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->''"Normally people have trouble with sequels after their first idea is so, and I'll say it, so transcendentally brilliant. But not me! I have ideas for basically infinite sequels. Basically infinite out-of-genre cover sequels that is!"''
-->-- '''T-Rex''', ''Webcomic/DinosaurComics'', [[http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1184 13/03/2008]]

So the film was a massive success, and the studio wants you to make a sequel! Trouble is, you killed off all your main characters [[KilledOffForReal for real]], [[EarthShatteringKaboom blew up the Earth]], [[NoPlansNoPrototypeNoBackup destroyed]] the TimeMachine and stopped the BigBad from ever being born. So where do you go from here? Well, there was [[EnsembleDarkhorse that one really cool side character]] - perhaps we could retell the story from his perspective!

The P.O.V. Sequel is a sequel which, instead of putting your characters in a new situation, simply retells an old one with a new protagonist. Done well, it can help you flesh out your side characters [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter that the audience may have felt deserved more attention]], and add new perspectives to the story up to and including making your CardCarryingVillain into a [[AntiVillain sympathetic guy]]. Done badly, it reeks of laziness.

Very similar to SimultaneousArcs, which tell several different stories happening in the same storyline of a single work. Although, if it must be very rare to have a P.O.V Sequel telling no events simulaneous to the previous installment, strictly speaking, it's not impossible. The converse is more frequent however (simultaneous stories featuring unrelated characters).

Compare the PerspectiveFlip, the non-canon equivalent; ADayInTheLimelight, where the P.O.V. changes but tells an original story; ChangingOfTheGuard, where the main character shifts to tell an original story; BeenThereShapedHistory, when the sequel protagonist does something that retroactively affects the original's plotline; and RashomonStyle, where the character's opinions can colour what the audience sees. GaidenGame can be a video game specific version. AnotherSideAnotherStory is a video game specific subtrope where the P.O.V. Sequel is another game mode unlocked after you complete it the first time.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''[[LightNovel/AriaTheScarletAmmo Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA]]'', which is the spinoff to ''Aria the Scarlet Ammo'', takes place around the same time as the first season, but this time focusing on a set of new characters.
* The first 93 chapters of ''Caterpillar'' are a prequel to ''Manga/{{Arachnid}}'' set a year earlier. After a time skip, chapter 94 begins a retelling of the Arachnid Hunt from Imomushi's perspective.
* The manga ''Manga/ACertainScientificRailgun'' revolves around Mikoto "Railgun" Misaka, a supporting character from the ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' novel series. Most of ''Railgun''[='=]s story arcs are at least [[ContinuityNod tangentially related]] to characters or events introduced in ''Index'', though Mikoto's ignorance of [[TheMasquerade magic]] and the city's [[WainscotSociety "dark side"]] mean that they tend to be more down-to-earth. This is most prominent during ''Railgun'''s version of the [[ClonesArePeopleToo Sisters arc]], which covers the same events as ''Index'' but significantly expands Mikoto's side of the story.
* ''Cross Days'' is a retelling of ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'' from the point of view of new male protagonist Yuuki, where we discover that [[spoiler:Kotonoha was cheating on Makoto with him.]]
* The most common (supported by WordOfGod) interpretation of ''End of Evangelion'' and the final two episodes of ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' is that they show the same events, objectively (mostly) in ''End'' and as a JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind for the show.
* ''Anime/{{Gankutsuou}}'' is a ScienceFiction retelling of ''Literature/TheCountOfMonteCristo'' told from Albert's POV. According to WordOfGod, one of the reasons Albert (the son of one of the men that betrayed Edmund Dantès) was chosen as the viewpoint character instead of the Count was to put the focus on the consequences of revenge rather than the satisfaction of it, as the creators worried about glorifying revenge.
* The "Eye Opening" story arc in ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'' shows the events of, as well as leading to, the earlier "Cotton Drifting" arc from the perspective of Shion Sonozaki, who was portrayed as one of the victims of a kidnapping/murder spree by her twin sister Mion [[spoiler:until it is revealed that she is in fact the villain and [[AxCrazy killed up to six people, including her sister]], [[LoveMakesYouCrazy to avenge the unexplained disappearance of a boy she liked but knew only for about three days]]]]. It's called "Eye Opening" for a reason.
* ''Anime/InfiniteRyvius'' has a two-volume manga which presents an abbreviated view of the story from Aoi's perspective.
* The original ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'' has one in the manga ''Iron Mustang''. It's a particularly unexpected one for a couple of reasons: One, it's about a group of Zeon soldiers who only appeared in a single episode of the TV series and weren't even included in the much more popular {{Compilation Movie}}s and two, the main character doesn't even pilot a mobile suit, he rides a hoverbike.
* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny: The Edge'' is a manga that retells the events of ''SEED Destiny'' from the point of view of Athrun Zala, the only character to be a part of both heroic forces. Somewhat complicating matters is the WordOfGod statement that Athrun was the focus character of ''SEED Destiny'' anyway, though [[WildMassGuessing one expects]] WordOfGod was tired of hearing the endless Kira vs Shinn debates and just said that to shut them all up.
