''[=McHale=]'s Navy'' is an American sitcom first aired in the 1960s, featuring the exploits of a Patrol Torpedo boat crew during WorldWarII. Creator/ErnestBorgnine starred as Lt Commander Quinton [=McHale=].

The series resulted in two movies, ''[=McHale=]'s Navy'' (1964) and ''[=McHale=]'s Navy Joins the Air Force'' (1965), and a DistaffCounterpart spin-off series, ''Broadside'' (1964, one season).

A new ''[=McHale=]'s Navy'' movie was released in 1997, starring Tom Arnold as Quinton [=McHale=] Jr.

!!The series provides examples of:

* ArmedFarces
* [[BunnyEarsLawyer Bunny Ears Seamen]]
* CatchPhrase: "Why me?!? Why is it always me?!?" Capt Bimmington bemoaning his fate as ButtMonkey as his latest scheme to get rid of [=McHale=] and his men fails.
* DuringTheWar
* EvilRoy: Lt Elroy Carpenter.
* MarathonRunning: To mark the passing of the show's star, Digital station Antenna TV ran "A 21 Hour Salute to Creator/ErnestBorgnine" on 7/15/12.
* MilitaryBrat: Ensign Parker, a hopeless schlub from an illustrious military family who is nevertheless bound and determinied to somehow carry on his family's tradition of service.
* MilitaryMaverick
* PunBasedTitle: The show's short lived SpinOff ''[[ShortRunners Broadside]]'' about WACS.
* QuintessentialBritishGentleman: Sub-Lieutenant Clivedon
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits
* RealityIsUnrealistic: [=McHale's=] uniform cap badge is smaller than everyone else's by a noticeable amount. This is not an error. In fact, all the other caps, which used 1960's vintage hat badges, are in error. The badge [=McHale=] wears in the series is personally owned by Ernest Borgnine, who is a genuine WorldWarTwo Navy veteran and came from his time in the service.
* ReTool: In its final season, the series moved from the Pacific theater to Italy.
** The entire premise of the show itself came from a retool: The pilot episode was called "Seven Against the Sea," an installment of "Alcoa Presents", and was a gritty war drama, featuring [=McHale=] as a serious leader trying to keep the men on his PT boat alive after a shattering Japanese attack. [[ExecutiveMeddling One of the producers, however, wanted to do]] Sgt. Bilko [[InSpace in the Navy]]. He ordered the shore-side business angle (which included running a laundry and still and [=McHale=]'s rapport with the native chiefs) ramped UpToEleven, and the dramatics jettisoned. [[LighterAndFluffier The rest]] [[SitCom is history]].
* ScrewTheWarWerePartying: Most of the episodes feature [=McHale=] and co spending their time goofing off, with them occasionally managing to contribute to the war effort by accident.
* SitCom
* SpiritualSuccessor: ''[=McHale's Navy=]'' shares many behind-the-scenes people with ''ThePhilSilversShow'' and in many ways is Sergeant Bilko [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: [[Recycled In Space in the Navy ]]
** Torpedoman's Mate Lester Gruber could also be seen as an unintentional Expy of ''[[TheNavyLark The Navy Lark's]]'' Chief Petty Officer Jon Pertwee to boot, as both shows cribbed liberally from ''ThePhilSilversShow''.
* WelcomeEpisode: The pilot has Capt Binghamton assign NaiveNewcomer Ensign Charles Parker the job of making [=McHale=]'s men behave the military way.
* WorldWarII

!!The contemporary spin-offs provide examples of:

* DistaffCounterpart
* TheMovie

!!The 1997 movie provides examples of:

* BottomlessMagazines: There are no shots of the missiles on the back of Vladikov's boat where there aren't two on the launcher, even when he had just fired one seconds before.
* BuffySpeak:
-->'''Vladikov''': What do you think of my stealth boat, David?\\
'''David''': Very stealthy, sir.
* EmbarrassingTattoo: [=McHale=] has dealt with the villain before, and once punished him by taking him (while unconscious) to get [=McHale=]'s name and face tattooed across his entire torso. Backwards so it can be read in a mirror.
* TheFilmOfTheSeries
* GenerationXerox
* ShootTheMessenger