NextGenTactics (NGT) is a website/Youtube Channel under the Game Station umbrella formally apart of Machinima started by Canadian gamers Gunns4Hire and Spiderbite (Gunns having since forfeited ownership to concentrate on his new channel youalwayswin and to allow NGT to return to its original "for the serious gamer" motto).

NGT affiliates past and present

Meatwagon22 minecraft and zombie contributor

theonlybentley minecraft and zombie contributor

hypermole aka mole237 zombie contributor


Mailace aka stirstickinmydrink (Gunns' wife)

kryptic (spider's newphew/summer intern)

Dcrucolin aka oplim77 battlefield contributor


other NGT Channels

NGTZombies a channel that was created for Call of Duty Zombies due to over saturation on the main channel. Attempts to bring other game with survival modes have not work and the channel is now almost all custom pc zombie maps on Call of Duty: World at War

NGTGames dead channel. Originally a channel to bring up-and-coming directors into focus reformatted as a place to put all of Spider's campaign videos has since died during his RAGE playthrough

NGTChallenges dead channel. Formally used as its namesake a channel for doing challenges died was revived as a channel that all of spider's raw live-stream footage and has since went under again

NGTMinecraft a channel that was created for Minecraft due to over saturation on the main channel. left for dead. given new life by Bentley and the Dumb & Dumber series, the latter simulcast on Nexgentactics in an attempt to promote NGTMinecraft. Bentley's production schedule and Gunns departure has this channel on life support

TheGUNNShop (Gunns main Channel left with him) This was originally a series on the Nextgentactics main channel and was shelved shortly after Gunns' heart surgery. This news and opinion series was revived when Gunns started to tire of Call of Duty: Black Ops and like NGTMincraft and NGTzombies before it got its own channel when it started to over saturate the main channel.