Cheerleaders go up against the mob. No, really.

April, Monica and Courtney are three intelligent high-school girls who have intentions of going to Brown. They are also ninjas who work for the kindly old sensei Hiroshi. They moonlight as Go-Go dancers in Hiroshi's own club. Yeah.

The bad guy is one Victor Lazarro, a mobster who has just recently been paroled. See, Hiroshi bought the strip club from the IRS, who took it from Lazarro when he was convicted, and now he wants it back. To that end, he hires his girlfriend Kinji, a "dark ninja", to dispose of the three ninja cheerleaders and ensure that the deed to the club is signed over to him.

Also in the mix is Detective Harris, a detective investigating (presumably) the disturbance that opens the movie.

!!This movie contains examples of:
* AbusiveParents: Courtney's stepfather Al.
* ActionGirl: Our protagonists fit this.
* AvoidTheDreadedGRating: A very bizarre example, in that while there's violence and the main characters work as go-go dancers, there's no sex or cussing, so the {{IdiosyncraticWipe}}s were added, as well as a scene with naked women.
* BadAss: Hiroshi. He's so badass that he can incapacitate you ''without touching you''.
* BadassBookworm: The girls, although Manny may also count. All four of them are shown to argue about how great Napoleon really was.
* BondOneLiner: Hiroshi mixes this with PreMortemOneLiner after [[spoiler:shooting Lazarro]]
-->'''Lazarro:''' I thought you Ninjas weren't supposed to [[spoiler:use guns]]\\
'''Hiroshi:''' Ah, but I am old, and I forget the rules sometimes.
* TheCheerleader: Well, duh.
* DarkActionGirl: Kinji
* TheDitz: Monica.
* DirtyOldMan: Red, the girls' coach. He's cute, in a "lock-your-doors, mace-in-hand, don't-be-alone-with-him" kind of way, and while none of the girls do anything to him, he gets slammed into a locker anyway.
* DoesNotLikeMen: Implied with April. The only men she interacts with that don't die, get injured or [[GroinAttack cop it where it hurts]] are Det. Harris (who's only shown interacting with them in a professional capacity), Red (hurt by someone else), Hiroshi (their sensei), Manny (an intelligent bouncer) and Victor Lazarro (the baddie). Her GroinAttack is a supremely painful one, and she makes disparaging remarks about Courtney's stepfather.
* FramingDevice: The movie is shown to us as the three cheerleaders' statement to the police.
* GeniusBruiser: Manny could be construed as such: his first scene involves him arguing about whether or not Alexander was better than Napoleon.
* HeyItsThatGuy: He's gone from being [[Franchise/StarTrek a helmsman]] to training ninjas. Also, Trishelle Canatella from TheRealWorld is Courtney and Michael Paré is Victor Lazarro.
* HighlyVisibleNinja: Kinji is the only ninja who averts this.
* IdiosyncraticWipe: The wipes are all montages that include one of the main characters, a ninja and a stripper dancing topless.
* ItWorksBetterWithBullets: The bolt gun.
* IvyLeagueForEveryone
* KarmaHoudini: Al again. Courtney refuses to harm him.
* MartialArtsDoNotWorkThatWay: As one unfortunate orange-belt finds out.
* NoNameGiven: Aside from Victor and Jimmy "The Snitch" Lazarro, nobody else has a full name revealed.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: The three put on a "ditz" act to try to deter Det. Harris.
* SequelHook: In TheStinger
* StealthHiBye
* SwordSparks
* ThirdPersonPerson: Kinji, when explaining how fast Kinji is.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Jimmy disappears from the movie after being stuffed into the trunk.)