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[[caption-width-right:200:Oh, yeah. Real subtle.]]

->'''Delenn:''' You can look up, Lennier of the Third Fane of Chudomo.\\
'''Lennier:''' It is forbidden.\\
'''Delenn:''' I can't have an aide who won't look up. You'll forever be walking into things.
-->-- ''Series/BabylonFive''

The archetype of a young man kept under the heel of his typically older female employer. Usually she takes a certain amount of pleasure from teasing him, [[YouGetMeCoffee asking him to get coffee]], and generally watching him squirm. The fact that she's often TheWonka means that he usually rolls his eyes at her exploits, but nonetheless follows her diligently, so there's often overlap with BeleagueredAssistant.

Despite this, the woman usually ''does'' genuinely care about the boy, she just shows it in a very strange way. She's often a grown-up {{Tsundere}} or a DefrostingIceQueen, and may act the way she does because she has trouble showing affection. HypocriticalHeartwarming is likely to occur at some point if someone else decides to mess with the boy instead of her.

Note that this relationship doesn't have to be romantic or sexual in nature, and may simply be a mentor/student relationship meant to help the young man develop. There are often elements of {{UST}}, but more often than not it goes unresolved. If the age gap is big enough, the mistress may mother her servant boy instead.

Compare LadyAndKnight which is more about the guy protecting his lady/mistress than serving but overlap is possible. A major difference is the knight will usually choose to serve the lady out of love, chivalry, duty etc while the servant boy is more likely to be hired or indentured.

Compare and contrast PizzaBoySpecialDelivery, CheatingWithTheMilkman, and SleepingWithTheBoss, for when the relationship is primarily sexual.

