A form of SomethingCompletelyDifferent. When a show, usually a comedy, abandons its usual format and spends most of the episode as a parody of another show, book, television show, or movie. Popular, timeless, children's fantasy films are always the most targeted for this format, as they're recognizable by everybody. It is usually revealed that the whole thing was [[AllJustADream just a dream]] or fantasy, or a lengthly series of events will be required to set up the parody format.

[[https://www.theonion.com/sitcom-resorts-to-wizard-of-oz-themed-fantasy-episode-1819565999 The Onion noted that this can be a sign of total desperation]], especially when [[OffToSeeTheWizard the Wizard of Oz is used as the basis]].

Compare WholePlotReference. See StockParody for some more specific examples.


[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' did an Arabian parody and a MonsterMash parody, both of which were dream sequences.
* The ''Anime/ExcelSaga'' anime practically ''was'' this trope.
** As was ''Anime/MagicalShoppingArcadeAbenobashi''.
* Half of all ''Anime/GalaxyAngel'' episodes. There was a Wild West episode, a {{joshikousei}} episode, a MagicalGirl episode (which was really a ''Anime/SailorMoon'' episode, but you can't blame them for having SmallReferencePools)...
* ''Manga/{{Gintama}}'', something of a parody of shounen manga in itself, also features several parody episodes, mostly of Japanese series such as ''Manga/DragonBall Z'' and a bizarrely cast ''Manga/NausicaaOfTheValleyOfTheWind'', not to mention a 2-part satire of ''Franchise/{{Saw}}'' and a movie-parody episode that touched on everything from ''Franchise/StarWars'' to ''Anime/MillenniumActress''. And of course the almost frame-for-frame [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxE2zS5U_NM End of Gintamangelion]].
** Hell, there's even parody ''arcs''.
* The ''Franchise/LupinIII'' franchise ''frequently'' uses this trope. The original Manga stories simply used the Arsene Lupin Sansei character as a vehicle to drive a story, through whatever tale Creator/MonkeyPunch wanted to tell.
* ''Manga/OnePiece'' has done a few specials in this style. The "Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw-Hat Luffy" specials are a parody of JidaiGeki dramas with Luffy as a detective in feudal Japan, and the "Chopperman" specials feature Tony Tony Chopper as a superhero. The manga includes additional side comics, featuring the pirates as high school {{delinquents}}, mobsters, mythical monsters, and even ''middle-aged housewives''.
* ''Manga/OuranHighschoolHostClub'' takes an episode to do a parody of Alice in Wonderland. The whole cast is desperately suppressing facepalms the whole time.
* ''Manga/{{Patalliro}} Saiyuki'' is an entire ''series'' based around the concept of a parody episode, recasting the characters in a theme of ''Manga/{{Saiyuki}}'' or ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'', usually to hilarious results.
* In a chapter of ''Manga/SoulHunter'', [[spoiler:everyone thinks Taikobo is dead and therefore the series will be cancelled due to no more main character]]. Cue an opening with the worst sports manga ever.
* Most of the ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' parallel works are these, although some have plot relevance. Not an episode perse, but they do feature new footage. The Manga version has quite a few more, and there's another, spin-off manga featuring the cast in a modern high school.
** Episode 6 might get a distinction as a parody of a stereotypical HotSpringsEpisode, considering the fact that it all goes to hell and what not. The same could be said of Episode 12, which is a parody of a stereotypical BeachEpisode.

* The ''Series/DoctorWho'' Literature/EighthDoctorAdventures novel ''The Blue Angel'' is [[FourLinesAllWaiting in part]] [[FandomRivalry a parody of]] ''Franchise/StarTrek''.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The episode "And Then There Was Shawn" of ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld'' is a parody of horror movies.
* The doctors of ''Series/ChicagoHope'' get blamed for the death of a famous actor. The episode is shown as an ''Entertainnment Tonight'' exclusive.
* ''Series/{{Community}}'' loves these. It has done parody episodes of the PoliceProcedural, [[LawProcedural Courtroom Dramas]], ''Series/{{Glee}}'', ''Franchise/StarWars'', TheWestern, TheMafia, ''Series/DoctorWho'', WarMovies, ''Film/PulpFiction'', TheCaper, and even the ZombieApocalypse. Roughly a quarter of the episodes do this, going so far as to be shot in the same fashion as whatever genre they are portraying.