* [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII On The Way To A Smile: Denzel's story]] is an OVA that shows many of the original game's major events (The Sector 7 Plate falling, Meteor, the early stages of Geostigma) from the perspective of a little kid (he was six when the plate fell) born and raised on the plate, who was eventually taken in by Cloud and Tifa after he contracted Geostigma.
* ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'': Seisōhen is the series told from Kaoru's POV.
* ''LightNovel/WiegenliedOfGreen'' is this to ''LightNovel/ClotureOfYellow'', focusing on a woman named Michaela who, while playing a minor role in the latter, ultimately has enormous influence on the plot.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Comicbook/{{Marvels}}'' retells some of the events of the MarvelUniverse from the viewpoint of an {{everyman}} photojournalist.
* The first issue of ''Comicbook/GodzillaTheHalfCenturyWar'' is the original ''Film/{{Gojira}}'' movie told from the point-of-view of a soldier in Japan's SDF.
* Jill Thompson's ''Death: At Death's Door'' is a retelling of (parts of) the ''[[Comicbook/TheSandman Sandman]]'' arc ''Season of Mists'' from Death's P.O.V. And like Death herself, it's cute and unexpectedly funny.
* Comics set in the Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse:
** ''ComicBook/TheAvengersPreludeFurysBigWeek'' runs through the events of ''Film/TheIncredibleHulk'', ''Film/IronMan2'', and ''Film/{{Thor}}'' from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s perspective, confirming that they all happened pretty much at once.
** ''Film/IronMan3 Prelude'' explains what War Machine was doing during the Battle of New York.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* FanFic/UnfinishedBusiness was written as an ensemble piece set immediately after the events of John Carpenter's ''Film/TheThing1982'', but centred largely around the survivors from each film. The prequel story ''Irina's Memoir'' is written as a recollection by a character who never appeared in either film and only had a minor role in the first story- the two survivors of the Carpenter film are only given a passing mention at the very end.
* ''[[https://www.fimfiction.net/story/128177/a-stranger-among-the-voices A Stranger Among the Voices]]'' is a retelling of ''FanFic/AVoiceAmongTheStrangers'' from the [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic ponies']] point of view, as opposed to the TokenHuman.
* ''FanFic/LathboraViran''​ is a retelling of ''Videogame/DragonAgeInquisition'' from the perspective of Solas.
* ''[[https://www.fimfiction.net/story/371847/the-bridge-among-giants The Bridge: Among Giants]]'' is a retelling of ''Fanfic/TheBridge'' from the point of view of a pony named Ghost Story, who attempts to understand the various {{Kaiju}} now running around Equestria.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* ''Disney/TheLionKingOneAndAHalf'' was partly ''Disney/TheLionKing'' from Timon and Pumbaa's POV. Because the initial film is Disney's ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' and ''Disney/TheLionKingIISimbasPride'' is its ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet'', this film is considered to be the franchise's ''Theatre/RosencrantzAndGuildensternAreDead''.
* {{Creator/Pixar}}:
** ''[=BURN-E=]'', a short on the ''WesternAnimation/WallE'' DVD, shows how events on the movie affect one character, a repair robot left outside the ship in a throwaway gag.
** Pixar did a similar short called ''Jack-Jack Attack'' on ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles'' DVD. It shows what happened to the babysitter, how she got so [[BadlyBatteredBabysitter badly battered]], and why she was leaving all the crazy answering machine messages that Helen Parr listens to during the main movie.
** For ''WesternAnimation/{{Up}}'', they did two shorts: ''Dug's Special Mission'', released on the DVD, about what Dug the dog was doing up to the point where he meets Carl and Russell; and ''George and A.J.'', shown on the internet, about the two orderlies who came to take Carl to the retirement home.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/ParanormalActivity2'' takes place mostly before, partly during, and immediately after the [[Film/ParanormalActivity first movie]].
* Creator/ClintEastwood's ''Film/FlagsOfOurFathers'' tells the story of Iwo Jima from the point of view of the men who raised the famous flag, while ''Film/LettersFromIwoJima'' tells the story from the perspective of the Japanese defenders. None of the actors in either film appeared in the other.
* Introduced in ''Film/WildAtHeart'', where she had a somewhat small role in the events, the character of Perdita Durango was promoted to the lead in 1997's ''Perdita Durango'', loosely based on a 1993 novel by the same author, Barry Gifford; she was played by Rosie Perez this time around, and had a severe case of AdaptationalVillainy.
* ''Film/DiaryOfTheDead'' apparently is from the POV of a group of film students on the first night of a ZombieApocalypse show in ''Film/NightOfTheLivingDead1968''. However, because both movies were set in the "present" and ''Night'' was released in the '60's, it might be more accurately described as taking part in an AlternateContinuity.
** Also, ''Night'' took place in the spring (Barbra's comments about the time change and days getting longer), while ''Diary'' took place during the autumn (the foilage & climate).