Also see SubordinateExcuse for when more personal reasons are involved in their working relationship.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Yuuko and Watanuki in ''Manga/XxxHolic'' (see page image). From making him get her expensive and rare types of alcohol to having him follow her around carrying her stuff while she ''slices a woman's computer clean in half'' without scratching the table. Yes, with a baseball bat. As employers go, Yuuko is pretty... [[BunnyEarsLawyer unique]]. Watanuki considers himself to be her slave, but she cares far more about his well-being than is initially obvious.[[spoiler: And it turns out, as the audience learns in a very heart-rending way about 3/4 through the series, the feeling is mutual]]
** Creator/{{Clamp}} also have a male example in ''Manga/DrugAndDrop'' with Kakei and his store workers Rikuo and Kazahaya, whom he loves to make squirm and whom he sends on shady missions to retrieve supernatural objects that he intentionally withholds important information on (in one case: that Kazahaya is going to ''drown''). The mirroring of dynamic in ''Manga/XxxHolic'' is ''very'' apparent.
* Ryoko and Izumida in ''Literature/TheCaseFilesOfYakushijiRyoko''. This is the main feature that the light novel series is known for, even though both of them are the main protagonists.
* Ekaterina and Kukrachyov, the pilots of Valspinner from ''Anime/ShinkonGattaiGodannar'', which actually used the combination command "Slave On". It even became a plot point of how submissive and "unmanly" Kukrachyov is when [[spoiler:the male pilots one after the other flip out from the virus]]. Just to drive the point home, Shadow, one of America's lesbian pilots, [[spoiler:is the only girl affected by it]] because she's the "[[{{Bifauxnen}} manly]]" one of the two girls
* Louise from ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'' takes the "Mistress" bit just a ''bit'' farther than most, treating Saito more like a slave (to the point of [[WhipItGood having a whip]]) but over time she becomes [[{{Tsundere}} less Tsun and more Dere]] towards him.
* ''Manga/MedakaBox'': Medaka often drags childhood friend Zenkichi along for whatever quirky misadventure that she decides to undertake, and he tends to act like something of a closet {{Tsundere}} concerning it. It [[SatelliteCharacter goes]] [[BeleagueredAssistant far]] [[ButtMonkey enough]] that Fandom pegs Zenkichi as her personal boy toy, [[ShipTease affectionately]] (and more) or [[RonTheDeathEater otherwise]].
* Rin does this to Maeno a few times in ''Anime/{{Mnemosyne}}'', comparing finding him to finding a lost puppy, when she first meets him. She also intentionally plays up the LesYay with her assistant Mimi in order to make him squirm. As time goes by she respects him more and more, to the point that [[spoiler:he turns into an angel to save her]].
* Tohko and Mikiya in ''LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai'' are a more subtle example (plus Touko [[AmbiguouslyGay flirts with Shiki too]], so her orientation is anyone's guess), but Shiki and Mikiya also have aspects of this at times, especially considering how much he follows her around (to the point that when she's in a coma the nurses at the hospital call him "Puppy-kun" since he [[UnbrokenVigil visits so regularly]]).
* Revy and Rock's relationship in ''Manga/BlackLagoon''. In a conversation with Eda; Revy does reveal that she hasn't been able to make Rock sleep with her yet. Of course, [[{{Tsundere}} Revy]] [[WillTheyOrWontThey has a]] [[CelibateHero funny]] [[SlapSlapKiss definition]] [[AxeCrazy of "trying"...]]
* To an extent, Haruhi and Kyon in ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'' qualify, as Haruhi is the brigade leader and Kyon basically has the lowest rank. They even employ the NecktieLeash trope on occasion but they are generally more peaceful than others as Haruhi doesn't do harm to him for emotional reasons. In the later novels, Kyon seems to acknowledge her as TheLeader.
** This is definitely how the rest of the school views them. "Right, Kyon, you're normal. Sure. You're Suzumiya's minion and you're trying to pull that?"
** Haruhi seems to think of them this way. In the movie after a long list of outrageous titles for Haruhi the credits say "Menial Labor: Kyon".
* Benika and Shinkurou of ''LightNovel/{{Kurenai}}''. Mostly a mentor/protégé relationship, as Shinkurou earnestly admires Benika and constantly seeks her approval.
* Katina and Russel's relationship in the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration'' games occasionally carries undertones of this.
** It's actually a recurring element with some individuals. Viletta's pretty stoic, but she is a pretty harsh teacher especially when it comes to Ryusei. They spend a good deal of time relatively alone in ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Alpha Gaiden]]'' (it makes sense in context), and she works him to the bone. However, she has never acted in a way that contradicts her role of a mentor.
* Eva from ''Manga/{{Monster}}'' has two bouts of this. One with her gardener the other with her [[BodyguardCrush bodyguard]]. Neither ends well.
