
** Mike Franks, Gibbs' mentor, fits this trope even better. His sexist views are FAR more blatant. When he found out Jenny Shepard was the director of NCIS, he laughed at her since she was a woman.
* Dennis Duffy on ''Series/ThirtyRock''. He's a sexist, homophobic, racist lout who calls Liz "Dummy" and embarrasses her in public. Oh, and did we mention he happens to be an Internet predator? (He was apparently later exonerated.) Well, Liz sporadically dates him and some fans seem to like {{shipping}} them together. Witness a break-up speech he delivered:
-->"Dear Liz Lemon, Though other women have bigger boobs than you, no women has as big a heart and when I saw you getting ready to go out and get nailed by a bunch of guys last night, I knew for sure it was over between us and, for the first time since the '86 World Series, I cried. I cried like a big dumb homo. And if it were up to me, we'd be together forever, but there's this new thing called 'Women's Liberation' which gives you women the right to choose and you have chosen to abort me and that I must live with."
** And Jack Donaghy on the same show. ''Only'' Alec Baldwin could get away with the line "I like a woman with ambition; it's like seeing a dog wearing clothes".
** Liz herself has some racist tendencies, but continues to be loved.
* Matt Dowd on ''EliStone''.
* Barney on ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', as per his role as TheCasanova, tends to treat women like objects, but has enough [[MagnificentBastard style]] and goes [[RefugeInAudacity far enough over the top]] that people still love him.
** He also has enough genuinely decent moments to keep him firmly in the JerkWithAHeartOfGold territory.
-->'''Barney:''' At one point, I'm pretty sure I sold a woman. I didn't speak the language, but I shook a guy's hand, he gave me the keys to a Mercedes, and I left her there.
* Chief O'Brien on ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' and ''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Deep Space Nine]]'' was a (somewhat) Licensed [[FantasticRacism Fantastic Racist]] against the alien Cardassians. In one of the few ''Next Generation'' episodes that gave him a prominent role, he explained his excuse for this -- during a war with the Cardassians he had to kill another person for the first time (in self-defence), and hated himself for doing so. Of course he still got a lot of flak for his racism, especially in a much later episode of ''Deep Space Nine'' when he showed a lot of dislike for a young and innocent Cardassian child (though he got better over time). Nonetheless, he was generally a very likeable and sympathetic character.
** Kira follows a similar, more dramatic character arc. Her absolute hatred of all military Cardassians was pretty justified, since she spent her entire life fighting against their horrifically brutal occupation of her planet. Over the course of the series, she came to accept that not all Cardassians are evil, and even began to sympathize with them when ''their'' planet is occupied.
** To make this understandable, it should be noted that the Cardassians as a species are not very far from AlwaysChaoticEvil. Their [[ThoseWackyNazis regime is horrible]], and most Cardassian characters are representatives of that regime in one way or another (though we do meet some genuinely noble ones...[[AndZoidberg and]] [[AntiHero Garak]]).
** Commander [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Worf]] is openly racist toward Romulans, to the point that simply admitting that Romulans fought honorably in their failed GunshipRescue is treated as legitimate character growth in ''Film/StarTrekNemesis''.
*** Worf once refused to donate blood to a critically wounded Romulan, [[spoiler: resulting in his [[WhatTheHellHero death.]]]] He's also portrayed as quick to resort to violence and slightly sexist in a "Women are delicate and need protection" sort of way. A quickness to resort to violence is, admittedly, a [[ProudWarriorRace recognized trait of Klingons as a species]], but the mild sexism is a little hard to place, given Klingon culture ''expects'' women to be rather aggressive themselves (courtship traditionally, as Worf comments, consists of the male reciting poetry and ducking whatever heavy objects the female feels like throwing at him, while females are aggressive enough during sex that bruises, gashes and even ''broken bones'' are to be expected -- it's considered a sign of good luck if a newly wed wife breaks her husband's collar bone on their wedding night). Then again, he laughed at the idea of dating human women since they would be "too fragile" so maybe his sexism just extends to human women.
*** In TOS, Spock frequently expressed his displeasure when Kirk told him something along the line that he was "becoming more human every day". Spock frequently referred to "annoying human emotions". In TOS, he clearly preferred not to be remined that he was half human.
* A rare female reference from ''Series/DoctorWho'': In "The Family of Blood", love-interest Joan Redfern explains at length why Martha cannot possibly be a doctor. Martha's response may well constitute a CrowningMomentOfAwesome. In her defence, Joan Redfern lives in 1913, when women practicing medicine as doctors in British society was a rarity and genuinely ''was'' thought to be impossible by many people, let alone ''black'' women doctors...
