Simply put, a mystery writer who solves actual crimes. After all, who better to unravel all the twists and turns of a mystery than someone who creates them for a living? Possibly a result of WriteWhatYouKnow.

Compare MostWritersAreWriters, InterdisciplinarySleuth. See also MysteryFiction and DetectiveFiction.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* The leads from ''Manga/KamenTantei'' kind of subvert this. Yes, they're mystery writers who investigate mysteries. But the female lead, especially, is a "fairplay" mystery writer living in a world where ghosts, psychic powers, "all a dream" endings and fictional characters come to life (including the title character) make it impossible to use logic and common sense to actually solve mysteries.
* ''Manga/DetectiveConan'': The protagonist's father, Yusaku Kudo, is a mystery writer who occasionally steps in to solve mysteries when his son is stumped.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Gabe Webb from ''ComicBook/TheMazeAgency''
* Kaye Daye, one of the [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Mystery Analysts of Gotham City]].

* In the 1959 film version of ''Theatre/TheBat'', Cornelia is rewritten as a mystery writer renting the mansion for some inspiration, which she gets in spades.

* Literature/ElleryQueen, whose adventures were further publicized by his two creators using the byline "Ellery Queen", is at least the TropeCodifier.
* Ariadne Oliver, a [[AuthorAvatar self-insert parody]] of Creator/AgathaChristie, is a mystery crime writer who occasionally gets involved with real murders.
* Harriet Vane from the Literature/LordPeterWimsey novels is another example.
* A case could be made for [[Literature/{{SherlockHolmes}} Dr. Watson]], as he writes stories about the crimes he helps solve.
* In Chris Ewan's ''Literature/TheGoodThiefsGuide'' series, Charlie Howard is a thief who solves murders who has written several mystery novels about Faulks, a thief who solves murders.
* In [[Creator/JohnDicksonCarr Carter Dickson]]'s ''And So To Murder'', William Cartwright is a detective novelist hired to work for a film studio, only to find some unknown person is trying to use his plots as actual murder methods.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Jessica Fletcher from ''Series/MurderSheWrote'' is the classic example.
* ''Series/{{Castle}}'' has the famous mystery novelist Richard Castle who work with Detective Kate Beckett (Katic) of the NYPD using his knowledge of criminal methodology to solve real crimes.
* ''Series/TheSnoopSisters'' aired monthly as part of the WheelProgram ''NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie''. In it, A spinster and her widowed sister, who are both mystery writers solved crimes.
* Temperance Brennan, from ''Series/{{Bones}}''. She writes mystery novels, and she also helps solve crime. Although her career as a forensic anthropologist is probably more important to her ability to solve crimes than her [[InformedAbility alleged skill as a writer]].
* [=McGee=] on ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' is a special agent, who wrote a best selling novel... that he would have preferred his coworkers never found out about. Later on, he was able to use his fame to get into a club that other undercover agents couldn't get in to.
* Maxwell Beckett ([[Series/TheEqualizer Edward Woodward]]) in ''Series/OverMyDeadBody''

[[folder: Radio]]
* Paul Temple from ''SendForPaulTemple'', plus its various spin-off films, television series, novels and comic strips.
* BBC Radio show ''Radio/FoulPlay'' pitted three mystery writers to guess who's the murderer in the short skit they presented.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Reggie becomes this due to the number of murders he helps solve in ''WebVideo/WhereTheBearsAre''.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* A Real Life partial example might be Sir Creator/ArthurConanDoyle. From The Other Wiki: "Conan Doyle was also a fervent advocate of justice and personally investigated two closed cases, which led to two men being exonerated of the crimes of which they were accused." See [[ here]].
** Granted, Conan Doyle had actual forensic training, and he had been a detective and lecturer himself before writing the SherlockHolmes stories.