* Opposite of this exists in ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler''. Hayate is the servant to Nagi, Nagi is the younger and also the one Hayate's attempting to teach. She also clearly has a crush on him.
** It's also possible that it's again opposites in Wataru and Saki's case.
** The dynamic is probably strongest with Hayate and [[spoiler:Athena]], however.
* ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' {{Fanon}} often portrays [[DarkActionGirl Adiane]] and [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain Viral]] as an example of this trope, mostly based on Viral's stoic acceptance of Adiane's abuse for letting her lover be killed by Team Gurren.
* While not a direct master/servant relationship, Ichigo and Yoruichi of ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' fulfill this trope when training together, She seems to enjoy teasing him by going naked every once in a while.
* In an early episode of the ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'' anime, badass gunslinger Vash the Stampede (who ''really'' doesn't know how to deal with women) falls immediately into such a relationship, PlayedForLaughs, with a beautiful female engineer who arrives to fix the town's power plant.
* In ''Manga/MyBrideIsAMermaid'', Lunar attempts to force Nagasumi into one of these relationships despite (or rather, because of) his engagement to Sun.
* The relationship between [[spoiler:Haji and Saya]] began this way in ''Anime/BloodPlus'', with [[spoiler:Haji]] as a surly cute boy and [[spoiler: Saya]] as a well-intentioned but tyrannical teenager. After finding out the reason for [[spoiler:Haji's antipathy--he was sold as a slave to her guardian, Joel--Saya]] becomes friendlier and their relationship improves. As the years go by and Haji grows up, their relationship becomes less this trope and more like friends. But then the fire happens and then it becomes a mostly bright LadyAndKnight pair.
* Age-flipped in ''Anime/AngelLinks'', where the teenage yet well-endowed Meifon Li has a twenty-something [[GirlFriday Boy Friday]] named Kosei Hida.
* Sumire and Momo's relationship is like this in ''Manga/KimiWaPetto'', although unusually, Momo is quite enthusiastic about being Sumire's pet.
* Liang Qi and Cummings of ''Anime/{{Canaan}}'' are a particularly dark example of this trope. Liang Qi couldn't care less about Cummings and mostly vents her frustrations on him using an airsoft gun, and Cummings harbors a one-sided affection for her to the point that he eventually starts to like her abuse, while Liang Qi harbors her own one-sided love for [[DarkActionGirl Alphard]] to a truly [[{{Yandere}} obsessive]] [[PsychoLesbian extent]]. Cummings' loyalty to Liang Qi is so great, in fact, [[spoiler:that he's the one who gives her a MercyKill after she tries to give herself synethesia and it backfires horribly, and at the end of the series he's shown to have become a monk and still thinks of Liang Qi fondly]].
* Now, while Ren has [[TheOjou three separate masters]] in ''VisualNovel/TheyAreMyNobleMasters'', it’s invoked by both [[LovableSexManiac Shinra]] & [[OlderThanTheyLook Miyu]]. Both are older than he is. Both [[TheTease tease]] him mercilessly. Neither one have any issue invoking an AccidentalPervert scenario upon him. And for the icing, he has {{UST}} with both sisters, involving his [[ChivalrousPervert wandering hands]] with Miyu and Shinra’s various come-ons that lead nowhere. [[spoiler:Well, that is until the GrandFinale where [[SpitTrailKiss Shinra rams her tongue]] [[BigDamnKiss down Ren’s throat.]]]]
* This trope is explored with [[{{Tsundere}} Ririchiyo]] and [[{{Bishounen}} Miketsukami]] from ''Manga/InuXBokuSS'', though it's not enough to be called a {{Deconstruction}}. Both of them are trying to become more humane[[note]]They are technically not human, but that's besides the point.[[/note]] to each others, and it's an awkward process.
* [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Tomoe]], the servant, and [[PluckyGirl Nanami]], the mistress from ''Manga/KamisamaKiss.'' Played with since Tomoe is ''much'' older and more powerful than her, and not even human, Nanami can bend him to her will thanks to the familiar contract. She also starts to fall in love with him, an idea Tomoe finds repulsive [[spoiler: at least at first.]]
* In ''LightNovel/AccelWorld'', the bullied [[{{Adorkable}} Haruyuki]] sees his relationship with the school idol [[ActionGirlfriend Kuroyukihime]] this way. The problem is that Kuroyukihime ''wants'' it to be much more equal, but Haruyuki [[ICantBelieveAGuyLikeYouWouldNoticeMe can't imagine that she would honestly like him for who he is]].
* In the 2006 anime adaptation of ''VisualNovel/{{Kanon}}'', Kaori Misaka and Jun Kitagawa have this kind of relationship, with Kaori taking full advantage of Kitagawa's unrequited crush on her to use him as a HumanPackMule. Played for laughs in an early scene where Yuichi actually calls Kitagawa "The Servant Boy." Kitagawa angrily retorts that he's nobody's servant, only to have Kaori walk up just a few seconds later and shove a bunch of her stuff into his arms.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''The Masters of Barley'': As CEO of her late father's beer brewing company, Adrienne Steenfort has a younger male assistant who obviously has a crush on her.

