Multiform Balance occurs when creators take care to make each multiple form of a {{Shapeshifter}}, such as a HenshinHero, a SwissArmyHero or a MorphWeapon-type SwissArmyWeapon, useful in its own way. The easiest way to do this is to make each one suited for a certain tactical situation or to use certain tactics. For example a werewolf doing a PartialTransformation to WolfMan may not be able to talk, but can still use weapons and has greater strength than a man, but isn't as fast as a wolf.

In essence, it's applying CompetitiveBalance between each of the character (or weapon)'s forms. In fact, the character types laid out in Competitive Balance or other power balancing tropes can be quite useful in describing the character's forms. To be precise, the "balance" usually only apply to "basic" forms, with JokeCharacter form is only used when the character doesn't have access to the basic forms. LightningBruiser and SuperMode are mostly a MidSeasonUpgrade and [[NextTierPowerUp superior to basic forms in every aspect]], ''if'' the balance also apply to these forms, it's usually by making them DeadlyUpgrade, LimitBreak, HourOfPower or AwesomeButImpractical.

Related to StanceSystem, which each forms being considered as different "stances". May overlap with EvolutionPowerup, especially if [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands new forms are gained/discovered as the plot demands]], although MultiformBalance can switch back and forth. When HumongousMecha use this trope, it's usually done with MechaExpansionPack or TransformingMecha. May also be done with ShedArmorGainSpeed.
!! Examples:


[[folder:''Kamen Rider'']]
This trope is a tradition for modern ''Franchise/KamenRider'' series.
* ''Series/KamenRiderBlackRX'' actually kicked off the trope at the end of the original Showa era. Black RX has three forms:
** '''Black RX''': The default [[JackOfAllStats balanced form]].
** '''Robo Rider''': The MightyGlacier with [[SuperToughness high defense]] and armed with a powerful [[{{Handgun}} Vortech Shooter]], but his robotic movement is sluggish.
** '''Bio Rider''': A combination of FragileSpeedster and StoneWall, with nimble movement and ability to transform into gel which makes him almost invincible. But his Bio Blade is weak, the armor is thin, and it's hinted that he's weak against heat while in gel state.[[note]]During a fight against [[ArchEnemy Shadow Moon]] he uses the gel transformation to escape from Shadow Moon's grab, then Shadow Moon uses Shadow Beam to heat up the ground around him instead of attacking him directly. It forces him to switch back to humanoid form, clearly injured.[[/note]]
* ''Series/KamenRiderKuuga'' acts as the franchise's TropeCodifier, setting the pattern for future series:
** Kuuga has four basic forms.
*** '''Mighty''': The [[JackOfAllStats balanced form]].
*** '''Dragon''': [[FragileSpeedster Fast and can jump very high but has the least protective armor]], and is so weak that he needs a [[SimpleStaff Dragon Staff]] to injure an enemy.
*** '''Pegasus''': Has SuperSenses capable of perceiving ultraviolet light and ultrasonic sound, but even with focus training Kuuga can only use this form for 2 minutes before suffering from SensoryOverload. It's armed with a Pegasus Bowgun which [[GlassCannon shoots out a powerful air blast but has to be reloaded after every shot]].
*** '''Titan''': MightyGlacier, with high strength to wield the [[CoolSword Titan Sword]] and strong protection from ArmorOfInvincibility, but the sword and armor are so heavy that it's the slowest form. Despite its high defense, the armor still leaves some area exposed so the enemy can exploit AttackItsWeakPoint.
*** All of the basic forms later get a MidSeasonUpgrade as '''Rising''' forms that boost their stats[[note]]Rising Mighty just gets an overall stat boost, Rising Dragon has increased speed and the Rising Dragon Rod now has [[BladeOnAStick blades on both ends]], Rising Pegasus has better SuperSenses and the Rising Pegasus Bowgun can shoot repeatedly, and Rising Titan has increased strength and bigger swords that he can [[DualWielding use two at once]][[/note]] but they're more of a LimitBreak that only lasts for 30 seconds, and the power can [[DestructiveSavior cause serious collateral damage to civilians]].
** He also has three unusual forms:
*** '''Growing''': The weakest, only used when he doesn't get access to other forms.[[note]]The first time because he lacks the resolve of a warrior and later when he's still weakened from a near-death state, we also see him revert to this form briefly after his SensoryOverload from Pegasus Form[[/note]] Usually regarded as useless but proven to be [[NerfArm capable of fighting, just not being good at it]].
*** '''Amazing Mighty''': LightningBruiser, with an overall stat boost from Rising Mighty Form.
*** '''Ultimate''': [[EleventhHourSuperpower Used in the last battle]], [[SuperMode superior to everything before it in every respect]] but it's a SuperpoweredEvilSide and can corrupt him into an evil being.
** An AlternateUniverse version of Kuuga appears in ''Series/KamenRiderDecade''; while he never achieves the Rising upgrades or Amazing Mighty form that the original did, he can take Ultimate form UpToEleven with the even more powerful '''Rising Ultimate Form'''. Then the hobby magazine story ''S.I.C. Hero Saga'' took it even further and introduced '''Super Rising Ultimate Form''' as a result of Series/KamenRiderStronger and Series/KamenRiderOOO super-charging Kuuga with electricity, which makes him potentially the strongest Kamen Rider ever to exist.
* ''Series/KamenRiderAgito'': Agito has three basic forms and three super forms.
** '''Ground''': WordOfGod labels it as [[JackOfAllStats the "Balance" form]], but official stats indicate it has [[GlassCannon the lowest defense but high attack power]].
** '''Storm''': Faster and has better armor than the Ground form, but has a weaker attack.
** '''Fire''': Has SuperSenses and the best defense among basic forms, but is also slower. Its attack power is in the middle between Storm and Ground Forms.
** '''Trinity''': The LightningBruiser that [[AllYourPowersCombined combines the advantages of the basic forms]].
** '''Burning''': [[MightyGlacier Stronger and has better defense than Trinity Form but is much slower]].
** '''Shining''': SuperMode. Is as strong as Burning Form but is also the fastest. The downside is that he usually has to activate this form by exposing the Burning Form to sunlight to ShedArmorGainSpeed.
%%* ''Series/KamenRiderRyuki'': Ryuki has three forms, but technically only uses two:
%%** '''Blank''': This was the first form Ryuki started off with. It's a JokeCharacter allowing Ryuki to stay in the Mirror World, but comes with very low stats and a CoolSword, which [[BreakableWeapons broke upon usage]].
%%** '''Ryuki''': This is the second form Ryuki recieves after making a contract with his Contract Monster Dragredder. It is a JackOfAllStats form, improving and balancing Ryuki's stats. This is his default form and it gives Ryuki [[PlayingWithFire the power of flames]] and allows him to use the weapons on Dragredder's body, [[CoolSword Drag Saber]], [[BreathWeapon Drag Claw]], and [[ShieldBash Drag Shields]]. He can also summon Dragredder to [[AssistCharacter assist]] him in battle.
%%** '''Survive''': This is the third and final form of Ryuki after receiving the Survive Rekka Advent Card. It is Ryuki's SuperMode form, greatly increasing his stats. He uses the [[SwissArmyWeapon Drag Visor-Zwei]] as his main weapon and can transform Dragredder into a CoolBike.
* ''Series/KamenRider555'': Faiz has three forms that he uses in the show:
** '''Faiz Armor''': This is Faiz's default form and a JackOfAllStats.
** '''Faiz Axel Form''': Faiz's secondary form and a LightningBruiser. Accessed via the Faiz Axel Watch device and Mission Memory, this form allows Faiz to use SuperSpeed and create new finishing techniques, such as chaining together several [[FinishingMove Crimson Smash]] kicks. The only setback is that this form can only be used for 10 real-time seconds.
** '''Faiz Blaster Form''': Faiz's third and [[SuperMode final form]]. It is even more powerful than the previous forms that Faiz used. It's finishing moves are devastating, and he is also equipped with the [[SwissArmyWeapon Faiz Blaster]] and the [[ShoulderCannon Bloody Cannons]].
* ''Series/KamenRiderKabuto'':
** Most of the Riders have two forms:
*** '''Masked''': Technically a MightyGlacier with heavy armor and high strength, but is slow. However, since Worms can move with SuperSpeed, in practice Masked Form [[JokeCharacter is useless against anything stronger than]] {{Mooks}}.
*** '''Rider''': Technically a FragileSpeedster, made by [[ShedArmorGainSpeed removing much of the armor of the Masked Form]] and adding SuperSpeed capability. As noted, since SuperSpeed is needed to fight Worms effectively, this is their main form in practice.
*** Gatack emphasizes the strength of both forms with his weapons. In Masked Form he has a pair of {{Shoulder Cannon}}s that can tear through group of mooks with ease but has no chance to hit anything with SuperSpeed, so his Rider Form is instead armed with [[DualWielding a pair of swords]].
** Kabuto also gets a '''[[SuperMode Hyper Form]]''' that is more powerful and even faster than Rider Form, but it requires MidSeasonUpgrade [[TransformationTrinket Hyper Zecter]] to activate. Gatack later gets his own Hyper Form in a DVD, but it may or may not be canon to the series.
* ''Series/KamenRiderDenO'':
** Den-O's forms are tied to which allied Imagin is [[DemonicPossession possessing him]] at the moment:
*** '''Plat Form''' ([[JustForPun geddit?]]): The base form of the Aura Armor, used when Ryotaro is acting on his own without any Imagin. Almost useless in a fight ([[JokeCharacter but it doesn't stop Ryotaro from trying and get his ass kicked though]]).
