Primary Stylistic Influences (traditional) :
+ ThrashMetal, HardcorePunk
Secondary Stylistic Influences (traditional):
+ DeathMetal, BlackMetal, {{Grindcore}}

Primary Stylistic Influences (Melodic Metalcore):
+ MelodicDeathMetal, Traditional Metalcore
Secondary Stylistic Influences (Melodic Metalcore):
PostHardcore, AlternativeMetal, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, DeathMetal

'''Metalcore''' (also known as '''metallic hardcore''' or '''hardcore metal''', names given to the more punk-influenced bands) is a subgenre of HeavyMetal that combines ThrashMetal with HardcorePunk, and sometimes takes a more melodic approach to the songs than thrash. It is characterised by gratuitous use of the MetalScream, as well as breakdowns. Lots and lots of breakdowns (although due to, ahem, certain bands, this attribute has been {{Flanderized}} a bit). If you're not in the know, a "breakdown" is when the music kind-of slows down to induce moshing or "throwing down"...or something like that. Modern bands often tend to mix it up with clean vocals and melodic riffs (see Melodic metalcore below).

Metalcore began life as a blending between thrash metal and hardcore punk, and was used to describe bands such as [[DirtyRottenImbeciles D.R.I.]], S.O.D., and Music/SuicidalTendencies in the 1980's, however the term changed its meaning in the 1990's to "metallic hardcore", and the genre metalcore originally defined became known as "crossover thrash". This newer "wave" of metalcore included bands such as Integrity, Earth Crisis and Converge. By the end of the nineties, metalcore had evolved into "melodic metalcore", which slowly grew in popularity until the mid-2000s, when it was a big mainstream draw. In fact, today, metalcore is the most commercially popular form of metal.

There are several common styles of metalcore. The original metalcore, often called "metallic hardcore" to avoid any confusion with modern metalcore, is simply hardcore with a prominent influence from metal (usually ThrashMetal or old school DeathMetal) and includes bands such as Integrity, Rorschach and Ringworm. Melodic metalcore (which includes bands like Killswitch Engage and God Forbid) fuses metalcore with MelodicDeathMetal influences and SopranoAndGravel vocal dynamics and is generally what most people think of when they think "metalcore". Holy Terror metalcore, meanwhile, refers to heavily ThrashMetal-influenced metalcore with occasional doomy tendencies and apocalyptic, biblical lyrical themes. Finally, metalcore that contains too much hardcore to qualify as metalcore but enough metal to not entirely qualify as hardcore either (examples being Hatebreed, Terror, and later-era Madball) is occasionally (and derisively) referred to as "brocore" due to the stereotypes of the fans of said bands being dimwitted, thuggish meatheads who go to shows less to enjoy them and more to start fights.[[note]]This actually harks back to the original days of crossover, which tended to attract a troubling amount of thugs at shows who would go just to be as violent as possible in the pit. The same people would then show up at thrash metal shows and do much the same thing, often to the point of driving people away from those shows due to the very real possibility of getting severely injured in the pit thanks to them. It led to a fairly widespread backlash from hardcore, crossover, and thrash musicians alike, all of whom were quite pissed off at having their shows ruined by the aforementioned thugs, with hardcore musicians taking an especially strong dislike to it due to how it ran contrary to hardcore culture as it originally was.[[/note]]

When combined with DeathMetal, metalcore usually transforms into {{Deathcore}}, but the 2010s have also brought "Entombedcore" (a common colloquialism, but there is no definitive name for the sound at this point), which fuses the more metallic side of hardcore with Swedish death metal (NOT Gothenburg; the distinction is important) and crust punk (sometimes also powerviolence and/or black metal, depending on the band) to create an angry, dirty, and abrasive form of the genre that has gained a fair bit of popularity as of late; prominent practitioners include Trap Them, Nails, Xibalba, and All Pigs Must Die[[note]]Trap Them actually existed as early as 2001 and could probably be considered an UrExample of the sound, but they didn't really grow famous until the late 2000s-early 2010s, which was around when Entombedcore started to become a thing[[/note]]. It should be noted that most of these bands are rarely called "metalcore" (mainly due to the term's negative connotations) and the bands are, for the most part, involved in the grindcore, crust punk, sludge and/or powerviolence scenes, rather than the modern metalcore scene.
Bands typically cited as metalcore include:

