Tropes related to, named after, or used predominantly in {{Pinball}} games.

For a list of tropes commonly appearing in pinballs, see TropesInPinballGames.

* [[FictionalVideoGame Fictional Pinball Game]]\\
When real games aren't good enough.
* MatchSequence\\
A mechanic in a pinball game where part of your score are matched up with random digits to get a free game.
* PersonalArcade\\
A character has commercial pinball and/or video game machines for his own amusement.
* PinballGag\\
Someone acts like a ball in a pinball machine.
* PinballProjectile\\
A projectile ricochets off several objects before hitting its target.
* PinballProtagonist\\
A protagonist who passively bounces from one situation to another.
* PinballScoring\\
Inflating scores to make a game seem more awesome.
* PinballSpinoff\\
Take a popular VideoGame and make a DigitalPinballTable of it.
* PinballZone\\
A video game stage that takes place in a pinball machine.
* ScoreMultiplier\\
Increase your score by multiplying your bonuses.
* SkillShot\\
Launching a pinball carefully to hit a high-scoring target.
* SpellingBonus\\
Spell words for points and advancement.
* VideoMode\\
A MiniGame in the middle of a pinball game.
* WizardMode\\
The [[FinalBoss hardest objective]] in a pinball game.