->'''Karrin Murphy''': No one likes a wiseass, Harry.\\
'''Harry Dresden''': Are you kidding? As long as the wiseass is talking to someone else, people love 'em.
-->-- ''White Night''

Oh, look. An index of tropes about sarcasm and sarcastic characters. ''Fantastic''. [[SelfDemonstratingArticle Because we totally needed one of those.]]

Compare InsultTropes for the immature and uncreative version. As if checking them out will enlarge that little brain of yours.

!!Oh ''wonderful!'' These tropes should be fun!:
* AirQuotes: I get it. "Air quotes". I ''totally'' didn't see that coming.
* AloofDarkHairedGirl: My hair is black which tells you much about how I think you're not all that bright.
* AndImTheQueenOfSheba: Sure, and I'm the smartest person in the world too.
* AskAStupidQuestion: What's this page, you ask? It's an index of happy people, because the title that's right in front of you means nothing.
* BackhandedApology: I apologize for being honest on how much of an idiot you are.
* BritishHumour: We're an entire nation of complete assholistic sarcapocalyptic buffoons.
* CannotConveySarcasm: Just what I needed. Someone who doesn't know sarcasm at all.
* CatsAreSnarkers: Meow.
* CondescendingCompassion: I really pity you for lacking a brain.
* CoughSnarkCough: *cough* Dumbass! *cough*
* {{Cuckoosnarker}}: Eccentric? Yes I am. Stupid? Nope.
* DeadpanSnarker: If it took you so long to figure out what this index is all about, then [[SarcasmMode you're such a genius]].
* DisabledSnarker: I'm ''totally'' happy about being disabled.
* DisapprovingLook: *Eyeroll*
* FalseReassurance: I'm not going to mock you. You're doing a tremendous job at doing that yourself.
* FirstPersonSmartass
* FlatJoy: Hooray.
* FlatScare: Boo.
* FlippantForgiveness: I forgive you for being too dumb to learn what this page is about.
* GentlemanSnarker: Hello, my friend. [[SarcasmMode I'm]] ''[[SarcasmMode totally]]'' [[SarcasmMode not making fun of you]].
* GradeSystemSnark: As far as stupidity goes, on a scale of 1-10, you deserve a solid 10. Nobody could top you.
* HaHaHaNo: Ahahahahahahaha- I hate this trope.
* LemonyNarrator: It's a smart idea to ruin yourself even further to read this.
* LiteralistSnarking: Someone actually took my sarcasm seriously. Very smart.
* LittleMissSnarker: Am I six? Naw. I'm 96. What do you think I look like?
* LopsidedDichotomy: Either you're really that stupid to know what this is about or this trope is a foreign language to you.
* KnightInSourArmor: [[SarcasmMode How happy I am to do good in a screwed up world full of screwed up people.]] [[SincerityMode I'm still going to do it anyways because it's right.]]
* NeverHeardThatOneBefore: Sure. I ''never'' knew about this trope.
* NonActionSnarker: I have combat in the form of my sarcasm, not that you'd understand.
* NotEvenBotheringWithAnExcuse: As if I even had one to begin with.
* OhWait: I wouldn't dare mock you by stating the blindingly obvious. Oh, wait -- I do!
* OffingTheMouth: Oh look, someone doesn't like my sarcasm to the point that they want to mur-- *BoomHeadshot*
* SarcasmBlind: No. You're not this. You're just deaf.
* SarcasmFailure: Oh, like there's really a time where I failed to... I don't know what to say.
* SarcasmMode: I ''really'' didn't see that coming.
* SarcasticClapping: *Clapping hands* [[SarcasmMode Well done, my fellow troper.]]
* SarcasticConfession: Yeah, I admit it. I killed him, officer. And by that, I mean I didn't.
* SarcasticDevotee: Because there's really no better way to show my loyalty to you than to [[SarcasmMode compliment you]].
* SassyBlackWoman: Uh-huh. I'm a woman, I'm black, and I got sass. Is your pea brain growing yet, child?
* SassySecretary: [[SarcasmMode Isn't it a beautiful day in the office with smart colleagues and a nice boss?]]
* ScareQuotes
* ServileSnarker: My boss is ''very'' fun. I am ''soooooo'' blessed to have him as my boss. [[spoiler:{{Not}}!]]
* SilentSnarker: *Facepalm*
* SnarkBait: Don't feel bad, my friend. They're really complimenting you.
* SnarkBall: Oh, what's this? *Touches ball* I somewhat feel compelled to mock people who are either annoying or stupid.
* TheSnarkKnight: [[SarcasmMode I'm very proud to be surrounded by dumbasses and jerks]]. [[SincerityMode Not that I'm any better]].
* SnarkToSnarkCombat: Because I totally needed someone to argue with me through sarcasm.
* SnarkyInanimateObject: Were you really expecting that non-living objects have no life of their own?
* SnarkyNonHumanSidekick: Am I an animal? Naw. I'm a half pint in a permanent animal costume.
* StealthInsult: I see you're learning about this trope surprisingly quickly.
* StepfordSnarker: Congratulations, genius. You've just discovered that I use sarcasm as a way to mask my insecurities. [[spoiler:*sobbing* I'm completely worthless!]]
* TallDarkAndSnarky: [[SarcasmMode No, I'm really short, light, and happy]]. What do you think I am?
* TellHimImNotSpeakingToHim
* {{Tradesnark}}
* WorldOfSnark: I'm snarky, you're snarky. We're all snarky. [[SarcasmMode We're one big happy family, are we?]]
* YourLittleDismissiveDiminutive: See? [[SarcasmMode You're learning already with that little brain of yours]].
That was ''very'' fun. [[SarcasmMode I've never had so much fun wasting my pathetic life writing this index]].