->''"...hes not a human so much as he is a Ken Doll, except instead of plastic, hes molded from untempered wish fulfillment."''
-->-- Review of ''[[RomanceNovel Virgin Slave, Barbarian King]]'' at [[http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/blog/virgin_slave_barbarian_king_by_louise_allen Smart Bitches, Trashy Books]]

MarySue, and the plot bias indicative of it, is hardly limited to those of a female persuasion. For probably just as long (if not even longer) as there has been MarySue, so too has there been Marty Stu. All the same rules apply, but a couple variations do tend to show up, expressing different ideas of what constitutes male and female "perfection". Also referred to as "Gary Stu" or "Larry Stu" (for those who prefer {{rhym|esOnADime}}ing to [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal alliteration]] and whose dialect has the Mary-marry merger), "Mary Joe", or "Marty Sam".

In the past, Mary Sue didn't really ''do'' very much, because [[StayInTheKitchen a woman who took an active role in dramatic events was unwomanly]] and, by definition, not perfect. So Mary Sue mostly radiated a soft glow of [[PuritySue purity and beauty]] into the narrative around her, was inexplicably popular, and had people fall in love with her a lot. And this side of her lineage still shows, even as [[SocietyMarchesOn changes in society]] have allowed women to [[ActionGirl get their]] [[KatanasAreJustBetter katanas]] [[ActionGirl out and fly and so forth.]]

Marty Stu, however, is usually restricted to being a creature of action since men who do not take an active role in dramatic events are unmanly and, by definition, not perfect (NonActionGuy tends to be looked upon with disdain). So Marty Stu is the personification of action, action and more action. Or, if he is of an intellectual bent, he [[AwesomenessByAnalysis thinks his way through problems]], inventing whole new branches of science and technology in the process, and in some cases, the character is often portrayed as personification of both, completing missions as both the brains and the brawn taking up the roles usually shared among the main character and a team or a partner. In contrast to Mary Sue who has been freed to play an active and/or passive role, Marty Stu is almost never seen taking on his sister's old school PuritySue role: passive motivator of others through his purity, beauty and helplessness unless it's in addition to the action and intellectual roles they already have. When he does, it is almost exclusively the territory of [[{{Wimpification}} wimpified]] {{Possession Sue}}s in {{Slash|Fic}}.

Marty Stu is devastatingly handsome (or if not, possessed of a strange, saturnine magnetism) and desired by all significant women, yes, but romance is not likely to be the main dish. He's an unstoppable fighter, a rogue agent, a fearless freedom fighter, a master of disguise. However, as times have changed, just as Mary's acquired a [[JerkSue bratty temper]], Marty's had the occasional opportunity to show his [[{{Wangst}} softer side]].

Once upon a time, [[DoubleStandard Mary Sues were noticed and hated to a much greater degree than Marty Stus]]. Male characters were forgiven for being implausibly plastic because they upheld virtues (usually 'masculine' ones like toughness, courage, and heterosexual promiscuity). Part of this may be due to MostFanficWritersAreGirls as well as MostWritersAreMale. Both female and male writers - for analogous but different reasons - tend to like such characters.

See also TheAce, which often uses this trope as a minor character for comic relief.

'''No examples, please. This only defines the term.'''

!Common Marty Stu Traits
As far as their traits go, Marty Stu incorporates most of the CommonMarySueTraits while having quite a few general trends to differentiate him. While the textbook Mary Sue is generally made as a [[PuritySue pseudo-realistic ideal of feminine perfection]], Marty Stu tends towards taking the RuleOfCool '''[-[[UpToEleven TO THE EXTREME!!!]]-]''' Due in part to the DoubleStandard, Marty tends to be less of an emotional cornerstone and more just an embodiment of pure physical and mental awesome (a la GodModeSue). He's the type that tends to be stronger than ''[[ComicBook/IncredibleHulk The Incredible Hulk]]'', faster than ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'', and have more [[{{Mana}} MP]] than {{God}} himself.

Marty also generally doesn't have the sort of purity common in Mary (although it's not unheard of). Instead, he tends more towards the DarkerAndEdgier path, with a tragic and very personal backstory being the order of the day. Whereas Mary would use this to show that she's a brave survivor, Marty uses it for the sake of prolonged [[{{Mangst}} brooding]]. No doubt much of the recent popularity of this character trait owes credit to tragic superheroes like ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' and ''ComicBook/{{Wolverine}}'' ([[CanonSue who often provide examples of Marty Stu themselves in the hands of certain writers]]), but there's no indication that it only started with those characters.

Obviously, neither of these traits are exclusive to Marty. There exist plenty of {{God Mode|Sue}} and {{Sympathetic S|ue}}tus, but in sheer percentage, it's more common on Marty. Since AllGirlsWantBadBoys, after all, increasing the badass potential of a character has the secondary effect of making him more attractive to women without having to sacrifice any capability. Sometimes, this attitude goes just a little too far and creates JerkSue.

