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->''"In heaven, all the policemen are [[BritishCoppers British]], all of the lovers are [[LatinLover Italian]], all of the chefs are [[SnailsAndSoOn French]], all of the cars are [[GermanicEfficiency German]], and the whole thing is run by the [[TheWatchmaker Swiss]].''
->''In hell, all of the policemen are [[AllGermansAreNazis German]], all of the lovers are [[GRatedSex Swiss]], all of the chefs are British, all of the cars are [[WalkingTechbane French]], and the whole thing is run by the [[TheMafia Italians]]."''
-->-- Traditional Joke

Stereotypes having to do with people of specific nationalities. Some of them are a little bit TruthInTelevision (certain others more so), due to having some basis in reality. But remember, nations are not [[PlanetOfHats Planets Of Hats]]. If anything, the true face of the country in question is often either not as expected or entirely different.

See also HollywoodAtlas, FunnyForeigner, and HollywoodCuisine, this trope applied to food. For stereotypical names for foreigners, see StockForeignName.

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1. We don't claim that all these types of behaviour are exclusively typical of these nationalities, only that they are very commonly either false or exaggerated perceptions of certain countries. Most of the time these images were created by popular books, comic strips, animated cartoons, films or propaganda, and other times promoted by the country in question. We're listing stereotypes here, which means that we list all these recurring caricatural ideas about other nationalities that can be found regularly in any work of fiction.

2. So no racist or discriminatory quotes claiming: "Hey this stereotype is actually true" or aggressive, offended comments like "Hey, my country or people are nothing like that!" Most countries depict their neighbouring countries as if they are all either lazy, evil, dumb, primitive, ugly or arrogant. Nothing new there and it proves that these stereotypical impressions about other countries are universal, rather than tied to one specific country.

3. We can also miss proud, arrogant, patriotic boasting remarks like "Our country is uniquely very good at this or that", which is usually also very narrow-minded nationalism. Behaviour cannot be restricted to an entire race, culture or country of people. Not all Americans are obese [[CrazySurvivalist gun freaks]], not all Britons are austere [[SpotOfTea tea lovers]], not all Frenchmen [[FrenchJerk are arrogant]] [[CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys cowards]], and not all Asians
[[AllAsiansKnowMartialArts are aphorism mumbling martial arts experts]]. Each country has claims to have their own specialties, unique drinking culture (beer, wine, tea, coffee,...) and a reputation for being hospitable.


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