->''I go where I need to go. If I need to look glamorous or spiffy or young, or battling cancer, or a drugged-out and hippie type, it hopefully will be projected in my face. That's the beauty of acting: hopefully it comes through. It's not about hair and makeup, a different color of hair. It's about being malleable.''
->--'''Patricia Clarkson'''

'''Patricia Clarkson''' has been a strong, steady supporting presence in Hollywood for over twenty years. Although she is only rarely a leading lady, usually taking character parts, her consistently excellent performances and tremendous versatility ensure that she is and continues to be in high demand for roles of all kinds.

And yet, despite her popular image as elegant and reserved, Clarkson is, in her own words, "far more unpredictable and nutty" than most people expect. This allows her to inhabit her characters effortlessly and believably, no matter the role; she can play [[AbusiveParent abusive mother]] Margaret White in ''Film/{{Carrie}}'', then turn around and portray steadfast, supportive coach's wife Patti Brooks in ''Film/{{Miracle}}'' and be equally believable in both. She made her critically-lauded debut in ''Film/TheUntouchables'' (1987) opposite Creator/KevinCostner, but her breakthrough role didn't come until nine years later, when she earned raves as drug-addicted lesbian Greta in ''Film/HighArt'' (1998). Since then she has also lent her talents to films like ''Film/EasyA'', ''Vicky Cristina Barcelona'', ''Film/ShutterIsland'', ''Film/GoodNightAndGoodLuck'', ''The Green Mile'', and ''Film/{{Jumanji}}'', and to television shows like ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' and ''Series/ParksAndRecreation''.

That common perception of elegance, however, is not too far off the mark. Though she has never been an A-list star, her old-world, old-Hollywood sophistication, unique and effortless talent, and whiskey voice are a throwback to actresses like Creator/BetteDavis and Clarkson's idol Creator/IngridBergman. An odd but wonderful mix of careworn Southern eccentricity and Forties glamour, Clarkson is a class act and a sought-after actress who is well-respected by her peers, critics, and the public alike, and who is a tremendous asset to every project she joins.