** Lampshaded in "The Shakespeare Code", when Shakespeare becomes smitten with Martha. She is initially offended by him calling her an Ethiopian and such things, until she realizes that he's trying to compliment her. The Doctor comments on all of this with "It's political correctness gone mad!"
* Douglas Reynholm in ''TheITCrowd'' plays this for laughs.
* Buz Murdock of ''Series/{{Route 66}}'' is a Licensed Sexist, and made at least two cringe-inducing speeches about a woman's place as helper and subordinate to her man during the show's run. He's the lead character and portrayed sympathetically: the women ''agree'' more often than not, and see the "error" of their ways! His view of relations between the sexes is, arguably, a bit of AuthorAppeal.
* A recurring character in Series 3 of ''Series/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook'' is Captain Todger, a superhero with an outdated, Bernard Manning sense of humour, whose emblem is a crude drawing of a penis.
--> '''Mayor:''' He'll never [[KneelBeforeZod kneel]], because he is our greatest hero, and has saved humanity countless times!
--> '''General Drayfox:''' ''(an incredibly PC supervillain)'' THEN WHERE IS HE?!
--> '''Mayor:'''...Well, at the moment, he's in prison for statutory rape.
--> '''General Drayfox:''' What? RAPE?
--> '''Mayor:''' Statutory rape! It was an accident, she was wearing makeup!
--> '''Drayfox:''' Uh - I really don't think that's any excuse!
* ''MarriedWithChildren'' gave us AlBundy and played it for laughs. Al was by no means a racist (he even had at least one close friend who was African-American), but he did [[AcceptableEthnicTargets have contempt for some white ethnicities]] (hating the French, for instance). He was always quick to ogle beautiful women (which, really, makes him [[AllMenArePerverts no different from most other men throughout history]]), mock his obnoxious customers for their weight, pick fights with the feminist-minded Marcy and generally say whatever was on his mind no matter who would be offended. Al even founded NO MA'AM ([[FunWithAcronyms National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood]]). In one episode, he returns from a quest with a series of commandmants - "Rules for hard-working people, who don't give a rat's ass about political correctness!" (To tell the truth, [[StrawFeminist Marcy really wasn't much better than Al.]] In fact, the show seems to have almost no characters with outstanding redeeming features at all, which is kind of the point.)
* ''Series/TheCloser'' establishes that Lieutenant Provenza is this with just one word: "''Again?''" [[note]]Upon being told that if he continued to refer to the dead victim as a "lesbo", Chief Johnson would send him off for a two-week sensitivity seminar.[[/note]] Having said that, to Provenza a murder victim is a murder victim, regardless of his feelings on the matter.
** Also, at the crime scene of a murdered gay man, Provenza quips that everyone should double up on their rubber gloves, as it's a "homo-cide."
* Mrs. Cooper, Sheldon's mother, on ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' seems to be a genuinely nice person whose {{innocent bigot}}ry appears to be from ValuesDissonance. She calls Catholics "Rosary Rattlers" and constantly asks Raj if something she cooks might be "one of the animals you people think is magic." When Leonard tries to correct her, she asks, "How do you people talk to one another?"
* Mike Logan of ''Franchise/LawAndOrder''. a JerkAss borderline CowboyCop who openly disrespected his new female lieutenant, Anita Van Buren[[note]]Once. She made it clear that if he tried that again, he'd regret it. He eventually came around[[/note]]. His time in [[ReassignedToAntarctica Staten Island]] must have beaten some maturity into him, because by the time he joins the [[Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent Criminal Intent]] cast, he's merely a SnarkKnight.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Quite a few of the AllAmericanFace characters have shown contempt toward the foreign (usually communist or generally anti-American) heels, on some occasions even [[InTheBack attacking them from behind]] and getting cheered for it. It helps that the foreigners are [[KickTheSonOfABitch portrayed as obnoxiously as possible]], as does the fact that certain baby face wrestlers [[SociopathicHero have an edgy, antisocial streak toward people in general]] (Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin, for instance).
* [[Wrestling/TheWorldsGreatestTagTeam Charlie Haas]] was portrayed as being somewhat homophobic on WWE Smackdown. ''Somewhat'' because GorgeousGeorge Wrestling/RicoConstantino was openly harassing him, and then Haas and Rico were made into a tag team, despite the fact Haas was obviously uncomfortable with it and it was portrayed as a good thing when Haas became a little enthusiastic about teaming with Rico.
