Less conventional ContemporaryRAndB with more {{Soul}}, and contemporary Jazz influences.

The term was coined by record executive Kedar Massenburg sometime late in TheNineties to describe the breakthrough artists in this period, namely Music/LaurynHill, Music/ErykahBadu, Music/{{DAngelo}}, and Music/{{Maxwell}}. The label NeoSoul itself isn't exactly embraced by many of these artists, mainly due to the "neo" part, as if {{Soul}} died at some point.

The music itself, while taking a page out of RAndB's mass appeal with the structure and sound, is still deeply rooted in Soul music. It is still subject to PopCultureIsolation, as it's almost exclusively played on urban/African-American radio and outlets and hasn't reached the heights back in late 1990s.

!!Artists generally under the NeoSoul label:
* Music/{{Adele}} (gradually moved towards more straightforward pop)
* Music/MarshaAmbrosius
* Music/ErykahBadu
* Music/{{Bilal}}
* Music/AloeBlacc
* [[Music/{{DAngelo}} D'Angelo]]
* Music/CeeLoGreen (solo career)
* Music/AnthonyHamilton
* Music/HeatherHeadley
* Music/LaurynHill
** ''Music/TheMiseducationOfLaurynHill'' (1998)
* {{Music/Christion}}
* Music/ChrisetteMichele
* Music/IndiaArie
* Music/{{Kem}}
* Music/JohnLegend
* Music/{{Maxwell}}
* Music/MeshellNdegeocello
* Music/JanelleMonae
* Frank Ocean
* Music/OutKast (also hip-hop, but leaned extremely heavily towards neo soul circa ''Aquemini'' and has always had elements of the genre)
* Anderson.Paak
* [[Music/ATribeCalledQuest Q-Tip]] (''Kamaal/The Abstract'')
* Music/CorinneBaileyRae
* Music/RaphaelSaadiq
* Music/JillScott
* Music/MusiqSoulchild
* Music/AngieStone
* Music/JossStone
* Music/JazmineSullivan
* Music/AmyWinehouse
** ''[[Music/FrankAlbum Frank]]'' (2003)
** ''Music/BackToBlack'' (2006)