** ''Diary's'' sequel ''Film/SurvivalOfTheDead'' in turn focuses on a group of soldiers who showed up only briefly in that film to steal some of the main characters' supplies.
* ''Film/MaryReilly'', ''Literature/TheStrangeCaseOfDrJekyllAndMrHyde'' from his maid's POV.
* ''Film/SawIV'' took place at the same time as ''Film/SawIII'', but in different parts of the city. We only find out the ''Saw III'' connection when the main character of the FBI Agent's subplot runs into Jeff during the climax. Rigg never actually encounters anything ''Saw III'' related, with the exception of his partner's corpse.
* Parts of ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartII'' retell some events of [[Film/BackToTheFuture the first film]] from the POV of ''Marty himself'', time-looping back over the same few days again (for an [[TimelineAlteringMacGuffin entirely different reason]] this time).
* ''Film/GetSmart's Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control'' was made at the same time as the ''Film/GetSmart'' movie and released 10 days later. It takes place simultaneously to the movie and is about two techies at CONTROL that also appear in the main movie. There is some interaction with the main storyline, but mostly it tells a different story
* In an in-story example from ''Film/WagTheDog'', film producer Stanley Motss (Creator/DustinHoffman) claims to have made an extremely successful film re-telling ''Literature/MobyDick'' from the perspective of the white whale.
* ''Film/TheBourneLegacy'' is a sidestory told from the perspective of Aaron Cross, a Treadstone-affiliated operative who works to discover the roots of a conspiracy at the same time as the events of ''Film/TheBourneUltimatum'' (even using several of the same supporting characters).

* ''The Alexandria Quartet'' by Lawrence Durrell. The first three tell the same story from different [=POVs=]: ''Justine'' (1957), ''Balthazar'' (1958), ''Mountolive'' (1958). ''Clea'' (1960). was a regular sequel to the story told three ways in the previous three novels. It was Durrell's conceit to tell the story in four dimensions with the fourth being, of course, [[MoreThanThreeDimensions time.]]
* ''Literature/EndersShadow'' tells the story of ''Literature/EndersGame'' but from the perspective of Bean, the youngest of Ender's generals.
* "Crossroads of Twilight", the tenth book in the ''[[Literature/TheWheelOfTime Wheel of Time]]'' series, spends a great deal of time showing what all the characters who weren't present at the ninth book's GrandFinale were up to at the time. The answer: [[{{Filler}} absolutely nothing]].
* ''Literature/MidnightSun'', the fifth book in the ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' series, would have been a retelling of the first book from Edward's perspective. But Meyer gave the early draft to someone who leaked on to the internet and she later published it on her website so her fans at least would get it legally, given that she got so upset over the leaking that she refused to continue to work on it.
** Finally the author released ''The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner'', which is definitely a straight example. It prevents some AlternativeCharacterInterpretation in ''Eclipse'' as to whether the Volturi secretly wanted the Cullens dead or sincerely wanted Victoria stopped.
* ''Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey As Told by Christian'' which tells the events of the first book in the ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey'' trilogy from Christian Grey's perspective.
* Creator/AnneMcCaffrey's ''Literature/DragonridersOfPern'':
** ''Nerilka's Story'' is a retelling of ''Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern'' from Nerilka's perspective.
** The Harper Hall trilogy has significant overlap with the original trilogy that began with ''Dragonflight'', writing from different characters' perspectives.
** ''Masterharper of Pern'' overlaps slightly with ''Dragonflight'', ending as Lessa leaves Ruatha for Benden Weyr.
* [=McCaffrey=] also did this in her ''Dinosaur Planet'' series, which she later came back to with co-writers to retell from the point of view of another character in the ''Literature/PlanetPirates'' trilogy.
* And again with ''Literature/TowerAndTheHive'': The first half of ''Damia'' was basically ''The Rowan'' through Afra Lyon's eyes.
* The ''Literature/IncarnationsOfImmortality'' series does this in a big way, with most major events covered in two or more of the eight books, each time from the POV of that book's protagonist. A big one is book six, which covers all the major events of the series to that point from the POV of the character who had seemed, until then, to be the BigBad.
* ''Chainer's Torment'', the second book in the ''[[MagicTheGathering Odyssey]]'' [[MagicTheGathering Cycle]], is a retelling of ''Odyssey'' from Chainer's perspective.
* Some ''Literature/{{Dragonlance}}'' books are these.
* The ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' LightNovels do this regularly with the larger stories, although they're always planned in advance. For example, "Local Episode" of ''Grand Punk Station'' focuses on Jaccuzi, Ladd, and Chane while "Express Episode" goes for Czeslaw, Rachel and [[spoiler:the self-proclaimed Rail Tracer]].
* ''Belgarath The Sorcerer'' and ''Polgara The Sorceress'' view many events from ''Literature/TheBelgariad'' from a much [[{{Immortality}} longer perspective]].
* The 2007 ''Literature/DeathStar'' novel's second half is basically ''Franchise/StarWars: A New Hope'' told from newly identified extras' POV's during the Rebels' time aboard the Death Star and the battle afterwards, including the guy who said 'stand by' long enough for Luke to blow it away.
