->''"Only the dead have seen the end of war."''
-->-- '''George Santayana''' (often misattributed to Creator/{{Plato}})

A dead character has a peaceful expression. Sometimes noble and dignified as well.

May follow GoOutWithASmile, ObiWanMoment, and BigSleep, but may also have died in visible misery and pain, with DiesWideOpen. May be part of ThisWasHisTrueForm, and result from DyingAsYourself.

The mundane (or MaybeMagicMaybeMundane) equivalent of DiedHappilyEverAfter... and it certainly can be TruthInTelevision. Not to be confused with DropDeadGorgeous, where the female body remains a sex object even when it's dead.

RealLife embalmers are paid good money to achieve this effect. The muscles in the face tend to constrict slightly during the embalming process, often resulting in the appearance of a faint smile on the corpse.

'''As a DeathTrope, all spoilers will be unmarked ahead. Beware.'''



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* How the eponymous boxing legend dies in ''Manga/AshitaNoJoe''. He seems to be peaceful, knowing he has won the match despite it costing his life.
** That scene has inspired countless homage, from the tearjerkingly straight such as [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]] to the ones played for laughs such as [[Anime/LuckyStar Animate Tenchou]].
* Evoked in ''[[Manga/DetectiveConan Billionaire Birthday Blues]]'', Yone closed the deceased Reika's eyes to at least eases her pain. Girl maybe a RichBitch but, [[GreyAndGrayMorality human being is still human being]].
* Grimmer in ''Anime/{{Monster}}'', upon finally feeling emotion.
* [[MauveShirt Buccanneer]], [[AlasPoorVillain King]] [[DissonantSerenity Bradley]], and [[BigGood Hohenheim]] all go out like this as ''Manga/FullMetalAlchemist'' finally comes to a close. All three are smiling and lying on the ground very calmly and serenely.
* ''Manga/OnePiece'' seems to say that anyone with the Will of D tend to go out like this. Look at Ace and his parents all smiling and at peace at their deaths.
** Roger died happy knowing that he lived a life filled with no regrets and that he wouldn't be forgotten. Rouge died happy knowing that her son would live and have a relatively safe childhood. Ace died happy knowing that he was able to protect Luffy, and that, despite having the blood of a "demon" in his veins, he was truly, honestly loved.
* Babel from ''Anime/SaintSeiya'', who aknowledged Saori as Athena before dying of the wounds Hyoga gave him and was holding on her hand as he passed on [[GoOutWithASmile with a smile on his lips.]] It even gets lampshaded:
-->"He died peacefully and while holding on a goddess' hand. How fortunate."
* Togame in ''LightNovel/{{Katanagatari}}'' after her DyingDeclarationOfLove.
* In ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'', [[CreepyChild Maria]] is found this way in the fourth arc. Battler notes that the murderer apparently went out of their way to make her look that way, and it actually looks pretty squicky, since she's lying so peacefully in the lap of her mother, whose face was half-blown off, surrounded by adults whose faces were half-blown off.
* In ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'', Chiyo's brother Ebizo laments that she's not pretending to be dead, but notes how peaceful she looks.
** For all the shit he's pulled, Madara Uchiha (the real one) ends up dying this way, EasilyForgiven by his former friend Hashirama, who gives him a few last words of comfort.
** When Neji is fatally wounded saving Naruto and Hinata's lives, he goes out with a smile on his face. He's satisfied with dying while saving the people he loved just as his own father did when he sacrificed himself to save his twin brother.
** Obito is remarkably calm while he's slowly disintegrating after taking one of Kaguya's attacks to help the heroes.
* ''Anime/CodeGeass'': Shirley after giving Lelouch a DyingDeclarationOfLove and dying in his arms.
** Lelouch himself is this at the end [[ThanatosGambit since his death was part of his plan for world peace]], [[MyDeathIsOnlyTheBeginning and he went out of his way to make sure that it would work]].
* Nuriko of ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'' dies smiling. Another Suzaku warrior even comments how peaceful and beautiful he looks in death.
* ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'':
** ''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventurePhantomBlood Phantom Blood]]'': Jonathan Joestar is able to leave life peacefully after making sure that his bride Erina and the orphaned baby girl they rescued will survive. He dies hugging the (still alive) head of his friend/brother/mortal enemy Dio Brando. Like with most parts of Jonathan's life, Dio messes this up too by hijacking Jonathan's body and using it to wreck havoc in the future. Thankfully, Jonathan's sacrifice wasn't in vain, since [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureStardustCrusaders Dio is ultimately wiped out for good by Jonathan's great-great-grandson]].
** Erina herself dies peacefully in her own bed of old age at the end of ''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureBattleTendency Battle Tendency]]'', surrounded by her loved ones.
* Light Yagami in the ''Manga/DeathNote'' anime, contrasted with his unceremonious - and rather horrible - deaths in the manga and films.
* [[FillerVillain Homura]] in the GrandFinale of ''[[Manga/{{Saiyuki}} Gensoumaden Saiyuki]]''. Sanzo points this out to an upset Goku who wasn't quite getting Homura's intentions after Homura effectively forced Goku to kill him and only revealed his true plans while already dying from his wounds.
* Most of the girls (and some of the handlers) end up dying this way in ''Anime/GunslingerGirl'', with Angelica's body and conditioning finally breaking down and spending her last moments with her previously emotionally distant handler, Henrietta accidentally fatally injuring Jose in a gunfight and finally accepting her fate with him as they commit mutual suicide, and Claes, Rico and Petrushka at the very least getting to live peacefully at the end of the manga until the end of their extremely short lifespans (or until they succumb to their leukemia in Petrushka's case.)
* In ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'', the blacksmith Godo dies after finally succumbing to illness. He repairs Guts' equipment one last time before dying peacefully in his own home in the company of friends and family.

