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* EvilOverlord: A trope about one of the archetypal HighFantasy villains.
* ''VideoGame/{{Overlord}}'': A video game series starring {{Evil Overlord}}s as the player characters.
** ''[[VideoGame/OverlordI Overlord]]'': The first game in the series.
*** ''VideoGame/OverlordRaisingHell'': An ExpansionPack to the first game.
** ''VideoGame/OverlordII'': Following the son of the first game's overlord.
** ''OverlordDarkLegend'': A {{Wii}} prequel focused upon Lord Gromgard.
** ''OverlordMinions'': A spinoff for the NintendoDS.
* LightNovel/OverLord2012: A light novel series about a salaryman who was transported into another world as his mmo character.