Nezumi Man is a {{homage}}/{{parody}} to the classic NES VideoGame/MegaMan games, starring a [[FunnyAnimal rat who can run, slide, jump and shoot]] like the Blue Bomber himself. He has to stop the plans of BigBad Dr. Gyoniku and his henchmen, along with seven other rat and ratlike characters. And a kangaroo [[NonIndicativeName whose name means "rabbit"]].

This game is surprising for its lower difficulty compared to other Mega-clones, especially once you get their patterns down (or have their weaknesses). Despite this, it's still fun to play, mostly because of the completely [[WidgetSeries original concept]].

The game is available [[ here]].
!Tropes not already covered by ''Mega Man'' include:
* AnIcePerson: Ice Nezumi
* AnimateInanimateObject: Ice and Smoke Nezumi, the former being a fridge, the latter a puff of smoke, both with rat faces.
* {{Arcadia}}: Butter Nezumi's stage. [[EverythingTryingToKillYou Well, almost.]]
* ArtShift: Delay Nezumi's face looks noticeably different from the others.
* BarrierWarrior: Butter Nezumi
* CosmeticAward: Each weapon you get from a boss also comes with a piece of costume for Nezumi's swag, which he wears on the "weapon get" screen. [[spoiler:The full costume's also his armor in Special mode.]]
* EyeBeams: [[spoiler:The BigBad's [[FinalBoss giant mecha]]'s second form]].
* InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons: Dragon Nezumi
* LetsPlay: LetsPlay/{{raocow}} has managed to [[ finish one]].
** And because this game is like ''Mega Man'', LetsPlay/RoahmMythril has done a series of Perfect Run videos for it. Unlike most ''Mega Man'' games, he even did the endgame stages, including the bonus game!
* MeaningfulName: Everyone whose name contains "Nezumi" is a rat (or has a rat face--see AnimateInanimateObject above), since that word is Japanese for "rat". Also, Dr Gyoniku's name means "fish meat", which probably explains why he looks like the way he is.
* MegaNeko: The giant ''[[ManekiNeko maneki neko]]'' boss of Gyoniku Stage 3. [[JustifiedTrope Then again, the hero]] ''[[JustifiedTrope is]]'' [[JustifiedTrope a rat.]]
* MouseWorld: Dr. Gyoniku's secret lair appears to be in some sort of two-star motel. [[spoiler:Actually, it's in a doghouse shaped area next door.]]
* NoCartoonFish: Well, none [[SubvertedTrope that aren't Dr. Gyoniku or his mecha-machines]].
* NonIndicativeName: Usagi, if you [[BilingualBonus know Japanese]].
* OddNameOut: Usagi again, being the one without "Nezumi" in the name. It helps he's the only non-rat in the group.
* PrisonEpisode: Delay Nezumi's stage is one of them, with all the feel of a standard medieval dungeon. Even the boss wears jailhouse stripes and has an ugly mug to match.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Wave Nezumi is the one female in the boss list. Also she's quite fond of MakingASplash.
** ViewerGenderConfusion: ...although some people believe she's a [[UnsettlingGenderReveal crossdressing]] [[WholesomeCrossdresser surfer dude]].
* ShoutOut:
** The first boss fight against Dr. Gyoniku is inside a ''VideoGame/DrMario'' screen.
** There's one to ''VideoGame/GhostsNGoblins'': [[spoiler:the Special Mode plays just like that game! It's called ''Gyonikumura'', because ''Makaimura'' is the original Japanese name of ''Ghosts 'n Goblins'']].
** Abe's (yes, the guy from ''Kuso Miso Technique'', better known as the ''yaranaika'' guy) crudely scribbled face appears on an enemy in Wave Nezumi's stage.
** Milky Nezumi has glasses suspiciously like those of [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]].
* StealthPun: Milky [[spoiler:Way]] Nezumi, the star-shooter.
* UnexpectedGameplayChange: [[spoiler:The Special stage you obtain when you complete the game.]]
* [[WidgetSeries Widget Game]]
* YouDirtyRat: Averted outright. All the rats in this game are actually likeable, especially Nezumi. The only true villains are apparently fishmen like Dr. Gyoniku.