Noise Rock (alternately known as "noise punk" or just "noise") is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: a genre of rock with a focus on occupying the extreme end of the MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness (well, not quite the ''extreme'' end, but you get the point). Noise rockers for the most part have a pronounced fondness for creating ear-bleeding music with the standard rock instrumentation; how important other factors are, such as melody or lyrics, varies from band to band.[[note]]Compare, for example, Sonic Youth to Lightning Bolt, or Boredoms to The Pop Group. The differences in the songwriting department are far more striking than the similarities.[[/note]] Noise rockers are known for their confrontational performances, unsurprisingly enough.

Noise rock's antecedents can be traced to proto-punk bands like The Music/VelvetUnderground and Music/TheStooges, [[PostPunk the No Wave scene]], and HardcorePunk.[[note]]And that's not even counting all of the [[WidgetSeries bizarre Japanese groups]] dating back to TheSixties like Les Rallizes Dénudés, or the [[UnbuiltTrope quirked-out pre-Sex Pistols aberrations]] like Half-Japanese, which while obscure have made a huge impact on the genre.[[/note]] The genre as a unified movement emerged in TheEighties and has bubbled underground ever since, with the occasional moment where some band gets really popular. Noise rock was also an influence on {{Shoegazing}}, {{Grindcore}}, IndustrialMetal, [[DoomMetal Drone Doom]], {{Grunge}}, and a few varieties of HardcorePunk and {{Metalcore}}.

Not to be confused with NoisePop, which is something slightly different.
Bands commonly associated with NoiseRock include:

* Aids Wolf
* Band Of Susans -- Had a strong PostRock streak.
* {{Big Black}} / Rapeman / Music/{{Shellac}} -- Three bands where [[RecordProducer recording engineer]] Steve Albini played guitar and/or sang.
* Black Flag -- Hardcore punk meets noise rock, prog rock, avante-garde jazz, and early '70s heavy metal.
* Boredoms -- Earlier albums only; later work is more PsychedelicRock.
* Music/ButtholeSurfers -- Noise rock's traveling freak show.
* Comparative Anatomy -- Two bassists and a drum machine who dress up in animal costumes and delve into noisegrind.
* DinosaurJr -- perhaps the most accessible of the bunch, bordering on {{Grunge}}. Still, songs like "Don't" really can't be classified as anything but NoiseRock.
* Drunkdriver
* Einstürzende Neubauten -- Early in their career, pioneered {{Industrial}}.
* Flipper -- Famous for the batshit insane [[MagnumOpus Epic]], "Sex Bomb", as well as its enormous influence on sludge metal and (especially) grunge.
* Foetus -- and its many incarnations. Also {{Industrial}}.
* Godflesh -- See also IndustrialMetal.
* Happy Flowers
* Hella -- A hybrid of noise rock and math rock
* Music/{{Helmet}} -- Formed by ex-Band of Susans member Page Hamilton. Also counts as AlternativeMetal and PostHardcore.
* The Jesus Lizard
* Liars -- At first, before they went dance-punk, and then went [[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly almost everywhere else]].
* Lightning Bolt
* Music/MeltBanana -- A female-fronted example, with extreme NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly tendencies.
* MerShoppingMissbrukForStudenter -- A mix of NoiseRock, HarshNoise, {{Industrial}}, and {{Ambient}}.
* No Age
* The Pop Group -- See also PostPunk, NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly.
* The Psychic Paramount -- Loud, abrasive noise rock mixed with PsychedelicRock.
* Ramleh -- Combined HardRock with [[{{Industrial}} Power]] [[HellIsThatNoise Electronics]].
* Satanized
* Scarling -- A [[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly four-way crash between]] Noise Rock, NoisePop, {{Shoegazing}} and {{Goth}} Rock.
* Scratch Acid
* SonicYouth -- Especially 1981-1985.
* {{Swans}} -- Mainly 1982-1986, with later works predicating PostRock.
* Unsane -- A particularly aggressive group that also counts as PostHardcore.