* Although we don't see his face, the first Dove (of the superhero duo Hawk And Dove) is at peace in death, to the point of being one of the few dead characters that were immune to being raised as a zombie by the dark-emotion-powered Black Rings in ComicBook/BlackestNight. Considering he was an avatar of peace, this is appropriate.
* ''ComicBook/{{Circles}}'': Douglas tells his friends that Paulie's death was very quiet for him.
* ''ComicBook/PunisherMAX'': Frank kills Bullseye as he's sleeping (right through his forehead target tattoo), which doesn't change his happy expression one bit. It only makes him that much creepier, considering how cheerful he always was when kidnapping families to have them executed so he could get into Frank's head (and succeeded).

* From the ''Fanfic/Gensokyo20XX'' series, we have Satori, when she passes away in her sleep, at having enjoyed herself during that day for the first time in a while after Koishi passed away. Earlier in the series, we have Eirin's suicide and she and passed away satisfied that she could die, with her death noted to be a "sweet release" and Sakuya's death of radiation sickness and it was noted that she looked as though she had fallen sleep, except she never woke up.
* Subverted in Webcomic/KillLaKillAU, where, while she doesn't die, although she was mortally injured, we have this with Ryuuko after being hit by car. For once, in a long time, seemingly at peace, her last word before losing consciousness was ''"Sunshine"'', which, according to Mako in ''Room 002108'', is one of the things that make her happy.
* [[spoiler: Rei]] in the ''Fanfic/KiryuuinChronicles'' seems to have finally been at peace, considering all that had happened. Satsuki also noted that death was what had freed her, thus making her death symbolically an example of IDieFree.
* From ''Fanfic/FragileThread'', we have [[spoiler: Mako's suicide]].
* Satsuki's death of leukemia in [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11301117/1/Sunshine Sunshine]]. It was also mentioned that she died smiling.
* Having died acknowledging how poorly she treated her daughters and having made amends with them on deathbed,Ragyou's death of terminal illness in ''Fanfic/CellarSecrets'' is this. Despite being a bit antagonistic, it does come off as rather tragic.
-->'''Satsuki''' (later musings): "She went to her grave, at peace with the fact that she wronged her daughters and she had no one but herself to blame."
* In ''FanFic/WhyAmICrying'', the Cutie Mark Crusaders take notice of how peaceful their deceased nemesis Diamond Tiara at her funeral, especially her smile, which is calm and genuine rather than malicious as usual, and they consider this the "true" Diamond.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Parodied in ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda''. Shifu looks like he has died with a serene expression on his face and then he opens his eyes, saying that he's not dead ("You idiot"), he's at peace.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Parodied in ''Film/ScaryMovie3'': As two parents attend the funeral of their daughter: "My sweet sweet Brenda---She looks so peaceful..." (cut to Brenda with her face frozen in an expression of utter terror and her hands sticking out like claws)
* When the badass Vampire Lord David finally died in ''Film/TheLostBoys'' he mysteriously lost his wicked stubble and looked about ten years younger - A Lost Boy if you will. A lot of people has said that the perfect ending of that movie would be a shot of a "Missing Child"-Poster from 1950 with Innocent David on it.
* In ''Film/AmericanBeauty'', the peaceful face of Lester in his moment of death is not only the result of his growth through the entire film, it also pretty much encapsulates the ''theme'' (the spiritual joy of finding "beauty" in the seemingly banal or even supposedly ugly products of everyday life).
* In ''Film/TheStormRiders'', a martial artist uses magic to allow his dead girlfriend to rest peacefully.
* The justification for the midpoint plot in Film/{{Brainstorm}}; seeing the peaceful expression on a just-deceased colleague's face inspires Creator/ChristopherWalken to find out why "Why do you have to die to let go?"
* ''Film/TheNightFlier'': The local sheriff tells Dees that Ellen's corpse (drained of all its blood by a vampire who brainwashed her) looked downright peaceful after she was murdered along with her husband, which creeped him and his deputies out to no end.
* Subverted in ''Film/ThePitAndThePendulum'' when Creator/VincentPrice's character finds the remains of his wife, who he fears was buried alive. The corpse appears to be screaming in agony. [[spoiler: It's all a {{Gaslighting}} scheme by his living wife and her lover to drive him mad. Unfortunately for them, [[GoneHorriblyRight it works.]]]]