** The 2012 novel ''Literature/DarthPlagueis'' begins as a prequel to the movies, but later on shows us the events of Episode I and beyond from the POV of [[BigBad Palpatine]] [[spoiler: such as killing his master Darth Plagueis]], showing exactly how the Sith orchestrated their EvilPlan first hand.
* Evan S. Connell's ''Mrs. Bridge'' and ''Mr. Bridge.''
* In Creator/JohnScalzi's ''Literature/OldMansWar'' series, the book ''Zoe's Tale'' is a retelling of the events of ''The Last Colony'' from the POV of the main character's adopted daughter.
* ''Lo's Diary''. The story of Literature/{{Lolita}} from the girl's POV.
** Notably, this ignores the idea that the original had an UnreliableNarrator. The family of the original author disliked it for this reason.
*** Among others. ''Lo's Diary'' could more accurately be called the story of ''Lolita'' from the POV of an animal-torturing sociopath who matches her lipstick to her apple when she sets out to seduce Humbert, and who is given -- at twelve! -- to writing in her diary such lines as, "No man can resist a woman who has an apple in her hand. It's theological."
* Very common in Japan, where they're called ''gaiden''.
* Margaret Atwood's companion novels ''Literature/OryxAndCrake'' and ''The Year of the Flood'' move along similar timelines, showing the same events from different perspectives. They occasionally intersect, with characters who were the protagonists in one book being peripheral characters in the other.
* The ''Franchise/DoctorWho'' [[Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse Expanded Universe]]
** The novel ''Who Killed Kennedy'' examines the myriad alien invasions and whatnot of the Jon Pertwee (1970-1974) run of ''Series/DoctorWho'' from the perspective of a New Zealander journalist named James Stevens who is trying to expose a secret organisation called UNIT and its "Doctor" agents. Stevens is the protagonist while the Doctor himself is barely featured at all, though he is mentioned throughout.
** The two text stories in the 2012 ''Series/DoctorWho Annual'': "Amy's Escapade" and "Rory's Adventure". The Ponds split up at a space mall and both contribute to defeating an invasion without ever realising the other's involvement.
** The Literature/PastDoctorAdventures novel ''Face of the Enemy'' is a UNIT story set while the Doctor and Jo are [[Recap/DoctorWhoS9E2TheCurseOfPeladon away on Peladon]], with the Brigadier having to make difficult decisions to deal with the absence of his scientific advisor.
* Creator/AnneRice's Literature/VampireChronicles:
** Some of the sequels have significant portions that retell events from the first book (''Literature/InterviewWithTheVampire'') as seen by the protagonist of the sequel in question.
** There's also ''Literature/TheVampireArmand'' and ''Literature/BloodAndGold'', which overlap quite a bit, but from the perspectives Armand and Marius, respectively.
* John Marsden's ''So Much To Tell You'' is told from the point of view of Marina, a teenage girl who hasn't spoken since she suffered from a disfiguring acid burn. A later book, ''Take My Word For It'', is written from the point of view of her classmate Lisa in the same diary format. It covers a longer period of time, ending long after Marina has started talking again, but clarifies several events briefly alluded to in Marina's diary. Thankfully, Marina doesn't hijack the story, as Lisa's character arc remains the focus to the end.
* There have been several tie-in Disney storybooks which had the movie told from another character's perspective (besides the ''Lion King'' example mentioned above), such as [[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Sebastian the crab]], [[Disney/BeautyandtheBeast Mrs. Potts]], [[Disney/{{Aladdin}} the Genie]], [[Disney/{{Pocahontas}} Meeko the raccoon]], and [[Disney/{{Mulan}} Mushu the dragon.]] Also, there have been two tie-in storybooks based on ''Disney/AtlantisTheLostEmpire'' which had the movie's plot told from Kida's point of view. And then there's the "My Side of the Story" series books, which had the film's plots told from ''the villain's'' point of view.
* The second book of the Literature/GreenSkyTrilogy is mostly about the events of the first book from Teera's point of view, but after the second act, it takes a new direction and sets up ''Until The Celebration.''
* The e-book of Sherwood Smith's ''Literature/CrownDuel'', which is told in first person from a single POV, includes several bonus scenes written from the POV of the narrator's love interest; given that she misunderstands his motivations for most of the story, it's interesting to see his side of the story.
* A fair-sized chunk of Creator/RobertAHeinlein's last novel, ''Literature/ToSailBeyondTheSunset'', is devoted to retelling selected events from ''Literature/TimeEnoughForLove'' and ''Literature/TheNumberOfTheBeast'' from Maureen Johnson Smith's POV.
* ''Literature/AFeastForCrows'' and ''Literature/ADanceWithDragons'' from ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' take place largely at the same time though only one event is fully covered from the viewpoint of two different characters.
* The ''VideoGame/StarCraft'' ExpandedUniverse novel ''Queen of Blades'' retells the first two-thirds of the zerg campaign in ''VideoGame/StarCraftI'' from Jim Raynor's perspective. It splits into its own storyline after the PlayerCharacter leaves Char for [[spoiler:Aiur]], then joins the protoss campaign for the last chapter.