* Several male Classic ''Series/DoctorWho'' companions were, despite being wholly loveable, repeatedly portrayed as sexist as a motif - Ben, Jamie and Harry. Jamie has the excuse that he's from the 16th Century - for the most part he treats women equally except when he remembers he's supposed to be [[StayInTheKitchen chivalrous]] and accidentally causes offence, even with Victorian or 1914 women. Ben and Harry were both contemporary but came from sexist backgrounds on drastically opposite ends of the class spectrum (working class military and upper class public school respectively), and both were sexist to help them better serve as foils for independent 'modern woman' companions (Polly and Sarah Jane).

* Big Wayne from ''[[GTARadio The Lazlow Show]]'' is generally the comedic center of the show, but he is horrifically pick-one-ist, and an entire section of the show involves him discussing his terrible exploits with women.

[[folder: Roleplay]]
* Trigger in Roleplay/DinoAttackRPG, who admittedly drew some inspiration from Jack Crow. Of memorable note was his openly criticizing Hotwire and Rex for continuuing to fight despite losing their leg and being unable to walk, respectively (although he ''did'' at least try to justify this by pointing out the impracticality of putting a wheelchair-bound agent in a combat role ''on a tropical island''- usually a very wheelchair-unfriendly environment).
** Soldier acted as a more comedic version- he's extremely sexist, but has a tendency to make insulting remarks about women in front of Maria, a ''very'' active feminist.
** Additionally, Agent Andrew "Pyro" Jackson was eventually revealed to be extremely homophobic, to the point where he disowned ''his own daughter''.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Just about everyone in ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' is horribly prejudiced against everyone else, [[BlackAndGreyMorality hero or otherwise]]. Of course, being the CrapsackWorld that the 41st millennium is, bigotry is basically required not only to survive, but to avoid a horrible FateWorseThanDeath that will last for all eternity.
** The Imperium of Man's official state policy espouses [[AbsoluteXenophobe Absolute Xenophobia]], and the only reason they haven't completely genocided every alien race in the galaxy is because humanity is already struggling enough just to survive. Mutants have it only slightly better, since the Imperium needs psykers in order to continue functioning, but those who haven't been sanctioned as Imperial servants are fair game. Justified since a rogue psyker is vulnerable to [[DemonicPossession daemonic possession]] and can lead to tens of billions of people getting their souls swallowed.
** The Eldar view themselves as the superior species and look down on everybody else. In fact, they will gleefully cause the deaths of billions of another species just to save a handful of their own.
** The Tau Empire are ''slightly'' better about this, but only just. While their doctrine encourages peaceful co-existence between different species, in practice their society is rigidly segregated (necessarily so, as the Tau race has used selective breeding for millennia to maintain a FantasticCasteSystem), even their most trusted and long-serving client race, the Kroot, are alternately romanticized as NobleSavages and disdained as a barbaric CannibalTribe (which is pretty understandable, considering their society revolves around finding new and interesting enemies to eat) and worst of all races that resist being subsumed into the Empire face draconian population control and re-education methods at best and outright genocide at worst if they lose. ''40k'' being what it is, they're still the friendliest faction in the setting by a country mile, though.

* ''FiddlerOnTheRoof'' is set before women's lib caught on in the Ukrainian hinterland. Tevye is, undeniably, a big ol' chauvinist, but he's the nicest incarnation of it that you'll find. [[spoiler: Then PlayedForDrama when he can't bring himself to accept the idea of his youngest daughter marrying a gentile. He can only respond to it by shutting her out of his life, even though he knows all it will do it hurt himself, his daughter, and his family.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* [[Franchise/MassEffect Renegade!Shepard]] can be quite racist. Some of the squad members edge into NobleBigot territory: Ashley believes humans should be able to stand on their own, and is hesitant about placing too much trust in allies from other species, while Garrus can be pretty insensitive in his conversations with Wrex and Tali (he wises up).
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', one of the artifacts at the original Normandy crash site is the personal journal of the deceased X.O. Presley. Over the three pages that survive, his attitude shifts from one of blatant [[FantasticRacism xenophobia]] to grudging acceptance to complete trust in his alien fellow crew members as well as shame over his old attitude displayed on the first page.
* Varian Wrynn and Admiral Proudmoore fall afoul of this in VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} due to their racist attitude towards orcs. The problem with them being vilified is that in the setting, their entire world was nearly destroyed by orcs, and damn near everyone has been in a near-apocalyptic conflict of some sort. Yet racism is held up as The Big Evil.
** Maybe because of the fact that the orcs are not really evil but were manipulated at the time? If they stopped with the racism, they might actually learn to live together and solve far more of the worlds problems than they are able to right now, take a look at the battle of Mount Hyjal, for one.