* More or less every Maleficent/Diaval fanfic that takes place in the real world has Maleficent as Diaval's employer. The {{UST}} is eventually resolved more often than not.
* [[https://archiveofourown.org/works/3538292/chapters/7786868 This]] ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'' fic features a [[HoYay same-sex variation]] between [[TroubledButCute Percy]] and [[AntiVillain Luke]]. Initially, it's TeethClenchedTeamwork, but the more time they spend together, the more trust Luke puts in Percy, and the more they actually care for each other under the sarcasm. [[spoiler: [[LoverAndBeloved The sexual tension does not go unconsummated.]] ]]
* Some of the more mature [[MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic MLP]] fanworks tend to portray Rarity and Spike having this sort of relationship. Alternatively Twilight and Spike comes up quite a deal too.
* In ''Fanfic/ANecromancersWildCard'', [[TheStoic Minato Arisato]] becomes [[{{Necromancer}} Eucliwood Hellscythe]]'s [[OurZombiesAreDifferent servant]] when she brings him back to life, [[ItMakesSenseInContext which he doesn't really mind]].

* Variant tragic version: ''Film/SunsetBoulevard'' has down-and-out writer Joe Gillis working for aging star Norma Desmond.
* The main characters of ''Film/TheProposal'' are a [[DefrostingIceQueen mistress]] and servant boy who start off both MarriedToTheJob [[spoiler:and wind up married to each other.]]
* ''Film/ThePrincessBride'': Buttercup and Westley's relationship began this way, though it soon changed.
-->'''Buttercup''': Farm boy, polish my horse's saddle. I want to see my face shining in it by morning!\\
'''Westley''': As you wish.
* Semi-parodied in ''Disney/TheEmperorsNewGroove'' with [[EvilVizier Yzma]] and [[MinionWithAnFInEvil Kronk]]. Kuzco says that she frequently gets a new younger male assistant, with Kronk being "this year's model."
* In ''{{Film/Far and Away}}'', Shannon urges Joseph to come with her and be her servant boy while she's running away to America (since she's secretly taken a liking to him, but also because she wants a way to protect herself); he, on the other hand, angrily rejects the idea.
-->'''Joseph:''' I'll throw the tea in your face and I'll piss on your boots before I serve the likes of you! Get out!\\
'''Shannon:''' I'll pay you threepence a day!\\
'''Joseph:''' ''Get out!''
** Later, when he's faced with no other alternative (other than getting shot and dying), he does end up choosing to become her servant for the time being. Although he doesn't miss any opportunities to snark at her while doing so.
--->'''Shannon:''' May I ask what you are doing, sitting at my table?\\
'''Joseph:''' I'm eating your chocolate cake.
* In both ''Film/FleshForFrankenstein'' and ''Film/BloodForDracula'', this trope is deconstructed by showing wealthy women lusting after their farmhands/stable boys for pure physical pleasure and the "servant boy" being fully aware and not caring, even going so far as to throw it back in their faces when they mouth off.
* The relationship between ''{{Film/Maleficent}}'' and her servant Diaval is as much this as it is [[LadyandKnight Lady and Knight]]--since she certainly doesn't ''need'' his protecting. All the elements are there; her teasing but ultimately caring for him, his eye-rolling but maintaining UndyingLoyalty to her. The [[WhatCouldHaveBeen original script]] and novelization also implies some UST there, too.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* On ''Series/BattlestarGalactica2003'', Laura Roslin's relationship with her aide Billy had elements of this.
* While he's not really her assistant, DefrostingIceQueen[=/=]MagnificentBastard Adelle [=DeWitt=] and {{Geek}}y MadScientist Topher Brink have this kind of relationship on ''{{Series/Dollhouse}}.'' Their relationship winds up seeming somewhat like a mother and son, though at first many fans thought it would turn romantic.
* Delenn and Lennier in ''Series/BabylonFive'' have a non-romantic version. Delenn cares for Lennier like he was family [[spoiler:but Lennier loves her in a more than romantic way but knows he isn't meant to be with her]].
* The relationship between [[KissingCousins Cersei and Lancel Lannister]] from ''Series/GameOfThrones'' certainly comes across as this. She is the queen, and he is her whim.
* In ''Series/DowntonAbbey'', it appears that the footman Jimmy Kent had a similar relationship with his previous employer, Lady Anstruther. He even writes her Valentine's cards while employed at Downton. We don't actually see Lady Anstruther for the first two series in which Jimmy appeared, though; however, she appears in Series 5 and nothing so far contradicts what we've gleaned from Jimmy's prior account.