*** '''Sword''': Possessed by Momotaros. This is the [[JackOfAllStats balanced form]].
*** '''Rod''': Possessed by Urataros. Has [[StoneWall high defense but low offense]]. This form is [[OlympicSwimmer good for aquatic combat]], and the [=DenGasher=] rod mode has [[YouWillNotEvadeMe the power of capturing an escaping enemy]].
*** '''Ax''': Possessed by Kintaros. [[MightyGlacier Slow but strong]], and has [[SuperToughness the best defense]].
*** '''Gun''': Possessed by Ryutaros. [[LightningBruiser Faster than Sword Form and armed with a powerful DenGahser gun mode]]. Ryutaros also incorporates break dancing into his fighting style, making it [[ConfusionFu hard to predict]]. However, Ryutaros's trigger-happy carelessness tends to cause serious collateral damage.
*** '''Wing''': Possessed by Sieg. [[LightningBruiser Even faster than Gun Form]] and armed with [[DualWielding a combination of a boomerang and a handaxe]]. But Sieg is the SixthRanger of the group, often not available, and [[TheFriendNobodyLikes the team loathe him]]. His arrogant attitude also makes him prone to making mistakes in battle.[[note]]For example, he usually puts his hands behind his waist during a fight[[/note]]
*** '''Climax''': [[AllYourPowersCombined Combines powers of the four Taros into one form]]. This form requires a [[TransformationTrinket Climax Cellphone K-Taros]], and all four Taros need to work together controlling a single body.
*** '''Super Climax''': [[UpToEleven Even more powerful than Climax Form]], at the cost of fusing with [[TheFriendNobodyLikes Sieg]]. This one only appears in spinoff movies.
*** '''Liner''': After some CharacterDevelopment, Ryotaro can use the [[CoolSword DenKamen Sword]] to transform into this form without being possessed by Imagin. It's the fastest form and relatively stronger than most, except Climax Form. The downside is Ryotaro's low combat skill, which is remedied to a degree as he can select one of the Taros to advice him through the [=DenKamen Sword=], allowing him to [[DittoFighter utilize their fighting style depend of the situation]].
** [[TheLancer Zeronos]]:
*** '''Altair''': His default [[JackOfAllStats balance form]]. Also, Deneb is independent from Zeronos in this form and can assist him otherwise.
*** '''Vega''': Fused with Deneb. Becomes [[MightyGlacier slower but stronger]] as well as gaining [[SuperToughness improved defense]] and being equipped with a powerful set of {{Shoulder Cannon}}s.
*** '''Zero''': Transformed by using the Red Zeronos card. [[LightningBruiser Marginally weaker than Vaga Form but much faster than Altair Form]] and equipped with a powerful Denebick Buster gun (which can qualify as both {{BFG}} and GatlingGood).
* ''Series/KamenRiderKiva''
** Kiva:
*** '''Kiva''': The default form with [[JackOfAllStats balanced stats]] and high jump power that makes him good with an acrobatic aerial fighting style.
*** '''Garulu''': Transformed by using [[CoolSword Garulu Saber]]. Has the fastest land speed and a stronger kick in exchange for lower arm strength.
*** '''Basshaa''': Transformed by using [[{{Handgun}} Basshaa Magum]] and has [[SuperSenses sharp vision]] to make better use of it. Marginally faster than Kiva Form but weaker in everything else. However, this form is [[OlympicSwimmer good for aquatic combat]] and capable of creating water even on dry land.
*** '''Dogga''': Transformed by using [[DropTheHammer Dogga Hammer]]. He gains SuperStrength to wield it and heavy armor. [[MightyGlacier Naturally, this costs him speed]].
*** '''[=DoGaBaKi=]''': Transformed by [[AllYourPowersCombined using all three Arms Monsters at once]] and can use all three weapons at once. Has higher kick power than basic forms, but weaker arm strength than Dogga, slower than Garulu, and lower jump than Kiva. This form also causes high physical stress, so it can only safely activate for 5 minutes.
*** '''Emperor''': SuperMode activated by having Tatsulot remove his PowerLimiter. Superior to the basic forms in almost every respect[[note]]the sole exception is speed, which is slower than Garulu[[/note]] and can use the Arms Monsters without transforming as well as the new [[CoolSword Zanvat Sword]].
*** '''[=DoGaBaKi=] Emperor''': A non-canon form only seen in a DVD. Activated by transforming into Emperor Form while in [=DoGaBaKi=] Form. Supposedly it's [=DoGaBaKi=] Form [[PaletteSwap with Emperor Form's combat abilities]].
*** '''Emperor Bat'''[[note]]also known as Flight Style[[/note]]: [[PowerUpgradingDeformation Transforms from Emperor Form]] into a [[BatOutOfHell bat monster]]. [[{{Flight}} Can fly]] at a speed over mach 3.4 and is powerful enough to engage in a fight against a [[{{Kaiju}} Sabbat]].
** On surface, [[TheRival Ixa]] seems to use NextTierPowerUp with each form (Save Mode > Burst Mode > Rising Ixa) being stronger than before. However, the Save Mode has its use as fail-safe to the Burst Mode by lowering the PoweredArmor's output and disabling some functions to stabilize the system. It's just that after 22 years of development, Ver.X armor's Burst Mode is reliable enough.
* ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'':
** Decade's loaded thanks to PowerCopying other riders, primarily the nine preceding him, and most of ''their'' forms (he doesn't get their upgraded LightningBruiser or SuperMode forms, with one exception, nor that he gets their JokeCharacter forms either). As the stats and abilities of Riders differ from series to series, here're some notable ones:
*** Faiz Axel form functions as a substitute for Kabuto's SuperSpeed.
*** Den-O's four basic forms are {{Joke Character}}s at first. All they do is cause Decade to strike a pose and say their CatchPhrase.
** Decade also has two {{Super Mode}}s:
*** '''Complete''': In addition to the usual stat boost, it also has the ability to summon previous Riders' {{Super Mode}}s to assist him in attacking.
*** '''Violent Emotion''': A SuperpoweredEvilSide that's used when Decade fulfills his role as the destroyer of worlds. It allows him to use the powers and tools of other riders without changing to other forms.
* ''Series/KamenRiderDouble''
** Double: A little more complicated than usual, due to being a FusionDance with mix-and-match ComboPlatterPowers of Shotaro's "body" Gaia Memory and Philip's "soul" Gaia Memory, with each side providing half the form's stats and abilities.
*** '''Cyclone''': One of the soul Gaia Memories. Fast and has [[BlowYouAway the power to control air]].
*** '''Heat''': One of the soul Gaia Memories. Increasing attack power and has [[PlayingWithFire the power to control fire]].
*** '''Luna''': One of the soul Gaia Memories. Has the power to change the shape of their body and attack, [[ConfusionFu allowing Double to attack from an unusual angle]].
*** '''Joker''': One of the body Gaia Memories. [[JackOfAllStats A balanced unarmed fighter]].
*** '''Metal''': One of the body Gaia Memories. A MightyGlacier with SuperToughness and SuperStrength, but slower than Joker. Armed with a [[SimpleStaff Metal Shaft]].
*** '''Trigger''': One of the body Gaia Memories. TheGunslinger with [[SuperSenses superior eyesight]] and stable feet, but does poorly in close combat.
** Beyond the basic combo, there are following extra forms.
*** '''[=FangJoker=]''': A combination of Philip's Fang Memory and Shotaro's Joker Memory. [[LightningBruiser Stronger than the normal combinations]]. However, this form uses Philip's body instead of Shotaro's, and his weak physical body means it can't be used for long periods of time, and he might [[TheBerserker lose control of himself when using this form]][[note]][=FangMetal=] and [=FangTrigger=] combinations are theoretically possible, but WordOfGod says they're less stable and would guarantee losing control.[[/note]].
*** '''[=CycloneJokerXtreme=]''': The SuperMode of [=CycloneJoker=]. Linked to the database of the Earth via Xtreme Memory, this form can analyze and counter the enemy with the best tactic. It has lower strength than [=FangJoker=] but armed with Prism Bicker, a combination of a CoolSword and [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe a shield]] that can utilize the power of four Gaia Memories to perform [[FinishingMove Maximum Drive]].
*** '''[=CycloneJokerGoldXtreme=]''': Takes [=CycloneJokerXtreme=] UpToEleven with {{flight}} ability. Only appears in TheMovie.
*** Late in the story, Shotaro can transform into '''Kamen Rider Joker''' using just the Joker Memory, although he's [[MasterOfNone weaker than Double]].
** [[TheLancer Accel]]:
*** '''Accel''': The default form. A downplayed version of MightyGlacier with high strength. While he isn't as nimble as his other forms, he is in no way sluggish and can morph into a motorcycle for speed.
*** '''Accel Trial''': Gains SuperSpeed[[note]]fast enough to dodge lightning[[/note]] by [[ShedArmorGainSpeed removing much of the armor of the default form]]. Although his strength is greatly reduced, this is remedied by his [[DeathOfAThousandCuts rapid-overwhelming attacks]]. Naturally, [[FragileSpeedster his defense is low]].
*** '''Accel Booster''': Uses Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter to power-up the Accel Memory. Most of Accel Booster's stats are between the default form and Accel Trial. This form has jet boosters all over his body, making him incredibly nimble in air, and easily make up for lower strength with the boosters' acceleration.
* ''Series/KamenRiderOOO'' takes Double's ComboPlatterPowers UpToEleven and therefore is '''WAY''' too varied to list all the possibilities. In order to keep things simple, listed below are just his matched combos.
