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->''"She's just like a penguin in bondage, boy! OH YEAH! OH YEAH! OH YEAH!"''
-->-- '''Music/FrankZappa''' from ''Music/RoxyAndElsewhere''

A music/lyrics trope. Subtrope of {{Fanservice}}.

Eventually, an alternative music band (although sometimes even a relatively mainstream music band) whose lyrics usually do ''not'' deal with fetishistic and/or [[UsefulNotes/{{BDSM}} sadomasochistic]] sex, will at ''some point'' write a song that (almost entirely) deals with fetishistic and/or sadomasochistic sex. It could be because they are actually kinky in real life, or it could merely be an attempt at sounding DarkerAndEdgier. Frequently invoked by {{Industrial}} bands, but many other genres do it too.

BondageIsBad [[BoundAndGagged may]] or [[SafeSaneAndConsensual may not]] be invoked.


* "Venus In Furs" by Music/VelvetUnderground from ''Music/TheVelvetUndergroundAndNico'' is almost certainly the TropeMaker, way back in 1967. It's named after the 1870 novella ''Venus in Furs'' written by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the source of the term masochism. This is all obviously AuthorAppeal, since the name of the band comes from a book about New York City's BDSM scene. "Some Kinda Love" also qualifies.
* "Pain", by Music/ThreeDaysGrace is [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin about exactly what you'd expect]]. This is one possible interpretation.
* "I Wanna Be Your Dog" from Music/TheStooges' SelfTitledAlbum ''[[Music/TheStoogesAlbum The Stooges]]''. Music/IggyPop alluded to it being about bondage in an interview. The lyrics are not so subtle.
* A very early Music/DavidBowie song, "Little Toy Soldier," borrows some lyrics from "Venus in Furs" for very creepy results since it's about a [[TroublingUnchildlikeBehaviour child's toy.]]
* "Neurotica" by Music/RegalPinion is about taboo-related sex, with the first verse about role-play through the eyes of a child abuse victim, now grown up, and the other two about BDSM with each one focusing on different aspects.
* "The Bondage Song" by London After Midnight
* "White Poem I" by Music/XJapan. Both the music video and the live performance are BDSM scenes featuring Music/YoshikiHayashi as the sub. The video features suspension hooks, whips, and looks like a BDSM acid trip. The live performance during Dahlia Tour is unique because it is an actual domination scene with Yoshiki being actually blindfolded, cuffed, whipped, and kicked around for real... and [[OrAreYouJustHappyToSeeMe definitely enjoying every moment]] of it.
* "Catharsis (Heal Me; Control Me)" by [=SITD=]
* "Strap Me Down" by Leæther Strip. Leæther Strip write so many Obligatory Bondage Songs that they practically invert this trope and have Obligatory Non-Bondage Songs.
* Fully inverted by Die Form, where literally the vast majority of their songs are related to BDSM.
* "Torment Me" by Suicide Commando
* "Oh Bondage, Up Yours" by X-Ray Spex. Complete with saxophone solo. Although arguably a subversion, if you read the lyrics.
* "Happiness in Slavery" by Music/NineInchNails is another {{subver|tedTrope}}sion. The title (and the fact the terrifying music video stars S&M Performance Artist Bob Flanagan, as well as the music itself to some extent) makes you expect a bondage song, but in reality the song is about Trent's experiences with TVT Records.
** Granted, a ''lot'' of NIN songs have shades of this ("Closer," "Head Like a Hole," "Meet Your Master," etc.), though it's generally subverted because most of their OBS's usually mean something else completely. With [[IAmTheBand them]] it's more like "obligatory bondage ''video'', considering the music videos can get pretty...odd.
* "Torture Me" by Metric
* "Bad List", "Hurting You Is Good for Me", and "Games" by Music/{{Ayria}}
* [[Music/{{Eurythmics}} "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"]]: "Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused" indeed.
* "Handsome Devil" by Music/TheSmiths has elements of this. "I crack the whip And you skip But you deserve it", etc.
** "Reel Around the Fountain" as well.
* "TheMasochismTango" by Music/TomLehrer, although it is an [[UnbuiltTrope unbuilt parody]] of the genre, (as well as of SlapSlapKiss tango dances. It's ''Tom Lehrer'' after all...)
** Updated with Music/AmateurTransplants, who made the original sound rather vanilla.
* Another humorous oldie - "Freakin' at the Freakers' Ball" by Creator/ShelSilverstein.
* "Eat Me Alive" and "Pain and Pleasure" by Music/JudasPriest. However, despite the title, "HellBentForLeather" is not one of these, instead being about leather-clad badassery. Neither is Island of Domination.
* "Whip It" by Music/{{Devo}}. Although this is arguably a result of MisaimedFandom. WordOfGod says it was actually meant as an inspirational song for UsefulNotes/JimmyCarter, president at the time, to "whip" American policy into shape. When it was a hit, people thought it was about S&M, which amused the band enough that they said, "[[AscendedFanon Sure, Why Not?]]" and made the [[NotableMusicVideos video]] feature literal whipping.
-->'''Jerry Casale''': "All the [=DJs=] and people hearing it assumed it was a song about beating off or sadomasochism, so we let them think that. We didn't want to ruin it and tell them the truth."
** Devo played the trope more straight in an early demo, "The Rope Song."
-->I found a girl with a pretty face
-->I tied a rope around her waist
-->I know when she's in and when she's out
-->But there ain't nothing to guess about
-->[[SafeWord One word]] from her, and she'd be free
-->But she's [[SafeSaneAndConsensual exactly where she wants to be]]
* "Pretty Tied Up" by Music/GunsNRoses.
* The {{Anime}} ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'' featured an ImageSong on a soundtrack CD called ''Ojou-sama to O-yobi'', which loosely translates to "Call Me Mistress[=/=]Princess." It is sung by the {{Ojou}} Princess [[BewareTheNiceOnes Ayeka]]. The song involves her explaining to Tenchi that she is going to put him through [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything ''Juraian Bridegroom Training'']]. Especially after the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAJM30VOl5A music video]], this song became a NeverLiveItDown moment in {{Fanon}} for both Ayeka and her people. And the creepy thing about it? Even [[TokenMiniMoe Sasami]] helps Ayeka out in her training.
* Similiar to the Tenchi example, there is a ''Anime/WeissKreuz'' song called ''Bosanova, Casanova'' with some [[http://www.kekkai.org/wkcorner/media/bosanovacasanova.html provocative lyrics]]. And since it is a duet between male singers, it even plays into the show's HoYay factor.
* "Hell in a Bucket" by the Music/TheGratefulDead.
* "She Whipped" by Peter Tägtgren's Pain.
* "Blood, Sex and Booze" and "Dominated Love Slave" by Music/GreenDay.
* "Little Mary Sunshine" from ''[[Film/ReeferMadness Reefer Madness: The Musical]]''.
* Then, of course, there's "S&M (A Love Song)" and "Spank" by the Kidneythieves, the former featuring such lyrics as "pound the love out of me / beat the love out of me!" and in the latter "thick drops of rain sound like the way you spanked me / your pleasure thrills in every way you make me."
* By Vice Squad, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Latex Love"]] and "Spikey Hair."
--> I wanna tie you up and whip you,
--> Cause you're my dream-come-true!
* "The Thin Line" by Music/{{Queensryche}}.
* "House of Pain" by Music/VanHalen.
* Music/SarahBrightman, of all people, with "Once in a Lifetime." If you take her connections to Enigma and Gregorian into account, it makes a bit more sense.
* [[Music/MarginalNumber4 Lagrange Point]]'s "Red Buzzer Beat" refers to pain and pleasure, kneeling, and being tied up in the lyrics, but in their usual poetic way that makes it even sexier than if they'd said it explicitly.
* Adam Lambert's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsPFDzAGb4A For Your Entertainment]]" takes place at a bondage club, and includes lyrics like "Take the pain, take the pleasure; I'm the master of both."
* "Poison" and "Bed of nails" by Music/AliceCooper.
* Music/{{Vocaloid}} and UTAU are basically a collection of user-generated content using the Vocaloid/UTAU program. This means that anyone can make a Vocaloid sing anything they want.
** The Rin Kagamine song "Iroha Uta" opens up with a list of the various things the singer wants to be tied up with. The rest of the song is a touch more subtle, but the implications are still there. "Watashi no Inu" ("My Dog") and another Music/{{Vocaloid}} example. Also Miku Hatsune's "Doemu."
** The singer in Gumi's KiLLER LADY comes off as very dominant, comparing the person they're talking about to a dog at a few points.
* Shackles and Whips both feature prominently in the bridge of Music/JustinTimberlake's ''Sexyback''.
* Even The Go-Gos have one - one of their early punk songs was called "Fun with Ropes".
* The Marginal Prophets' "Mistress" is an ode to S&M.