* Soda Stereo's [[IntercourseWithYou very steamy song]] "Juego de Seducción" ("The Seduction Game") opens with the narrator telling his girlfriend that he wants them to roleplay as this while in the bedroom. [[CasualKink Among other things.]]
-->"''Voy a ser tu mayordomo, y vos haràs el rol de señora bien...''" ("I'm gonna pose as your butler, and you will have the role of [[NonRoyalPrincess a high-class lady...]]")
* Judging from the lyrics, Music/{{Smash Mouth}}'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR7hmJ96Gos "Always Gets Her Way"]] is about a couple with this kind of dynamic. Played with, though, in that the girl tries to act like a "Mistress" type lady, but has some HiddenDepths that the boy seems to find irresistable (she secretly loves punk rock, for one thing).

* The [[FantasyCounterpartCulture Shadows of Mexico]] setting for ''TabletopGame/VampireTheRequiem'' shows a deconstruction of this trope in the relationship between the [[AlphaBitch Harpy]] Mariposa and her poor PR agent/childe Colibri. Mariposa often humiliates Colibri in front of Mexico's other vampires, treating her as little more than a punching bag, but she actually does care about her in private. This just makes Colibri even crazier!
** ...actually, this pretty much sums up the relationship of most of the female and a few male vampires in this game with anyone with lower Status than them.

* Candi and Buck in the musical ''Theatre/ZannaDont''.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Taro gets the title "Rozy's Servant" in ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 2|CursedMemories}}'' for a [[PrecociousCrush reason.]]
* In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess'', Midna initially considers her relationship with Link to be this. She comes to respect him more after her CharacterDevelopment.
* Pit and Palutena in ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising''. Palutena seems to enjoy teasing Pit every now and then, but also is clear she cares for him.
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'': Yuyuko and Youmu has some shades of this, mostly because Yuyuko ia a BunnyEarsLawyer compared to other mistress-type characters.
* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheSacredStones'', you get this, dashed with BeleagueredAssistant with L'Arachel and her "loyal" followers, Dozla and Rennac. Dozla just seems happy to go fight and kill whoever or whatever L'Arachel tells him to, while Rennac plays the "Beleaguered" part to the hilt, being practically dragged along by L'Arachel everywhere. The conversation having L'Arachel properly recruit Rennac is a stock example of this trope.
* ''[[VideoGame/TraumaCenter Trauma Team]]'' has Dr. Naomi Kimishima and her "FBI" contact [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname Little Guy]] in this type of relationship, complete with [[UnresolvedSexualTension UST]] and [[http://admintell.napco.com/ee/images/uploads/gamertell/trauma_team_forensics_2.jpg a blushing instance]] of almost-NecktieLeash.
* ''VideoGame/{{Piratez}}'': Implied with the Altar Boys who are enslaved... er, repurposed as "squires" by the protagonists.

* [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Mistress]] and Apprentice Ivan from the NSFW ''Webcomic/{{Oglaf}}'' very much have this dynamic. Mistress is also a supremely powerful sorceress who rules an evil kingdom and is a sadistic monster so her form of 'sexual teasing' is a little more extreme than usual. In fact, Ivan's predecessor had [[spoiler:had a firewand used on him as a strap-on that then [[OutWithABang activated]].]]
* Sette and Duane from ''Webcomic/{{Unsounded}}'' have this dynamic, with the twist that Sette is prepubescent.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* While the "boy" in question is a robot and there's no caring involved, WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick and her new SexBot fit into this. She uses it strictly for her own pleasure and it even calls her "mistress".
* Creator/{{Humon}} does a lot of this sort of thing. Dominant female/submissive male is a pairing that really fascinates her.
** In ''Webcomic/ScandinaviaAndTheWorld'', the pairing of Sister Sweden and Brother Finland is exactly this. The normally macho Finland bends over backwards--painfully literally--to oblige her whims.
** She uses it a lot in her non--''Webcomic/ScandinaviaAndTheWorld'' work. Weedy feminised men in thrall to big strong women is a theme which recurs again and again in her work: she explicitly uses this trope in a series of works about an autocratic aristocratic lady who wields a rod, not necessarily of iron, over her male house-staff.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Music/{{Madonna}} and Carlos Leon / Jesus Luz /whoever.