** '''[=TaToBa=][[note]]Taka-Tora-Batta, meaning "Hawk-Tiger-Grasshopper"[[/note]] Combo''': Actually a MasterOfNone and fairly well-balanced since it combines three different types of Medals: it has a Hawk's [[SuperSenses superior eyesight]], Tiger-inspired WolverineClaws, and Grasshopper legs that let him [[InASingleBound leap incredible distances]].
** '''[=GataKiriBa=][[note]]Kuwagata-Kamiriki-Batta, "Stag Beetle-Mantis-Grasshopper"[[/note]] Combo''': A JackOfAllStats that's more agile than [=TaToBa=] but slightly weaker; however, it gains the ability to [[ShockAndAwe emit electricity]] from the Stag Beetle horns, [[BladeBelowTheShoulder Mantis blades]] on its forearms, and the ability to [[DoppelgangerAttack create a seemingly unlimited number of duplicates]][[note]]This power demonstrates its GameBreaker potential in TheMovie, where the duplicates promptly transform into ''other'' Combos, allowing all of OOO's primary forms to fight together[[/note]]. It doesn't get used too often, with the InUniverse explanation that Eiji has a hard time getting back down to a single body (and the RealLife explanation that the duplication effect was prohibitively expensive).
** '''[=LaToraTah=][[note]]Lion-Tora-Cheetah, "Lion-Tiger-Cheetah"[[/note]] Combo''': A FragileSpeedster thanks to the Cheetah legs giving him incredible SuperSpeed (it can run the 100-meter dash in 0.222 milliseconds) at the cost of armor and the Lion head can emit a searing blast of light.
** '''[=SaGohZou=][[note]]Sai-Gorilla-Zou, "Rhino-Gorilla-Elephant"[[/note]] Combo''': A MightyGlacier with all three of its parts (Rhino head, Gorilla arms, Elephant legs) able to deliver incredibly powerful strikes and even possessing a degree of [[GravityMaster gravity manipulation]]. As one might expect, its drawbacks are being incredibly slow and short-ranged (aside from its RocketPunch attack) and its limbs being so heavy that Eiji actually has a hard time fighting properly initially.
** '''[=TaJaDol=][[note]]Taka-Kujaku-Condor, "Hawk-Peacock-Condor"[[/note]] Combo''': A LightningBruiser thanks to the Peacock body granting the abilities of {{Flight}}, the fireball-launching [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe Taja Spinner shield]], and FeatherFlechettes and the Condor legs giving him talons. Despite being a MidSeasonUpgrade, [=TaJaDol=] is sometimes considered OOO's SuperMode since, unlike the more powerful [=PuToTyra=] Combo, Eiji can use it ''without'' becoming TheBerserker (plus he's thematically tied to it since the Bird Greeed, Ankh, is his ally).
** '''[=ShaUTa=][[note]]Shachi-Unagi-Tako, "Killer Whale-Eel-Octopus"[[/note]] Combo''': A SquishyWizard, being physically weaker than the other combos but being incredible within its element (underwater combat) thanks to powers like the Killer Whale head's [[KillItWithWater water blasts]], [[ElementalShapeshifter ability to turn into water]], Electric Eel [[WhipItGood whips]], and Octopus legs that can perform [[RapidFireFisticuffs rapid-fire kicks]].
** '''[=PuToTyra=][[note]]Ptera-Tricera-Tyranno[[/note]] Combo''': OOO's primary SuperMode, possessing power and speed beyond any other combo and the incredibly important ability to [[spoiler:destroy Core Medals, meaning it's the only thing capable of destroying Greeeds permanently]]. However, it has major drawbacks like [[TheBerserker driving Eiji into a berserker frenzy]] and [[spoiler:gradually turning him into a Greeed himself]].
** OOO's [[TheMovie movies]] introduce a number of exclusive forms that didn't turn up in the show, but occasionally pop up in crossovers.
*** '''[=BuraKaWani=][[note]]Cobra-Kame-Wani, "Cobra-Turtle-Crocodile"[[/note]] Combo''': A StoneWall, with powerful Turtle shields on its forearms and the Cobra head capable of generating a HealingPotion-like substance.
*** '''[=TaMaShii=][[note]]Taka-Imagin-Shocker[[/note]] Combo''': A FightingClown, giving OOO the power of [[Series/KamenRiderDenO Momotaros]] and [[Series/KamenRider Shocker]]. It's technically more powerful than any of the combos aside from [=TaJaDol=] and [=PuToTyra=], but only does one thing (launching a KamehameHadoken) before the Imagin and Shocker Medals dissolved due to [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong history being corrected]].
*** '''Super [=TaToBa=]''': A new SuperMode, an [[UpToEleven enhanced]] version of the original [=TaToBa=]. It's even more powerful than [=PuToTyra=] Combo in all regards except punching strength, and it grants OOO SuperSpeed that verges on {{Teleportation}} as a result of being time-displaced.
*** When a collector's version of the TransformationTrinket was released years later, it took Medals that were programmed into the original toy and referenced (but not used by OOO) in canon and arranged them into five new Combos; however, rather than fitting a traditional multi-form structure these forms were designed with specific combat roles in mind. '''[=BiKaSo=][[note]]Ebi-Kani-Sasori, "Shrimp-Crab-Scorpion"[[/note]] Combo''' is a CloseRangeCombatant, the '''[=ShiGazeShi=][[note]]Shika-Gazelle-Ushi, "Deer-Gazelle-Bull"[[/note]] Combo''' is about equal to [=TaToBa=] Combo but more focused on ground combat, '''[=MukaChiRi=][[note]]Mukade-Hachi-Ari, "Centipede-Bee-Ant"[[/note]] Combo''' was designed to perform assassinations, '''[=SeiShiroGuin=][[note]]Seiuchi-Shirokuma-Penguin, "Walrus-Polar Bear-Penguin"[[/note]] Combo''' was made to operate in cold climates, '''[=SaRaMuio=][[note]]Same-Kujira-Ookamiuo, "Shark-Whale-Wolffish"[[/note]] Combo''' was made for underwater melee combat.
* [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Fourze]] doesn't quite fit the standard conventions of this trope:
** '''Base States''': A JackOfAllStats, being a basic no-frills form without any kind of specialization.
** '''Elek States''': Somewhere between a StoneWall and a MagicKnight, possessing physical power equal to Base States but better defense and an electrified club with a number of useful functions.
** '''Fire States''': A MightyGlacier, gaining power and a fireball-shooting gun but losing speed and mobility.
** '''Magnet States''': The MidSeasonUpgrade, but unlike most Riders' {{Lightning Bruiser}}s this one is an [[UpToEleven even greater]] MightyGlacier than Fire States, armed with {{Shoulder Cannon}}s but being even slower and less agile. It has the further disadvantage of being unable to use any of Fourze's arm-based weapons, since the TransformationTrinket for Magnet States takes up both the right and left arm slots (other form changes only use the right).
** '''Cosmic States''': Fourze's SuperMode...but only just, since its stats are better than any other form but not by an incredible amount like other Riders. However, it possesses three important abilities: the power to [[FusionDance combine two Astroswitches' powers]] (for example, Freeze plus Launcher lets him fire missiles that freeze the opponent solid), the ability to generate [[ThinkingUpPortals portals]] (making it that much easier to drag MonstersOfTheWeek out to space so their [[StuffBlowingUp defeat explosions]] can't cause collateral damage), and a CoolSword that can be powered up with arm-based Astroswitches (which crosses over with the combination power).
** '''Rocket States''': A movie-feature form (though it does make one appearance in the series later) purer StoneWall, gaining punching power but with the increased weight making it the slowest of Fourze's forms. Its primary advantage is that it grants him {{Flight}}, but doing so takes up both of his arms.
** '''Rocket Drill States''': A DVD exclusive variation on Rocket States, it has more agility than Rocket but exchanges its kick strength for a lot more punching power.
** '''Meteor Fusion States''': A movie-exclusive alternate SuperMode, combining the power of Cosmic States with those of [[TheLancer Kamen Rider Meteor]]. It's slightly stronger than Cosmic States but a little slower, but grants Gentaro the fighting skills of [[BruceLeeClone Meteor]] and his Meteor Galaxy gauntlet with its three planet-themed attacks. A later movie introduces [[UpToEleven the more powerful]] '''Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States''', which adds Gentaro's LoveInterest Nadeshiko and the power of Rocket States (which she created) to the mix.
* ''Series/KamenRiderWizard''
** Wizard has four basic forms.
*** '''Flame Style''': The [[JackOfAllStats balanced form]] and has [[PlayingWithFire the power to control fire]].
*** '''Water Style''': [[SquishyWizard Physically weaker than Flame Style, but has higher magic power]] and [[MakingASplash the power to control water]].
*** '''Hurricane Style''': Even weaker than Water Style, but is very fast and [[BlowYouAway has the power to control air]], including a {{flight}} ability.
*** '''Land Style''': A MightyGlacier with high strength and defense, but is slow. [[DishingOutDirt Has the power to control earth]].
*** All of the basic forms later get a MidSeasonUpgrade as '''Dragon Style''' forms that strengthen their stats in almost every way except land speed[[note]]and Land Dragon also has lower jumping power than Land Style[[/note]]. All except Flame Dragon also add a new element under their control: [[AnIcePerson ice]] for Water Dragon, [[ShockAndAwe thunder]] for Hurricane Dragon, and [[GravityMaster gravity]] for Land Dragon.