Early metalcore or "metallic hardcore" (includes newer bands playing in the style):
* Music/{{Acme}}
* Music/AllOutWar
* Music/{{Arkangel}}
* Music/{{Biohazard}} (Incorporated rapping and NuMetal elements)
* Music/{{Bloodlet}}
* Music/CultLeader
* Music/{{Deadguy}}
* Music/EarthCrisis
* Music/{{Integrity}} (TropeMaker, TropeCodifier, and probably the UrExample of Holy Terror metalcore)
* Music/{{Overcast}}
* Music/{{Ringworm}} (TropeCodifier for Holy Terror metalcore along with Integrity)
* Music/{{Rorschach}}
* Music/ShaiHulud
* Music/{{Starkweather}} (An {{Early Installment Weirdness}} for the entire subgenre, drawing influences from {{Doom Metal}}, {{Death Metal}}, {{Progressive Metal}} and {{Alternative Rock}}. Implied to be the {{Ur Example}} of the {{Soprano and Gravel}} technique for which modern Metalcore bands are known for)
* Music/{{Terror}}

Mathcore and experimental metallic hardcore:
* Music/TheBloodBrothers (also noise rock)
* Music/{{Botch}} (TropeMaker[=/=]UrExample for mathcore along with Music/{{Converge}})
* Music/{{Candiria}} (mixed with [[{{Jazz}} Jazz Fusion]] and HipHop, though their later material dialed this down and took a more brocore-oriented turn)
* Music/CarBomb
* [[Music/CaveIn Cave-In]] (Earlier work, some of their later material is more AlternativeMetal)
* Music/TheChariot
* Music/{{Coalesce}} (along with Converge, TDEP and Ion Dissonance the TropeMaker for mathcore)
* Music/{{Converge}} (TropeMaker)
* Music/CurlUpAndDie
* Music/{{Daughters}}
* Music/TheDillingerEscapePlan
* Music/{{Gaza}} (highly technical metalcore with heavy grindcore and sludge metal influences)
* Music/IonDissonance (TropeMaker[=/=]TropeCodifier for mathcore with Converge and TDEP, also draws influences from grindcore and noise rock; one of the very heaviest bands of the genre. Later albums also qualify as {{Deathcore}}.)
* [[Music/TheNumber12LooksLikeYou The Number 12 Looks Like You]]
* Music/TodayIsTheDay (also carries heavy {{Grindcore}} and NoiseRock influences)

Modern metalcore, including "melodic metalcore" and GrooveMetal-influenced bands:
* Music/TheAcaciaStrain
* Music/ALifeOnceLost
* Music/TheAgonist (mixed with melodic death metal and deathcore)
* Music/AllThatRemains (their first album was [[MelodicDeathMetal melodeath]]; recent albums have had strong PostGrunge elements)
* Music/AsILayDying (With a heavy ThrashMetal bend on later albums)
* Music/AskingAlexandria (overlaps with {{Electronicore}})
* Music/{{Atreyu}} (early)
* Music/{{Attack Attack}}! (Combines this with post hardcore and electronic music, sometimes called Electronicore)
* Music/AugustBurnsRed (Also considered ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/AvengedSevenfold (arguably the genre's most successful act; this applies more to their early music, as they later became HeavyMetal / HardRock)
* Music/BeautifulDyingDay (about 30% this and 70% PostHardcore)
* Music/BetweenTheBuriedAndMe (also a ProgressiveDeathMetal band)
* Music/BlackVeilBrides (started as this on ''We Stitch these Wounds'', but changed to {{Hair Metal}} on their follow up)
* Music/BleedingThrough (has flirted with deathcore at various points)
* Music/BringMeTheHorizon (started off as deathcore, now plays a mix of metalcore and {{post rock}})
* Music/BulletForMyValentine (at first, but they changed styles after ''Scream Aim Fire'' to a more hard rock-based sound, though elements of the genre tend to still be there)
* Music/{{Burst}} (has some overlap with ProgressiveMetal, but not enough to truly be called metal)
* Music/{{Caliban}}
* Music/{{Chimaira}} (mixed with GrooveMetal)
* Music/ADayToRemember (notable for their prominent PopPunk elements)
* Music/DeadByApril (possibly the only metal band ever that overlaps with BoyBand pop)
* Music/{{Deadlock}} (Mixed with MelodicDeathMetal, with a [[GrooveMetal Djent]] sound later.)
* Music/DemonHunter (although they have strong AlternativeMetal elements and riffs resembling GrooveMetal and NuMetal)
* Music/TheDevilWearsPrada
* Music/EveryTimeIDie (with quite a few SouthernRock and SludgeMetal elements)
* Music/FallingInReverse (their first album was a mix of this with {{pop punk}} and {{Hair metal}}, but their newest release has bizzarely taken on a {{crunkcore}} vibe much to their fans dismay)
* Music/TheFallOfTroy
* Music/TheFinalHarvest (one of the heavier examples, overlaps with DeathMetal)
* Music/FullBlownChaos
* Music/TheGhostInside (overlaps with [[HardcorePunk Melodic Hardcore]])
* Music/GodForbid (also falls under ThrashMetal in all albums after and including ''Gone Forever'')
* Music/HasteTheDay
* Music/{{Hatebreed}}
* Music/HeavenShallBurn (also MelodicDeathMetal)
* Music/HORSETheBand (Also Nintendocore)
* Music/InThisMoment (only on ''Beautiful Tragedy'' and ''A Star-Crossed Wasteland''; ''The Dream'' was more alt-metal/post-hardcore, while ''Blood'' was more industrial/nu-metal)
* Music/{{Issues}} (mixes this with NuMetal and, of all things, pop music)
* [[Music/KENmode KEN mode]] (along with post-hardcore)
* Music/KillswitchEngage
* Music/LambOfGod (they're not very melodic, and possibly closer to GrooveMetal or ThrashMetal, though their first couple of albums definitely have significant elements of this)
* Music/MachineHead (recent material, though ''Burn My Eyes'' and ''The More Things Change'' had significant Biohazard influences)
* Music/LoveandDeath (Mixed with NuMetal)
* Music/MeekIsMurder (mixed with screamo and noise rock)
* Music/MemphisMayFire (no clear consensus though since they push the genre as well as other genres present in their music (PostHardcore, SouthernRock), so this classification depends largely on who you ask)
* Music/MiserySignals
* Music/MotionlessInWhite (fused with GothicMetal, with Chris Motionless doing his best impressions of other singers)
* Music/NormaJean
* Music/OfMiceAndMen (their third album also has prominent NuMetal elements)
* Music/ParkwayDrive
* Music/PoisonTheWell (at first; they eventually dropped the metallic elements of their sound for a more experimental hardcore feel)
* Music/ProtestTheHero (also ProgressiveMetal)
* Music/{{Psychostick}} (uniquely overlaps with comedy rock)
* Music/RoloTomassi (very technical metalcore with strong jazz and art rock elements)
* Music/SeaOfTreachery
* Music/ShadowsFall (overlaps with ThrashMetal, similar to God Forbid)
* Music/TheShowdown (First album only; mixed with MelodicDeathMetal and DeathMetal. They eventually became a DeathMetal tinged groove/thrash band)
* Music/{{Slapshock}} (later material)
* Music/SonicSyndicate (also MelodicDeathMetal)
* Music/StraightLineStitch
* Music/{{Trivium}} (influences also drawn from ThrashMetal and MelodicDeathMetal for more recent albums)
* Music/{{Underoath}}
* Music/{{Unearth}}
* Music/WallsOfJericho
* Music/TheWordAlive
* Music/{{Zao}} (TropeCodifier)

