NickAtNite (now stylized as [[XtremeKoolLetterz nick@nite]]) is a [[strike:timeshare channel]] programming block on {{Nickelodeon}}, currently airing from primetime to early morning. The block was born in 1985 when A&E (then known as ARTS), which was running programming during the primetime hours on Nickelodeon, lauched its own 24 hour channel and because there was likely a small audience for children's programming after bedtime. The block was originally a "oldies channel" showcasing classic television {{sitcom}}s such as ''ILoveLucy'', ''IDreamOfJeannie'' and ''{{SCTV}}''. The block [[SpinOff spun off]] the oldies TV network TVLand. In 2004, Nick At Nite became its own "network" for Nielsen ratings purposes.[[note]](Similar programming blocks that are given this arrangement include Creator/CartoonNetwork’s Creator/AdultSwim and Creator/{{Toonami}} and Creator/NickJr’s Nick Mom.)[[/note]]

[[caption-width-right:200:Old, not as [[XtremeKoolLetterz extreme]] logo.]]
In recent years, Nick At Nite has been [[NetworkDecay showing more movies, original programming, and recent sitcoms]] such as ''TheGeorgeLopezShow'', ''MalcolmInTheMiddle'', ''[[AdoredByTheNetwork The George Lopez Show]]'', ''EverybodyHatesChris'', ''[[WolverinePublicity The George Lopez Show]]'', and ''[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment The George Lopez Show]]''. The channel is now basically more family-oriented and kid-friendly than the previous Nick At Nite, and some Nick At Nite shows actually are advertised during Nickelodeon programming day. In 2009, the channel's name was changed to nick@nite as part of a network-wide rebranding.