** Wizard also has two super forms in the series:
*** '''All Dragon''': Using all powers of the [=WizarDragon=], [[AllYourPowersCombined this form combines the power of the four Dragon Styles]]. [[LightningBruiser It is as fast as Hurricane Dragon but much stronger than everything before it]].
*** '''Infinity Style''': SuperMode transformed by using the Hope Wizard Ring. Although most of its stats are lower than All Dragon, it can manipulate time for SuperSpeed, is [[SuperToughness protected by armor harder than diamond]], and is armed with a powerful [[AnAxeToGrind AxCalibur]].
** The following forms only appear in tie-in movies.
*** '''Special Rush''': A precursor to All Dragon, being a weaker PaletteSwap of that form that only has power over the fire element.
*** '''Infinity Dragon''': Taking All Dragon and Infinity Style UpToEleven by [[AllYourPowersCombined combining them together]].
*** '''Infinity Dragon Gold''': Yet [[SerialEscalation even more powerful version]] and GoldenSuperMode of Infinity Dragon.
** Beast generally doesn't do full form changes, but can instead equip Mantles that shift his stats around and offer unique abilities. Without one, he's a JackOfAllStats.
*** The '''Falco Mantle''' makes Beast faster and gives him the power of {{Flight}}, but is generally weaker and thus used more for mobility than battle.
*** The '''Chameleo Mantle''' grants a few unique tricks like {{Invisibility}}, improved climbing, and a MultipurposeTongue, but is slow and thus better suited to mopping up {{Mooks}} than fighting MonstersOfTheWeek.
*** The '''Buffa Mantle''' is the [[MightyGlacier strongest, toughest, and consequently slowest]] of Beast's Mantles; it also uses up a lot of Mana so it can't be used too often.
*** The '''Dolphi Mantle''' is Beast's fastest Mantle and grants improved swimming abilities, but is more noted for its ability to heal injuries and poisons. Since it doesn't come up often (and uses a fair bit of Mana), this Mantle doesn't get used very often.
*** '''Beast Hyper''' is Beast's SuperMode that does give him a full form change. In exchange for the use of his Mantles, it doubles his attack strength.
* ''Series/KamenRiderGaim'':
** [[TheHero Gaim]]'s forms:
*** '''Orange Arms''' is a JackOfAllStats, the base level in all regards and armed with an orange-themed CoolSword. During a DVD-exclusive episode, it temporarily gets enhanced and becomes '''Fresh Orange Arms''' a LightningBruiser with strength similar to Jinba Arms (it has a little less attack power than Jinba, but is faster and can jump slightly higher).
*** '''Pine[[note]]short for Pineapple[[/note]] Arms''' is a MightyGlacier, gaining punching power and an EpicFlail in exchange for speed and mobility.
*** '''Ichigo[[note]]Strawberry[[/note]] Arms''' is a FragileSpeedster, losing power and gaining speed and agility plus [[StockNinjaWeaponry kunai]]
*** '''Jinba[[note]]short for ''jinbaori'', a samurai garment[[/note]] Arms''' is a LightningBruiser with a caveat. It's technically four forms in one depending on which Energy Lockseed is used; while they all have the same base stats each one possesses its own specialization. '''Jinba Lemon''' is physically stronger, '''Jinba Cherry''' has SuperSpeed, and '''Jinba Peach''' has SuperSenses; '''Jinba Melon''' only appeared as lineart and toys, so its specialty is unknown.
*** '''Kachidoki[[note]]Triumph[[/note]] Arms''' is a mix of MightyGlacier and StoneWall, being incredibly slow but with higher power and exceptional armor. It's also armed with the DJ Gun, which can function like a machine gun, shotgun, or cannon.
*** '''Kiwami[[note]]Extreme[[/note]] Arms''' is a traditional SuperMode, losing some of Kachidoki's armor power but regaining normal levels of mobility. Its specialty is the power of SpontaneousWeaponCreation, letting him summon ''any'' of the other Riders' weapons either to fight as a WalkingArmory or to fling them at an enemy as a sort of FlechetteStorm. And he still has the DJ Gun from Kachidoki Arms with all of its functions.
** [[TheRival Baron]]'s forms:
*** '''Banana Arms''' is Baron's JackOfAllStats, being the most balanced of his forms, but being more offensively-oriented than Gaim Orange Arms.
*** '''Mango Arms''' is a mix of MightyGlacier and GlassCannon, gaining punching power and a rather nasty-looking [[CarryABigStick mace]], but being as slow as Gaim Pine Arms and having poor defense.
*** '''Lemon Energy Arms''' is Baron's LightningBruiser form, stronger than Mango Arms and faster than Banana Arms, plus gaining a multipurpose [[ArcherArchetype bow with bladed limbs]].
*** Later in the series he gets a Super Mode, but not by gaining a new Rider form: [[spoiler:he becomes an Overlord, labeled '''Lord Baron''', which puts him on par with Gaim Kiwami Arms.]]
** [[TheLancer Ryugen]]'s forms:
*** '''Budou[[note]]Grape[[/note]] Arms''' is Ryugen's JackOfAllStats, with statistics equal to Gaim Orange Arms; the main difference is that Budou Arms' weapon is a [[TheGunslinger handgun]].
*** '''Kiwi Arms''' is a LightningBruiser, being stronger than Budou Arms but not taking any significant hit to speed or mobility in the process. Its main disadvantage is trading in the handgun for paired wind-and-fire wheels, losing some range.
*** Ryugen's LightningBruiser form is... an interesting case. [[spoiler:Instead of getting his own, he steals his brother's TransformationTrinket and becomes '''the second Zangetsu Shin''', which is more powerful but a little slower than Budou Arms.]]
*** Near the end of the series he gets [[spoiler:'''Yomotsuheguri[[note]]Underworld[[/note]] Arms''', a DeadlyUpgrade that's the strongest of his forms in all regards and gives him access to many weapons (Budou's handgun, Kiwi's wheels, and all the Overlords' weapons), but [[CastFromHitPoints continuously drains his life]], leaving him in such pain that even an untransformed Kouta can hold him off briefly, and prolonged use will be fatal.]]
** In addition to the above, various Riders also use '''Suika[[note]]Watermelon[[/note]] Arms''' in addition to their own Arms sets. It arms Riders with a watermelon-themed MiniMecha that's incredibly powerful and flight-capable. However, after being used it requires several days to recharge, limiting its usefulness.
* ''Series/KamenRiderDrive'' has another spin on this, since while Drive has traditional form changes he also has Shift Cars that give him extra powers; they can be used with any form, but are specifically intended to be used with certain forms.
** '''Type Speed''' is a JackOfAllStats that can, as its name implies, achieve bursts of incredible speed. Its Shift Cars are '''Max Flare''' ([[PlayingWithFire fire powers]]), '''Funky Spike''' ([[FlechetteStorm spike shower]]), '''Midnight Shadow''' ({{Ninja}} powers), '''Justice Hunter''' (cage trap), '''Dream Vegas''' ([[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe shields]] and [[FlechetteStorm coin barrage]]), and '''Dimension Cab''' ([[ThinkingUpPortals portals]]).
*** In a DVD he gets a silver version of this form called '''Type High Speed'''. It turns out to be ''only'' a recolor and not any more or less powerful than the regular Type Speed; but thinking it ''was'' better served as a MagicFeather to boost Drive's confidence.
** '''Type Wild''' is a MightyGlacier, being much stronger than Type Speed but also slower and less agile. Its Shift Cars are '''Massive Monster''' (MultipurposeTongue), '''Rumble Dump''' (ThisIsADrill), '''Mad Doctor''' (somewhat HarmfulHealing), '''Hooking Wrecker''' (GrapplingHookGun), '''Burning Solar''' ([[ThePowerOfTheSun solar-powered]] FrickinLaserBeams), and '''Colorful Commercial''' ({{Hologram}}s).
** '''Type Technic''' is a MagicKnight, being a balance between Speed and Wild but with incredible precision and computer-like analysis skills that let him [[ExcuseMeWhileIMultitask multitask]]. Its Shift Cars are '''Spin Mixer''' (fast-hardening concrete shots), '''Fire Braver''' ([[MultiArmedAndDangerous third arm]]), '''Rolling Gravity''' (GravityMaster and a literal [[AnvilOnHead 10-ton weight]]), '''Deco Traveler''' ([[BlindedByTheLight dazzling lights]]), '''Road Winter''' ([[AnIcePerson freezing blasts]]), and '''Amazing Circus''' ([[BagOfHolding spontaneous item creation]]).
** '''Type Deadheat''' is a GlassCannon, being stronger than his three basic forms in all regards but running the risk of [[TheBerserker going berserk]] if he redlines. Deadheat has no associated Shift Cars, although he does use Max Flare in episode 20.
** '''Type Formula''' is a LightningBruiser, bring stronger than Type Deadheat and capable of running at the speed of sound (so fast that it actually gave Shinnosuke whiplash the first time he used the form). It also gains the [[{{BFG}} Trailer Cannon]], which can draw power from Shift Cars. Its Shift Cars are '''Shift Mantarn F01''' (NitroBoost and [[KillItWithFire fire powers]]), '''Shift Jacky F02''' (ExtendoBoxingGlove), and '''Shift Sparner F03''' (arm-mounted wrench, can repair machines).