* Colt in Literature/TheZombieKnight, because [[spoiler: Geoffry won't find his children]]. Not that he [[BackFromTheDead stays that way for long]].
* In Creator/JamesSwallow's TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} novel ''[[Literature/BloodAngels Deus Sanguinius]]'', when Rafen goes to [[DueToTheDead pay his respects to]] his dead mentor (and engage in TalkingToTheDead), he is struck by how peaceful he looks, unlike the contortion racking him, as he died FightingFromTheInside to warn Rafen.
* In the appendices of Creator/JRRTolkien's ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'', it is said that Aragorn's face upon succumbing to death struck all who saw it as peaceful and noble.
** Likewise with Boromir.
** But subverted with those in the Dead Marches.
* [[Literature/{{Deryni}} Lady Vivienne de Jourdanet]] of the Camberian Council dies peacefully of old age in the arms of her eldest son the morning after Liam's investiture in ''King Kelson's Bride''. Despite the wars, rebellions and persecutions, some Deryni manage to do that.
* In Creator/RobertAHeinlein's ''TheRoadsMustRoll'', a man is murdered while trying to negiotiate with the striking workers. The main character is struck by the nobility of his expression, seeing him dead.
* DiscussedTrope in ''Literature/TheOutsiders''. The kid who dies "Didn't look peaceful. He just looked dead."
* In ''[[Literature/AnneOfGreenGables Anne of the Island]]'', Ruby Gillis finally admits to Anne that she is dying and confesses it terrifies her: all she will lose in life, and she has not readied herself for {{Heaven}}. But after she dies that night, her face shows that Death brought a wisdom that years of experience might have earned her.
** Captain Jim in ''Anne's House Of Dreams.'' His ''Life Book'' has just been published, which he's thrilled about, and he settles down for the night to read it. Anne and Gilbert find him dead the next morning. He's stretched out on the sofa with a peaceful expression on his face, holding the book, which is opened to the last page. Earlier in the book, he had mentioned that he hoped to have a quick and easy death; it would seem that he got what he wanted.
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'', Tywin Lannister appears to have a faint smile while lying in state, and his children note how inappropriate the expression seems on him.
* ''Literature/{{Dracula}}'', surprisingly enough for all those who first knew him through PopCulturalOsmosis.
* In ''Literature/AllQuietOnTheWesternFront'', when Paul is killed, his facial expression is described as "calm, as though almost glad the end had come."
* In Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's ''Literature/TheFirstCircle'', a character freezes to death in a cell, and when they took him out, he was smiling. (The readers know that he had come to the conclusion that he had done the right thing.)
* In ''Literature/{{Eragon}}'', Brom gets encased in a diamond tomb after he dies. Eragon comments that he looks so peaceful.
* In Teresa Frohock's ''Literature/MiserereAnAutumnTale'', Rachael notes, on Catarina's death that the woman doesn't look peaceful.
* In Angie Sage's ''[[Literature/SeptimusHeap Physik]]'', after Alice takes a bullet for Jenna.
* In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'', Remus and Tonks are described as "pale and still and peaceful-looking" in death.
