->'''Al:''' You know who is a good woman? Veronica. You know, from Franchise/ArchieComics? She never had a period.\\
'''Steve:''' That's true. But she still had an attitude problem.\\
'''Al:''' You're right. There are no good ones.

A subtrope of TheLawOfConservationOfDetail, NoPeriodsPeriod is the fact that unless there's a specific, plot-related reason to mention that a female character is menstruating, the subject will not be brought up. Periods do appear frequently for plot-related reasons; do not list those here.

Compare to NobodyPoops. Common aversions usually have AllPeriodsArePMS. Completely unrelated to NoPunctuationPeriod and WallOfText.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Averted, oddly enough, in ''Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal'', the 1999 four-part OVA to ''Manga/RurouniKenshin''. Episode three treats us to a series of quick cuts between Tomoe clutching her stomach and splashes of blood against a black background. She then heads outside before we cut to the next scene.
* One of the chapters of ''Manga/BokuraNoHentai'' has Akane begin to menstruate. She's less than happy at her changing body.
* A plot point in ''WanderingSon''. Takatsuki is transsexual and starting his period causes dysphoria. On a lesser note menstruation is depicted several times from varying female characters.
* Aversion: Mentioned once or twice in ''TheSlayers'', as female spellcasters lose power "that time of the month". Given the length of the series, it's surprising it only comes up once or twice with Lina, the first time as a minor plot point. Presumably she is little affected most of the time, or maybe it only affects her and a small number of mages.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Played straight in ''ComicBook/ElfQuest'' for ''decades'', until the original creators decided to take up the series again.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* ''FanFic/{{Lothiriel}}'' by [=JunoMagic=], in chapter 12 "Preparations for the Journey", puts the idea that the elves of ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' never bleed during their periods. "They reabsorbed whatever they had done to get ready once a month to conceive a child." LothÝriel, the woman from Germany, does not have periods because her birth-control implant suppresses them.
* Averted in ''FanFic/VariationModification.'' Karkat (a trans guy) gets his in Chapter 14, and is flat-out horrified.
* Discussed in ''FanFic/FirstTrySeries'' for how an massively unprepared Sakura is going to go through a two-month training mission without feminine products.

* ''Literature/TheBabySittersClub'': It's plausible for a thirteen-year-old girl not to have started her period yet, which makes a reasonable justification for the trope, but it's decidedly less plausible that ''none'' of them would have started menstruating by that age. Presumably it's not mentioned because the target age range for the books was a bit younger than thirteen, and they didn't want to freak out the kids (or their parents).
* ''Literature/TheSaddleClub'': Played straight. The three main characters are all girls age 12-13, but periods are never mentioned save once offhand, rather jarringly, when the 13 year old talks about a SouthernBelle etiquette teacher she had who always called it "that time of the month".
* ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'': WordOfGod says that ''that'' blood is [[YouFailBiologyForever "dead blood"]] and not nearly as interesting to Edward, but it's still kind of awkward. It also still gets the FridgeLogic going.
* ''Literature/TheHungerGames'': There is never any mention of what the female tributes do if they get their period in the arena. Do sponsors send them tampons? While some girls are young enough to not get their period and some are no doubt too underweight, it's hard to believe that out of more than 900 female tributes over the duration of the Games, not a single one should have had their period. Male tributes receive some kind of treatment to stop them from growing beards in the arena, so it would be unsurprising if female tributes received something similar to stop their cycle -- perhaps ratings have shown that female tributes menstruating wasn't very entertaining. This would be fortunate in the second book when [[spoiler: Katniss is pretending to be pregnant -- if she had suddenly gotten her period, and it would have been noticeable given the amount of time the tributes spend in little clothing, and the entire plan would have been scuppered.]]
* Blink and you'll miss it (it's just one paragraph in a [[DoorStopper long book]]), but this trope is averted in ''Lovely Assistant'' by Geoph Essex, where Jenny specifically notes a recent (minor) pregnancy scare before coming to the conclusion that she probably can't even menstruate [[spoiler:anymore, now that she's a [[TheGrimReaper reaper]]]].
* Literature/PetalsOnTheWind : Zig-zagged. The protagonist, Cathy, is malnourished after years of being kept in the attic. Understandably, her periods have stopped, although [[spoiler: her brother Chris raped her during their imprisonment, so she may also be pregnant]]. During a dance audition (and a very memorable scene), the floodgates open.
* Periods are used as a form of EstablishingCharacterMoment in ''Literature/KingdomOfLittleWounds'' as all the women in the nursery cycle at the same time but for the stubborn and contrary Midi.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* One wonders exactly how [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor's]] female companions broach the subject whilst traveling with him. It must be pretty awkward for a young human woman to ask a centuries-old male Time Lord about pads. As it has never come up in the show, we still don't know how they handle that.
* Played ridiculously straight on ''Series/FullHouse'', considering that there were three girls living in the house (as well as an adult woman at one point), at least one of whom (DJ) undoubtedly reached the age of menarche at some point in the show's tenure and Stephanie likely reached this age too.
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'' has several women of childbearing age on an island with no feminine supplies, and yet it's never brought up how they deal with it. One character mentions being late, and another suddenly knows she's not pregnant, but the implications are never explored.

* Averted in ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo''. At one point, Rin (who has no arms) is getting antsy and wants to find her friend Emi. She's being evasive as to why, but Hisao keeps pushing her for an answer, and she finally replies that she's on her period and needs some help with that, and that while she likes Hisao, she doesn't feel comfortable asking for his help with that particular problem. Hisao promptly shuts up.
* Averted in ''VisualNovel/CorpseParty'' when Ayumi gets her period without realizing it (you begin seeing a blood stain on the back of her skirt partway through the game). She's very embarrassed when Yoshiki notices and asks when she got hurt, but she can't think of any way to change or cover it up. No one else comments on it though (either they think it's from one of the numerous dead bodies, or they just have bigger problems).

* The elven and drow races of ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'' are physically different then humans and can't get periods, leading to a CrowningMomentOfFunny when one of the human cast members gets one and one of the drow uses her own confused idea of what it is to explain it, with large failures.
* Averted in ''Webcomic/{{Misfile}}'', as Ash, [[GenderBender originally a boy]], winds up horrified when Emily points out that the current symptoms he/she is experiencing are occurring after a certain amount of time Ash has been a girl. From then on, Ash will occasionally bring up the subject when he/she is feeling particularly irate.
* Averted in ''Webcomic/{{Pacificators}},'' as the [[WordOfGod author]] wants his female characters to be more realistic.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', the acquisition of one's cutie mark serves as the pony equivalent of puberty... except we know that ponies reproduce sexually and thus also have to go through ''actual'' puberty. That particular aspect of growing up is never addressed onscreen, though - which is fortunate, given that the innocuous stand-in for a girl's first period inspired the creation of [[PowerTrio a local club]] built around trying to make it happen. [[{{Squick}} Probably best just to leave it at that.]]
** Horses don't menstruate, but they do experience "heat". It would have presumably been dealt with offscreen whenever Mrs Cake was supposed to be pregnant. Foaling takes ''11 months''.
* Amazingly enough, ''WesternAnimation/{{Grossology}}'' doesn't mention this in any of the episodes, despite one of the Grossologists being in junior high school. Most likely, this is related to its keeping the TV-Y7 rating.