* The ''Series/{{Crusade}}'' episode "Visitors From Down the Street" was an extended parody of ''Series/TheXFiles'', based around a PlanetOfHats inspired by UsefulNotes/ConspiracyTheories.
* ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' spent the majority of one episode inside the head of Crichton, the FishOutOfWater sole human member of the cast, where everything was drawn in the style of the Looney Tunes cartoons. Great episode.
* ''Series/HomeImprovement'' had a parody of ''Series/TheXFiles'', satirizing the title sequence and Mulder and Scully's thought process
-->'''Tim''': (As Mulder) The Truth Is Out There!
-->'''Jill''': (As Scully) You're out there.
** And Tim's name was changed to ABC Taylor, after the network "Home Improvement" was on, parodying the FOX network's Fox Mulder.
* The ''Series/ItsGarryShandlingsShow'' episodes "Film/TheGraduate" and "Series/TheFugitive". Since there's NoFourthWall, the episodes openly referenced the originals, to the point of including clips.
* The ''Series/JustShootMe'' episode "How the Finch Stole Christmas" is, of course, a send-up of ''Literature/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas'', complete with Seuss-like narration. Furthermore, it had subplots spoofing ''WesternAnimation/ACharlieBrownChristmas'' and ''Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus''.
** There was also the one where Maya befriends a guy who acts like Woody Allen.
* ''Series/{{Moesha}}'' parodied ''Series/TheCosbyShow'' in an imaginatively titled episode 'Definitely Not The Cosbys' (which was originally the working title for ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'').
* ''Series/MrRobot'' has a darker take on this. The first half of "m4ster-s1ave.aes" is a dream of Elliot's that parodies 90s sitcoms like Series/FullHouse (complete with 90s-esque commercials for E Corp). Eventually it is revealed to be [[spoiler: a dreamworld created by [[SplitPersonality Mr. Robot]] to spare Elliot the trauma of being beaten half to death.]]
* The ''Series/NewsRadio'' episode "Sinking Ship" was a parody of the film ''Film/{{Titanic 1997}}''.
* ''Series/RaisingHope'' parodied ''Series/ModernFamily'' and even ''Series/MyNameIsEarl'' with the original cast.
* ''Series/RememberWENN'' did two -- one parodying ''Film/{{Casablanca}}'' and one parodying ''Film/SunsetBoulevard''.
* In the season seven finale of ''Series/{{Roseanne}},'' Dan wonders what it would be like if he finally finishes building his boat and he winds up having a fantasy that is a direct parody of ''Series/GilligansIsland,'' with him as the Skipper, Jackie as Gilligan, Roseanne as Ginger, Darlene as Mary-Ann, Mark as the professor and Leon and Bev as the Howells.
** The end credits scene then shows a parody of the actual show with the surviving Gilligan cast members playing the characters, along with a cameo from Gilligan creator, Creator/SherwoodSchwartz.
* In the ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' episode "As Westbridge Turns", the usually realistic UrbanFantasy series parodies soap operas. Forbidden relationships, SeriousBusiness, and improbable coincidences ('My long lost sister!') abound. Of course, the change is caused by Sabrina ingesting a magical '[[JustForPun can of worms]]' and everything is back to normal at the end of the episode.
* Done several times in ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'':
** The 100th episode, "My Way Home", is a parody of... you guessed it... ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'', complete with a protagonist who just wants to go home, a search for a literal heart for a transplant, "Over the Rainbow," and a painted yellow floor... among [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Way_Home_(Scrubs) other references.]]
** Also, the episode "My Princess" which was told the style of a fairy tale with some ''[[Film/ThePrincessBride Princess Bride]]'' references.
** "My Life in Four Cameras" qualifies as well, being a parody of standard 80s-90s sitcoms with StudioAudience.
** "My House" parodies ''Series/{{House}}''.
* The second season of ''Series/SledgeHammer'' consisted almost entirely of these. ("Hammeroid" was a parody of ''Franchise/RoboCop'', "Vertical" was a parody of ''Film/{{Vertigo}}'', etc.)
