->''"Americans are considered crazy anywhere in the world.\\
They will usually concede a basis for the accusation but point to UsefulNotes/{{California}} as the focus of the infection. Californians stoutly maintain that their bad reputation is derived solely from the acts of the inhabitants of UsefulNotes/LosAngeles County. Angelenos will, when pressed, admit the charge but explain hastily, 'It's UsefulNotes/{{Hollywood}}. It's not our fault, we didn't ask for it; Hollywood just grew.'\\
The people in Hollywood don't care; they glory in it. If you are interested, they will drive you up Laurel Canyon 'where we keep the violent cases.' The Canyonites -- the brown-legged women, the trunks-clad men constantly busy building and rebuilding their slap-happy unfinished houses -- regard with faint contempt the dull creatures who live down in the flats, and treasure in their hearts the secret knowledge that they, and only they, know how to live."''
-->--''Literature/AndHeBuiltACrookedHouse'', '''Creator/RobertAHeinlein'''

A lot of weird news stories seem to take place in the [[UsefulNotes/TheUnitedStates United States of America]], giving a misleading impression that the place has more weirdness than average. Social scientists recently have even proposed that it makes Americans a rather [[http://www.psmag.com/magazines/pacific-standard-cover-story/joe-henrich-weird-ultimatum-game-shaking-up-psychology-economics-53135/ poor choice]] for drawing broader conclusions on humanity from.

