You've followed a link to "Nemesis" this could refer to:

* A character's ''Arch'' nemesis/ main opponent, which is under '''ArchEnemy'''

Or it could refer to several works called ''Nemesis'', such as:

* The 1992 Cyberpunk film ''Film/{{Nemesis}}''.
* The 2009 Mark Millar comic ''Comicbook/{{Nemesis}}''.
* The Franchise/StarTrek Film ''Film/StarTrekNemesis''.
* The ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' episode "[[Recap/StarTrekVoyagerS4E4Nemesis Nemesis]]".
* The online roleplay titled ''Roleplay/{{Nemesis}}''.
* The book by Creator/IsaacAsimov, ''Literature/{{Nemesis}}''.
* The video game ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis''.
* The comic series ''ComicBook/NemesisTheWarlock''.
* The [[MarketBasedTitle European (and sometimes North American) market title]] for Konami's ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}}'' series.
* The YA superhero novel series ''[[Literature/NemesisSeries Nemesis]]'' by April Daniels.

Hopefully you can work out which one is wanted from the context. It'd be nice if you fixed the link to go direct to the correct page.