* The ''Literature/WarOfTheWorldsGlobalDispatches'' story "The Martian Invasion Journals of Henry James" retells the events from H.G. Wells ''Literature/WarOfTheWorlds'' from the point of view of Creator/HenryJames.
* Sherrilyn Kenyon's ''Styxx'' is this for ''Acheron'', telling the story from the perspective of Acheron's [[spoiler: not]] evil twin brother.
* ''Literature/ALittleInLove'' is ''Franchise/LesMiserables'' from the point of view of Eponine.
* ''The Black'', the second book of the ''Literature/MorpheusRoad'' series, tells the story from the same time as ''The Light'', but from Cooper's perspective rather than Marshall's.
* Creator/DavidLevithan's ''Another Day'' is a retelling of ''Literature/EveryDay'' from the perspective of Rhiannon, A's love interest.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The SomethingCompletelyDifferent ''Series/DoctorWho'' story "Love & Monsters", for the most part ADayInTheLimelight story, also contains [[FlashBack Flashbacks]] to several past events in New Who season from the POV of a {{Muggle}}.
* The direct-to-DVD ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}'' movie ''The Plan'' retells the events of the Re-Imagined series's first two seasons from the POV of the Cylons.
* Series/{{Lost}} does this occasionally. The episodes "Man of Science, Man of Faith", "Adrift", and "Orientation" all have segments covering the same confrontation from different perspectives. There are also whole episodes which are done like this in the style of the show's flashbacks, such as "The Other 48 Days", "3 Minutes", and "Maternity Leave". And the plane crash is covered from [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKcKtjrL5bc a number of different perspectives.]]
** The first two episodes that focused on Sun and Jin individually("House of the Rising Sun" and "...In Translation") told the story of their romance and marriage before the island from their respective points of view. Scenes shown in Sun's episode, are seen in a different light in Jin's.
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''
** The first scene of the pilot episode shows [[Recap/StarTrekTheNextGenerationS3E26S4E1TheBestOfBothWorlds The Battle of Wolf 359]], a key event in ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', from the perspective of a different starship and its captain.
** The episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" had the [=DS9=] crew interact with the original series crew during the events of "The Trouble With Tribbles". This could more accurately be considered an alternate timeline, however, since many scenes in the [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine [=DS9=]]] episode are actual scenes from the Original Series episode, but with some of the extras digitally replaced with [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine [=DS9=]]] characters.
* In the ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' episode "Flashback", we see events from the movie ''Film/StarTrekVITheUndiscoveredCountry'' from the perspective of a young Tuvok, whose first Starfleet assignment was aboard the Excelsior under the command of Captain Sulu during the events of the movie.
* The third season Series/{{Heroes}} episode "Villains" retells key parts of the story from season one from the perspective of the villains.
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' sometimes does a variant of this where the beginning of one episode is basically the end of the last one from another character's perspective. Examples include "Kill Ari, Part I" which shows [[BigBad Ari's]] perspective of [[spoiler: Kate's]] death in "Twilight" ([[spoiler: he shot her]]) and "Aliyah" which shows Ziva walking into the end of "Semper Fidelis" and seeing that [[spoiler: Tony shot Rivkin]].
* Most episodes of season 4 of {{Arrested Development}} showed basically the same events as the other episodes but seen through different POV characters' eyes.
* The ''Series/{{Class}}'' BottleEpisode "Detained" only features Miss Quill at the beginning (locking the others in detention) and the end (where she [[spoiler: has a scarred face, is free of her RestrainingBolt]], and just says "It's been a long day"). The following episode is "The Metaphysical Engine, [[EitherOrTitle or]] What Quill Did", which is about [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin what Quill did]].
* The Creator/{{ITV}} series ''The Durrells'' is based on Gerald Durrell's ''Literature/MyFamilyAndOtherAnimals'' but is from the perspective of his mother, Louisa.

* Music/{{mothy}}'s Music/{{vocaloid}} song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QykKSkt_KZ0 The Escape of Salmhofer, the Witch]] is this to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJny2S00dOA Moonlit Bear]]
* A "scene" shared Music/SoundHorizon's "Eru no Tenbin" and "Yorokobi to Kanashimi no Budōshu" wherein [[spoiler:Abyss mutters, "What a pity," while presumably killing a man and kicking him into the water]] heavily implies that both songs are about the same event, each focusing on different actors ("Eru no Tenbin" focused on Abyss while "Yorokobi to Kanashimi no Budōshu" focused on the RunawayBride Abyss was hired to retrieve).
* In the [[Franchise/EvilliciousChronicles Evil series]], ''Daughter of Evil'' tells the tale of the princess, while ''Servant of Evil'' is written from the viewpoint of her brother and BlackKnight.
* Greg Champion's "I Made a Hundred in the Backyard at Mum's" has a sequel sung to the same tune by Ian Macnamara, "I Took That Wicket".
-->I took a wicket in the backyard at mum's.
-->I bowled out my brother when he'd scored a hundred runs.
-->I trapped him LBW with a ball that skidded low
-->And everyone they kissed me and they shouted out "Good show!"
* Music/UncleBonsai's ConceptAlbum ''Doug'', which tells the story of [[RidiculouslyAverageGuy joe average]] [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Doug]] from birth to death, features a song about his wedding ("[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Doug Gets Married]]"), immediately followed by "I Never Learned How To Waltz," retelling the event from the bride's perspective.

* Alan Ayckbourn's ''The Norman Conquests'': three plays encompassing the same timeframe with the same characters, but from the POV of three different areas of the same house. Ayckbourn did a similar gimmick in ''House'' and ''Garden'', two plays with the same idea.
* ''Theatre/RosencrantzAndGuildensternAreDead'' is a POV sequel to ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'', though it has more in common with ''Theatre/WaitingForGodot'' than anything written by Creator/WilliamShakespeare.
* ''Theatre/JacobMarleysChristmasCarol'' is a POV prequel/sequel to ''Literature/AChristmasCarol'', from [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin of course]], Marley's point of view.
* The last act of ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'' is ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' from the perspective of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda. The first two acts are a P.O.V. prequel.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The first GBA ''VideoGame/GoldenSun'' took place through Isaac's perspective, while Felix was the main antagonist. However, once ''Golden Sun: The Lost Age'', came out, it started out with Jenna and Kraden escaping Venus Lighthouse, around the same time as Isaac's final battle with Saturos and Menardi, which Felix and Sheba saw with their own eyes. Once the sequel's prologue ends, the player switches control over to Felix, as now said player is the one being chased by the very characters they controlled in the previous game!
* The ''VideoGame/HalfLife1'' expansion packs ''Blue Shift'', ''Opposing Force'', and ''Decay'', which show the Black Mesa Incident from the POV of a security guard, an HECU Marine, and two scientists, respectively.
* ''VideoGame/ShiningForceIII: Scenario II'' tells some of the story of Scenario I, but from the Empire's point of view instead of the Republic's.
* ''Franchise/ResidentEvil''
** ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis'' is set at roughly around the same time period as ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil2''. The starting portion of the game is actually set a day before ''[=RE2=]'' begins and at one point, Jill falls unconscious for two days and awakens after the events of ''[=RE2=]'' have already transpired.
** The two ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilOutbreak'' games feature numerous scenarios set during the fall of Raccoon City depicted in ''[=RE2=]'' and ''[=RE3=]''.
** The spin-off games for the Wii, ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilTheUmbrellaChronicles'' and ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilTheDarksideChronicles'', featured numerous scenarios set during the events of the first few ''Resident Evil'' games (including ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilCodeVeronica'').
** The [=PS2=] and Wii versions of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'' featured an extra scenario called "Separate Ways" which depicted certain specific events of the story from Ada's perspective, providing background information and details pertaining to how some specific events came about and how certain items were placed in the locations they were.
* ''Heart of the Alien'', the Sega CD sequel to ''VideoGame/AnotherWorld'', was originally intended to be set during the events of the first game, but played through the perspective of Buddy (Lester's alien friend, although technically Lester is the alien). Interplay vetoed this idea, but still included an extensive flashback which shows everything Buddy did during the first game.
* ''VideoGame/RainbowSix: Vegas 2'' follows a different team (sort of; you play a different character as team leader, but your squadmates are the same people throughout most of both games) during the same terrorist attack on Las Vegas shown in the first game.
* The video game ''VideoGame/EnterTheMatrix'' highlights what side characters Ghost and Niobe are doing during the events of ''Film/TheMatrix Reloaded'', popping in and out of the actual plot of the film as needed.
* ''[[Franchise/DotHack .hack//Another Birth]]'', the novels for people who didn't have the console or couldn't track down the original four games to save their lives, tells the story (originally Kite's) from [=BlackRose's=] perspective. It also ticks off Kite/[=BlackRose=] shippers by giving her a boyfriend, which may be why some don't consider it up to standard, although she does ditch him for [[CleaningUpRomanticLooseEnds no apparent reason]] near the end of the book.
* ''VideoGame/{{Crysis}}'' has a POV expansion pack that shows what Psycho was off doing while Nomad was busy swimming around inside the alien mothership.
* ''VideoGame/RollingThunder 3'' for the UsefulNotes/SegaGenesis was set during the events of ''Rolling Thunder 2'' and focused on a third WCPO agent named Jay. While Albatross and Leila were occupied with chasing [[BigBad Gimdo]] during the second game, Jay was assigned to track down Gimdo's [[TheDragon second-in-command]] Dread.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV's'' 2 DLC, ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIVTheLostAndDamned The Lost and Damned]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIVTheBalladOfGayTony The Ballad of Gay Tony]]'', do this well. The main game and both DLC all have a different protagonist and interconnecting storylines, telling you more about the events you already saw, and fleshing out some rarely seen characters.
