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->''"Even the stuff that isnít epic IS.....STILL.....TOTALLY.....EPIIIIIIIIIIC!!!!!"''
-->-- ''Boomerang promo for'' '''My Knight & Me'''

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When you think about it, the vast majority of things we do in our everyday life are incredibly {{boring|but practical}}. Sports games? A bunch of people throw a ball around. Lunch? You put food in your mouth and chew it. [[BreadEggsMilkSquick Sex?]] A couple of people rub their genitals together. Talk about dull.

In the world of fiction, however, this kind of mundanity simply will not do (unless you're such a good writer that you can pull it off). This is ''especially'' noticeable when plot-relevant events of ''huge importance" are going on! Looks like we need some editing work from Doctor Fabulous if this is gonna get anywhere. To an otherwise mundane scene, we will thus add

* [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic Gripping orchestral music]] (bonus points for {{ominous Latin chanting}})
* [[LightingTropes Dramatic lighting]]
* {{Repeat cut}}s abound
* Extreme close-ups
* [[ChewingTheScenery Exaggerated expressions]] and [[MilkingTheGiantCow gestures]]
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Excessive intonation in speech]]
* [[{{Overcrank}} Slow motion]], often SlowMotionDrop or SlowMotionFall

...And all of a sudden, we've got something ''exciting''. Well, in theory anyway. [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife Simply by reading this page]], you've made it substantially more obvious to yourself when the film editor is just using these disclaimers to screw with your emotions, and indeed, overuse of these tone-changers will be obvious to nearly anyone. Of course, effective use of this trope will [[RuleOfCool blind the viewer]] with sheer awesome to the point that they won't notice.

{{Large Ham}}s are the living embodiments of this trope. This trope is highly likely to contain {{Melodrama}}. When this gets overdone, you often end up with {{Bathos}} (which becomes {{Narm}} if not done on purpose).

Compare FencePainting when this technique is used by a character in-universe to draw peoples' attention to otherwise boring actions. See also MundaneUtility (for ''awesome'' tools that are used to do mundane things), InvisibilityFlicker (which reminds you that stealth and awesome don't mix, except when ninjas are involved), HairFlip (a common way of making a small head movement dramatic), and MundaneObjectAmazement (more focused on characters being amazed by mundane objects). Contrast with UnusuallyUninterestingSight.

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