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Tropes relating to human nudity.

See also FetishFuel, NotSafeForWork.

* AllClothUnravels: Pulling on a loose thread causes clothes to unravel, leaving the person wearing the clothes nude.
* BankruptcyBarrel: A naked character hides their nudity by wearing a barrel.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Naked characters are depicted with no visible genitalia and/or nipples.
* BirthdaySuitSurpriseParty: A character stumbles upon a surprise party while naked.
* BodyPaint: Naked people with paint covering their bodies.
* BodySushi: Sushi being eaten while it's on a naked woman lying down
* CensorShadow: Nudity is censored by keeping the naughty parts hidden in shadow.
* CensorSteam: Nudity is censored by covering a character's body with steam or smoke.
* CensorSuds: A character who is bathing or showering has their naughty bits covered up by suds.
* DefeatByModesty: Forcing your opponent to forfeit the fight by removing their clothes.
* DiamondsInTheBuff: Wearing jewelry and nothing else.
* DigitalBikini: Nudity is censored by editing clothes onto the characters.
* ExposedExtraterrestrials: Aliens depicted as going naked.
* FetalPositionRebirth: Resurrected characters coming back naked and in fetal position.
* FullFrontalAssault: A character fights while in the nude.
* FullyClothedNudity: A character acts as if they are naked or is reacted to by other characters as if they are naked even though they are technically clothed.
* GodivaHair: A naked or topless woman has her long hair cover her breasts.
* GoneSwimmingClothesStolen: Characters skinny dip only to have their clothes stolen.
* HandOrObjectUnderwear: Naked characters covering their privates by either placing their hands over their genitals or holding objects over them.
* ImagineTheAudienceNaked: A person preparing for a speech attempts to overcome their nervousness by pretending the audience they're talking to are not wearing any clothes.
* InconvenientSummons: A character is summoned while in the middle of something private or embarrassing. They might be naked.
* InnocentFanserviceGirl: A character who goes naked because they are unaware of other people finding nudity taboo.
* InvisibleStreaker: An invisible character's clothes are still visible, so they have to strip in order for their invisibility to actually work.
* MaleFrontalNudity: Works with visible depictions of penises and the controversy surrounding them.
* ModestyBedsheet: A woman naked in bed uses the bedsheets to cover her breasts.
* ModestyTowel: A naked character covers themselves by wearing a towel.
* {{Mooning}}: A character exposes their buttocks.
* NakedApron: Wearing an apron and nothing else.
* NakedFirstImpression: A character is nude the first time another character meets them.
* NakedFreakOut: A character reacts badly upon realizing that they are nude.
* NakedInMink: Wearing nothing under a fur coat.
* NakedOnArrival: A character is naked during their first onscreen appearance.
* NakedOnRevival: A deceased character is naked while they are resurrected.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: Nudity is depicted for humorous purposes.
* NakedPeopleTrappedOutside: Through unexpected circumstances, a character ends up trapped outdoors while naked and has to either find a way to hide their nudity or get back inside until someone sees them.
* NationalGeographicNudity: Nudity in the media given a pass on censorship because the naked people involved are tribal natives who are accustomed to wearing less than others.
* NippleAndDimed: Bare breasts having nipples censored.
* NotWearingPantsDream: A character has a dream where they are in a state of undress.
* NudeColoredClothes: A character's clothes match the color of their skin, giving the appearance that they are naked.
* NudeNatureDance: Characters embrace nature by dancing naked.
* TheNudifier: A weapon, magic spell, or force that leaves people naked by destroying or disintegrating their clothes.
* NudityEqualsHonesty: A character's nudity means that they can be trusted.
* OldTimeyAnkleTaboo: An exposed ankle is treated as being as bad as nudity.
* OpenTheDoorAndSeeAllThePeople: A naked character at home opens the door to see a mob gawking at them.
* OurNudityIsDifferent: People having different standards on what counts as nudity.
* OutOfClothesExperience: Characters are depicted as naked during out-of-body experiences.
* PlayingDoctor: Children of different genders look at each other naked out of an innocent curiosity regarding what the opposite gender's genitalia looks like.
* PleasePutSomeClothesOn: A naked character is asked to cover up.
* PublicBathhouseScene: Characters are seen bathing together at a bathhouse.
* PublicExposure: A character poses naked for photographs or painting.
* ReluctantFanserviceGirl: A character ends up in a state of undress against their wishes.
* SceneryCensor: A character's nudity is censored by objects conveniently placed in front of them.
* SexyCoatFlashing: A character seduces someone by opening their coat to reveal they are naked underneath.
* SexySilhouette: Nudity is implied by a curvaceous woman's silhouette.
* ShamefulStrip: A character is stripped naked as punishment.
* ShamelessFanserviceGirl: A character goes naked because they don't care about the nudity taboo.
* ShapeshiftingExcludesClothing: A shape-shifter's clothes fall off or are destroyed whenever they assume a form with a size that doesn't fit.
* ShouldersUpNudity: Naked characters only seen from the neck up.
* ShowerOfAwkward: A character is walked in on in the shower naked.
* ShowerShy: A character fears showering with the others at gym because of body issues.
* SkinnyDipping: Swimming naked.
* SlipperySwimsuit: Losing swimwear and thus ending up nude or partially nude.
* {{Streaking}}: Running naked through public places.
* StrippingSnag: A character is stripped naked when a piece of clothing gets stuck somewhere.
* TanLines: If you've been in the sun too long, tan lines will be formed on body parts that were covered from the sun's rays by clothing.
* TechnicallyNakedShapeshifter: Just because the shape-shifter forms clothes while assuming someone's form doesn't mean that they really are clothed.
* ToplessnessFromTheBack: A naked or topless woman is viewed from behind to prevent the audience from seeing her breasts.
* WardrobeMalfunction: A freak accident results in an article of clothing falling off or becoming undone.
* YouMustBeCold: A character is offered clothes out of concern that they are chilly. Doesn't necessarily have to involve nudity.