Primary Stylistic Influences:
+ PunkRock, PostPunk, Experimental & AvantGardeMusic
Secondary Stylistic Influences:
+ ProtoPunk, some bands influenced by KrautRock, {{Industrial}} and/or HeavyMetal

Noise Rock (alternately known as "noise punk" or just "noise") is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: a genre of rock with a focus on occupying the extreme end of the MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness (well, not quite the ''extreme'' end, but you get the point). Noise rockers for the most part have a pronounced fondness for creating ear-bleeding music with the standard rock instrumentation; how important other factors are, such as melody or lyrics, varies from band to band. (Compare, for example, Music/SonicYouth to Lightning Bolt, Boredoms to Music/ThePopGroup. The differences in the songwriting department are far more striking than the similarities.) Noise rockers are known for their confrontational performances, unsurprisingly enough.

Noise rock's antecedents can be traced to proto-punk bands like The Music/VelvetUnderground and Music/TheStooges, [[PostPunk the No Wave scene]], and HardcorePunk. (And that's not even counting all of the [[WidgetSeries bizarre Japanese groups]] dating back to TheSixties like [[Music/LesRallizesDenudes Les Rallizes Dénudés]], or the [[UnbuiltTrope quirked-out pre-Sex Pistols aberrations]] like Half-Japanese, which while obscure have made a huge impact on the genre.) The genre as a unified movement emerged in TheEighties and has bubbled underground ever since, with the occasional moment where some band gets really popular. Noise rock was also an influence on {{Shoegazing}}, {{Grindcore}}, IndustrialMetal, [[DoomMetal Drone Doom]], {{Grunge}}, and a few varieties of HardcorePunk and {{Metalcore}}.

Not to be confused with NoisePop, which is something slightly different.
Bands commonly associated with Noise Rock include:

