[[caption-width-right:285:No one gets to kill him until he says so.]]
''Mesrine'' is a two-part crime epic charting the rise and fall of Jacques Mesrine, a French gangster and unusual folk hero. VincentCassel stars as the titular thief as we watch him leave the army after the war in Algeria, and slowly descend into a murky world of crime that eventually sees him become more famous than anyone for whom he ever worked.

Notorious for his bank robberies, Mesrine also indulges in kidnappings and burglaries. Even his eventual capture doesn't stop him; Mesrine escapes from a high-security Canadian facility, and upon returning to his native France, proceeds to escape justice several times over, including a stunning escape with a judge held hostage. Finally, Mesrine's exploits and egotism get the better of him, and in a brutal scene, he is violently gunned down in public.