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[-[[caption-width-right:257:"Save it for the criminals, Master Bruce."]]-]

->'''Frozone:''' You tell me where my suit is, woman!! We are talking about the greater good!\\
'''[[SassyBlackWoman Honey]]:''' "Greater good?!" I am your WIFE! I am the greatest GOOD you're EVER gonna get!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles''

[[{{Badass}} Archetypical tough guys]] and [[AntiHero anti-heroes]] often give off an aura of authority and attitude around them, a countenance that gives even the most courageous individuals feelings of doubt and fear; a warning to all to treat the character with caution. As a result, these characters are apt to intimidate anyone they meet into doing what they want, whether it be doing their bidding or merely just leaving them alone.

But for every intimidating loner, there's one person on whom their gruff exterior will have no effect. It could be because this person knows who they're dealing with personally, and, thus, doesn't really take their glares and threats seriously. It could also be because they're so innocent and upbeat that they don't even consider the loner's threatening exterior to ''be'' threatening. Whatever the case, they refuse (knowingly or otherwise) to be intimidated.

SisterTrope to NoHeroToHisValet.



[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* ''YuYuHakusho'': Keiko Yukimura is one of the few people who knows [[{{Delinquent}} Yusuke Urameshi]] and isn't scared of him, and she doesn't even allow his attitude to affect her. As a result, she often acts as his conscience, and isn't afraid to [[MegatonPunch knock him on his ass]] if he crosses the line.
** Perhaps the very reason for the entire series. [[spoiler: Yusuke's Yokai ancestor Raizen was successfully seduced during his visit to Earth centuries ago by a sexy witch doctor who had absolutely no fear of him whatsoever. She later dies giving birth to their child. When he returned to Makai, sans offspring (who remains on Earth and continues the Urameshi bloodline) his heartfelt memory of her becames his MoralityChain as LoveRedeems him into a NobleDemon who refrains from eating humans (despite that being the only food his specific species can consume) , and inspires him to establish a ProudWarriorRace kingdom of fighting monks who also refrain from eating humans as well and who seek to spread that philosophy across the demon world.]]
** Also from ''YuYuHakusho'', Kurama is pretty much the only one who can make fun of Hiei with no fear of vengeance whatsoever. Both because [[BewaretheNiceOnes he knows well what Kurama can do]], and because he is the closest thing Hiei has to a best friend.
* ''Manga/DNA2'' has a romantic example, with Ami immune to the Mega Playboy's Pornomancer powers because she was Junta's VictoriousChildhoodFriend for the longest time ''before'' they ever activated.
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', Yachiru Kusajishi was not afraid of Kenpachi Zaraki even when she was a baby and he was covered in blood.
* Similar to the Bleach example, from ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' we have [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses Mei]], who has absolutely no fear of [[SerialKiller Scar.]]
** [[ColonelBadass Roy Mustang]] is respected by all of his subordinates. But while he's usually respected by his NumberTwo/[[BodyguardCrush bodyguard]] [[BadassNormal Riza Hawkeye]], she has no problem calling him an idiot, mocking him, calling him useless, or threatening to shoot him. This is pretty much the ''reason'' that Roy picked Riza to be his second in command.
* In ''{{Durarara}}'', the typical reaction most people have to encountering [[TheBerserker Shizuo Heiwajima]] is to either run away in terror or to pick a fight with him in order to (fail to) prove their badassery. Tom Tanaka's response, on the other hand, was to go, [[BullyingADragon "Yeah, those guys are dicks]]. Want to hang out?"
* ''{{Dragonball}}'': Despite being a {{Muggle}} and TheChick, Bulma is perfectly willing to push around anyone; even [[BloodKnight Veg]][[JerkAss eta]]. To the point of getting him into wearing a pink shirt. Naturally, they wind up hooking up and having two children together.
** Goku may be the greatest fighter in the universe, but he's a HenpeckedHusband to his wife Chi-Chi. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by Master Roshi:
-->'''Bulma:''' But why wouldn't Goku want tocome back to Earth?
-->'''Master Roshi:''' I'll tell you why! Because of the one more powerful than a Super Saiyan! His wife!
* At the beginning of the Conviction Arc in ''{{Berserk}}'', when Guts returns to Godo's house only to find his insane lover Casca gone and goes into a rage because of it, the only one not to be intimidated by Guts is Godo, and is therefore able to deliver an effective [[WhatTheHellHero hands-down-barrier-what-the-hell-hero lecture]] to him.
* In ''{{Black Butler}}'', Ciel is not afraid of his demon butler Sebastian, unlike pretty much everyone else, most notably Prince Soma. Likewise, Sebastian is unaffected by Ciel's 'I hate the world' aura. Elizabeth also seems to be immune to all badass auras. This becomes obvious when she places a pink bonnet on Sebastian.
* ''OnePiece'': Shanks is one of the Four Emperors, one of the four most powerful pirates in the world, [[TheDreaded and widely feared across the seas]]. Yet there is one man not afraid of him. THAT MAN IS...[[LaughablyEvil Buggy]]. Despite the ''huge'' gap between their abilities, [[VitriolicBestBuds it's just like old times]] on the [[spoiler:Oro Jackson]] as far as he's concerned.
** Shanks, being [[NiceGuy Shanks]], outright welcomes this attiutude from Buggy.
*** It may also have something to do with Shanks being a swordsman and Buggy being immune to cuts.
**** Punches, kicks, the flat of the blade, and the pommel of the sword are all alternative options for someone like Shanks. No, it's definitely because Buggy is too familiar with Shanks' personality.
** Luffy's entire crew is this to him. The world sees Luffy as a dangerous pirate with massive amounts of potential and one of the forerunners to become Pirate King. His crew sees him as their idiot captain who wouldn't last five minutes in the Grand Line, let alone the New World, without them because of his recklessness and outright stupidity.
** Zoro is of a similar standing. To the world: an insane BloodKnight with a dangerous amount of potential who is second to one of the most powerful pirates on the Grand Line. To his crew? A complete meathead who is capable of [[NoSenseofDirection getting lost]] ''in a straight hallway'' and is only marginally smarter than their reckless idiot of a captain.
* Kyon does something like this for ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya''. The latter is a RealityWarper (though she doesn't know it) and, as a result, incredibly self-centered and obnoxious. Hyper-advanced aliens and entire organizations of time-travellers/psychics are afraid to provoke her or not fulfill her every whim, lest she [[OmnicidalManiac destroy the universe]]. Kyon, a stubborn but otherwise RidiculouslyAverageGuy, increasingly refuses to put up with Haruhi's bullshit...and it ''works''. She actually listens to him and becomes much less of a danger to the universe thanks to his influence, partly because she has a crush on him.
* ''TsubasaReservoirChronicle'': Most people would think twice about teasing or otherwise messing with Kurogane, with good reason. The select few people who gleefully ignore his gruff (and sometimes terrifying) demeanor include Fai, Mokona, Princess Tomoyo, Amaterasu, and Yuuko Ichihara.[[note]]The Sorata of the Hanshin Republic may also count, although his teasing seems to double as a warning for Kurogane not to mess with himself or his wife -- a valid concern, as, when Sorata meets him, Kurogane has just been kicked out of Japan for murdering for the thrill of murdering.[[/note]]