*** Maybe not evil, but given that almost every single Orc Warchief, with the notable exception of Thrall, the Orc raised by humans, has fallen to demon corruption, often voluntarily, it makes sense to be wary of them.
** Proudmore lived and fought through the Second War. His eldest son was killed by an orc-controlled dragon. It's no wonder he hates them so much.
** A bunch of orcs enslaved Varian Wrynn while he was amnesiac and made him fight as a gladiator. Then during a peace talk with Thrall a brainwashed Garona -- the very same half-Orc assassin that killed Varian's father -- tried to kill him. Varian's belief that orcs are AlwaysChaoticEvil is pretty understandable.
** Uther has similar racism against the Orcs, also caused by bad experiences with them. He is one of those who gets Tirion exiled for trying to help save Eitrigg, an orc, from being executed, and tells Arthas that if he pursues vengeance, he will be no better than the orcs.
** Garrosh hates all Alliance races with Nazi level bigotry, and even looks down on the non Orc Horde races, who he sees as inferior. In fact, that's part of the reason so many of the non Orc members of the Horde are rebelling against him.
* ''VideoGame/DukeNukem'' is the embodiment of this trope PlayedForLaughs. He's a hyper-masculine tough guy who hates aliens, loves beer and strippers, and doesn't give a rat's ass about political correctness.
* Jonatham Ingram in ''VisualNovel/{{Policenauts}}'' comes across as one of these in the fan translation, due to casually using the word 'faggot' and calling [[GenderBender biovestites]] 'so-called "women"'. The heroes are all rather bigoted towards the Frozeners (genetically-altered humans with paper-white skin and unblinking eyes), and it is not really challenged.

* Some protagonists of ''YetAnotherFantasyGamerComic'', are clearly evil, but still portrayed as heroic.
* Lampshaded in the webcomic ''[[http://www.beevnicks.com The Beevnicks]]'', where paterfamilias Tom Beevnick, a constant horndog, literally won a lawsuit to allow him masturbation breaks at work (presumably to reduce his constant sexual harassment of his female coworkers).
* In ''Webcomic/WhenSheWasBad'', one of the reasons VillainProtagonist Gail Swanson thinks TheChosenOne Amber Price isn't as heroic as everyone proclaims her to be is because Amber is homophobic and bullied Gail in high school for being gay.
* ActionGirl Grim-Eyes in ''Webcomic/{{Digger}}'' is from a LadyLand society where men are the traditionally 'weak' gender and treats males of any species like her own. This leads to a lot of PlayedForLaughs condescension towards [[NatureHero Herne]] because she thinks it is adorable how he "tries to act tough".
* The protagonist of ''Webcomic/WelcomeToRoom305'' starts out incredibly homophobic toward gay people. With help from his gay roommate he learns to be more tolerant, but is still homophobic.
* The male heroes of ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' ogle Haley when she has a wardrobe malfunction. Roy also behaves sexist towards Miko, but eventually gets better.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* PlayedForLaughs in ''WebVideo/SupernaturalTheAnimationAbridged'' where both Sam and Dean are sexist and homophobic.
-->'''Sam:''' "What the fuck is wrong with you!"
-->'''Woman:''' "I don't know any better."
-->'''Dean:''' "It's true, she is a woman."
* Shadi from ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries,'' who is basically an {{Expy}} of ''Film/{{Borat}}''.
* ''WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory'': Creator/ClintEastwood uses a lot of anti-Asian jokes in his rap battle against Creator/BruceLee, such as saying he can [[ClintSquint squint]] better than Bruce and that he should be working in a sweatshop.
* NewVindicators has Bulwark, who is only politically incorrect in the way that he makes fun of everyone, but isn't actually biased against any group. Miss Mist plays it straighter by having a problem with homosexuals-which causes drama as her eldest son is gay.
* In ''[[Roleplay/DarwinsSoldiers Darwin's Soldiers]]'', [[FunnyAnimal Gustave]] [[TheBigGuy Chiumbo]] is openly [[FantasticRacism speciesist]] against mammals.
** [[SnakePeople Specialist Crota]] has his moments too.
* ''Franchise/{{Noob}}'' has Omega Zell, its personnal StrawMisogynist, which puts him at odds with Gaea, one of his female guildmates (the two others are respectively too laid back to react and too close to his idea of female gamer to actually challenge his statements). His situation with Gaea is however best summed up in a Season 4 line in the webseries: "So you want me to respect a woman [[ManipulativeBastard with no morals who spends her time scamming other people?]]" (and there is ''no'' exaggeration in this statement). He's also the ButtMonkey and his dream guild's recruiter happens to be female.