* Music/ArabOnRadar
* Music/AidsWolf
* Music/BandOfSusans[[/index]] -- Had a strong PostRock streak.[[index]]
* Music/BigBlack[=/=]Rapeman[=/=]Music/{{Shellac}}[[/index]] -- Three bands where [[RecordProducer recording engineer]] Music/SteveAlbini played guitar and/or sang.[[index]]
** ''Music/SongsAboutFucking'' (1987)
* Music/BlackFlag -- Hardcore punk meets noise rock, prog rock, avant-garde jazz, and early '70s heavy metal.
* Music/{{Boredoms}} -- [[/index]]Earlier albums only; later work is more PsychedelicRock.[[index]]
* Music/{{Boris}} -- [[/index]]Along with DoomMetal, Stoner Rock, PostRock, Drone, and [[GenreRoulette whatever else they feel like]].[[index]]
* Music/ButtholeSurfers -- Noise rock's traveling freak show.
* Child Bite
* Music/{{Chrome}} -- [[/index]]Acid Punk grandfathers of IndustrialMetal. At their noisiest and harshest from 1978-1979.[[index]]
* Music/ComparativeAnatomy -- Two bassists and a drum machine who dress up in animal costumes and delve into noisegrind.
* Couch Slut
* Music/DeathFromAbove1979 (combined with DancePunk)
* Music/DinosaurJr -- [[/index]]Perhaps the most accessible of the bunch, bordering on {{Grunge}}. Still, songs like "Don't" really can't be classified as anything but noise rock.[[index]]
* Drive Like Jehu (also emo)
* Music/{{Drunkdriver}}
* Music/EinsturzendeNeubauten -- [[/index]]Early in their career, pioneered {{Industrial}}.[[index]]
* Music/{{Flipper}} -- Famous for the batshit insane epic "Sex Bomb", as well as its enormous influence on sludge metal and (especially) grunge.
* Music/{{Foetus}} -- [[/index]]and its many incarnations. Also {{Industrial}}.[[index]]
* Music/{{Fushitsusha}}
* Music/GirlBand
* Music/{{Godflesh}} -- [[/index]]See also IndustrialMetal.[[index]]
* Music/GuitarWolf
* Music/{{Hanatarash}}
* Music/HappyFlowers
* Music/{{HAWKS}}
* Music/{{HEALTH}} -- One of the more accessible noise rock groups, would later on mix their usual noise rock fare with [[{{Industrial}} EBM]] on ''Death Magic''.
* Music/{{Hella}} -- A hybrid of noise rock and math rock.
* Music/{{Helmet}} -- [[/index]]Formed by ex-Band of Susans member Page Hamilton. Also counts as AlternativeMetal and PostHardcore.[[index]]
* [[Music/CourtneyLove Hole]] -- ''Pretty on the Inside'', also some elements of this on ''Live Through This''.
* Music/TheJesusLizard
* Music/JohnLennon and Music/YokoOno -- Their first two albums together are noise rock.
** ''Music/UnfinishedMusicNo1TwoVirgins'' (1968)
** ''Music/UnfinishedMusicNo2LifeWithTheLions'' (1969)
* KEN mode -- A hybrid of noise rock, metalcore, sludge metal, post-rock, and emo, changed to retro-styled post-hardcore/proto-grunge on ''Success''.
* Music/{{Liars}} -- [[/index]]At first, before they went dance-punk, and then went [[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly almost everywhere else]].[[index]]
* Music/LightningBolt
* Music/LiveSkull -- [[/index]]A member of the same NYC scene which gave the world Music/{{Swans}} and Music/SonicYouth, among others.[[index]]
* Music/MeltBanana -- [[/index]]A female-fronted example, with extreme NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly tendencies.[[index]]
* Music/MerShoppingMissbrukForStudenter -- [[/index]]A mix of Noise Rock, HarshNoise, {{Industrial}}, and {{Ambient}}.[[index]]
* Music/{{Nirvana}} - Though they are much more known as a {{Grunge}} band, they have flirted with Noise Rock at times, especially on ''Music/InUtero''.
* Music/NoAge
* Music/PinkAndBrown
* Music/ThePopGroup -- [[/index]]See also PostPunk, NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly.[[index]]
* Music/ThePsychicParamount -- [[/index]]Loud, abrasive noise rock mixed with PsychedelicRock.[[index]]
* Music/PussyGalore
* Music/LesRallizesDenudes
* Ramleh -- [[/index]]Combined HardRock with [[{{Industrial}} Power]] [[HellIsThatNoise Electronics.]][[index]]
* Music/LouReed
** ''Music/MetalMachineMusic'' (1975)
* Music/RoyalTrux -- [[/index]]Though they had [[BluesRock bluesy]] tendencies as well.[[index]]
* Music/{{Satanized}}
* Music/{{Scarling}} -- [[/index]]A [[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly four-way crash between]] Noise Rock, NoisePop, {{Shoegazing}} and {{Goth}} Rock.[[index]]
* Music/ScratchAcid
* Music/SkullKontrol
* Music/SonicYouth -- Especially 1981-1985.
* Music/SteelPoleBathtub
* Music/{{Swans}} -- [[/index]]Mainly 1982-1986, with later works predicating PostRock.[[index]]
* Tad (also grunge)
* Totimoshi
* Music/{{Unsane}} -- [[/index]]A particularly aggressive group that also counts as PostHardcore.[[index]]
* Music/VelvetUnderground -- The final tracks of the first two albums, namely "European Son" on the first and "Sister Ray" on the latter are seen as the earliest examples of the genre.
** ''Music/TheVelvetUndergroundAndNico'' (1967)
** ''Music/WhiteLightWhiteHeat'' (1968)
* Whores. (some sludge metal and grunge elements on ''Gold'')
* Music/ZeniGeva -- [[/index]]A Japanese group with [[HeavyMetal Metal]] and ProgressiveRock influences.[[index]]
* Music/JohnZorn
** ''Music/{{Radio}}'' (1993)