* Music/AllPigsMustDie (mixed with crust punk and sludge metal)
* Music/CodeOrange (originally known as Code Orange Kids; has a significant overlap with beatdown hardcore on ''I Am King'')
* Music/{{Cursed}} (UrExample and TropeCodifier for Entombedcore along with Trap Them; unlike Trap Them, they didn't stick around long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labors)
* Music/EarlyGraves (mixed with grindcore)
* Music/{{Enabler}}
* Music/FullOfHell (mixed with powerviolence and noise)
* [[Music/HarmsWay Harm's Way]]
* Music/{{Nails}} (mixed with grindcore)
* Oathbreaker
* The Secret
* Music/TrapThem (mixed with crust punk, arguably the UrExample of "Entombedcore" along with Cursed and most certainly a TropeCodifier)
* Music/WeekendNachos (as of ''Still'', mixed with powerviolence)
* Music/{{Xibalba}} (mixed with sludge metal)
* Music/YoungAndInTheWay (mixed with crust and BlackMetal)

The following bands are often called metalcore, but are very much not metalcore. We keep this short list here because we don't want these bands put on the main metalcore list by an earnest passerby.
* [[ThreeInchesOfBlood 3 Inches of Blood]]: The confusion comes from the dual vocalists. While switching between clean, punk styled vocals and harsh, growled and screamed vocals is common in metalcore, 3 Inches of Blood is very much a thrash-power metal band with little to no similarities to metalcore outside of common thrash elements. Furthermore, while one of their vocalists does use similar screams to some metalcore bands, their other vocalist uses a [[Music/JudasPriest Halfordesque]] screech that's far more in line with thrash metal, speed metal and PowerMetal.
* Austrian Death Machine: Straight ThrashMetal; they are often considered metalcore due to [[AsILayDying who their singer is]].
* TheBlackDahliaMurder: They qualified on their first demo and had noticeable elements of it on ''Miasma'' (''Unhallowed'' also had bits of it pop up from time to time, but not to any major degree), but they dropped any and all elements of it with ''Nocturnal'' in favor of aggressive, brutal death-tinged melodic death metal and never looked back.
* [=DevilDriver=]: Mixture of GrooveMetal and MelodicDeathMetal.
* FiveFingerDeathPunch: Straight-up GrooveMetal on their first album, [[ThrashMetal thrashier]] groove metal along the lines of Music/{{Pantera}}'s faster songs on the second, and a bit of both on the third. Some of their mellower songs border on {{Post-Grunge}}.
* Light This City: They mostly look like hardcore kids, and the other bands they've been in are mostly hardcore or pop punk, but the music is straight MelodicDeathMetal.
* Soul Embraced: Possibly due to being a Christian band. They started out as a straight up death metal band, but their later albums brought ProgressiveMetal and AlternativeMetal influences into the fold.
* Sylosis: The confusion comes mainly from their vocalist's screaming style, as well as their time of emergence. Musically, however, the band is ThrashMetal with some elements of DeathMetal and ProgressiveMetal.

