We here at Wiki/TVTropes like to sort things, and it's not just because we have [[SuperOCD OCD]]. It's because we like our articles to be easy-to-read and easy to navigate. Thus, when writing articles, it's considered good form to sort the examples given for a particular trope into media categories.

When a trope launches without a lot of examples, it may not get sorted right away. However, [[WikiMagic tropes grow]], and when they do, a previously not-all-that-problematic block of examples can turn into an enormous thread mush of video games, TV shows, movies, commercials, ''VideoGame/{{Earthbound}}'' [[Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability sprite comics that tanked after]] [[ContinuityNod 7 strips]], and what have you. These articles have reached that state.

If you have some spare time and feel like doing a good deed, please go to these pages and sort their examples. There are two ways this is usually done. You can either enter the media categories using the small caps font [=[[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: (text) ]]
=], or you can create folders for the categories. Simply cut and paste examples into their proper categories, and then cut out those category links with no examples. It keeps things looking tidy. If you can't do them all, even partial sorting is a start.

A note on headers: Folder titles no longer produce WikiWords, even if they're used. WikiWords in small caps headers are OK.

If you don't know what medium an example is from (and can't find a link to its series page), add it to a [[/folder]]

[[folder: Other ]]
category near the bottom.

And, of course, if you find a completely or partially unsorted page, add it.

'''Note: Please don't remove an article from this list until it has been ''completely sorted.'' Every example needs to be in its own category. If it ''is'' completely sorted, please remove it from the list. Thanks!'''

!Call these articles a maid:

!!General example sorting:
* DoingItForTheArt ("other" and misfiled "real life" examples)
* HotlinkedImageSwitch
* IAmNotSpock
* NewsParody
* NoPronunciationGuide - they're mainly sorted, but they do need to be alphebetised.
* TheRunnerUpTakesItAll
* ScunthorpeProblem - some duplicate examples in different folders.
* SharpshooterFallacy
* SimilarToTheShow
* TropeCoTropeOfTheWeek

!!Specific media articles:

!!!MusicTropes (sort by genre):

* AlbumTitleDrop
* BoleroEffect
* LastChorusSlowDown
* LyricalShoehorn
* MidVidSkit
* PlaygroundSong
* RobotOrSpacemanAlterEgo
* SurrealMusicVideo

!!!Useful Notes pages without examples:

* UsefulNotes/JohnKerry - Needs examples of his appearances in media.

!!!VideoGameTropes (sort by genre):

* ColorCodedArmies - types need to be sorted by media
* ComboBreaker
* ComebackMechanic - types need to be sorted by media
* ConstructAdditionalPylons
* CrosshairAware
* CruelPlayerCharacterGod
* DeadCharacterWalking - types need to be sorted by media
* DevelopersRoom
* DifficultyByAcceleration
* DoubleUnlock
* EasierThanEasy
* EasyExp
* EnemyChatter
* EscortMission - types need to be sorted by media
* EveryTenThousandPoints
* ExplodingBarrels
* FakeTrap
* FanRemake (sort by categories of enhancements working from the original engine and assets, engine recreations using the original assets and complete remakes like Black Mesa/[=DFMod=]/Starry Expanse?)
* FightLikeACardPlayer
* FirstPersonGhost
* FishingMinigame
* FlipScreenScrolling
* FogOfWar
* GameMaker
* GameplayAllyImmortality
* GameplayDerailment
* GangplankGalleon
* GiveMeYourInventoryItem
* GoldenEnding (someone just need to make sure the genres for the games is correct, and this one is done. Everything is in alphabetical order.)
* HeartContainer
* HeartsAreHealth
* HitTheGroundHarder
* IdiosyncraticComboLevels
* IdiosyncraticDifficultyLevels (tons of unsorted examples; everything is alphabetized)
* ImprobableAccessoryEffect
* IncrediblyDurableEnemies
* InescapableAmbush
* InstantGravestone
* InvisibleWall
* InvulnerableCivilians
* IrrelevantSidequest
* KingMook
* LastChanceHitPoint
* LawOfOneHundred
* LethalJokeItem
* LevelInBossClothing
* LicenseAddedGame
* LifeMeter
* LiveItem
* MarathonBoss
* MascotWithAttitude (mostly sorted into genre folders and alphabetical order. Might need one or two touch ups)
* MiniDungeon
* MisaimedRealism
* TheMissingno
* MyNameIsQuestionMarks
* MyRulesAreNotYourRules
* NoCanonForTheWicked
* NoCutsceneInventoryInertia
* NoFairCheating
* NoFinalBossForYou
* NonEntityGeneral
* NonLethalBottomlessPits
* NotPlayingFairWithResources
* OneOfTheseDoorsIsNotLikeTheOther
* OrganDrops
* PerpetualBeta - types need to be sorted by media
* PlatformingPocketPal
* PlayerAndProtagonistIntegration
* PlayerGuidedMissile
* PlotCouponThatDoesSomething
* PortTown
* PostFinalBoss
* PostProcessingVideoEffects
* ProtectionMission
* PunchPackingPistol
* PurposelyOverpowered
* PuzzleBoss (everything sorted into genre folders and alphabetical order. Only thing needed is for someone to double check the genres)
* RandomDropBooster
* RandomEvent
* RandomlyGeneratedLevels - types need to be sorted by media
* RareCandy
* RatStomp
* ReactorBoss
* RealMoneyTrade - types need to be sorted by media
* RealTimeWeaponChange
* RealTimeWithPause
* RefiningResources
* RespawnOnTheSpot
* RespawnPoint
* RewardingInactivity
* RoamingEnemy - types need to be sorted by media
* SavageSetpiece
* SaveGameLimits - types need to be sorted by media
* ScratchDamage
* SecretAIMoves
* SelectiveCondemnation
* SelectiveGravity
* SetAMookToKillAMook
* ShieldBearingMook
* SidetrackedByTheGoldSaucer
* SimultaneousWarningAndAction
* SkillGateCharacters
* SoloClass
* SongsInTheKeyOfPanic
* SoundOfNoDamage
* TheSpiny
* SpringySpores
* StalkingMission
* StarShapedCoupon
* StopPokingMe
* StoryBreadcrumbs
* StoryOverwrite
* SuddenlyBlonde
* SuddenlyHarmfulHarmlessObject
* SurprisinglyEasyMiniQuest
* TemporaryPlatform
* ThirdOptionAdaptation
* TheUnfought
* UnwinnableByMistake.OtherVideoGames - only the "Unsorted" folder needs some work; the rest is done.
* VictoryPose
* VideogameFlamethrowersSuck
* VideoGameRemake - only the "Unsorted" folder needs some work; the rest is done.