''Pirates Vikings and Knights'' was a [[GameMod total conversion mod]] originally released for ''VideoGame/HalfLife1''. It was followed by ''Pirates Vikings and Knights II'', which used the Source engine. Gameplay is best described as ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, with a [[MeleeATrois three-way battle]] among {{Pirates}}, [[NorseMythology Vikings]] and [[KnightInShiningArmour knights]]. Depending upon the map, each team's objective may territory to control, treasure chests to capture, or being the last team standing.

As of now, seven classes have been completed, with 18 planned in total. The classes so far complete are:

![[{{Pirate}} Pirates]]
The FragileSpeedster of the group, having the fastest movement speed but low armor and health. Wears an EyepatchOfPower and is TheMusketeer. [[GoddamnedBats Good for harassing the enemy]] while staying out of melee range.

* A cutlass. Very quick to attack with, but does only middling damage.
* [[{{Handguns}} A flintlock pistol.]] Can be used to harass enemies, but only at a short distance, as its accuracy is terrible.
* [[BigBulkyBomb A powder keg.]] Used to [[StuffBlowingUp blast large groups of enemies into smithereens]].
* Special move: [[FoeTossingCharge Lunges forward with his cutlass, knocking aside and doing heavy damage to anyone in his way.]] Unlike the Viking charges, this move isn't steerable, so mind where you aim.

!![[TheCaptain Captain]]:
Wears a peg leg and has a [[HookHand hook for a hand]], as well as a [[PirateParrot parrot on his shoulder]]. Has elements of JackOfAllStats, being good in speed, offense and defense despite not really excelling in any of them.

* A cutlass: Slower than the Skirmisher's, but does more damage.
* A blunderbuss: Functions like a ShortRangeShotgun, doing heavy damage at close range but less as distance increases.
* [[PirateParrot A parrot]]: When released, it flies towards the nearest enemy and began frantically pecking at him. Does little damage, and the parrot can be killed in one hit, but useful for distracting opponents or for CherryTapping. Once the parrot is gone the Captain can use his hook and fists to deal out ([[CherryTapping paltry]]) damage.
* Special move: [[StuffBlowingUp An explosive cannonball fired from the blunderbuss.]]

[[TheBerserker A hulking Norse warrior]] wearing a wolf hide on his head. Carries a [[AnAxeToGrind big axe]] and has a BadassBeard. The LightningBruiser of the game, having very high offence, high speed and a respectable amount of HitPoints.

* [[AnAxeToGrind A two-handed axe]]: Slow, but deals heavy damage.
* Axe/Sword combo: [[DualWielding The Berserker hacks and chops with a sword in one hand, an axe in the other]].
* Special move: [[UnstoppableRage Berserk]] [[LimitBreak mode]]: Damage, speed, and health are temporarily increased.

JackOfAllStats for the Vikings. One of the more well-rounded characters, having both a two-handed axe, a sword, and throwing axes for attacking and a shield for defense.

* A two-handed axe. Slightly faster than the Berserker's, but deals slightly less damage.
* Sword and [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe shield]]: Can be used either for attacking or for defending. The Huscarl can also [[ShieldBash bash opponents with the shield]], stunning them temporarily.
* Throwing axes: Has decent range and damage, though not as much as the Archer's arrows.
* Special move: [[FoeTossingCharge Charges forward with his shield, damaging and knocking aside anyone in front of him.]]

The Vikings' FragileSpeedster. [[BadAssGrandpa Is a badass despite being grey with age]]. Carries a large spear, [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe as well as a shield]], short sword and javelins.

* [[BladeOnAStick A spear]]: [[CaptainObvious The pointy end goes into the other man]].
* A short sword and [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe shield]]: Functions much like that of the Huscarl, although not nearly as powerful.
* Javelins: Does heavy damage, but relatively short-ranged. Must be charged by moving forward, making it somewhat awkward to use.
* Special move: [[FoeTossingCharge Charges forward with the spear, doing heavy damage to anyone in front of him.]]

!!Heavy Knight:
A [[KnightInShiningArmour knight in full plate armour]] carrying a [[{{BFS}} large sword]]. The game's MightyGlacier, being slow in movement but having very high offense and defense.

* Great sword: Slow attacks, but long range and has does the most damage of any melee weapon in the game.
* Sword and [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe heater shield]]: [[ShieldBash The shield can be used to bash]] like the Viking ones and is quite a bit more durable, what with being metal instead of wood.
* Special move: [[SpinAttack Does a 360-degree spin with his sword.]]