* ''Series/StargateSG1'':
** The 200th episode, "200", not only parodies everything to do with TV and movie writing and production (ranging from the actors wanting more money to references to JumpingTheShark and a LampshadeHanging about... LampshadeHanging). It also parodies everything from ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'', ''Franchise/StarTrek'', and ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' to {{Supermarionation}} shows (like the original ''Series/{{Thunderbirds}}''), zombie movies, teen dramas, and, of course, itself. To actually list ''all'' of the parodies including the self-parodying inside jokes would take up this entire ''page'', so if you're interested in hearing all of them, see what [[http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/200 the Stargate Wiki's page on it]] has listed.
** Similarly, the episode to which "200" is a sequel, "[[http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Wormhole_X-Treme%21_%28episode%29 Wormhole X-Treme!]]" from the show's fifth season, is also a Parody Episode, a self-parody as well as parodying both the TV production process and Science Fiction in general.
--->'''Producer:''' You know what this show needs? A [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe sexy female alien]].
* The ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' episode "Vegas" starts out as a ''Series/{{CSI}}'' parody episode, but rapidly gets serious until it hits a TearJerker ending.
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''
** "Our Man Bashir" riffed on espionage movies like ''Film/JamesBond'' and ''Film/OurManFlint''.
** "Badda Bing, Badda Bang" was a parody of ''Film/OceansEleven''-style heist capers.
* ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' homaged the early sci-fi serials like ''ComicStrip/BuckRogers'' and ''[[Film/FlashGordonSerial Flash Gordon]]'' with the "Captain Proton" holoprogram, most notably in the episode "Bride of Chaotica!".
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' likes to [[PlayingWithATrope play with]] this trope once a season (in its second half)--while the Winchester brothers are still chasing a mystery, the format and/or subject matter of the episode (and their case) takes a comedic tone and it becomes obvious that it's parodying something: in Season 1, they made fun of ''Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}}'' in "Hell House;" in Season 2, they did "Hollywood Babylon," which was an AffectionateParody of the show itself with some blink-and-you'll-miss-'em {{Take That}}s to the [[MeddlingExecutives WB/CW executives]]; Season 3 had "Ghostfacers," which was a parody of both the Ghost Hunters ''and'' ''Film/TheBlairWitchProject''. Universal Studio's classic monster movies were awesomely and [[AffectionateParody affectionately]] homaged in Season 4's aptly-named "Monster Movie." Season 5 brought us the instant-classic "Changing Channels" which parodies ''Series/GreysAnatomy'', a typical three-camera laugh-track {{sitcom}}, ''Series/KnightRider'', a commercial for a genital herpes prescription medication, and absolutely skewers ''Series/{{CSI}}''. And then Season 6 gives the ultimate SelfParody with "The French Mistake", in which the show mercilessly satirises [[BreakingTheFourthWall itself]] and everyone working on it.
* ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'' and ''Series/That70sShow'' had episodes parodying ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife''.
** ''Series/That70sShow'''s Halloween episode was a homage to ''Creator/AlfredHitchcock'' films.
** While it didn't actually last an entire episode, the show had an OffToSeeTheWizard fantasy scene courtsy of [[SpoiledBrat Jackie]]. She casts herself as Dorothy, [[TheDitz Kelso]] as the scarecrow, [[DeadpanSnarker Hyde]] as the tinman, [[LargeHam Fez]] as the lion, [[TheLadette Donna]] as the Wicked Witch and [[DoggedNiceGuy Eric]] as her flying monkey.
* The ''Series/TwinPeaks'' homage episode "Dual Spires" episode of ''Series/{{Psych}}'', with the added bonus of the original cast of the show being parodied providing copious amounts of AdamWesting.
** The episode about Carlton moving into a (presumably haunted) apartment is a parody of ''Film/TheShining''. His annoying neighbors are parodies of the main characters from ''Film/RosemarysBaby''.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'' did an episode where Mulder and Scully appeared on ''Series/{{Cops}}''.
** Also, "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" can be seen as The X-Files parodying ''itself''. The plot for that episode is just ridiculous, but hilarious.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''WebVideo/TheMisfortuneOfBeingNed'' episode ''[[https://youtu.be/YXZZcfZH_GM Ned and the Beanstalk]]'', obviously parodying ''Jack and the Beanstalk''.
