Melanie Rawn (born 1954) is an American science fiction and fantasy novelist. She is known for her [[LoadsandLoadsofCharacters numerous]] [[RoundedCharacter complex]] characters, [[WittyBanter witty dialogue]] and interesting [[WorldBuilding world building]]. She's also rather well known as the [[CreatorBreakdown author]] who has yet to [[DevelopmentHell finish]] the ''Exiles'' series. After an almost 10 year publishing dry spell, she returned to writing in 2006 with ''Spellbinder'', an [[UrbanFantasy urban fantasy]] novel.

She keeps in contact with her fans using her [[ forum]].

!! Works by Melanie Rawn with pages on this wiki:
* The ''Literature/DragonPrince'' trilogy, consisting of ''Dragon Prince'', ''The Star Scroll'', and ''Sunrunner's Fire''.
* The ''Literature/DragonStar'' trilogy (which picks up where the ''Dragon Prince'' books left off), consisting of ''Stronghold'', ''The Dragon Token'', and ''Skybowl''.
* ''Literature/TheGoldenKey'', a 1996 fantasy novel written with Jennifer Roberson and Kate Elliot. A sequel written by Rawn alone, ''The Diviner'', is due to be published in August 2011.
* ''Literature/TheExiles'' trilogy, consisting of ''The Ruins of Ambrai'', ''The Mage-Born Traitor'', and the as-yet unwritten ''The Captal's Tower''.

!! Other works by Melanie Rawn:
* ''Spellbinder'' and it's sequel ''Fire Raiser'', [[UrbanFantasy urban fantasy]] novels that differ greatly from her previous works. Originally intended to be a trilogy, the third book was cancelled due to lack of interest.
* The first book, ''Touchstone'', of a new trilogy called ''Glass Thorns'' is forthcoming in 2012.

!! Tropes in other works: