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[[caption-width-right:241:Never trust a moose with a toaster, a knife, and a [[ElectrifiedBathtub bathtub]].]]

->''"Dumb like a moose, Dib. DUMB LIKE A MOOSE!"''
-->-- '''[[WesternAnimation/InvaderZim Zim]]'''

In RealLife, moose, ''Alces alces'', are at least moderately intelligent as far as animals go. In fiction, however, they can be shown as very dumb. At best, they are a bit slow on the uptake, and at worst, they can even be portrayed as TooDumbToLive. They very often speak with a SimpletonVoice.

Likely due to the [[InherentlyFunnyWords inherently funny]] name, moose are the only species of deer portrayed as stupid in fiction rather than graceful, including ''themselves'' under the older name "(Eurasian) elk" (not to be confused with ''Cervus canadensis'', the large deer species referred to as "elk" in North America). And no, there's absolutely no difference. "Moose" is just the Abenaki name, which caught on in the East around the same time the Lewis and Clark expedition found the similar-looking Northwestern "elk". They are also the largest extant species of deer which, paired with their enormous antlers, often translates into "big and clumsy".

See DogsAreDumb, DumbDodoBird, and DumbDinos for other animals portrayed as having similarly low intelligence.


[[folder: Advertising ]]
* Two guys in a truck stop suddenly when a moose stands in their way and asks if they got their brakes at Pep Boys. When they nervously answer "Yes," the moose says "I appreciate it" and leaves.

[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* Played with in ''Anime/KemonoFriends'': Moose is more HotBlooded than stupid, but she always uses the same strategy of [[LeeroyJenkins charging directly at the battle without ever thinking how.]] TruthInTelevision, as normal moose will exactly do that in Real Life with its antlers.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]
* While not a moose, the DumbMuscle from ''Franchise/ArchieComics'' is named Moose, so he may qualify symbolically.
* Completly averted in the swedish comic ''Hälge''... Well, with the exception of [[TooDumbToLive Rubbade Runar]]. [[LampshadeHanging The others wonder how he managed to survive every moose hunt so far]]. One strip has him walk up to a group of hunters and politely ask them to stop shooting Hälge. The hunters decide that he's not worth shooting since "he must have some kind of disease".

[[folder: Films -- Animated ]]
* Rutt and Tuke, the moose brothers from ''Disney/BrotherBear''. [[HowIsThatEvenPossible They managed to crash a mammoth in a mountain, if their idiocy means anything.]]

[[folder: Films -- Live-Action ]]
* Inverted in the [[FunWithSubtitles opening credits]] of ''Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail'', where the subtitler's sister was the idiot, "Karving" her initials into the moose, causing a violent reaction from said moose.
--->'''Subtitle''': A møøse once bit my sister...

[[folder: Literature ]]
* The ''Morris the Moose'' books, about a scrawny-looking moose who for some reason has the tail of a unicorn.
* ''Moostache'', which is about a moose who is very clumsy because his extremely huge mustache constantly gets in his way. He eventually ends up falling in love with a female moose with an extremely large hairdo.
* ''If You Give a Moose a Muffin'', a sort-of sequel to ''Literature/IfYouGiveAMouseACookie''. In the animated series, he doesn't really see all that dumb, but still has the typical stupid-sounding voice associated with a dumb moose.
* Completely averted in the Norwegian children's book ''Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen'' ("In The Forest of Huckybucky"), where the moose is the most solemn and dignified of the animals. He doesn't have much of a role in the story, but when he speaks, the other animals ''listen.''
** In fact, since the moose is the largest wild animal in Norway, and the antlers remind people of a crown, the moose in Norway is often called "King of the Forest." Consequently, any moose who shows up in Norwegian fiction is likely to be portrayed as regal and stoic, or at least aspiring to be. [[note]]Sometimes a moose will sound a bit silly in Norwegian fiction. This is because they often imitate the speech pattern of King Harald V of Norway.[[/note]]
* ''[[Creator/DrSeuss Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose]]''. Though Thidwick isn't so much of an idiot as he is a total pushover.

[[folder: Live Action TV ]]
* Semi-subverted with Mr. Moose on ''Series/CaptainKangaroo''. Not the brightest puppet a hand could control, but he could still trick the Captain to say something that will have ping pong balls raining down on him.

[[folder: Music ]]
* The campfire song "There Was A Moose" or "The Moose Song" concerns a moose who has some trouble drinking juice.

[[folder: Pinball ]]
* The moose in Creator/{{Capcom}}'s ''Pinball/{{Breakshot}}'' has a goofy, Bullwinkle-esque voice that certainly sounds the part.
* Bullwinkle J. Moose from ''Pinball/TheAdventuresOfRockyAndBullwinkleAndFriends'', of course.

[[folder: Web Animation ]]
* Lumpy from ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'' is the absolute epitome of this trope. He frequently does stupid things that [[LethallyStupid endanger the lives of the other cast members]] ([[TooDumbToLive often even himself]]), and tends to do very incompetent things.

[[folder: Webcomics ]]
* In ''Webcomic/StrawberryDeathCake'', Winston is very eccentric and has a quirky personality, often coming off as a simpleton, or at least absent minded, but at other times displays a vast knowledge of the supernatural. A possible explanation lies in the fact that he is a weremoose and was originally a full human. The full details of his curse have yet to be revealed.

[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* Bullwinkle J. Moose of ''WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle'' is the TropeCodifier, if not the UrExample.
* In ''WesternAnimation/CampLazlo'', Scoutmaster Lumpus is a moose. He is an extremely incompetent, apathetic JerkassWoobie who doesn't even like being a scoutmaster. As a RunningGag, he has trouble identifying Clam's species (a pygmy rhino). On the other hand, as a nature lover, he is useful to the scouts because he fights the system to keep the camp open.
* The WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse short ''Moose Hunters''. "Kiss me!"
** Averted in the short ''Morris the Midget Moose'', however.
* Inverted in the short-lived animated series ''Frootie Tooties,'' by Honeycombe Animations, where Strawberry Moose is explicitly described as the most intelligent of all the animals and has a rather large vocabulary.
* Averted realistically in ''WesternAnimation/{{The Wild Thornberrys}}'' where Eliza had to prevent a bull moose from attacking her sister Debbie and their friend Shane when it mistook them for another male moose while they were playing with a discarded moose antler. The moose is portrayed as simply territorial with bad eyesight (as {{Real Life}} will attest). It even offers to help Eliza rescue Debbie and Shane from a cave-in after she, in a moment of {{Sanity Slippage}} and {{Crowning Moment of Awesome}}, scares off another encroaching bull moose by waving and screaming at it.
* The sequel to ''Disney/{{Bambi}}'', ''Bambi 2'', had an old grouchy porcupine insult Bambi's father, the Great Prince of The Forest, by calling him a "big moose".
* WesternAnimation/{{Franklin}} had the titular turtle working together with a new student who, despite being the same age as Franklin and his classmates, easily towered over them. Initially frightened of his appearance, Franklin befriends the new student and learns of his creativity as an artist despite his awkwardness. Of course he's [[ADogNamedDog a moose named Moose]].
* Despite only looking like a moose, WesternAnimation/YakkityYak is a TooDumbToLive yak for fits in this trope.
* Averted with [[ADogNamedDog Moose]] in the animated adaption of ''[[Literature/LittleBear Little Bear]]''. For the few times he's shown, he's helpful and quite intelligent. Of course, this may also play to part that he's a ReasonableAuthorityFigure looking out for young animals.
* The moose in the WesternAnimation/HeckleAndJeckle cartoon "Moose On The Loose" is pretty bright, getting the best of the two at the cartoon's end.
* The Cartoon Network original short "Ignoramooses" stars two dense moose who give a hunter a hard time after convincing themselves they're his new pets.
* [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed]] on ''Mack & Moxy'', with Mack, the [[AmazingTechnicolorWildlife blue moose]] partner of Moxy, a pink raccoon. He's smart enough to take a lead role in the adventures on the show and be generally helpful. That said, official descriptions for the program also describe him as having "two left feet" as well as being a "lummox" and he's also something of a LiteralMinded BigEater. He also speaks with the slow, SimpletonVoice typical of the characterization.
* Averted with Tyrone of WesternAnimation/TheBackyardigans, at least when you compare him to [[RedOniBlueOni his red oni]], Pablo.

[[folder: Real Life ]]
* It's apparently not unusual in autumn in Scandinavia for elk to become inebriated by eating fermenting apples. In 2011 a Swedish moose made [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14842999 international]] [[http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/europe/09/08/sweden.drunken.moose/index.html headlines]] after getting drunk and stuck in a tree.
* Moose eat plants that grow in streams, some of which contain a parasite that attacks the brains of the moose. Infected moose are mostly aggressive and unpredictable, though, not stupid per se.
-->'''[[JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf Statler]]:''' Moose sure are stupid, aren't they?
-->'''[[JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf Waldorf]]:''' Not as stupid as the shows they're in!
-->'''[[JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf Both]]:''' Doh-ho-ho-ho-ho!