Relatively new to the FanFic scene, [[ MrTrollXDD]] is a TrollFic author ''(duh)'' who has garnered a small fanbase with his first, and by far longest fic, [[ The Soul of A Wizard]], a not-so-subtle parody of {{Lemon}}s and SlashFic which soon (d)evolves into a crossover between DragonBall, Anime/TheBigO, WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall, and countless other works, with ''DavidBowie'' being the hero by the end of it. He has written two more fics recently, [[ Spongebob: Tearz In Da Hood]] and [[ Regular Show: Sordid]]. Compare with Creator/SueMary, another TrollFic author with a similar style.

!!This author provides examples of:
* AuthorFilibuster: Often interrupts his narrative to rant IN ALL CAPS
* ClusterFBomb
* {{Gorn}}
* GratuitousRape: All over the place in TheSoulOfAWizard and RegularShowSordid, but absent in SpongebobTearzInDaHood.
* {{Lemon}}: And how!
* RougeAnglesOfSatin: Sometimes his stories may spiral into incomprehensible gibberish.
* ShapedLikeItself
* ShownTheirWork: Surprisingly enough, considering the detail that went into his first fic.
* ThatMakesMeFeelAngry
* TrollFic: No shit.