!!Tropes Common In Metalcore:
* ChristianRock: Metalcore and PostHardcore are both filled with Christian bands for whatever reason. Most famously are Music/TheDevilWearsPrada, Music/{{Underoath}}, Music/{{Demon Hunter}}, Music/AsILayDying, and August Burns Red.
** NotChristianRock: They also have a bunch of this
* {{Emo}}: Often associated with this genre, because bands like Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine and early Avenged Sevenfold were often influenced by it.
* FanDumb: While most metalcore fans are perfectly fine, there's still at least one person on Facebook, Website/YouTube, or some other site that's going to put down people putting down the band in question - typical comments include mentions of wealth and talent or jealousy on the {{Hatedom}}'s part.
** Several of the late NY hardcore-influenced bands (Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, Terror, etc.) have gained the derisive label of "brocore" due to their tendency to attract dimwitted, violent thugs who seem to view shows less as places to enjoy the music and more as opportunities for starting fights.
* GatewaySeries: To extreme metal and HardcorePunk.
* HeavyMithril: Averted most of the time.
* LighterAndSofter: Than other Extreme metal genres, usually.
** Only the pop-oriented stuff that the genre has come to be associated with. Many of the more aggressive traditional metalcore groups are just as heavy, if not heavier, than most death or black metal. Take {{Converge}} for example.
* {{Hatedom}} / HateDumb: Due to its immense popularity and the fact that it is sometimes perceived as a form of modern HardcorePunk rather than Metal by metalheads, the genre has accumulated a rather large one of these.
** It can, of course, go the other way: lots of metalheads have great respect for the more overtly hardcore-influenced bands (such as Converge or Cave In), but ''really'' hate the more accessible, melodeath-influenced ones (Killswitch Engage, Bullet for My Valentine). The "Entombedcore" bands (such as Trap Them and Nails) have also gained some popularity with metalheads due to its influences from old school metalcore, crust punk and a more respected from of Swedish death metal, and they aren't seen as part of the modern metalcore scene.
** Hardcore fans have even stronger views about it. Most have no problem with first-wave metalcore and newer bands that sound like it, but Killswitch Engage and their ilk are absolutely despised. Hatebreed and their ilk fare slightly better; some hardcore fans love 'em, others hate them even more than Killswitch and blame them for everything that's wrong with modern hardcore.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Usually about an 8 or 9. Occasionally dip down to a 7 (AllThatRemains does this sometimes) or very rarely go up to a 10 ({{Chimaira}} and Music/TheDillingerEscapePlan, for example). Converge and a couple of other groups sometimes go UpToEleven, but this is pretty uncommon.
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Most metalcore brings in alot of influences throughout the extreme metal scene, mainly MelodicDeathMetal, DeathMetal, BlackMetal, and ThrashMetal. Some bands bring in influences from PopPunk, ElectronicMusic, GrooveMetal, and AlternativeMetal.
** First-wave, meanwhile, often played with elements of noise rock, post-punk, free jazz, post-rock, grindcore, sludge metal, progressive rock, and whatever the hell else they felt like putting in.
* ScaryMusicianHarmlessMusic: Commonly inverted. They usually dress like an average person or androgynously, but the music is still fairly heavy metal.
* SopranoAndGravel: Most bands have this. This unfortunately causes people to assume any metal band that uses this dynamic is metalcore. Melodic Death Metal (and even regular death metal in some cases) are the usual victims of this.
* SurprisinglyGentleSong: Almost every band on this page will have at least one of these per album. The first-wave acts and bands that sound like them usually have something post-rock-influenced, while the melodic acts usually have a PowerBallad. Mostly averted by Entombedcore, but you'll still see more melodic songs here and there.
* UrExample: Either Integrity or Ringworm for the genre in general, Starkweather for mathcore, either Killswitch Engage or 7 Angels 7 Plagues for melodic metalcore, The Devil Wears Prada for electronicore (and arguably the current brand of post-hardcore-inflected melodic metalcore), and either Trap Them or Cursed for Entombedcore.
* {{Wangst}}: Occasionally, especially common with emo-influenced bands.