** There's also ''[[https://youtu.be/eMX7B-nXvVQ Hogwarts]]'', which parodies ''Literature/HarryPotter''.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebAnimation/ParkBench'' tried to do this in Episode 16, but the professor messed it up. (The parodies attempted were of ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'', ''Series/DoctorWho'', and ''Series/DragonsDen''.)
* ''WebAnimation/SethMacFarlanesCavalcadeOfCartoonComedy'' has [[SuperMarioBros "Mario Saves the Princess"]].
* ''{{WebOriginal/Squaresville}}'' follows three realistic high-school outcasts (NOT CoolLoser or ClarkKenting spies/superstars/gangsters). Then, suddenly, it has one wonderful DeconstructorFleet of teen drama, where the glamorous, incestuous socialitizing is interrupted by the protagonists storming in and ruining the mood. It has to be seen to be believed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6ZAsOnX6Bk.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' did this several times.
** A ''Film/MaryPoppins'' parody episode.
** "24 Minutes", a parody of ''Series/TwentyFour'' (including the voices of Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub).
** "The Blunder Years", primarily a parody of ''Film/StandByMe'', with a title from its SpiritualSuccessor ''Series/TheWonderYears''.
** "Dangerous Curves" is an unusual example. It's basically a parody of ''Film/TwoForTheRoad'', but it's done so subtly and the film is more of a CultClassic than a widely-known landmark film, so a lot of viewers might not even be aware that it's a parody.
** "Lisa the Drama Queen" is a parody of Creator/PeterJackson's ''Film/HeavenlyCreatures'', minus the murder pact and the LesYay.
** "The President Wore Pearls", a parody of the musical ''Film/{{Evita}}''.
*** {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d at the end:
--->'''Subtitle''': The creators, based on the advice of their lawyers, would like to state that they have never heard of a musical based on the life of Eva Perón.
** "Behind The Laughter" which was a parody of Creator/VH1 style documentaries.
** ''[[HalloweenEpisode Treehouse of Horror]]'' segments were originally strictly parodies of horror stories and ''Franchise/TheTwilightZone'' episodes but now encompass whatever the creators haven't parodied yet. There's also been non-Halloween stories with the same format.
** The ''Film/CitizenKane'' parody episode "Rosebud" (the one where Mr. Burns finds out that the teddy bear he left behind when he was adopted as a child to a twisted, loveless billionaire is in the hands of Maggie Simpson).
** They also did an episode about how Bart, Homer and Creator/NeilGaiman tried to their young adult novel published which somehow turned into a parody of ''Film/OceansEleven''.
** "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" parodies the career of Music/TheBeatles.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' had both "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" (''Franchise/StarTrek'') and "[[CharlieAndTheChocolateParody Fry and the Slurm Factory]]" (''Film/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'').
** It also had a ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' parody in "Anthology of Interest II."
** Also "Love and Rocket", which pays homage primarily to the HAL-9000 scenes of ''Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey''.
** And "Reincarnation", a three-parter non-canon episode [[AffectionateParody parodying]] respectively, Max Fleischer 20s cartoons, 80s video-games and 70s anime.
** There's SaturdayMorningFunPit, which parodied 1980s cartoons.
* A season finale of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' was a total sendup of the ''Franchise/BackToTheFuture'' movies. They also did a half-episode parody of ''Film/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'' ("Wasted Talent" -- the episode where Lois discovers that Peter can play the piano like a pro while drunk). "WesternAnimation/FamilyGuyPresentsLaughItUpFuzzball" for ''Franchise/StarWars''.
** All three segments of "Three Kings" were, as the name implies, parodies of Creator/StephenKing films adapted from books: ''Film/StandByMe'', ''{{Film/Misery}}'', and ''Film/TheShawshankRedemption''.
** An episode about Lois becoming a boxer becomes a parody of ''Film/RockyIII''.
** The episode "Leggo My Meg-O" was a parody to ''Film/{{Taken}}.''
** Brian's plot in "Crimes and Meg's Demeanor" was a parody to ''Film/RearWindow.''
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'':
** The show has had a few of these in recent seasons, as well: "Two Days Before Film/TheDayAfterTomorrow", "Free Willzyx" (''Film/FreeWilly'') and "Tsst" (''The Dog Whisperer'').