* [[Literature/{{Dragons}} The Last Dragon Chronicles]]: Henry Bacon died this way.
* Discussed in ''Literature/HisDarkMaterials'' after Lee Scoresby [[YouShallNotPass defeats a squad of Church soldiers]] to cover Lyra and Will's escape, then succumbs to his wounds. The person who finds his body observes that it does ''not'' look peaceful: it looks like he died painfully but satisfied in the knowledge that he'd won.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Despite the horrific manner in which King Renly Baratheon is killed, his body looks remarkably at peace. The corpse is later dressed and positioned in a way to make him appear regal and dignified, and Margaery Tyrell (his widow) can't resist mentioning how handsome he was, with Littlefinger agreeing.
* ''Series/TheTwilightZone'': In "The Masks", a dying Jason Foster has his family wear masks, grotesque caricatures of themselves and a deaths-head for himself. At midnight he dies and they all unmask, [[spoiler: their faces assuming the forms of the masks, showing their inner selves.]] Having accomplished his goal, Mr. Foster's face is placid and serene.
-->'''Doctor''': This must be death. No horror, no fear. Nothing but peace.
* In the ''Creator/AgathaChristie's Series/{{Poirot}}'' adaptation of ''Literature/{{Curtain}}'', after Barbara Franklin [[HoistByHisOwnPetard drinks the poisoned cup of coffee]] [[spoiler:meant for her husband John]], scene cuts to Barbara screaming in terrible, agonizing pain in her bedroom as the guests try in vain to help her. By morning, we next see her body lying in bed in an upright position with a peaceful expression on her face as though she were asleep, surrounded by flowers.
** The same may go for Literature/HerculePoirot himself: As soon as Captain Hastings leaves his room for the final time and goes downstairs, the Belgian detective suffers his final bout of angina, grabs the rosary next to the amyl nitrite he refuses to take, [[SayYourPrayers and prays to God for forgiveness in agonizing pain]], [[SoundtrackDissonance all the while the piano piece plays]] [[LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn in the background]]. When Hastings quickly returns to find Poirot dead, it is not until we see the action for the second time near the end of the final episode that we get to see his body, tangled up in his bedsheets, his legs curled up in a fetal position, his arms outstretched, his hand still clutching the rosary, his face half-buried under the covers; and yet he is relaxed in a peaceful position with his eyes closed in a BigSleep, as though he is [[DeathEqualsRedemption redeemed in the eyes of God]].
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': [[spoiler: Clara Oswald]], after experiencing a rather horrific demise in "Face the Raven", finds peace afterward.

* Music/DanielAmos's "Shedding the Mortal Coil" (from ''Music/{{Alarma}}'') is sung from the perspective of a dying man who sees his old life as “out of date” and “unnecessary”. It's quite a chipper tune.

[[folder:Music Videos]]
* The video for Music/{{Slipknot}}'s "Vermilion, Part 2" sees the insane woman from their "Vermilion" video lying peacefully in a field before floating through the air, revealing that she's dead, finally free from her miserable life.

