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* ''[[TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}} Paranoia]]'', the role-playing game of a darkly humorous future.
* ''[[Series/{{Paranoia}} Paranoia]]'', the short-lived television GameShow from April 2000.
* ''[[Film/{{Paranoia 2011}} Paranoia]]'', the 2011 movie written by and starring Creator/BradJones.
* ''[[Literature/{{Paranoia}} Paranoia]]'', the 2004 thriller novel written by Joseph Finder.
* ''[[Film/{{Paranoia 2013}} Paranoia]]'', the 2013 film adaptation of the 2004 novel. written by Barry L. Levy and Jason Dean Hall.
* ''Anime/ParanoiaAgent'', the 2004 anime series.
* TheParanoiac, for characters with [[ Paranoid Personality Disorder]].
* [[TheIndexIsWatchingYou An index of paranoia- and conspiracy-related tropes.]]

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