* "''Bang Goes the Knighthood''" by The Divine Comedy approaches the subject with tongue planted firmly in cheek.
* Music/LadyGaga's "Teeth"
-->"Take a bite of my bad girl meat...I'm gonna love you with my hands tied/show me your teeth"
** "Heavy Metal Lover" and "I Like It Rough" also play with this trope technically.
* Of course, Ludo's "The Horror of Our Love".
* "House of Wolves" by Music/MyChemicalRomance has shades of this.
* "Not My Slave" by Music/OingoBoingo. Well, it's one possible interpretation. Still, given that the song's "Club Dub Mix" begins with several musically-timed whip-snaps, one wonders how much ambiguity is actually existent. Oh, Music/DannyElfman...
* "Sado-Maso" by the Austrian pop-folk singer-songwriter Georg Danzer. Sung to the tune of ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_Flohwalzer the Flea Waltz]]''.
* "Pleasure Slave" by Music/{{Manowar}}. If the title didn't tip you off, the full fifteen seconds of screaming and moaning women in the opening will.
* "Submission" by the Music/SexPistols from ''Music/NeverMindTheBollocksHeresTheSexPistols'' was ''supposed'' to be this. Halfway through, the band got pissed off with Malcolm [=McLaren=], who proposed the idea in the first place, and decided instead to make it a cheesy, innuendo-filled song about a... [[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant submarine mission]].
* Music/{{Madonna}} from ''Music/{{Erotica}}''.
** "My name is Dita/ I'll be your mistress tonight."
** "Hanky Panky" could also fit this trope.
* "Margaret's Eyes" by King Missile, in which the singer tries to describe the color of Margaret's eyes while she keeps him on a leash and puts out cigarettes on him. They also have ''Leather Clown'', in which is described a fictional relationship with a non-existing leather-clad, female clown, consisting of "kinky clown-domination stories"
* "Love" by Music/AbneyPark.
* "Treat Me Like the Dog I Am" by Music/MotleyCrue has this in spades.
** Not to mention their more recent hit, "The Animal In Me". Give their well-known sense of style, they probably ought to have more than they do. And don't forget that line from "Girls, Girls, Girls":
-->Kinky girls, yeah just can't be beat
* "Whip Appeal" by Music/{{Babyface}}.
* Although the lyrics are cryptic, the Music/KaizersOrchestra song "Kaizers 115. drøm" has some definite BDSM-y subtext.
* A rare reggae version of this trope: "How to Be a Master" from the CultClassic movie musical ''Music/TheApple''.
* "So Painfully" by Saigon Kick.
* "My Latex Queen" by Dark Funeral.
* There's a few songs by the Music/{{Deftones}} with BDSM overtones, occasionally overlapping with LyricalDissonance.
* Mainstream example: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin S&M]] by Music/{{Rihanna}}. Lyrics:
-->I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
-->Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
-->Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me
* Cubiky's "Erotic Platonic".
* "Anna mulle piiskaa", a hit song by the Finnish band Apulanta. The title translates as "Spank Me".
* "Queen of Pain" by Music/TheCramps. Actually a rather sweet love song too.
* Good with Grenades gives us "Bruises and Bitemarks". Subject to a rather odd misaimed fandom at times, with people using it for ''Literature/WarriorCats'' fan videos.
* The {{Queercore}} band Music/PansyDivision, specifically "James Bondage", with a subversion in "Vanilla" which is about how the singer isn't all that kinky at all.
* The Adam and the Ants song "Beat My Guest" is a pretty straightforward example of this. As is their "Whip in My Valise"
* "Hatefuck" by Motionless in White.
* Music/{{Helloween}}'s "Mr. Torture".
* Green Jelly's "Whip Me Teenage Babe"
* "Lagartija Nick" by Music/{{Bauhaus}}
* "Illuminati" by Music/{{MALICE MIZER}}
* Here's an updated [[http://www.adrianhunter.com/jukebox.htm Bondage Jukebox]] (NSFW) that includes most BDSM tracks and album covers.
* The French song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxpGNj1GTBo "Fais-moi mal"]], written by Boris Vian and sung by Magali Noël. It's also a {{Parody}} of this kind of song.
* Music/{{Korn}}'s 2002 song "Beat It Upright".
* "Oh My God" by Music/{{Pink}}.
* Music/DepecheMode's "Master and Servant" is an obvious fit to this trope. "Strangelove" is as well, though not until you listen to the lyrics
* Razed in Black is yet another band that it's difficult to find a song in their discography that doesn't fit the trope.