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* The TropeCodifier is [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Alfred Pennyworth]], Bruce Wayne's faithful retainer, friend, and one-man support system. As the man who practically raised Bruce Wayne, he is absolutely immune to Batman's intimidation, one of the few who can unflinchingly confront him to his face if need be, and is the first to deflate him when he gets too obsessive. Alfred is one of the few people Batman has complete faith in, and, in fact, he doesn't even try (or even desire to try) to control Alfred (beyond the whole butler/employer relationship they have, which is... complicated) the way he keeps absolute control over the rest of his world. Alfred Pennyworth is afraid of ''no one''. Being a former SAS commando can do that to you.
** He is the only Batfamily member with the balls to confront Batman about his poor treatment of family members. His manipulation of Stephanie Brown, his abandonment of Cassandra Cain, his terrible fathering of Damian. Three of the most badass heroes there are, who rarely even stand up for themselves to Bruce. Alfred does it regularly. Dick Grayson is unafraid of Batman and this is pointed out in a couple of issues but even he had to 'go his own way' as {{Nightwing}}. Alfred sticks around.
** Not the only batfamily member to do this - Oracle/Barbara Gordon does as well, particularly regarding his poor treatment of Cassandra. See particularly Dylan Horrocks' run on Comicbook/{{Batgirl|2000}}, particularly #47-50, and the end/aftermath of War Games. Speaking of which, prior to War Games, Dr. Leslie Thompkins took this role as well, particularly during the No Man's Land crossover.
* Since coming BackFromTheDead, so is Comicbook/GreenLantern Hal Jordan. Which makes sense; Batman wields fear as a weapon but the Green Lanterns are all about defying it.
* Evie Hammond eventually assumes this role for V in ''ComicBook/VForVendetta''.