* The main character of ''WebOriginal/DeagleNation'', Jace Connors, is this in ways that are both on purpose and on accident.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Subverted in ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' with Zapp Brannigan, who is perceived in-world as a MagnificentBastard, but to the main characters and the audience is just a TooDumbToLive JerkAss in velour. In one episode, it is revealed that women are no longer allowed to serve in the military, not because of some societal prejudice, but to prevent his constant sexual harassment.
-->"Alas, after a series of deadly blunders caused by distracting low-cut fatigues and lots of harmless pinching, the army decided women weren't fit for service. Not when I'm in charge."
** The Professor has a hint of this. When Fry thought he was a robot:
--> '''Leela:''' "I'm going to remind him he's human the way only a woman can."
--> '''Farnsworth:''' "You're going to do his laundry?"
** When stuck at Roswell in 1947, Leela and the Professor dressed in hilariously stereotyped clothes go to an appliance store to acquire a microwave oven, not realizing they aren't invented yet. While the salesman ignoring Leela and focusing his pitch to her "husband" could be somewhat handwaved as the sexism prevalent to that era, the Professor gleefully partaking in the jokes certainly wasn't excusable, as Leela reminds him by [[LaserGuidedKarma setting his tie on fire with an oven]].
* Pakku from ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' held sexist values for most of his life. When he was a teenager, his bigotry caused his fiancée Kanna [[note]]Katara's future grandmother[[/note]] to leave him. After realizing this as an old man, he realizing that his ideas were wrong and starts to see women as equals. (For example, he trains Katara in combat waterbending, even though traditionally, female waterbenders are only allowed to use their powers for healing.) He even meets up with Kanna again, and after she realizes that he's changed, Kanna marries him, making him the step-grandfather of Sokka and Katara.
** Sokka is a bit sexist for the first few episodes, believing that women should StayInTheKitchen and out of the fighting. Which is somewhat justified as his father, the chieftain, left him behind with the women and children when all the other men went to war. To comfort him, he told him that it wasn't because he was too young but because someone would have to stay and protect the village and he should be honored to be entrusted with this important duty. After getting to know a group of female warriors who have actual training and experience as soldiers and are much more skilled than him, he starts to adjust his views, though it still takes some time to completely get over his prejudices.
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' the Titans team up with alien super hero named Val-Yor at first he was a nice guy to the Titans, but later he shows [[FantasticRacism prejudice]] against Starfire, as he has some hatred towards Tamareans, and berates her for almost every move she makes. He also calls her [[FantasticSlurs "troq"]] which means "nothing". (In fact, calling Val-Yor a "hero" at all might be a stretch, only qualifying because he fights creatures that are worse; he says something at the end that he claims is an apology, but only by the loosest possible definition.)
** Accidental GeniusBonus: In the Shakespearean years, the word "nothing" was a slang term for, well, [[CountryMatters a woman's place]], so...
* In ''ThePrincessAndTheFrog'', Naveen looks down on Tiana for being a waitress (he initially thought she was a princess, and believes that she tricked him). He also flirts with a number of women when he's fixing to get married, and a deleted line has him saying "I don't take advantage of women. I give them pleasure." He gets over it as the movie progresses, and Tiana teaches him to be less of [[TheHedonist a hedonist]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'', Omi is a minor example at first, doubting that Kimiko is capable of handling herself because of her gender. He changes in a big way after she wins a Showdown against Jack (and loses a bet with Raimundo as a result of it.)
* [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Cotton Hill]] in ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' is a racist, sexist military veteran with a grudge against Japan due to the loss of his shins while facing them in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He gets [[CharacterDevelopment somewhat better]] over the course of the show, which also reveals that [[spoiler:[[FlorenceNightingaleEffect he was in love with the Japanese nurse]] who cared for him after the war]].
* This was the entire point of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "Homer's Phobia". Homer was incredibly homophobic, which was shown after he met John, but did mellow a bit after John saved his life. John summed it up rather well at the end:
-->'''John:''' Well, Homer, I won your respect, and all I had to do was save your life. Now, if every gay man could just do the same, you'd be set.
* The Streak, an {{expy}} of [[Franchise/TheFlash Jay Garrick]] in ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' makes a [[YouAreACreditToYourRace vaguely racist remark]] toward John Stewart. The Justice Guild, stand-ins for the ComicBook/JusticeSocietyOfAmerica ([[DeliberateValuesDissonance circa the 1950s]]), also displays a StayInTheKitchen attitude towards ComicBook/BlackCanary stand-in, Black Siren.
* Sterling ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' has made a lot of politically incorrect remarks over the course of the series, though usually without any ill intent. His mother Malory is a more extreme example, though she borders on a VillainProtagonist.