** Going back a few years, you have "Free Hat" (''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk'') and "The Return of The Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" (''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'').
** "Grey Dawn" is basically ''Film/RedDawn1984'' but with old people instead of Russians.
** There's also "The Snuke" (''24''), "Fantastic Easter Special" (''Literature/TheDaVinciCode''), and "Die Hippie Die" (''Film/TheCore''). As well as "Behind the Blow" (Creator/VH1 documentaries). Basically, the creators of South Park are in love with this trope.
** "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" (''ScoobyDoo'')
** Of recent mention is the episode "Insheeption" (which actually was revealed to be a ShallowParody of ''Film/{{Inception}}'')
** Even more recently is the episode "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining", a parody of "I Shouldn't Be Alive" and other documentary shows of its ilk. The entire final third of the episode becomes a poorly-acted, poorly-casted ''live-action'' dramatization.
** "Pip" is a parody of Creator/CharlesDickens' "Literature/GreatExpectations"
** Good Times With Weapons" alternates between the usual South Park universe and a {{Shonen}} {{anime}} parody.
** The primary storyline of "D'Yikes!" is a parody of ''Film/ThreeHundred''.
** "Britney's New Look" parodies "Literature/TheLottery."
** "A History Channel Thanksgiving" parodies ComicBook/TheMightyThor.
** "Word War Zimmerman" is a parody to ''Film/WorldWarZ.''
* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'' episode "Wash/Dry Story" was a parody of ''Theatre/WestSideStory''. In a laundrette.
** "Radio Daze" is a parody of ''Film/TheMalteseFalcon''.
* The ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' episode "Dimension Twist" parodied famous TV shows under the guise of being [[TrappedInTVLand sucked into TV Land]].
** ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents'' did this with their first movie, "Channel Chasers", but it had a lot to do with the plot/overall aesop.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb''
** One entire episode is splitted into parodies of different formats of TV shows, and it ends up not having a plot at all.
** One episode homaged old detective shows like ''Series/StarskyAndHutch'', ''Series/MiamiVice'' and ''Series/CSIMiami''.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'' is 95% these, e.g. [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers "Super Strong Warner Siblings"]]
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' did one where Fuzzy Lumpkin, Mojo Jojo, Princess, & HIM form [[Music/TheBeatles "The Beat-Alls"]].
** The girls do a parody of themselves in "The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever."
** And an episode in the style of ''WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle''.
* ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'' did a ''Franchise/DieHard'' parody. They also did a ''Anime/SpeedRacer'' parody. As well as a ''Film/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory''.
** So did ''WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow''.
* The ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'' Halloween episode was a homage to Creator/OrsonWelles films.
** Or alternatively, a parody of the panic created when an Orson Wells story was mistaken for an actual alien invasion by a great number of radio listeners.
* ''WesternAnimation/KappaMikey'' had one in the form of ''The Wizard of Oz'', ''It's A Wonderful Life'' (crossed with ''Literature/AChristmasCarol'') and surprisingly enough, ''TheRing''.
* ''WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle'' had a parody of children's television shows of ''WesternAnimation/TheMickeyMouseClub'' kind.
* ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead'''s ChristmasEpisode killed two birds with one stone -- Part One is YetAnotherChristmasCarol. Part Two? ItsAWonderfulPlot.
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheAngryBeavers'', "El Grapadura y El Castor Malo", inexplicably featured a parody of Mexican MaskedLuchador action films, staring masked wrestler El Grapadura (The Stapler) and Norbert as detectives. It was also voiced entirely in Spanish, with English subtitles that were at times [[FunWithForeignLanguages a rather loose translation]] [[FunWithSubtitles of what was being said]] (for example, "Señor Daggeto" being translated as "Mr. Stupid").
** The same happened with a parody of ''MiamiVice'' in style of an actual 80s cop-show episode.
* ''WesternAnimation/ReBoot'''s episode ''Firewall'' is a parody of ''Film/JamesBond''. That episode even got a unique title sequence similar to ''Bond'' movies.