[[folder:Standup Comedy]]
* [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom Anthrocon]] founder Uncle Kage once worked at a facility for storing human body parts for research, and one of those parts was a complete head ([[ICallItVera which he nicknamed 'Murray']]). He noted that 'Murray' had "the most beautific smile on his face" and stated that however 'Murray' went, Kage wanted to go the same way.
* Played with by Canadian comic Ryan Belleville recounts the last time he saw his grandfather: The two of them were sitting on the porch at night, and Grandpa pointed upward and told Ryan that every star in the sky was the soul of a person who had passed away. As Ryan looked up, [[TearJerker he saw a new star appear in the sky, and looked over to Grandpa, noting that his eyes were closed, his face had an expression of utmost peace]]... [[BaitandSwitch and his hands were locked around the neck of a dead hobo]]. Grandpa was sent to prison the next day.
-->'''Ryan:''' Oh, that Grandpa. He always had to prove his crazy theories were true.

* In ''Theatre/StreetScene'', Rose says of her mother: "She looks so quiet and natural. You'd think she was asleep."
* In ''Theatre/BorisGodunov'', Shuisky testifies to Boris that he saw the slain Dimitri this way in the church at Uglich.

* The Boss in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3''. Hell, she was at peace with the idea that Snake would kill her for weeks and even comments that their fight together should be the best ten minutes of their lives.
* ''VideoGame/HauntingGround'': Daniella/The Maid screams when she is {{impaled|WithExtremePrejudice}}, but then begins to smile as she dies, prompting Fiona to comment that she's smiling from ear to ear, and looks much more relaxed and peaceful (should you choose to examine her body).
* A rare example of this trope where the character does not [[DisneyDeath permanently die]] is [[TheHero Sora]] of the ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' series. In Yen Sid's Tower, and back in his [[ThisWasHisTrueForm true form]], he is shown to be at peace after being [[FateWorseThanDeath rendered comatose]] after his Heart is [[MoralEventHorizon destroyed]] by [[BigBad Master Xehanort]] and his [[TrueCompanions friends]] save him from [[GrandTheftMe becoming a clone]] near the end of ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts3DDreamDropDistance''. Bonus points for spotting a faint smile, despite going out after a lengthy torture. The game manages to avoid a DownerEnding thanks to [[TheLancer Riku]] repairing his Heart, allowing Sora to wake up.
** Subverted, and PlayedForLaughs, in the manga adaptation for ''Manga/KingdomHeartsII''.
-->'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Yuna]]:''' Chief. He looks so peaceful.
-->'''Pete:''' I ain't dead!!
* The ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' Primeape has an extreme temper and will go [[{{Pun}} apeshit]] at the drop of a hat. Its Pokédex entry in ''[[VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon Pokémon Sun]]'' says that a Primeape can literally drop dead from anger but when it does it has a peaceful expression on it's face.
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'', if you allow [[SoleSurvivor Corporal Toombs]] to go through with his RoaringRampageOfRevenge, he will kill himself once he's finished, and it's noted that he has a peaceful expression. On the other end of things, if you stop his rampage by killing him, his face will still be contorted with pain and grief in death.
* In ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsII'', the Forest of Fallen Giants contains several trees that used to be the corpses of giants slain in the war between the giants and Drangleic. Examining them will just say "Alas, nothing happened", until later in the game when you have a certain item that allows you to do something with them. However, there is one of these trees hidden away in a secluded area that the item will not work on. Examining it will instead say "A giant rests in peace". This tree also has a small chance of providing you with a useful item every time you get invaded.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In the final arc of ''Webcomic/DominicDeegan'', Quilt sacrifices himself to ensure the Infernomancer's death, avenging his fallen friend Bumper and doing his part to save the world. Quilt shuts his eyes and smiles as he disintegrates. Contrast with the Infernomancer, who dies screaming.
* In ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'', Durkon is defeated by Malack. As the vampire drains his lifeblood, Durkon begs Malack to at least let his friends live. In deference to the friendship they shared in the short time they knew each other, Malack agrees. The lives of his friends assured, Durkon is able to die in peace. He sheds a tear, knowing that according to the Oracle's prophecy he will finally be able to go home. He dies with a smile on his face and X's in his eyes. [[spoiler: Unfortunately, the High Priest of Hel that takes over Durkon's vampirized body does not share the same sentimentality that Malack did.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Discussed in ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish". Marge lets Homer sleep in on what he believes will be the last day of his life because he "looked so peaceful lying there". "There'll be plenty of time for that!"