The GlassCannon, having low health, but his arrows and crossbow bolts pack a punch. [[BowAndSwordInAccord Carries a sword, as well as a bow and crossbow]]. Has shades of DifficultButAwesome, as the class requires more practice to master, but in the right hands can be absolutely infuriating to play against.

* Short sword: One of the weakest melee weapons in the game. Nicknamed [[FanNickname "The Butterknife"]] by players.
* Crossbow: Long range and high damage, but has a lengthy reload time. Can be aimed for greater accuracy.
* Longbow: Does a good amount of damage and has a fast firing rate, but requires practice to use effectively.
!!The rest of the game provides examples of:
* AnachronismStew: Of the intentional variety.
* BodyArmorAsHitPoints: Players have an armor meter next to their health one. Armor reduces damage taken from all attacks until depleted and can be replenished by picking up the [[NoticeThis incredibly obvious]] floating plate armor [[PowerUp pickups.]] Obviously, the plate-mail clad Heavy Knight has more armor then say, the Skirmisher, who doesn't even have a proper pair of boots.
* CampGay / CampStraight: The Archer's new voice actor makes him sound rather... fruity. He's also whiny and unsportsmanlike.
* CaptureTheFlag: The "Booty" game mode, in which the object is to capture treasure chests from the opposing teams.
* FanNickname: Several. The "Badass Cutlass" for the Captain's primary weapon, due to it's high damage.
* GameBreaker: Before version 2.3, the [[CounterAttack "Perfect Parry"]] could negate almost all damage from an attack, as well as leaving the opponent stunned and vulnerable to attack. To make matters worse, the two-handed weapons, in addition to dealing more damage, were also better at parrying than one-handed weapons. The Perfect Parry system was eventually toned down.
** The Skirmisher's powder keg is accused of this when it's not simply derided as a "noob weapon".
* HornyVikings: Averted the Vikings have realistic helmets.
* IncrediblyObviousBomb: The powder keg, complete with [[BombWhistle audible hiss from the fuse.]] [[HellIsThatNoise If you're not a]] {{Pirate}}, [[OhCrap that's your]] [[OutrunTheFireball cue to start running.]]
* GunsAreWorthless: Not totally worthless, but generally the pirates' guns are far less effective than the melee weapons. They are best as an opening attack or for a TacticalWithdrawal.
** The Sharpshooter will probably avert this with his "[[SniperRifle long rifle]]", serving as the {{Pirate}} counterpart to archer.
* MajorInjuryUnderReaction: The Pirate Captain, when gravely wounded, will often say "[[DeadpanSnarker Don't mind me,]] just leaking out my guts here."
* {{Mondegreen}}: A particular Old Viking taunt is often misheard as "Odin's Pizza Place!"
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot
* PerpetualBeta: The game has been in "beta" phase since it's public release in 2007. Only seven classes of the projected eighteen have been implemented. [[TropesAreNotBad Not that it isn't pretty fun already.]]
* PirateBooty: Of course, it's called booty by the [[{{Pirate}} Pirates]] themselves. Knights just call it treasure and the Vikings gold.
* PirateGirl: The pirates' [[TheMedic 'Ealer]] will be one.
* PoisonedWeapons: The pirates' Freebooter will use these.
* RuleOfCool: The entire basis for the game.
* SimpleStaff: Healing classes for the Vikings and Knights will use these.
* ShoutOut: Many of the knights' taunts are lifted from ''Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail'', in particular that of the Heavy Knight, who is a walking {{Expy}} of the Black Knight.
** The achievement for having your parrot killed within a second of being released is named "[[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus I Wish to Register a Complaint]]"
** Another to {{Alestorm}} in the pirates' lines. The Skirmisher even sings parts of "Keelhauled" "Wenches and Mead" and "Captain Morgan's Revenge".
** The achivement for scoring two or more kills with the Captain's special attack is called "[[JerryLeeLewis Great Balls of Fire!]]"
** The Viking team can be heard to sing parts of Music/LedZeppelin's Immigrant Song.
* TheMedic: Though there is now a voice command to call for one, they haven't yet been implemented. Each faction will get one, the [[FunetikAksent 'Ealer,]] the Seio-Konna and the Cleric.
* TalkLikeAPirate: The pirates, naturally.
* TheWikiRule: An official one [[http://wiki.pvkii.com/index.php?title=Main_Page here]]
* [[SeanConneryIsAboutToShootYou The Skirmisher is About to Shoot You!]]
* WelcomeToTheCaribbeanMon: The map bt_island, in particular.