A short-lived [[{{J-pop}} Japanese pop]] duo consisting of RitsukoOkazaki and MegumiHinata, founded in 2002. Their songs tended to combine the upbeat liveliness of Hinata's style and the melodic and harmonic richness of Okazaki's style.

The duo disbanded when Okazaki passed away unexpectedly in 2004.

They produced one album, known as ''Melodic Hard Cure'', which includes most of their songs.

They did the theme songs for the following series:
* ''Anime/OkusamaWaMahouShoujo'' - "Home and Away"
* ''Anime/{{Stratos 4}}'' - "1st Priority", "Himawari" ("Sunflower"), "rainbow kind of feeling", and "So Far, So Near"
* ''Anime/UFOPrincessValkyrie'' - "Itoshii Kakera", "Meguriai", and "Agapé"