While this isn't verifiable one way or the other, there are some possible reasons:
* Population of over 317 million, the third-largest in the world, and largest 'first-world' country. Like the PRC and India, is possessed of an insular culture but this is somewhat justified due to said population.
* Largest state-economy in the world since about 1915. One of the most well-developed economies in the world, focus being on high-technology and high-skill sectors.
* Plentiful media coverage as a result of this level of development. Some channels operate 24/7 and all focus on US domestic affairs, meaning a lot of weird & wacky stories from within the US are reported.
* First world's least-taxed[[note]] c.20% of income, versus first-world average of 50-70% [[/note]] and most powerful Upper Class[[note]] c.65% of country's total wealth owned by wealthiest 16 million, less than 1% of wealth owned by poorest 125 million. Richest 2000 own more than poorest 250 million. [[/note]] - affairs, opinions, and politics of the rich more important relative to the other classes than in other first-world countries. Media focuses on them and their wackiness accordingly.
* Relatively weak government, esp. relative to Upper Class[[note]] Only c.42% of GDP mobilised by the Gov't and c.5% of GDP associated with military spending - first-world average of c.50% and c.3% respectively. Education also spotty, this weakening the wealth and political influence of middle and lower classes - average performance is below first-world standards, but this largely a result of the poor 'human capital' of the ethnic-African American population lowering the average. Having started with c.1% literacy compared to a European-American average of at least 20% in 1865, as well as extremely high rates of mental illness as a result of the endemic cruelty and brutality of their enslaved state, their great-great(-great) grandchildren still lag in literacy and remain prominent for psychological dysfunction[[/note]] - makes the Upper Class a more powerful political force than in other first-world countries, leading to a greater (and more sympathetic) media focus on their interests and their shenanigans.
* Most militarised first-world country.[[note]] c. 0.7% of population employed by military and c.50% of entire country armed - first-world average c. 0.2% and, where firearms are legal, c.5%. Nearly one gun (c.270-310 million) for each citizen (312 million), though a minority of people (c.20%) own several. C.31 000 firearms-deaths a year, half of these murder and half of these suicide - c.9/10 of said suicide deaths being impulsive/spontaneous/unplanned, as with all suicide attempts. Firearms-murder rate 10x First-World average, though only the USA refuses to regulate armaments (with the exception of artillery, combat vehicles+aircraft, and NBC weapons).[[/note]].
* Most imprisoned first-world country. [[note]] c. 0.8% of population imprisoned - first-world average less than c. 0.2%. Prison population used as source of labour, produces c.90% of infantry equipment, e.g. body armour, uniforms. Prison work not subject to usual regulations for safety, working hours, pay. Where available, prison education and counselling frequently below first-world average. Again, ethnic-African population stands out - imprisonment rate 5x higher than for non-African ethnicities. Most seem to be imprisoned in connection with the USA's 'War On Drugs', which seems to focus on imprisoning street-dealers rather than hounding the leadership and their finances. [[/note]]
* Sickest first-world country, largest medical and medical insurance sectors[[note]] C.15% of GDP in medical industry, first-world average 10%. No free or discounted (by government) healthcare, insurance consequently more important. Has lead to phenomenon of so-called 'insurance marriages', whereby people get married purely to mitigate crippling bills for medical treatments. [[/note]].
* Highest absolute but not relative crime rate for first world [[note]] Has 1/4 of First World's population to itself, so no surprise there. Ranks 22nd, below Germany and France, for crimes-per-person. Violent Crime rate decreasing, as throughout First World (even the UK!), but still twice that of the average. Leads in firearms-deaths, though, with more firearms-deaths (c.31 000 p.a.) than the rest of the First World put together (c.20 000?)[[/note]]. Thus, plenty of gory and sensational stories for news networks. Despite falling crime rates, ''perception'' (as throughout First World) in the USA is actually that crime is on the rise.
* Strong national belief in personal freedom - encourages idiots to do whatever they want.
* Strong constitutional protections for freedom of speech, the press, and religion - allows idiots to say, write, and worship whatever they want.
* People in America are a willing audience for the weird and slightly unusual. As one of our comedians, GeorgeCarlin, put it, "If you're born on this planet you get a free ticket to the freak show; if you're born in America you get a front row seat."
* With so much access to different forms of media in the form of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, satellite radio, blogs, webcasts, {{Twitter}}, podcasts, etc., those outlets trying to keep an audience must increasingly differentiate from one another.
* [[{{Eagleland}} Every other country is boring, so no one cares about them]].
** In other countries, you will see American TV shows along with locally produced TV shows. In America, you see American TV shows. Or sometimes [[BritishSeries British TV shows]], if you watch Creator/{{PBS}} or BBC America. Or an occasional -- i.e., rare -- [[CanadianSeries Canadian TV show]] in the summer when nobody is watching, or {{Anime}}, but beware the AnimationAgeGhetto. TV shows from other countries? Forget about it.
** That is, for programs in English, anyway. Spanish language stations in the U.S. routinely carry soap operas (in Spanish) which are imported from Mexico.
** Unlike European countries where you can receive radio and TV shows from other countries over the air, many Americans live out their entire lives without visiting another country or seeing foreign media.
** Averted with American programming based around compiling "wacky" commercials, soap opera clips, internet videos, etc. from Around the World. ex: TheSoup, {{Tosh0}}
** You can, however, pick up some foreign channels on cable and satellite systems. CCTV - the television service produced in Beijing by Mainland China's government - is available on Dish Network and Comcast in both an English language service as well as a combined French/Spanish service.
* You encouraged us by paying attention!

Often used [[AccentuateTheNegative negatively]] as a NoTrueScotsman fallacy, in which someone says something negative "can only be done in America", [[NotSoDifferent regardless of if any other part of the world can or has been subjected to it]].

Compare with VocalMinority, MisBlamed. See OnlyInFlorida and OnlyInMiami as a subset. See {{Eagleland}} for the unfortunate image that results.

Changing with time as an increasingly large number of "and finally..." stories derive from China and India (most of which are invented by newspapers), the two nations with, coincidentally, the first and second largest populations in the world, respectively.

[[IThoughtItMeant This trope name does not refer to]] works that are only available in the US. That would be NoExportForYou. [[SelfDemonstratingArticle Only an American could make that mistake]].

[[IThoughtItMeant Nor does it refer to]] Creator/LarryTheCableGuy's television series of the same name.