[[folder: Film ]]

* ''Film/DjangoUnchained'': It's revealed that Stephen is MUCH smarter than Candie, and is more than willing to call him a dipshit when he's making a mistake.
* A lot of Film/JamesBond's former lovers.
** Paris Carver from ''Film/TomorrowNeverDies'' comes to mind first.
** Bond in ''Film/{{Skyfall}}'' is one of Britain's most skilled agents and assassins. When he tells [[OldRetainer Kincade]], his family's gamekeeper, to get himself out of danger before TheSiege, Kincade refuses and calls him a "jumped up little shit."
** Mildly PlayedWith though. He does seem surprised by how well James has done with a gun when testing out the ones they had; Based on his comment: "What did you say you did for a living again?", he wasn't aware of how badass James had become.
* Officer Anne Lewis plays this role for her cyborg partner in the first two ''Franchise/RoboCop'' films.
* Pepper Potts vs. Tony Stark from ''Film/IronMan''. Not only is she unimpressed by his wealth and power (including his shiny iron suit), she's also immune to his [[ThePornomancer Pornomancer powers]].
* ''Film/TheSting''. Floyd has this kind of relationship to his boss Doyle Lonnegan. He's unafraid to disagree with Lonnegan, and even mildly argue with him, even though he knows that Lonnegan is not reluctant to have people killed.
* At the beginning of ''StarWars: Film/ANewHope'', [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Daine_Jir an Imperial officer]] appears in one scene, where he [[CommanderContrarian argues]] with Darth Vader about taking Princess Leia prisoner and ''Vader listens to him''. The ExpandedUniverse gave this guy a name and elaborated on his {{backstory}}, confirming that he was one of the few Imperial officers to ever question Vader while still being loyal, and had earned Vader's respect for this.
** And let's not forget Grand Moff Tarkin, who at one point actually ''commands'' Darth Vader to stop force-strangling an insubordinate Imperial Officer, and Vader promptly obeys. This seems to imply that Darth Vader has no actual authority on the Death Star - not even in practice, despite how easy it would be to be intimidated by him. Of course, Vader also doesn't try to use intimidation or outright violence to usurp Tarkin's position as commanding officer of the Death Star because he truly respects the man.
* Whistler is like this to Film/{{Blade}}, though he's quite the {{Badass}} himself.
* This relationship develops between Belle and the Beast in ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast''. Out of a whole castle full of servants who alternately cringe in terror of his rages, and try to bring him up like he's still a child, Belle is the only one who talks to him like an equal.


[[folder: Literature ]]

* Tom Bombadil shows this somewhat in ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings''. He isn't intimidated by ghostly Barrow Wights, he isn't affected by the [[ArtifactOfDoom One Ring]], and he seems complete unaware of [[BigBad Sauron]]'s impending assault on Middle-earth. Even [[ShrugOfGod Tolkien himself didn't quite know who or what Tom was]].
** In ''{{The Silmarillion}}'', Melkor is the most powerful being ever created; of all the Valar, however, Tulkas has absolutely no fear of him, and is the only one of them who can defeat Melkor one-on-one.
* Ginny Weasley shows signs of this in ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenix''. Everyone else has no idea how to deal when Harry is beginning to lose his temper. Ginny coolly and calmly defuses him.
** Similarly, one of the reasons why Harry Potter keeps Luna Lovegood in such regard is that she treats him as Harry, the person, and not Harry, the hero, and always tells him the truth as she sees it.
* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'':
** Reformed GentlemanThief Moist Von Lipwig has his LoveInterest Adora Bell "Spike" Dearhart. Part of the reason he was attracted to her in the first place was [[ILoveYouBecauseICantControlYou because she wasn't fooled by him]]. In his [[Discworld/MakingMoney second book]], he's taken up needlessly dangerous pastimes to make up for the normality of his life, while she's away on an archaeological dig; Lord Veternari notes that it seems he doesn't need to do that when his fiancée is around.
** Having grown up as [[TheGrimReaper Death's]] adopted daughter, Ysabell was utterly unintimidated [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: BY HIS VOICE. ]]

** His granddaughter, Susan, acts much the same way, as does his ''actual'' valet Albert. Albert is a bit of an odd case, though, in that he ''is'' terrified of death; he just doesn't find the anthropomorphic personification of it all that worrisome.
*** In fairness to Albert, he's been living on about three months of life for the past 2,000 years and is now down to about ten seconds.
*** According to his own words, Albert isn't afraid of death itself but the fact that once he dies all the supernatural contracts he made in life will be due for payment, and he will suffer a nameless fate in the Dungeon Dimensions.
* {{Spenser}}, Robert B. Parker's HardboiledDetective, is intimidating to just about everyone he meets. But not Rachel Wallace, an author he worked with at one point. Nor his constant companion Susan Silverman. Of course, Spenser doesn't intimidate Hawk, either, but that's because Hawk is just as much of a badass as Spenser.
* In the ''StarTrekExpandedUniverse'', Federation President Bacco and Bajoran First Minister Asarem both have secretaries who embody this trope, as did Worf during his stretch as Klingon ambassador.
* In ''Literature/SixteenThirtyTwo'', nearly everyone is careful of Emperor Gustav's well-known volatile temper (his valets carry around extra chairs when he's campaigning, because they know he likes to smash chairs when he's angry) and his touchy nature when it comes to insults. Julie Simms isn't intimidated at all, and even once called him a fathead to his face. And got away with it, [[spoiler:if only because of a TactfulTranslation by Alex [=MacKay=]]].
* In the ConanTheBarbarian story ''Literature/ThePhoenixOnTheSword'', there is a scene where King Conan of Aquilonia and General Prospero are discussing the state of the kingdom. Prospero speaks to Conan as he would an old friend rather than his king, and the story even mentions the "easy familiarity" that exists between Conan and Prospero.
* Eve and Roarke are both intimidating people in the InDeath series. Eve's used to bullying her way around, and Roarke is a BadAss who [[{{Fiction 500}} owns everything]]. The only people to consistently and calmly deflect their spite whenever they rage or angst are Mira and Summerset, their respective parental figures.
* In ''ASongOfIceAndFire'', Cersei Lannister and her twin brother Jaime learned everything they know about how to be scary and intimidating from their father, Lord Tywin Lannister. All three of them manage to successfully brow beat and intimidate scores of other characters. But none of them scare or intimidate their younger brother, Tyrion Lannister, who always seems to know just what to say to utterly gobstop his family and cause their intimidation techniques to look like childish tantrums.
** This trope also applies to the relationship between Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth. While Stannis' other subjects kiss up to him and flatter, Davos speaks honestly to Stannis even if it means telling Stannis something he doesn't want to hear. Rather than punishing Davos, Stannis promotes him to higher positions in his court.
* A milder example is Dr. Watson to SherlockHolmes. Watson is still incredibly impressed with Holmes' deductive abilities and ruefully admits that Holmes can easily wrap him around his finger when he ''really'' wants to, but in other fields (particularly his personal life and habits), Watson will cheerfully deflect Holmes's eccentricities and imperious personality to challenge his theories, pester him into explaining his cases better, or strong-arm him into taking care of his heath, cleaning the house, being nice to other people, etc. He's also completely unfazed by Holmes's more anti-social (or downright insane) actions -- simply referring to Holmes's dangerous chemical experiments as "malodorous" and responding to Holmes shooting bullets at the living-room wall in boredom with an amused remark that he thinks target practice should be "strictly an open-air pastime."