** "Behind The Wheel" counts as well.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dNedTVVbAs "Spread Your Legs"]] by Funker Vogt.
* The upbeat hit "Hurt So Good" by John Mellencamp.
-->Sink your teeth right through my bones, baby...
* "Lace and Leather" by Music/BritneySpears falls into this..even with a eletro guitar present. "Selfish" also mentions similar lyrics compared to "Lace and Leather"
* While there is no specific bondage mentioned, Music/ThePolice song, "Wrapped around your finger" is about a dominatrix/submissive relationship (that changes places at the end).
* "Bata Motel" by Music/{{Crass}}, much like "Oh Bondage, Up Yours," is both an Obligatory Bondage Song and a harsh rebuke of sexism in modern media and the fashion industry.
* Suicide Commando - [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgah-X_Wrxw Die Motherfucker Die]]
* Almost anything by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - with songs like "She's in Love With The Whip" and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPOLW9T80RI Imbecile, My Idiot Lover]]
* "Leather Queen" by by Music/MaryJaneGirls
* "Hollow eyes hollow soul" by Gossamer
* "Choke Me, Spank Me, Pull My Hair" by Xzibit
* Joan Armatrading's "(I Love It When You) Call Me Names" - even without the verse that you don't hear in the radio and video edits ("She's wearing heavy leather with lace/He's dressed up in cowboy taste"), it's still fairly explicit.
* "Dominance and Submission" from Music/BlueOysterCult's third album, ''Music/SecretTreaties''. It's even in the title.
* "Hooks in You" by Music/IronMaiden.
* If taken literally, The Judybats' "Pain (Makes You Beautiful)" appears to be a surprisingly sweet take on this:
--> No sorrow tied, tied to my hurting you
--> We delight in every torture I put you through
* Music/ElectricWizard's "Torquemada '71" is this with a disturbing Spanish Inquisition twist. Their song "Venus in Furs", which is the same as the TropeMaker only in name, uses a more conventional approach.
* "Strangers" by William Control is basically this trope, and contains lyrics such as:
-->''he picks her up and ties the rope so tight
-->her cuffs are swelling black and blue, pinching and bleeding.''
** "The Filth and the Fetish" goes even further, opening with the line "I don't want your pussy, I want your body bruised and bloody" and all of the lyrics from start to finish dealing with rough BDSM, including the sounds of whipping and a woman crying in pain.
** In general, William Control is essentially the Obligatory Bondage Song ''personified''. Almost every song about sex is about BDSM and every album contains at least one (sometimes more than one). He was known for bringing attractive girls on stage to spank during concerts.
* In addition to IntercourseWithYou, Eurobeat often does this, such as in "Feel My Body and My Soul" by Leslie Hammond. "Do you really want to hurt me?"
* "Cuffed" by Music/{{Hurt}}, with shades of BondageIsBad (or just Promiscuous Loveless Sex Is Bad but the fact that it's ''also'' bondage is telling.)
* The band Music/{{Halestorm}} is almost an inversion, due to the number of songs with BDSM themes: "Love Bites (So Do I)", "Mz. Hyde", "Innocence", "Freak Like Me" and "Tell Me Where It Hurts" being some of the most obvious examples.
* Music/{{Shakira}}'s "Las de las intuición (Pure Intuition)" and "La tortura". Especially the former: "This time I plan to let you win, I'll be here and for subordination. I'll be devoted to your will, once and for all."
* Music/{{Rammstein}}'s "Ich tu dir weh" (I hurt you in German). Its BDSM content was so much raw and violent [[CensoredTitle its title was even censored both on the back cover of the album and on the actual song]]! Hopefully, the censorship was later lifted. "Bück dich" (Bend over) and "Bestrafe mich" (Punish me) are also explicitly BDSM songs.
* "Leather" by Music/ToriAmos
* "Holler" by Music/SpiceGirls. This was played up in the music video and especially the performance on their 2007 reunion tour, complete with lots of black leather, chains, and men in bondage-y outfits.
* "Your Joy Is My Low" by IAMX.
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_sR_ihaFPk Electric Night]]" by Helalyn Flowers.
* Edge of Dawn's "Elegance", alongside straight IntercourseWithYou lyrics, has shades of this. "I'm not asking you to give, I want you to take". What's more, it also appeared in ''VideoGame/ProjectGothamRacing 4'', along with [[Music/MyChemicalRomance "House of Wolves"]] (see above), [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar completely unedited.]]