* ''[[VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon F.E.A.R.'s]]'' second expansion, ''Perseus Mandate'', is set concurrently to both the original game and the earlier ''Extraction Point'' expansion. For the most part it focuses on its own story, but you also see or hear about several events from the original game and ''Extraction Point.''[[note]]Your team is sent in in response to an event about a third of the way through the original game, the nuclear explosion from its ending occurs about halfway through, and you end up traveling through a lot of the same areas the Point Man covers in ''Extraction Point'' - at one occasion possibly even witnessing the aftermath of a fight between him and the Replica.[[/note]]
** ''F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin'' is from the perspective of a Delta Force operative in the same time-frame as Perseus Mandate (its first mission ends with the nuclear explosion that ended the first game). And its ''Reborn'' DLC shifts the focus to one of the Replica soldiers some time after they're reactivated.
* ''VideoGame/BlazeUnion'' is a POV prequel to ''VideoGame/YggdraUnion'', taking place a few years before the main game and telling the story of how Gulcasa (''Yggdra Union'''s HeroAntagonist) saved his country from its previous Emperor.
* The director's cut version of the ''VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny'' [=PS2=] remake includes Leon Side; a mode where you play through the events of the first half of the game [[spoiler: prior to Leon's death]] from his perspective rather than Stahn's. The additional scenes flesh out the relationships between Leon and other characters and [[spoiler: the events leading up to his betrayal.]]
* ''VideoGame/Halo3ODST'' is set in New Mombasa, the city from the second and third levels of ''VideoGame/{{Halo 2}}'', immediately following the jump into slipspace the Covenant warship made from within the city at the end of said levels.
* ''VideoGame/RoadOfTheDead 2'' follows two soldiers trying to escape a zombie-infested city. In the original game, soldiers were as commonplace enemies as zombies.
* ''VideoGame/SuikodenIII'' does this to itself. Most of the game is played switching between three POVs (four if you count the dog). At the end you go back to play through several key events of the game from one of the villains' perspective.
* ''VideoGame/DarksidersII'' is this for [[VideoGame/{{Darksiders}} the original game]], with [[HorsemenOfTheApocalypse Death]] as the protagonist during the events of the first game; likewise, ''VideoGame/DarksidersIII'' with [[HorsemenOfTheApocalypse Fury]].
* Done twice with ''Franchise/DeadSpace'' series:
** Whilst ''VideoGame/DeadSpace'' consisted of Issac Clarke finding himself upon an already overrun Ishimura trying to uncover what happened, ''VideoGame/DeadSpaceExtraction'' shows the aforementioned outbreak not only as it happens, but from several interchanging perspectives at once.
** Though it takes place ''alongside'' the main plotline, the ''VideoGame/DeadSpace2'' add-on ''Severed'' shows the outbreak occurring in reverse[[note]]You see the outbreak in the mines and the aftermath of the hospital, whereas the core plot shows it the other way round.[[/note]] from the perspective of ''Extraction's'' survivors instead.
* The ''VideoGame/{{Earth 2150}}'' stand-alone ExpansionPack called ''The Moon Project'' takes place at the same time as the campaign of the original and has a more chronological feel to its missions than the original (where the only goal was to amass enough resources to build an evacuation fleet to escape from the dying Earth). The campaign of ''The Moon Project'' involves the [[OneNationUnderCopyright Lunar Corporation]] finding something under the surface of the Moon and a secret [[EagleLand United Civilized States]] force heading to stop them. All this while the main forces of the three powers are fighting tooth and nail to get the last remaining resources on Earth.
* ''VideoGame/JurassicParkTheGame'' takes place during and after the events of [[Film/JurassicPark the first film]], but from the perspective of Gerry Harding, Nima Cruz, and several other characters who weren't able to get off Isla Nublar along with John Hammond and company.
* ''VideoGame/PresentableLiberty'' takes place during the events of ''[[http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/exoptable-money/36236/ Exoptable Money]]'' and has some recurring characters. However, the letter-sending mechanic [[SpiritualSequel is the only gameplay similarity]] the two games share.
* The Flash game ''Humbug'' is about eccentric thief Ziggy Fraud making a daring escape from the palace dungeons after attempting to steal the crown. The first sequel ''Humbugger'' is about his loyal riding chicken making her way along the outside of the palace to be in place for the LandInTheSaddle ending.
* The second and third [=DLC=]s to ''VideoGame/{{Dishonored}}'' are told from the perspective of Daud, the man who assassinated Empress Jessamine Kaldwin in the main game. The first [=DLC=] starts with a cutscene showing the assassination from Daud's perspective, and the first [[spoiler:and final]] scene of the second DLC shows [[spoiler:the fight between Corvo and Daud near the end of the main game from Daud's perspective, although neither necessarily play out like they did in the main game: the first fight ends with Daud killing Corvo, and the second ends with Corvo either sparing or killing Daud depending on the chaos level in the [=DLC=]s, regardless of how you played it the first time]]. Other than those instances, however, the game's storylines are mainly seperate, and Daud's story ties more closely with ''VideoGame/{{Dishonored 2}}'' than the main game due to the introduction of the sequel's villain, Delilah Copperspoon[[spoiler:/Kaldwin]]. Several events in the [=DLC=] do tie into the main game, however, like the security at Coldridge being tightened following Corvo's escape, or references made to the Boyle's party.