* Each and every episode of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X-zwhYTmZ4 Walter Melon]] is based on this. Whenever heroes get in trouble or get sick, Melon and his assistant Bitterbug take their places temporarily. They replaced characters such as Franchise/{{Superman}}, The Comicbook/IncredibleHulk, James Bond, Franchise/{{Batman}} and Robin, [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Kirk and Spock]], {{Tarzan}}, etc, in spoofs of their movies or TV shows.
* ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyBravo'' had [[Franchise/TheTwilightZone "The Zone]] Where Normal Things Don't Happen Very Often" (not an episode title but the setting for "Little Talky Tabitha!," "The Man Who Cried Clown" and "Johnny Very Good" - respectively parodying the episodes "Living Doll," "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" and "It's A Good Life").
** "The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo" parodied ''Film/{{Titanic 1997}}''.
* Many, many, MANY episodes of ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor''. To the point that it was becoming the regular formula for every episode. Most notably was ''Anime/TheAnimatrix'' parody that worked out really well, and one episode parodying ''Film/TheMatrix'' again, superhero comics, children books, ''Anime/DragonBallZ'', and... ''WesternAnimation/ThePinkPanther''? All in one episode.
** The ChristmasEpisode was a huge reference to an ''ComicBook/XMen'' story arc.
* Of all shows, ''WesternAnimation/CoconutFredsFruitSaladIsland'' did a parody of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' ... with a little bit of ''VideoGame/DonkeyKong'' and ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZelda'' on the side. Does the idea of a coconut dressed like Cloud Strife and an bully apple dressed like Sephiroth raise a few eyebrows?
* ''WesternAnimation/PinkyAndTheBrain'' parodied ''Film/{{Chinatown}}''.
* "Semi-Film/DieHard" on ''WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow''
-->'''Cleveland Jr.''': Will you tell us the sequel next Christmas, Dad?
-->'''Cleveland''': [[AsideGlance Let's wait and see how the Internet responds to this one first.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures'' frequently did parodies, of Film/CitizenKane, Kon-Tiki and ''Series/{{Thirtysomething}}'', among others.
* ''WesternAnimation/TimeSquad'': ''White House Weirdness'' which parodies a ScoobyDoo show in the White House haunted by supposedly ghosts.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheGoodeFamily'' episode "Gerold's Way or The Highway" parodies [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Gangster films and [=DeNiro=] films]].
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Marsupilami}}'' episode "The Wizard of Mars" parodies ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''
* WesternAnimation/ScaredySquirrel has an episode were they make fun of Halloween and called it Halloweekend.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutron'' does quite a lot of these.
** ''Lights! Camera! Danger!'' is notable for combining parodies of ''Film/TheMatrix,'' ''Film/HarryPotter,'' ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings,'' and ''Chicago,'' and [[ReferenceOverdosed references a truckload more.]]
** Specific targets for a single parody episode include ''Film/{{Jaws}},'' ''Film/FantasticVoyage,'' and ''Film/TheTreasureOfTheSierraMadre,'' of all things.
** There's one episode devoted to poking fun at various superhero movies.
** One episode is devoted to old horror monsters like the ones from ''Film/{{Frankenstein 1931}},'' ''Film/{{Dracula 1931}},'' and ''Film/TheWolfMan1941.''
** Not even ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}'' and ''Franchise/StarWars'' were immune. In the same episode. At the same time.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Beetlejuice}}'' sends up "The Wizard Of Oz," "It's A Wonderful Life" and "The Twilight Zone."
* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}'' episode "Schoolworld" was a parody episode of ''Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey''.
* ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' did parody episodes of ''Film/TheLordOFTheRings'', ''Film/{{Goodfellas}}'' and one which was a parody of movies about UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar.
** One episode had a side story that was a parody to ''Film/WhatsEatingGilbertGrape.'' With squirrels.
* ''WesternAnimation/CatDog'': "The Canine Mutiny" is a parody of ''Film/TheCaineMutiny'' in which [=CatDog=] end up stranded at sea in a makeshift boat with Mr. Sunshine and Mervis. Cat becomes captain, and quickly goes mad with power.
* ''WesternAnimation/EekTheCat'': Besides its usual plots, the show had several episodes like this, including a parody of ''Film/ApocalypseNow'', ''Franchise/StarTrek'', ''Film/{{Jaws}}'', and ''Film/TheExorcist''.
* Episode 69 of ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}'' is a parody of ''WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer''.