* Music/LordsOfAcid has a lot of BDSM-y songs -- "The Power Is Mine", "Slave to Love", "The [=ABCs=] of Kinky Sex", and of course, "Rough Sex".
* "Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation" by Music/MitchBenn and the Distractions is about the, er, [[ADateWithRosiePalms one-player]] version of bondage.
* Ashley Monroe's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdfqzuQ8j5I Weed Instead of Roses]]" in this verse:
--> Lately, I've been dreaming
--> You in leather, me in lace
--> Let's put up the teddy bears
--> And get out the whips and chains
* An {{Opera}} example, believe it or not, occurs in ''Theatre/DonGiovanni'' by Music/WolfgangAmadeusMozart: The aria "Batti, Batti, o bel Masetto" translates as, "Beat me, dear Masetto, / Beat your poor Zerlina. / I'll stand here meek as a lamb / And bear the blows you lay on me...." Though {{subverted}} as well, when he refuses and she takes that as proof that he really loves her after all.
* You might miss it on the first few listens, but it's fairly obvious that the lyrics to "Bone Machine" from ''Music/SurferRosa'' by Music/ThePixies can be interpreted as a guy who is really into being cuckolded ("You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me!").
* "Blindfold Me" by Music/{{Kelis}}, featuring Music/{{Nas}}.
* "Control" by Puddle of Mudd.
* Music/ZZWard: Cryin' Wolf features a guest verse from Kendrick Lamar, which includes the line, "Don't forget about the kinkiness of playing with the cuffs...."
* "Sweet Pain" by Music/{{KISS}}.
* "Pug" and "Annie-Dog" by Music/TheSmashingPumpkins, both from ''Music/{{Adore}}'' which take very different views on the subject.
* "Chloe in the Afternoon" by Music/StVincent.
* "Carved from Stone" by Music/{{Fallujah}}, though it's about the sub/dom side of the equation as opposed to sadism and masochism.
* "Tormentor" and "Wicked Love" by Music/{{WASP}}.
* "Sweet Sweet Gwendoline" by [[Music/DieArzte Die Ärzte]].
* ASP's cover of "Sweet Gwendoline" by Music/UmbraEtImago.
* Shirley Manson was recruited to join Music/{{Garbage}} after Butch Vig saw the music video for her band Angelfish's obligatory ''asphyxiophilia'' song, "Suffocate Me." Some other songs on Angelfish's first album also qualify as Obligatory Bondage Songs, especially "Dogs in a Cage."
* Music/JohnZorn: A lot of albums with Naked City have covers featuring people in sado-masochistic poses and bondage, including ''Music/{{Radio}}''. The track "S & M Sniper" from "Torture Garden" (1990) is a song example. "Submission", "My Master, My Slave" and "Dominatrix 5B" from "Heretic" (1992) too.
* Muisc/KillerPussy's "Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage", though the bondage seems to be purely economic, and really is mentioned solely as a ShoutOut to grindhouse movie titles.
* "Torture" by The Cure has some bondage elements.
* "Blank Space" by Music/TaylorSwift is possibly the most mainstream example.
* "Cottonmouth" by Emanuel implies this trope.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH1CMCtV4to "Slave to Love"]] by Bryan Ferry is a BDSM song and it's also in the ''Literature/ExitToEden'' soundtrack. It's [[BackgroundMusic played during]] [[KinkySpanking Elliot's bondage scene]].
* The Divinyls' "Pleasure and Pain".
* Project Pitchfork - "Entity":
-->While you're enjoying the might\\
The bonds are gettin' tighter\\
In coming lives you'll pay the price\\
You'll pay the price\\
I love your hate\\
Your hate makes me grow\\
I'm your tool\\
And you're my toy
* Salt Ashes' "Save It", in addition to describing BDSM in its lyrics, also has an [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFeyprhY4E0 Obligatory Bondage Video]].
* Music/NataliaKills' "Mirrors" is one of these for sure.

-->Turning the lights out, burning the candles\\
And the mirrors gonna fog tonight,\\
Turning the lights out, tighten the handcuffs,\\
And the mirrors gonna fog tonight.

* "Sucker for Pain" from the film ''Film/SuicideSquad''
-->I torture you-u-u-u\\
(Put my hand through the flames)\\
I torture you-u-u-u\\
(I'm just a slave to your games)\\
I'm just a sucker for pain\\
I wanna chain you up\\
I wanna tie you down\\
I'm just a sucker for pain\\