''Mockingbird Lane'' is a 2012 ContinuityReboot of ''Series/TheMunsters'' developed by Creator/BryanFuller, the creator of such shows as ''PushingDaisies'' and ''DeadLikeMe''. Originally, it was going to be a weekly television series, but Creator/{{NBC}} decided to air it as a HalloweenSpecial instead.

In the show, the Munster family move to the iconic house after their son, Eddie, turns into a werewolf during a camping trip with his Boy Scout troop. Meanwhile, Herman is having heart problems and in desperate need for a new heart.

The series stars Jerry O'Connell as Herman, Creator/PortiaDeRossi as Lily, and EddieIzzard as Grandpa.

* ArtEvolution: In a sense. The monster-like appearances of the original ''Munsters'' characters were done away with, making them look more like humans...sort of.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: First to go in the bear attack in the black kid. Second is the black camp leader. Third is the Asian kid. [[DisneyDeath Then it turns out that they survived after all]].
* BloodierAndGorier
* BloodMagic: Grandpa can use his vampiric blood to make "blood slaves" and make them do anything, [[PsychicAssistedSuicide even off themselves]].
* DarkerAndEdgier: Notably more so than ''The Munsters''. For reference, the opening sequence involves a werewolf attacking a Boy Scout troop, [[RRatedOpening much of which happens onscreen]].
* EvilPatriarch: Gone is the chuckling old mad scientist with a taste for silly inventions. Grandpa is a complete bastard this time around.
* GodivaHair[=/=]ToplessnessFromTheBack: When Lilly materializes, she is naked, but facing away from the camera with her hair hanging down in front. She looks up to a colony of spiders who proceed to dress her in webbing, a possible ShoutOut to the gossamer dress Yvonne De Carlo wore in the original.
* HollywoodHeartAttack: Averted. Herman suffers from this and mutters "Oh, no..." before collapsing onto the ground.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Eddie is aware there's something off about his family but doesn't know what. Marilyn knows full well what her family is and is upset that she isn't one of them.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: For the most part of the episode, Eddie's parents don't let him know he's a werewolf.
* MythologyGag:
** Our first view of Herman is of him standing in front of a lantern that makes it look like he's got a flat head and bolts coming out of his neck. A shoutout to his original incarnation which looked much more Frankenstein-ish.
** Grandpa says he's been widowed many times but still keeps in touch with his old wives, a reference to the original series.
** Spot the Dragon is invisible when he first shows up. This would seem to be a reference to the original version, in which he was never actually seen.
* NakedOnArrival: Grandpa and Lily, albeit briefly.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: Inverted. Grandpa (Sam Dracula) can be a swarm of rats, while Lily can become a smoky mist, Grandpa ''can'' appear in sunlight (although he uses a parasol) and Grandpa must be explicitly invited into the neighbors' house. Grandpa and Lily were brought to the house in boxes of earth (native soil?). All classic vampire traits from literature (not the movies).
* ScoutOut: Eddie is a part of a troop... then a "baby bear" attacks. Apparently, that's the cover story for Eddie during their moves. Later, when they settle in on Mockingbird Lane, Herman is now a scout leader after [[spoiler:getting the heart of Eddie's new scout leader]].
* ShoutOut:
** During the opening sequence, a boy in his sleeping bag is slammed into a tree, causing the sleeping bag to explode into feathers, very much like a sequence in the film ''Prophecy''.
** Grandpa briefy wears a red robe with a long train, and turns into a giant bat... ''thing''... just like a certain [[Film/BramStokersDracula film vampire]]...
** When Herman is uh... recharged/rebooted the sound he makes is the same sound as an Apple. And Grandpa is holding an iPad. Which he uses [[SchizoTech with a quill]].
* TheUnfavourite: Poor Marilyn. When she was born, her mother had trouble deciding whether to keep her or eat her. Grandpa managed to convince her not to, but is still rather blunt with her regarding her "condition".