[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* ''{{Buffyverse}}'': Cordelia is probably the only person Angel can't intimidate.
* [[AlmightyJanitor Merlin]] is most definitely this to [[ShelteredAristocrat Prince Arthur]] in ''Series/{{Merlin}}''. He is almost completely immune to Arthur's royal demands and complaining, largely due to the fact that Arthur cannot intimidate him. He's also totally willing to knock the royal ''prat'' down a knotch or twenty whenever he becomes too unbearable, punishment be damned.
** It helps that, while Arthur is a BadassNormal and MasterSwordsman, Merlin could still kill him without lifting a finger. Arthur may not be aware of this, but Merlin definitely is.
-->'''Arthur''': I could take you apart with one blow.
-->'''Merlin''': [[DeadpanSnarker I could take you apart with less than that.]]
** There's an element of this with Gaius and Uther as well. He's one of the few who isn't afraid to call Uther out from time to time.
* Zoe is like this with Mal in ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' and ''Film/{{Serenity}}''. Having fought alongside him in the Unification War and Serenity Valley will do that to you.
** Simon doesn't seem all that intimidated by Mal either. Nor does Book.
** Interestingly, few of the main characters in ''{{Series/Firefly}}'' seem to be intimidated by Jayne; that seems to be more for outsiders. To those who spend a lot of time around him, Jayne is a bit of a doofus. He just happens to be the kind of doofus who is very good at killing people.
*** [[WhatExactlyIsHisJob What do they keep him around for? "Public relations."]]
* ''Series/{{House}}'': Wilson is often impressed by House, but never intimidated by him.
** Ditto Cuddy. "What am I supposed to be afraid of? More yelling?"
* Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are like this to each other in ''{{Scrubs}}''. While, at first, Dr. Kelso often tries to get rid of Cox or somehow get him out of his hair, he eventually says that he needs someone like Cox, a constant opposing force who will not back down, to make sure that the best decisions are made for the hospital.
* On ''SeaQuestDSV'', there was a fun scene where the Regulator, an apparent tough guy who has everybody either impressed and/or a little scared, has his bubble pierced when Captain Bridger, who knows him, says, "Hello, Leslie." The guy had faked his own death, but Bridger knew he was alive because at one point, he'd happened to run into him in a grocery store.
* On ''Series/TheWestWing'', the President's personal secretary (and OldRetainer) Mrs. Landingham is the only member of the White House staff who isn't even a little bit intimidated by him. Her replacement, Deborah Fiderer ''is'' intimidated by him at first (she screws up her job interview so badly that the President thinks it must be a prank), but eventually becomes acclimated to the point where she's able to make rather biting jokes at his expense to his face.
** The president's "Body Man", Charlie Young, was also quite immune to the president when the Chief Executive tried to be intimidating... except when it came to Charlie's dating the president's daughter. Of course, during ''those'' occasions he wasn't dealing with the president per se; during those occasions he was dealing with a father who didn't want his daughters to date until they were comfortably in their 30s.
** Various subordinates of the frequently bad-tempered Josh Lyman fill this role at one time or another. It's usually Donna, but communications director Lou is the one who yells at him and gets him to stand down when he's freaking out on Election Day, and Sam Seaborn marches into the lion's den to force him to back down when he's been berating his new assistant Otto. (The first two work for him, and Sam threatens Josh that he ''won't'' come work for him unless Josh chills out and takes a vacation.)


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius'': Ike is like this to anyone he meets, though once they join the player party, people learn he really isn't that mean.
-->'''Sothe:''' Stop scowling at me like that. You're making me uncomfortable.
-->'''Nasir:''' It's not just you. Ike [[FaceOfAThug always looks like that]]. Don't mind him, just keep talking.
** Raven the PerpetualFrowner in ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword]]'' actually shows up as an enemy unit. His supports often note his mean looks and terse demeanor... except for his sister Priscilla, who's required to get him to make a HeelFaceTurn, and his childhood friend Lucius, who's a religious monk.
* Chizuru Kagura, the cool-headed {{Miko}} from ''VidoGame/TheKingOfFighters'', cannot make [[AntiHero Iori]] [[JerkAssWoobie Yagami]] completely bend to her will, but she ''can'' make him team-work with none other than his sworn enemy [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou Kyo Kusanagi]]. ''Twice''. And later, she is personally visited by him before XIII, promising to [[spoiler: return her MagicMirror and restore her stolen powers]] in due time.
** Similarly, the KOF: KYO manga implies that this is the reason why Yuki and Kyo are together. Almost everyone at school feared him and can't even talk to him, but Yuki treated him like a normal person.
--->'''Yuki''': He's just a guy who gets flaming mad at times.\\
'''Sanae''': That's why everyone's afraid of him. They're just too scared to speak to him!\\
'''Yuki''': But I guess Kyo has a cute side... even when he's a bit narcissistic and his attitude is annoying...
* In ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'', nearly all of Trevor Phillips's associates are either incredibly terrified of him (Nervous Ron, Floyd) or too stupid to realise just how exploited and oppressed they are (Wade), or at the most respectful and keep a distance (Oscar). Even Michael knows not to mess with him. However, Trevor's meth cook, Chef, is a certified badass in his own right, and in his first mission, even orders Trevor about.
* Bloody Mary in ''{{The Wolf Among Us}}'' is completely immune to any of Bigby's badassery. In fact, she's more ''amused'' by him, even in his werewolf form, than she is intimidated.


[[folder: Webcomics ]]

* [[HandicappedBadass Viktor]] and [[GenkiGirl Ivy]] have this relationship in ''Webcomic/{{Lackadaisy}}''.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueDoom'' Alfred makes this quite clear. Batman shrugs off any advice the Justice League give him on getting healed and rested after their last battle. After getting back to the cave Alfred makes it clear he won't let Batman get back to work until he has rested and healed.