The kind of {{trope}} which you [[Administrivia/SeenItAMillionTimes see all the time]]. ALL the time.

Some of them are intrinsically vital to storytelling itself; they're so ubiquitous, you don't even think of them as {{trope}}s until they're pointed out to you. Some are AcceptableBreaksFromReality--unrealistic {{trope}}s that are intrinsic to the escapist appeal of fiction, and would seriously detract from it if they were {{averted}}. Then you have the ones which are not necessary by any means, but look like the most ''natural'' thing in the world--timeless classics which for centuries have driven stories forward, held audience breaths and become legends. You sit through the work expecting them, even looking forward to them; come the EstablishingShot, the first thing you ask yourself is "Where's TheHero?" If we were to list every single example of these tropes, the pages would go on forever; as a result, several of them only allow examples of the trope [[PlayingWithATrope being played with]] and not just used.

If anything, ''these'' are the proof that TropesAreNotBad. If ''these'' are {{cliche}} then so is nigh on every single work in the history of fiction. Thus OmnipresentTropes are pretty much immune from becoming {{discredited|trope}}, {{dead|horsetrope}}, {{undead|horsetrope}} or {{forgotten|trope}}.

Not to be confused with UniversalTropes, which are used in all ''types'' of media, but need not be ubiquitous. If a {{trope}} is omnipresent, but only within a specific genre, you may be looking at a NecessaryWeasel.

Contrast Administrivia/NotATrope and Administrivia/PeopleSitOnChairs. Compare Administrivia/NoTropeIsTooCommon. See also: CutToTheIndex and LawsAndFormulas.

* AnthropicPrinciple
* TheAntagonist
* AudioDiegesis
** BackgroundMusic
* BackStory
* CharacterDevelopment
* {{Characters}}
* TheClimax
* {{Conflict}}
* {{Consistency}}
* {{Denouement}}
* DistinctiveAppearances
* TheEnd
* EarnYourFun
* EvilIsNotPacifist
* EvilVirtues
* FabulaAndSujet
* FictionNeverLies
* FlatCharacter
* FourthWall
* FunctionalGenreSavvy
* TheHero
* IncitingIncident
* TheLawOfConservationOfDetail
* LikeRealityUnlessNoted
* MenAreTough
* MostWritersAreAdults
* MostWritersAreHuman
* MostWritersAreMale
* NarrativeBeats
* NobodyPoops
* OneCaseAtATime
* OneSteveLimit
* PerfectHealth
* {{Plot}}
* PlotDevice
* PlotPoint
* PointOfView
* TheProtagonist
* {{Punchline}}
* RealisticDictionIsUnrealistic
* RealityIsUnrealistic
* RisingConflict
* RoundedCharacter
* {{Settings}}
* StaticCharacter
* SurvivorshipBias
* ThinkInText
* ThirdPersonFlashback
* TimeMarchesOn
* UniqueItems
* VillainsActHeroesReact
* VillainAntagonist
* WomenAreDelicate
* TheGoodGuysAlwaysWin