** '''Type Tridoron''' is Drive's SuperMode, stronger than the others in almost every regard (being a little slower than Type Formula) and possessing the ability to let Shinnosuke hand control of his body over to [[TransformationTrinket Mr. Belt]]. He retains the Trailer Cannon from Type Formula. Tridoron doesn't have its own Shift Cars, but can used [[FusionDance merged versions of his normal Shift Cars]] (for example, combining Max Flare, Funky Spike, and Midnight Shadow into '''Attack 1-2-3''').
** Drive's movies introduce a few exclusive forms: the Gaim-themed '''Type Fruits''' is a FightingClown, being more or less equal to Deadheat. '''Super Deadheat''' is a weaker GlassCannon, being an incomplete form capable of fighting but not much else. '''Type Special''' is an alternate SuperMode. '''Zerodrive''' is a MasterOfNone, since it's the prototype for Type Speed and is overall weaker.
* ''Series/KamenRiderGhost'' is another series with a large variety of forms, meaning some are redundant in terms of stats but have their own specialized equipment and fighting styles.
** [[TheHero Ghost]]'s forms:
*** '''Ore Damashii'''[[note]]"My Soul"[[/note]] is his JackOfAllStats base form, while his early upgrade '''Toucon Boost Damashii'''[[note]]"Fighting Spirit Boost Soul"[[/note]] is a more powerful version of the same. '''[[UsefulNotes/MiyamotoMusashi Musashi]] Damashii''' is a DualWielding JackOfAllStats, being a slight upgrade to Ore Damashii.
*** '''[[UsefulNotes/ThomasEdison Edison]] Damashii''' and '''[[UsefulNotes/IsaacNewton Newton]] Damashii''' are {{Mighty Glacier}}s. Edison is about as strong as Ore Damashii but slower, gaining [[ShockAndAwe electric powers]] and wielding a [[CoolGuns/{{Rifles}} Rifle]]. Newton is stronger but far slower and gains GravityMaster powers.
*** '''[[Myth/RobinHood Robin]] Damashii''' and '''UsefulNotes/BillyTheKid Damashii''' are {{Fragile Speedster}}s, faster and more agile than normal forms and wielding ranged weapons (a [[ArcherArchetype bow and arrow]] and GunsAkimbo respectively).
*** '''[[Music/LudwigVanBeethoven Beethoven]] Damashii''' is a MagicKnight, being slightly weaker than Ore Damashii but possessing the power to [[MusicalAssassin attack with music]].
*** '''[[UsefulNotes/MusashiboBenkei Benkei]] Damashii''' is a MightyGlacier, being the strongest of Ghost's standard forms but also slower and wielding a [[DropTheHammer warhammer]].
*** Toucon Boost's three associated Damashii ('''[[UsefulNotes/IshikawaGoemon Goemon]], Ryoma, and Himiko''') are all {{Lightning Bruiser}}s, generally stronger than Toucon Boost but having their own specializations (Goemon has improved reflexes, Ryoma has balanced stats and Himiko uses magic).
*** '''Grateful Damashii''' is Ghost's MidSeasonUpgrade, much more powerful than Ore Damashii but only slightly faster and more agile. Its main power is the ability to [[SummonMagic summon]] any of the 15 Heroes to aid him in battle; however, the Heroes have to work in harmony or Takeru can't use this form (as seen when the Brothers Grimm got into an argument, causing Grateful to shut down).
*** '''Mugen[[note]]Infinite[[/note]] Damashii''' is Ghost's SuperMode, more powerful than Grateful Damashii, posessing incredible defense, and lacking Grateful's weaknesses.
*** The movie-exclusive '''Tenkatoitsu[[note]]World Unifier[[/note]] Damashii''' is [[UpToEleven even more powerful than Mugen Damashii]] and gives him access to Specter and Necrom's weapons in addition to his own.
** [[TheLancer Specter]]'s forms:
*** His '''Specter Damashii''' base form is his JackOfAllStats, with balanced stats. His default form changes, '''[[UsefulNotes/OdaNobunaga Nobunaga]] Damashii''' and '''UsefulNotes/{{Tutankhamun}} Damashii''' have stats roughly on par with his base form, but have their own specializations (Nobunaga is stronger and uses rifles, Tutankhamun is more agile and wields a SinisterScythe).
*** '''[[Creator/HarryHoudini Houdini]] Damashii''' is a LightningBruiser, superior to Specter in all regards as well as being capable of {{Flight}} and generating [[ChainPain chains to attack and bind enemies]].
*** '''Deep Specter''' is a SuperMode, stronger than all the others (though a little less agile than Houdini Damashii) and roughly equivalent to Ghost's Grateful Damashii. Makoto can further empower this into '''Gekikou Mode''' (Enraged Mode), unleashing his full potential and [[PowerGivesYouWings giving him wings]].
*** '''Sin Specter''' is a movie-exclusive [[UpToEleven even stronger]] SuperMode, even more powerful than Gekikou Deep Specter and his counterpart to Ghost Mugen Damashii.
** Necrom's forms:
*** As with Specter, his '''Necrom Damashii''' base form is a JackOfAllStats.
*** '''[[Creator/TheBrothersGrimm Grimm]] Damashii''' is a MagicKnight, being slightly weaker than base Necrom but having mid-range offense thanks to the extending pens on his shoulders.
*** '''Sanzo Damashii''' is a MightyGlacier, being stronger but slower than his other forms but possessing the power to summon characters from ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'' (specifically Sun Wukong, Zhu Wuneng, and Sha Wujing) to aid him in battle.
*** In Specter's movie, he gains a SuperMode called '''Yuujou[[note]][[ThePowerOfFriendship Friendship]][[/note]] Burst''', but only really gets to use it to perform a FinishingMove before getting knocked out by a surprise attack.
* ''Series/KamenRiderExAid'' does away with standard form changes in favor of a NextTierPowerUp setup, with each Rider's various forms ranked at different PowerLevels. Kamen Rider Para-DX plays this straight with two forms at Level 50; though both are incredibly powerful, '''[[FightingGame Fighter Gamer]]''' is themed around direct combat while '''[[PuzzleGame Puzzle Gamer]]''' is more supportive and has the ability to grant himself {{Status Buff}}s. He can later merge the two into his Level 99 SuperMode, '''Perfect Knockout Gamer'''.[[note]]It would probably have been named "Puzzle Fighter Gamer", but [[VideoGame/SuperGemFighter that was taken]].[[/note]]
* ''Series/KamenRiderBuild'' is similar to ''Double'' in that he combines the powers of two bottled essences, but Build possesses a much larger collection of Bottles with ''thirty'' for each half. Also, like OOO, he gets a SetBonus for using certain Bottles together. Because this is more than the show can reasonably give proper focus to (many pairs only make one or two token appearances, and some are relegated to being AllThereInTheManual), only forms with well-demonstrated combat niches will be listed.
** '''[[KillerRabbit Rabbit]][[TankGoodness Tank]] Form''' is the JackOfAllStats, being the best balanced of Build's forms but no specialized weapons or abilities that other forms have other than his [[SpringCoil Rabbit Foot Shoes]] and [[Rollerblade Good Tank Roller Shoes]]. His default weapon is the [[ThisIsADrill Drill]][[MixAndMatchWeapon Crusher]] [[CoolSword Sword]].
** '''[[KillerGorilla Gorilla]][[GemstoneAssault Mond]][[note]]"Mond" as in "Diamond"[[/note]] Form''' is a MightyGlacier, being incredibly powerful offensively and defensively but also incredibly slow. This form gives Build the [[PowerFist Muscle Glove]] and the [[SuperToughness BLD Prism Glove]].
** '''[[NobleBirdOfPrey Hawk]][[GatlingGood Gatling]] Form''' is a MagicKnight, being weaker than [=RabbitTank=] all around but still being useful thanks to its combination of {{Flight}} and a Gatling gun. It ends up being one of Build's most-used forms after [=RabbitTank=], as he switches to it whenever he wants to try and get air superiority over an opponent or when he needs to fight on the move. This form gives Build the [[GatlingGood Hawk Gatlinger]].
** '''[[{{Ninja}} Ninnin]][[NewspaperComics Comic]] Form''' is treated as a SquishyWizard, relying most on a variety of ninja powers like [[KillItWithFire Fire]], [[BlowYouAway Wind]], [[DoppelgangerAttack Clone]] and [[SmokeOut Vanishing]] Jutsus. This form equips Build with the [[KatanasAreJustBetter 4Koma Ninpoutou]].
** '''[[PandaingToTheAudience Panda]][[RocketPoweredWeapon Rocket]] Form''' is a GlassCannon, being strong but slow (though not to the level of [=GorillaMond=]) and being able to fly thanks to his rocket arm. Sento tends to use this one as a utility form; activating it when he needs to blast off and make a quick getaway. Build is armed with the [[WolverineClaws Giant Scratcher]] and [[RocketPunch Space Ride Arm]] in this form.
** '''[[CoolKey Key]][[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons Dragon]] Form''' is a DeadlyUpgrade, being incredibly powerful all around but effectively unusable because the Dragon Bottle overloads pretty much every time it's used, injuring Sento in the process. Eventually Sento retires it and gives the Dragon Bottle to TheLancer Ryuga permanently, who doesn't suffer the overloading issue and uses it to become Kamen Rider Cross-Z. This form gives Build [[PlayingWithFire blue flame powers]] and the [[VariableLengthChain Bind Master Key]].
** '''[[{{Pirate}} Kaizoku]][[CoolTrain Ressya]][[note]][=PirateTrain=][[/note]] Form''' is a FragileSpeedster, being one of Build's fastest forms and wielding a [[ArcherArchetype bow, the Kaizoku Hassyar]] that gives him long-range capabilities.