* The ''Octo Expansion'' DLC campaign for ''VideoGame/Splatoon2'' takes place during the events of the game's main story. The campaign follows an Octoling who awakens with no memory in an old subway system that is now being used as a underground testing facility, with said character being recruited into the Squidbeak Splatoon by Cap'n Cuttlefish and Agent 3, who are in the region undertaking the mission that was briefly mentioned by Marie during the main ''Octo Canyon'' campaign.

* ''Webcomic/DinosaurComics'' pokes fun at the concept with "infinitely many out-of-genre cover sequels", where you see the same event from a different perspective each time with the help of judicious GenreRoulette (disaster film, gross-out comedy, road trip, Western).
* ''Webcomic/BrockOfTheUndead'' is one to the FanWebComic ''Webcomic/BracefaceFangface'' showing Brock's perspective after being bitten and turned into a vampire.

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* ''WebVideo/{{lonelygirl15}}'' has done this twice with episodes. "Is He Out There", shown from Daniel's perspective, was directly followed by "Proving Bree Wrong", the same events from Jonas' perspective. Later in the series, "Uncle Dan" was shown from Jonas' perspective and directly followed by "Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix)" (ommitted from the official website), told from Daniel's perspective.
** This was also the central concept behind the four part story "Prom: It's To Die For".
* Episode 19a of ''Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale'' tells the story of a sandstorm blowing through the desert and bringing with it doppelgangers of the people of Night Vale. 19b, rather than a separate story, is an episode of ''Welcome To Desert Bluffs ''narrated by Desert Bluffs Community Radio announcer Kevin, who looks almost exactly like, and is implied to be the double of, Cecil.
* ''WebAnimation/{{Ducktalez}}'': Episode 7 shows that all of Scrooge and Vegeta's appearances in episodes 4, 5 and 6 were sequential and they were off on their own adventure.
* [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Steamed Hams]] [[https://youtube.com/watch?v=PHMvDXF4ibs but it’s from Chalmers’ perspective]].

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* The ''WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends'' episode "The Little Peas" tells the same story as "The Big Cheese" through the eyes of a very small character trying to help.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'' episode "The Big Scoop" shows the events from "A Wish Too Far" (when Timmy wishes to be popular) from Chester and A.J's point of view, albeit updated to their [[FlashbackWithTheOtherDarrin current voice actors]] and characterization.
* Parodied in ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' with a RealTrailerFakeMovie for ''Film/BrokebackMountain'' from the POV of the horses.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' has done episodes which show what other characters were doing during the TimeSkip of another episode, making for a borderline examples. "Isabella and the Temple of Sap" shows how the Fireside Girls got the tree sap that the title characters use in "Bubble Boys," which takes place during the same day. The two "Unfair Science Fair" episodes do the same. In addition, ''Phineas and Ferb: Franchise/StarWars'' kicks off when they discover [[ExternalRetcon the Death Star plans fell out of R2 on Tatooine]], following which they have a largely separate adventure with ''Film/ANewHope'' happening in the background.
* The ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' episode "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E12GamesPoniesPlay Games Ponies Play]]" (which focuses on the main cast) occurs in the same timeline as "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E8JustForSidekicks Just for Sidekicks]]" (which focuses on Spike).
* The ''WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine'' episode, "[[Recap/ThomasTheTankEngineS18E16ToadsBrightIdea Toad's Bright Idea]]" takes place during the events of the special, ''WesternAnimation/TaleOfTheBrave'', with the episode's story focusing on Gator and Toad as they deliver Oliver's freight cars when Oliver breaks down.
* ''WesternAnimation/WanderOverYonder'' episodes "The Gift" and "The Gift 2: The Giftening" tell the same story, the former being told from Wander and Sylvia's perspective, the latter from Lord Hater and Commander Peepers. Funnily enough, "The Gift 2" was broadcast before "The Gift".
* The ''WesternAnimation/Ben10Omniverse'' episode "Mud is Thicker Than Water" has Kevin and Rook leave for an intergalactic auto show at the beginning, leaving Ben and Gwen on Earth to deal with a Plumber situation. During the episode, Rook calls Ben at two separate points, with Ben becoming increasingly worried during each call, noting that their problem sounds far worse than what he and Gwen have to deal with. The next episode, "OTTO Motives", follows Kevin and Rook at the show, and we discover just what is happening on their end.
* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' episode, "D.W.'s Baby" shows the events of its brother episode, "Arthur's Baby" from D.W.'s point of view.
* The ''WesternAnimation/BoJackHorseman'' episode, "The Telescope" shows the events of the previous episode, "Say Anything" from [=BoJack=]'s perspective.
* The ''WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil'' episode "Starsitting", in which Star babysits Buff-Frog's tadpoles, is paired with "On The Job", which shows what Buff-Frog is doing in the meantime.