Actor, narrator, director, author, and [[CoolOldGuy smooth customer]].

Next to Stacy Keach, he is one of America's best-known voice narrators. His mellow voice is often [[IdenticalStranger compared with]] Henry Fonda.

Before becoming an actor at the age of 39, he spent 15 years as a counterculture rebel during TheSixties. He wrote a memoir of that time called ''Sleeping Where I Fall''.

It was not until 1982 that he landed a big-time role -- playing the 'good' scientist, Keys, in Steven Spielberg's ''Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial''. He then found himself in high demand in Hollywood, but seemed ill-fit for a leading man. Later, Coyote was cast as the overzealous prosecutor in ''Jagged Edge'' (1985) and finally seemed to have found his niche: that of the antagonist [[JerkassHasAPoint who may be right]].

Beginning in TheEighties, Peter began doing voice-overs, which has led to a very successful side venture, now numbering over 120 films. He continues to lend his voice to narrations for commercials and documentaries, and often donates his voice to films that support issues close to his heart.

* {{Awesome McCool Name}}: There are several theories as to why he chose the [[StageNames stage name]] of Peter Coyote. The actor is reluctant to discuss the change, apparently the end result of an evening spent [[MushroomSamba experimenting with controlled substances]].
* FormerTeenRebel
* HeyItsThatGuy

!!Notable screen roles:
* Keys in ''Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial'' (1982)
* Det. Ringwald in ''TheLegendOfBillieJean'' (1985)
* Cap. Harold C. Barnes in ''{{Sphere}}'' (1998)
* Kurt Potter in ''ErinBrockovich'' (2000)
* Dennis Ryland in ''Series/{{The 4400}}'' (12 episodes, 2004-06)
* Special Agent Virgil "Web" Webster in ''Series/TheInside'' (13 episodes 2005)
* General Cook in ''{{Series/Deadwood}}'' ("Sold Under Sin", 2004)
* Ned Quinn in ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' ("Silent Night", 2005)
* Warren Keaton in ''Series/CommanderInChief'' (7 episodes, 2005-06)
* President Dave Segovia in ''FlashForward'' (2 episodes, 2009)
* D.A. Jerry Hardin in ''Series/LawAndOrderLA'' (8 episodes, 2010-11)