** '''[[ThePhoenix Phoenix]][[RobotRollCall Robo]] Form''' is another powerful combo on par with [=KeyDragon=], and it doesn't even have the overloading issue that the Dragon half does. Unfortunately, Sento is only able to use it a couple times because he usually doesn't have those Bottles in his possession. Build is armed with [[PlayingWithFire flaming powers]] and [[PowerFist Demolition One]].
** '''[=RabbitTank=] Sparkling''' is Build's first [[MidSeasonUpgrade major upgrade]], being [[LightningBruiser more powerful]] than any of his previous Best Matches, giving Build bubbling powers to increase damage, and having [[MultiMeleeMaster free access to some weapons that are otherwise tied to specific forms]]. Build can also [[DualWielding dual wield]] in this form, making different weapon combinations to overcome his opponents.
** Forms granted by the power-up item called the Hazard Trigger have their own little sub-group with its own balance.
*** By default, the Trigger upgrades Best Matches to '''Hazard''' versions ([=RabbitTank=] Hazard, [=HawkGatling=] Hazard et al.), which are {{Deadly Upgrade}}s; increasing their power exponentially but also overriding Sento's mind and turning him into a berserk killing machine. After becoming stronger, Sento gains the ability to use Hazard forms for longer periods of time, and will occasionally use them instead of [=RabbitRabbit=] or [=TankTank=] because of the variety of powers and fighting styles they offer.
*** He later develops two specialized forms, '''[=RabbitRabbit=]''' and '''[=TankTank=]''', which each ramp some of [=RabbitTank=] Hazard's attributes even higher and more importantly, allow him to keep control. [=RabbitRabbit=] has [[SuperSpeed enhanced speed and agility]] and giving Build the ability to [[RubberMan stretch all of his limbs in long lengths]], while [=TankTank=] instead has [[MightyGlacier tough armor and offensive firepower]], such as having [[ShoulderCannon shoulder cannons]]. Both forms allow Build to use the large gunsword, the [[MixAndMatchWeapon Fullbottle Buster]].
** '''Genius Form''' is his SuperMode, [[AllYourPowersCombined combining the powers of all sixty regular Bottles]]. This form also uses SuperSpeed and when Build twists the lever on the Build Driver a bit longer, [[AwesomenessByAnalysis he can open up different data formulas in his visor to give him the properties necessary to defeat his opponent]].

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
%% * ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'' does this via Multiple Weapon Balance.
* Tony Tony Chopper from ''Manga/OnePiece''. Eating a Zoan-type devil fruit gave him three forms, and he gained four more (plus a [[UnstoppableRage superpowered berserker form]]) through his Rumble Ball. And post-TimeSkip, [[spoiler:he now has control of his berserker form, albeit at the cost that he can only maintain it for three minutes, and is still too exhausted to move for several hours afterwards]].
** Monkey D. Luffy's [[SuperMode Gears]]: Gear Second is a LightningBruiser, while Gear Third is the MightyGlacier. [[spoiler: Gear Fourth takes them UpToEleven, but has its drawbacks - it's extremely taxing on his body, and as with Chopper's controlled Monster Point, he can only use it for a short while and is exhausted afterward. When he forces himself to use it twice in one day, he falls unconscious for three days afterward.]]
* ''Anime/ZoidsNewCentury Zero''. In addition to its [[JackOfAllStats default form]] Liger Zero had different [[MechaExpansionPack equipment modes]] that changed it into different types depending on the situation. "Panzer" mode became a MightyGlacier, "Schneider" is a GlassCannon and the "Jager" unit is a FragileSpeedster.
** Battle Story and other variants give us the Liger Zero X (an Empire version designed for electronic warfare) and various packs for the Berserk Fury that replace its iconic "eggbeaters" with high-powered boosters (Sturm Fury), hybrid particle cannons (Jagd Fury), or a high-output reactor and missile pods (the Tyran series).
** Also in ''Zoids Genesis'', [[JackOfAllStats Murasame Liger]], [[FragileSpeedster Hayate Liger]] and [[MightyGlacier Mugen Liger]].
* ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' sometime use this trope along with [[MechaExpansionPack Mecha Expansion Packs]].
** The first animate example can be seen on ''Anime/MobileSuitVictoryGundam'''s [[MidSeasonUpgrade V2 Gundam]]. With FragileSpeedster (V2 Gundam), JackOfAllStats (V2 Assault Gundam), GlassCannon (V2 Buster Gundam), MightyGlacier (V2 Assault Buster Gundam)
** ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED'' has it in spades thanks to the abundance of [[MechaExpansionPack Mecha Expansion Packs]]. Start with [[TheHero Strike Gundam]], but EliteMook from [[AllThereInTheManual MSV]] and ''Manga/MobileSuitGundamSEEDAstray'' can use them as well. And by the time of Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny, even {{Mook}}s and {{Red Shirt}}s have them.
*** [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Strike Gundam]]: JokeCharacter (no Striker pack), StoneWall (Aile Strike[[note]]The fastest and armed with shield, but lacking heavy weapon.[[/note]]), JackOfAllStats (Sword Strike[[note]]Has {{BFS}} and can use arm anchor as small shield[[/note]]), GlassCannon (Launcher Strike[[note]]Has {{BFG}} but no protective gear against beam[[/note]]), SuperMode (Integrated Weapons Striker Pack), SquishyWizard (Lightning Strike[[note]]Can transfer reserve energy to allies.[[/note]])
*** [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Impulse Gundam]]: JokeCharacter (no Silhouette pack), JackOfAllStats (Force Impulse), MightyGlacier (Sword Impulse), GlassCannon (Blast Impulse), SuperMode (Destiny Impulse).
** ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamAGE'' does this for the first generation of the eponymous mecha, with [[JackOfAllStats Normal]], [[MightyGlacier Titus]], and [[FragileSpeedster Spallow]] modes. Averted in the second generation though, where AGE-2 Double Bullet is nothing but an improvement over the original AGE. AGE-3 return to this trope: the [[JackOfAllStats Normal]], [[MightyGlacier Fortress]] and [[LightningBruiser Orbital]].
** The manga ''Gundam EXA'' introduces the two Extreme Gundams; The [[TheHero Type-Leos]] possesses its [[JackOfAllStats base form]], [[GlassCannon Eclipse Phase]], [[MightyGlacier Xenon Phase]], and [[SquishyWizard Aios Phase]], with his MidSeasonUpgrade Type-Leos II Vs. being an AllYourPowersCombined SuperMode. The villainous [[BigBad Ex-]]'s Extreme has analogous forms (Tachyon, Carnage, and Ignis respectively), as well as the later [[LightningBruiser Mystic Phase]].
* In the ''Anime/{{Macross}}'' franchise, many mecha are capable of transformation between three modes - [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Fighter]], GERWALK (which functions like a VTOL aircraft and is also used for pulling off fancy maneuvers), and [[HumongousMecha Battroid]] (for ground combat).
* The titular mecha of ''Anime/SuperDimensionCenturyOrguss'' has ''four'' modes: humanoid robot, plane, plane with legs, and TankGoodness.
* The Legioss of ''Anime/GenesisClimberMospeada'' is a three-form transforming fighter jet. Additionally, the titular Mospeada is a small-scale variant of the trope, being a motorcycle that can transform into ''PoweredArmor''.
* The Spartas from ''Anime/SuperDimensionCavalrySouthernCross'', being land mecha, can switch between [[FragileSpeedster hover tank]], [[GlassCannon walker cannon]], and [[MightyGlacier humanoid]] modes. Of course, the show also had transforming fighter jet mecha, including one model that could also become a helicopter.
* ''Manga/GetterRobo'': The three forms of Getter are alway JackOfAllStats, FragileSpeedster and MightyGlacier. Each of them also specialize in different environments. Its AffectionateParody, Anime/{{Gekiganger 3}} and VideoGame/GeppyX, also follow same pattern.
* ''Manga/RaveMaster'' with [[TheHero Haru's]] sword, the Ten Powers. Eisenmeteor is the default form, having [[RockBeatsLaser Mundane beats Magic]], Explosion is GlassCannon, Silfarion is FragileSpeedster, Mel Force the LightningBruiser, Gravity Core the MightyGlacier, Sacrifar TheBerserker DeadlyUpgrade, and Ravelt the SuperMode. Ditto for it's EvilCounterpart.
* A popular gimmick for [[CombiningMecha combiner teams]] in the Japanese {{Transformers}} series, particularly ''Anime/TransformersRobotsInDisguise'', where the position of each limb component would dictate if the combined 'bot was in Balance, Speed, or Power forms.
* ''LightNovel/HighschoolDxD'' applies this to is ChessMotifs. When a [[MasterOfNone Pawn]] promotes, a [[LightningBruiser Queen]] isn't always the best option. While it does give a general boost, the specialties of a [[SuperStrength Rook]], [[SuperSpeed Knight]] or even [[TheMedic Bishop]] can be more effective in cases. This is especially prevalent when Issei learns to apply his promotions to [[SuperMode Boosted Gear Scale Mail]].
* In ''Anime/DragonBallZ'', after the Super Saiyan transformation starts being SoLastSeason, several new variants on it are introduced. The original form becomes a JackOfAllStats, while the "3rd Grade" Super Saiyan becomes a MightyGlacier (it actually enhances the strength of the user but NOT the speed that should come with it, making the form useless), while Super Saiyan 2 makes the user even more of a LightningBruiser than fighters in ''Dragon Ball Z'' usually are. Most of the other forms shown are AwesomeButImpractical for various reasons (usually that they consume too much energy to use for very long).
