Mutsumi Tamura is a seiyuu from Aomori. Her specialty is voicing younger boys, and if the character was her own gender, the tendency is that it most likely to be an action girl.

!!Roles by Mutsumi Tamura include:
* young Alibaba in ''Manga/MagiLabyrinthOfMagic''
* The younger Jintan in ''AnoHana''
* Jonah Mar in ''{{Manga/Jormungand}}''
* young Kakashi in ''{{Naruto Shippuden}}'' and the fourth Naruto movie.
* Kio Kakazu in ''LightNovel/AsobiNiIkuYo''
* young Luke and Asch in ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'' anime.
* Sonya in ''KillMeBaby''
* Yanari in ''{{Karneval}}''