You never would've thought [[Manga/DragonBall Son Goku]] and Manga/{{Naruto}} are [[CrossdressingVoices voiced by women.]] OK, maybe you would have since they have rather feminine voices, but would it surprise you to know [[Manga/OnePiece Monkey D. Luffy]] is ''also'' voiced by a woman? No? Well, the point is: veteran voice actress Mayumi Tanaka. Her birth name is ''Mayumi Abe'' and she's been in the business for quite a while (over 30 years!). Before being cast as the voice of the lovable captain of the Thousand Sunny, she was also the resident [[TheLancer lancer]] in ''Manga/DragonBall'', Krillin. Since then, Mayumi's been cast in plenty of male, [[ShonenDemographic Shonen]] roles, occasionally voicing TheHero.
!!Some of her notable roles include:
* Babe in the Japanese dub of the ''Film/{{Babe}}'' movies
* Rougela/Jynx in ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}''
* Kuririn and Yajirobe in the ''Manga/DragonBall'' franchise
* Monkey D. Luffy, Oars and Fake Chopper in the ''Manga/OnePiece'' franchise.
* Mega Man Volnut in ''VideoGame/MegaManLegends''
** Reprising her role in ''VideoGame/TatsunokoVSCapcom''
* Koenma in ''Manga/YuYuHakusho''
* Pazu in ''Anime/CastleInTheSky''
* Ryuunosuke Fujinami in ''Manga/UruseiYatsura''
* Wataru Ikusabe in the ''ChouMashinEiyuudenWataru'' franchise
* Daiya Tsuwabuki in ''Anime/GaikingLegendOfDaikuMaryu''
* Kanna Kirishima in ''VideoGame/SakuraWars'' (she's also sung a bunch of the themes). Ironically she was [[Literature/JourneyTotheWest Son Goku]] in the live shows.
* Skippy in the Japanese dub of ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}''
* [[TheOtherDarrin Second voice actress]] for the [[FakeShemp no-longer-ever-unsuited]] Yellow Four after the original actress's sudden departure in ''Series/ChoudenshiBioman'' ([[spoiler: and therefore the voice we're hearing throughout the episode of her HeroicSacrifice.]])
* Daniel Witwicky in the Japanese dub of ''WesternAnimation/TransformersTheMovie''
* Ira in ''Anime/DokiDokiPrecure''
* Yotennai in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration [[Characters/MasouKishin Lord of Elemental Coffin of the End]]''

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