* Arbok is given this in Manga/PokemonAdventures in the form of a special smoke used by Agatha that changes its belly pattern. There are patterns for increased attack, defense, self-healing and NighInvulnerability.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''FanFic/ThePiecesLieWhereTheyFell'': [[spoiler:omake-only character Reel, as Kamen Rider Skull the Second, has multiple Rider forms he can change between, but the omake chapters only show two: his default form, and his strongest. WordOfGod states that his fifth form is his SuperMode, Kamen Rider Skull Xtreme, and the form used for battle in the final omake is his sixth and final form, Kamen Rider Skull Gold Xtreme.]]

* Hyodou Issei in ''LightNovel/HighSchoolDXD'' gets one later in Volume 9 when he gets access to his new powers named Illegal Trianna, aside from his [[JackOfAllStats default Balance Breaker]] state. His Welsh Sonic Boost Knight is the typical FragileSpeedster, his Welsh Blaster Bishop is the GlassCannon, Welsh Draconic Rook being the MightyGlacier, and finally his (incomplete) Cardinal Crimson Queen being the LightningBruiser.
* ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'': While each of the kids have their own unique morphs, there are several occasions when they've morphed the same animal (sometimes to exploit the fact that the animal goes into a stupor when being acquired, long enough for them to escape, like the hammerhead shark or the ''T. rex''). The inverse of the trope bites them in the ass when they attack the Yeerk pool all in polar bear morph and nearly die.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* The ''Franchise/UltraSeries'' uses this trope in a few shows.
** ''Series/UltramanTiga'': JackOfAllStats (Multi Type), MightyGlacier (Power Type), FragileSpeedster (Sky Type), and [[spoiler:SuperMode (Glitter Tiga)]].
** ''Series/UltramanDyna'': JackOfAllStats (Flash Type), MightyGlacier (Strong Type), and FragileSpeedster with [[SquishyWizard more 'supernatural' abilities]] (Miracle Type).
** ''Series/UltramanCosmos'': SquishyWizard[[note]]Focus on healing and purification[[/note]] (Luna Mode), JackOfAllStats (Corona Mode), LightningBruiser (Space Corona Mode), and [[spoiler:SuperMode (Eclipse Mode and Future Mode).]]
** ''Series/UltramanOrb'': JackOfAllStats (Specium Zepellion), GlassCannon (Burnmite), FragileSpeedster (Hurricane Slash), MightyGlacier with [[TheBerserker brutal fighting style]] (Thunder Breaster), LightningBruiser (Orb Origin) and SuperMode (Trinity).
** ''Series/UltramanGeed'': JackOfAllStats (Primitive), MightyGlacier (Solid Burning), FragileSpeedster (Acro Smasher), LightningBruiser (Magnificent), and SuperMode (Royal Mega Master).
%%** ''Series/UltramanRB'': Ultramen Rosso and Blu share the same arrangement of forms: Flame, Aqua, Wind, and Ground.
* While MultiformBalance with ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' (and ''Franchise/PowerRangers'') mecha is usually achieved through {{Mecha Expansion Pack}}s, a couple of Sentai mecha have multiple configurations that serve different purposes. ''Series/ChoujinSentaiJetman'' and ''Series/MiraiSentaiTimeranger'' have five jet mecha that can either combine into a larger jet or a humanoid robot.
** Additionally, Timeranger's [=TimeRobo=] had two modes: The close combat oriented [=TimeRobo=] Alpha and the agile ranged [=TimeRobo=] Beta. Impressively, [=TimeRobo=] multi-form balance extends to its SuperMode when combined with [=TimeShadow=]. Alpha and Beta each have their own combination.
** Both individually and as a team, the ''Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger'' take this [[UpToEleven way past any logical level]]. With the ability to swap between the forms of two hundred previous rangers the Gokaigers can in theory match their combat needs to just about any conceivable situation plus, from [[MightyGlacier heavy hitting close quarter fighters]] with ''Dynaman'' to [[FragileSpeedster swift and deadly ninjas]] with ''Kakuranger'' and just about everything in between. The same holds true for [[HumongousMecha Gokai-oh]] with the assorted [[MechaExpansionPack Greater Powers]] granted by previous teams giving it a variety of combat modes. The movies show they can borrow the powers of Franchise/{{Kamen Rider}}s and Franchise/MetalHeroes as well.
** In ''Series/DoubutsuSentaiZyuohger'', Yamato can switch powers between the agile Zyuoh Eagle and the strong Zyuoh Gorilla, and later on the Zyuoh Whale SuperMode. SixthRanger Zyuoh [=TheWorld=] also has multiple modes, with the balanced rhino, speedy wolf, and powerful crocodile.

* It's at least OlderThanFeudalism. Goddess Parvati from Myth/HinduMythology is usually TheChick, but she may take form of [[ActionGirl Durga]] or [[TheBerserker Kali]] as well.

[[folder:Tabletop Game]]
* ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheForsaken''. Each of a Uratha's five forms has its uses and weaknesses.
** The Hishu (human) form is most likely to pass among mortals and best suited for social dealings.
** The Dalu (wolf-man) form allows added strength and enhanced senses while retaining human form, but still pings Lunacy a little.
** The Gauru (monster two-legged wolf) form is the strongest, most damaging form, but can only be used for a limited time and is locked in a state of rage that makes any action ''but'' attacking something a failure.
** The Urshul (dire wolf) form is fastest of all and quite strong, but will still ping Lunacy heavily.
** The Urhan (wolf) form will blend in most easily in nature and could ''maybe'' pass for a wolfdog in urban environments.
*** The four bestial forms can also be seen as references to different archetypes of werewolf transformation. Urhan clearly owes its lineage to most forms of actual mythological depictions of the werewolf. Dalu is based on the iconic "wolfman" form of film, first seen in Universal Horror's ''Film/TheWolfMan1941''. Urshul arguably has some mythological basis, but can most easily be connected to the werewolf as depicted in ''Film/AnAmericanWerewolfInLondon''. Finally, Gauru resembles the now-iconic "manwolf" that has become heavily associated with werewolves in modern culture and which can be arguably traced back to film via ''Film/TheHowling''.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/WonderBoyIIITheDragonsTrap'' features this as its central hook, with the hero spent virtually the entire game [[BalefulPolymorph involuntarily transformed]] into various animal-like creatures, each featuring unique abilities.
* The old Creator/ElectronicArts game ''VideoGame/{{Shadowcaster}}'' features a lead that could form pacts with various creatures to "accept the form of X", each form having its own uses.
* ''VideoGame/ABoyAndHisBlob'' allows the boy control over his {{Mons}} forms with jellybeans.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}''
** The [[OlympusMons Legendary]] Deoxys has various forms with differing distributions of stats. Normal Forme is the JackOfAllStats form, Attack Forme is the GlassCannon form, Defense Forme is the StoneWall form, and Speed Forme is the FragileSpeedster form.
** [[Characters/PokemonGenerationVFamilies Generation V]]'s Darmanitan has a normal form that is a GlassCannon, but when certain Darmanitans' HitPoints go below half they automatically switch to Zen Mode, which is a MightyGlacier. This was a poorly-done attempt, though - all the damage is received before the switch, and getting knocked out in one hit is not too unlikely in the glass cannon form. Even if they do survive, the higher defensive stats are not very useful with less than half HitPoints left.
** [[Characters/PokemonGenerationVIFamilies Generation VI]] introduces the Steel/Ghost sword Aegislash. Its Shield Forme is a StoneWall. As soon as it uses an attack, it turns into the GlassCannon Sword Forme. Using its SignatureMove King's Shield turns it back into Shield Forme.
** A Zygarde with all 100 of its Cells and Cores is capable of switching between 10% Forme, a [[FragileSpeedster fast but frail]] canine, or the [[MightyGlacier bulkier and slower]] serpentine 50% Forme. Either forme will have the Power Construct ability, which tranforms Zygarde into the even bulkier Complete Forme once it TurnsRed.
** Rotom has 5 alternate forms, each with a different typing based on appliances: Normal Rotom (Electric/Ghost), Heat Rotom (Electric/Fire), Wash Rotom (Electric/Water), Fridge Rotom (Electric/Ice), Fan Rotom (Electric/Flying) and Mow Rotom (Electric/Grass).
** Both Arceus and Silvally can have different forms for ALL typings in the game.
* ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII'' has its Valor and Wisdom Forms spiking the player's physical and magical stats (respectively) at the cost of the other. Then comes [[SuperMode Master Form and Final Form]], which balance melee attacks and magic by making both of them highly effective.
* ''VideoGame/MegaManClassic'': Mega Man's ability to fuse with [[RobotDog Rush]] in ''VideoGame/MegaMan6'', creating the [[MightyGlacier Power]] and [[FragileSpeedster Jet]] Adapters. In ''VideoGame/MegaMan7'', the abilities of both adapters are compressed into a single, [[LightningBruiser Super]] adapter.
* ''VideoGame/MegaManX's'' ability to switch between different armors in some of his games. The armors vary between each game, but [[SuperMode Ultimate Armor]] would be consistent.
** ''X5'': JackOfAllStats (Force), FragileSpeedster (Falcon), MightyGlacier (Gaea)
** ''X6'': JackOfAllStats (Falcon, a {{nerf}} version of the above), LightningBruiser ([[{{Samurai}} Blade]]), GlassCannon ([[{{Ninja}} Shadow]])
** ''X8'': MasterOfNone (Neutral), FragileSpeedster (Hermes, turns into LightningBruiser when [[HourOfPower X-Drive]] is activated), MightyGlacier (Icarus)
* ''VideoGame/MegaManZero 2'', Zero starts out as a MasterOfNone (Normal), but fulfilling certain conditions in a mission unlocks specialized upgrades: FragileSpeedster (Active), MightyGlacier (Energy and Power), StoneWall (Defense and Erase), LightningBruiser (Rise and X), GlassCannon (Proto) and finally, SuperMode (Ultimate).
* ''Videogame/MegaManZX Advent'': This game allows you to take on the boss' forms after you defeat them. Your normal untransformed form and the bonus form "Model a" are {{Joke Character}}s (armed only with a non-chargeable buster and cannot dash), Mega Man forms are JackOfAllStats, Bifrost form is a MightyGlacier, Argoyle and Hedgeshock forms are {{Fragile Speedster}}s, Buckfire form is a LightningBruiser, Queenbee and Vulturon forms are {{Stone Wall}}s (with their weak attacks and ability to fly, Queenbee is longer-ranged while Vulturon is shorter-ranged), and Chronoforce and Rospark are gimmicky[[note]]Chronoforce cannot move or attack on land, but swims freely in water and shoots icicles, he has protective carapace on his back that makes him immune to SpikesOfDoom from above, and has the ability to [[BulletTime slow down time]]; Rospark moves slowly on land and cannot jump high, but upon climbing up ropes, he transforms into his true form, which can move around ropes and shoot spreads of thorns[[/note]].
* Druid shapeshifting in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' could be considered this, with forms tailored to each of their four talent specialisations plus a couple of utility forms. The default form (AKA "caster" form) is for the CombatMedic and specialization adds a temporary Tree Form with even more enhanced healing. Cat form is a FragileSpeedster that deals damage. Bear form is a StoneWall specialising in getting attention of enemies from more squishy members of the group. Moonkin form (available via talent specialization; caster form suffices before that) is a GlassCannon SquishyWizard. While all Druids have access to Bear Form and Cat Form, they don't work very well for non-Feral or Guardian Druids.
* Kheldians in ''VideoGame/CityOfHeroes'' are another example, though they don't start out with all the forms. Nova form is a GlassCannon, Dwarf form is a StoneWall, and with the basic human form being somewhere in between, and having a much greater choice of attacks, including the ability to deal decent damage at close range. Some players try to specialise in only one form, but by most accounts the best choice is to make use of all three forms, swapping as necessary.
** Unfortunately due to the way powers and slots worked actually using all three forms for combat wasn't practical. Instead most Kheldians were built to fight using only the Nova and Dwarf forms while occasionally dropping into Human form to apply buffs. The exceptions to this tends to eschew forms entirely, simply sticking with the basic human form.
* The various offensive shapeshifting powers in ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'' are balanced like this. Claws are quite fast and have a slow ranged attack composed of spikes erupting from the ground and impaling the target from below, Musclemass is only useful for making long ranged attacks so it is almost wothless in close-combat, Hammerfist gives massively devastating splash damage attacks with really slow speed, the Whipfist has awesome range, anti-air attacks and crowd control capabilities [[DeathOfAThousandCuts in exchange for power]] and the Blade is similar to the Claws but replaces the latter's impalement attack with a brutally powerful [[GoombaStomp aerial attack]] that can OneHitKill ''tanks''.
* ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV'': When Ryu transforms, whichever form he chooses provides a percentage boost to his stats, resulting in the following arrangements: MasterOfNone (Aura), JackOfAllStats (Wyvern/Weyr), MightyGlacier (Behemoth/Mammoth), LightningBruiser (Myrmidon/Knight), GlassCannon (Mutant/Punk) and SuperMode (Kaiser). Fou-lu's dragons roughly follow the same percentage boosts as Ryu's; just replace Aura, Wyvern and Kaiser with Astral, Serpent and Tyrant (Fou-lu doesn't have Myrmidon or Mutant, and he has a Behemoth like Ryu), respectively.
* ''VideoGame/MarvelAvengersAlliance''
** The player character Agent starts as a MasterOfNone (Generalist) and can switch to any of five other classes -- GlassCannon (Blaster), LightningBruiser (Scrapper), MightyGlacier (Bruiser), JackOfAllStats (Tactician), FragileSpeedster (Infiltrator) -- by buying and equipping the appropriate uniform. TacticalRockPaperScissors is in play, so each of those classes has an advantage over one class and a disadvantage against a second. The Agent can also remain as a Generalist, neither weak nor strong against any class.
** Several heroes have alternate costumes, and a change in costume also means a change in class. (ex.: Comicbook/SpiderMan, an Infiltrator by default, can also become either a Scrapper with his [[Comicbook/FantasticFour Future Foundation]] outfit, or don the Black Suit, turning into a Bruiser.)
** Punisher has the ability to switch classes at will, each class has its own attack unique from the other and can be either target single or group enemies.
* ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Wii U/3DS'' has [[VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}} Shulk]]. He's a MechanicallyUnusualFighter whose playstyle centers around a StanceSystem composed of 5 Monado Arts. Each of those arts boost one of his stats for a few seconds at the cost of reducing others. For example, "Jump" increases his jump distance while lowering his defense, and "Smash" increases his launch ability at the cost of weaker attacks and lower defense against launching.
* ''VideoGame/RobotechBattlecry'' features TransformingMecha like the rest of the franchise, though it boils down the transformations to a few basic points.
** The offensively-minded Fighter is the fastest of the three forms and packs the most raw firepower since it uses the largest missiles, but is the least agile due to requiring a large turning circle and has a very limited ability to use cover, relying on pure speed instead.
** The defensive Battloid form is the slowest in terms of movement and is unable to use missiles, but is the most agile form due to its ability to put cover between itself and enemies and possesses both the best anti-missile defense and the most accurate ranged attack.
** The middle of the road Gerwalker mode can both use cover and fire missiles while being faster than the Battloid and more nimble than the Fighter, but it lacks the defenses of the former and the speed of the latter, making it the form most vulnerable to enemy attacks.
* ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies2ItsAboutTime'' has two examples:
** The Red Stinger changes its form depending on its position on the lawn. When it's near the house, it will be a GlassCannon. Near the middle, it gains extra defense but fires half as fast as a JackOfAllStats. When it's far from the house, it will become a StoneWall unable to attack. However, it's quite bad at defending, as it's unable to take as much damage as a proper wall.
** The Nightshade has two modes of attack depending on whether there's a Moonflower nearby to power it up. When uncharged, it's a CloseRangeCombatant that slaps zombies for heavy damage, using up one of its three petals in the process. When it's charged, it becomes a LongRangeFighter that will fire out and regenerate these petals, at the cost of dealing halved damage.
* ''VideoGame/HeroesOfTheStorm'': This is Varian's entire gimmick. He starts out as a MasterOfNone for the first 9 levels, but once he hits 10, he can choose between one of three Heroics to specialize. [[StoneWall Taunt]] increases his health but lowers his attack speed and gives him a brief stun ability, [[GlassCannon Colossus Smash]] increases his attack damage but lowers his health and gives him an armour-weakening leap, and [[GradualGrinder Twin Blades of Fury]] increases his attack speed but lowers attack damage and gives him extra movement speed after he hits a basic attack. Each of them are watered-down versions of the archetypal character of that role, and Varian's strength comes from his ability to fill any slot his team needs.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2's'' version of the series' JobSystem allows the three playable characters to switch jobs (in this game, called [[ClothesMakeTheSuperman dresspheres]]) even in the midst of battle as the situation calls for it, courtesy of the Garment Grid system.

* The [[ Were]] race in ''Webcomic/DanAndMabsFurryAdventures''. They have three forms, human, [[FunnyAnimal normal]] and 'primal' (animal), which basically form a Sliding Scale of Magicalness. As humans, they're immune to magic; in their normal form, they're {{Muggles}} with some minor bonuses; and as animals, their magical power is increased.
* In ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', some of Grace's pure forms have positive and negative attributes the other pure forms or combination forms don't. Her full squirrel form is small but [[ doesn't allow her to speak]] and her omega form is powerful and allows her to fly but it's 3 tails can [[ complicate things]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''Franchise/{{Ben 10}}'' has this as its core concept. The protagonist, Ben Tennyson, wears an alien watch-like device which he can use to shapeshift into a large variety of aliens beings, each with its own super-power (one has SuperSpeed, another is PlayingWithFire, and so on). He started out with only ten, but got new forms as the series progressed, and it was explicitly stated he could potentially have more than one million.
** The [[EvilCounterpart Nemetrix]] from ''Omniverse'' is an even more specialized variation. It's designed to specifically counteract the Omnitrix's aliens with their natural predators. Whatever power or weakness an alien has, the Nemetrix's aliens are either counters or exploiters to/of those powers/weaknesses.
* In ''WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex'', Rex can create a variety of [[ShapeshifterWeapon mechanical constructs]] that include the [[PowerFist Smack Hands]], the [[HelicopterPack Boogie Pack]], the [[ArmCannon Slam Cannon]], the [[DeflectorShield Block Party]] and the [[WhipItGood Blast Caster]]. Balance is mostly kept by making Rex only able to build one type of machine at a time (And even with a few season upgrades he can only create two by the end of the series) and making every machine have a secondary mode (The Smack hands can [[EverythingIsBetterWithSpinning spin to create a sronger attack]], the Blast Caster can [[ShockAndAwe generate electricity]], the Boogie Pack can launch a few projectiles to grab enemies, and so on).