''Pathfinder Tales'' includes all the official ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'' Roleplaying Game fiction; while mainly for the novels by various authors, this also includes ''Pathfinder Journals'' and other official material.


[[folder:Prince of Wolves]]
* {{All Girls Want Bad Boys}}: Both in-universe and out. Radovan is known for his charm with the ladies, and many female readers prefer him to Jeggare.
* {{Animals Hate Him}}: Most animals, even tame creatures, react harshly to Radovan's attempts at friendship. This changes when Jeggare conjures a [[CoolHorse spiritual mount]] for him. Averted with Arnisant, who considers Radovan a friend.
* {{Badass}}: Radovan.
* {{Betty and Veronica}}: Azra and Malena, respectively.
* {{Brains and Brawn}}: Radovan is Jeggare's bodyguard.
* {{Canine Companion}}
* {{Dark and Troubled Past}}: [[spoiler:Azra.]]
* [[spoiler:{{Famous Ancestor}}: Radovan, making him the Prince of Wolves.]]
* {{Fantastic Racism}}
* {{Fetish Retardant}}: The less one says about [[spoiler:devil-form Radovan]]'s genitalia, the better.
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}}: Jeggare and Radovan, to the point they even use the word 'friend'.
* [[OlderThanTheyLook Older Than He Looks]]: Remarked on during the first chapter, justified because of Jeggare's elven father.
* {{Power Is Sexy}}: [[spoiler: Radovan, in Malena's eyes.]]
* {{Red Oni Blue Oni}}: Radovan and Jeggare (with bonus {{Hair Contrast Duo}}), Malena and Azra.
* {{Sand In My Eyes}}: After discovering that Radovan is still alive, Jeggare tears up. In his journal, he writes that he dried his eyes because of 'ancient grave dust'.
* {{Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness}}: Jeggare's writing and speech pattern is noticeably more complex than most other characters in the stories.
* [[StubbornMule Stubborn Donkey]]: She reacts well enough to Azra, but the stubbornness is still there.
* {{The Casanova}}: Radovan.
* {{The Smart Guy}}: Jeggare. He can still hold up his end of a fight, though.
* {{The Speechless}}: Azra, who communicates through a form of [[HandSignals Pathfinder gestures]].
* {{This Was His True Form}}: [[spoiler: Dragos, after his duel with Jeggare.]]
* {{Voluntary Shapeshifting}}

[[folder:Master of Devils]]
As a sequel to ''Prince of Wolves'', many of the tropes above apply here as well.
* {{Animal Talk}}
* {{Dogs Are Dumb}}: Averted. [[spoiler: [[HeroicDog Arnisant]] gains more [[AmplifiedAnimalAptitude human-like traits and intelligence]] the longer he stays with the kamis, although it is a temporary effect.]]
* {{Drunken Master}}: Radovan goes toe to toe with a prodigiously able drunk in a tavern.
* Everything is Worse with Tigers: Jeggare must run for his life and ends up joining a temple to avoid the tigers prowling outside.
* {{Kitsune}}
* {{Large Ham}}: Burning Cloud Devil. And how.
* {{Ragtag Bunch of Misfits}}: The group of kamis. They eventually have a [[spoiler:{{Misfit Mobilization Moment}}.]]
* {{Small Annoying Creature}}: Judge Fang.
* {{The Dragon}}/{{The Lancer}}: Burning Cloud Devil intends to use Radovan as his.
* {{Took a Level in Badass}}: Both Jeggare and Radovan undergo {{Training from Hell}}. [[spoiler:Arnisant takes a different road.]]
* {{Turtle Island}}: Subverted. It's an actual massive turtle seen at a distance, with no adornment.
* {{Turtle Power}}: [[spoiler: Turtle almost takes down the whole gathering of kamis before he agrees to join their quest.]]

!Short Fiction

[[folder:Hell's Pawns]]
* {{Black Knight}}: The Chelish Hellknights that accompany Ivo Elliendo fall neatly into this trope.
* {{The Dandy}}: Jeggare.

[[folder:The Lost Pathfinder]]
* {{All of the Other Reindeer}}: Count Varian Jeggare among his noble peers. He already stood out among Chelish society, but this story makes it [[TheWoobie painfully evident for him]].
* {{Byronic Hero}}: Jeggare.
* {{Good Flaws Bad Flaws}}: Jeggare's [[TheAlcoholic alcoholism]] when he attempts to [[DrowningMySorrows drown his sorrows]].

!Web Fiction

[[folder:A Passage to Absalom]]
* [[OlderThanTheyLook Older Than He Looks]]: [[spoiler: Murviniel the elf.]]
* {{Red Oni Blue Oni}}: Pekko and Jaska.