Just like the AlwaysMale category on this Wiki, there's painfully little that Marty does that Mary doesn't, generally being limited to sexuality-related things. Nonetheless, here's the little bitty list of exclusive Marty Stu traits:

* PermaStubble. Nothing like the scratchy beginnings of a beard to emphasize that no, testosterone isn't in any sort of short supply for this rugged fellow. Yet despite this, actual beards are surprisingly rare.
* As well as that, give him an [[BiggerIsBetterInBed large penis]]. No, not a GagPenis. The author will expect people to actually accept that his member can double as a baseball bat. The more [[AnatomicallyImpossibleSex blatantly inaccurate ones]] tend to be written by men, believing that 11 inches is going to feel really good in bed.
* Aesthetically placed scars can keep Marty from being ''[[{{Bishonen}} too pretty]]'', while emphasizing [[RuggedScar his dangerous lifestyle]].
* Sometimes, especially in Westerns, Marty is [[MixedAncestry part Indian]] (''[[ButNotTooBlack never]]'' full-blooded) and doesn't have PermaStubble.
* Make him big and muscular. Even in professions where he does little physical work and shouldn't have time to train to be an Olympic weightlifter. While there's nothing preventing Mary from doing this as well, you won't see it happen very often (although there are some examples) because [[MuscleAngst being muscular takes away from feminine charm]] in the eyes of most writers (if she needs to be strong, she'll often just practice WaifFu).
* Conversely, make him lean and streamlined, as is common with more romantic heroes; the female audience prefers the dancer's build with swimmer's torso. Overly conspicuous muscles are avoided for pretty much the same reason as they are with the DistaffCounterpart: because they detract from physical grace.
* CoolGuns, RareGuns, {{Cool Sword}}s, HerosClassicCar... The Marty Stu will usually travel in and/or fight with something '''WAY COOL''', and the writer will not let the reader get away without understanding '''just how cool''' it is. Basically, if female Mary Sue writers go overboard about making sure that the reader knows how [[CostumePorn crazy, gorgeous and revealing]] each of their character's one-per-chapter new costumes is, male Marty Stu writers will do the same about the [[GunPorn exact model]] of [[RevolversAreJustBetter revolver]] he uses and what [[DepletedPhlebotinumShells cartridges]] he puts in it to kill what kind of monster, or [[TechnologyPorn precisely how]] he souped his Jaguar E-Type V12 up to 500bhp.
** In order to afford all of these cool toys, travel to glamorous locations, and otherwise generally live the high life, he may be a member of the Fiction500.
* If he doesn't use firearms he will be a master of some kind of fantastically-obscure and specialised (if not imaginary) martial art which will likewise be discussed in excessive detail. Bonus points if it's a martial art that the character would in the real world have no opportunity to learn, such as an eighteenth-century nobleman who single-handedly invented modern UsefulNotes/MixedMartialArts or an eleventh-century knight who went crusading and [[IKnowKungFu learned kung-fu]] from a wandering Chinese master who somehow made it to Palestine.
* If written by a man, he will have had [[LemonStu Lots of sex]] [[TheCasanova with lots of women]] to prove his sexual virility. If he's written by a girl, he may be a virgin, proving that he's deeply sensitive and dedicated. Either way, the sex he dishes out will be the best ever.
* In Young Adult fiction, a tell-tale sign of the Marty Stu is that he'll have really, really long eyelashes and a perfect smile.
* He has an {{eyepatch|OfPower}} because nothing says bad-ass like missing an eye and still being the most capable guy around. Also, because {{pirate}}s are cool.
* He has a bionic limb because of some terrible accident where he was rescuing somebody or doing something else heroic.

'''''Most Common Marty Stus'''''

Marty Stus can fit any {{Mary Sue Trope|s}}, but some are more common with Marty Stus than {{Mary Sue}}s and vice-versa. Some of the most common types of Marty Stus are:
* '''Manly Stu''': Probably the most common Marty Stu and the most likely to have all or most of the [[CommonMarySueTraits Common Marty Stu Traits]] above. This character has reached [[TestosteronePoisoning awe-inspiring levels]] of [[RatedMForManly manliness]] through pure authorial favoritism. Nine times out of ten, he is written by a male author, with variable levels of WishFulfillment tossed in. You won't see him dwell often on romance, if ever, since RealMenHateAffection. Also usually a [[GodModeSue God Mode Stu]].
** Alt. names: [[TestosteronePoisoning Marty Stu]] [[UpToEleven on Steroids]], Manly Man Marty Stu, Macho Man Stu
* '''[[RelationshipSue Romantic Stu]]''': He's the primary example of a {{Relationship S|ue}}tu. This sort of Marty Stu is much "tamer" than the Macho Stu, and is much more interested in his LoveInterest. In fact, he's more intuitive to the needs of his beloved than most men in RealLife would ever be. He might be a [[AllGirlsWantBadBoys bad boy]], or TroubledButCute, or this may be just an InformedAttribute. Either way, he's everything a girl would dream of in a guy. He's often written by a female or written to get females interested in the story.
** Alt. names: Lovesick Stu, Romance Stu, Love Sickening Stu, Romeo Stu
* '''Uke Stu''': Taking Romantic Stu a [[UpToEleven step further]], there's the Uke Stu. He's the polar opposite of Macho Stu and is more than just InTouchWithHisFeminineSide. As the name implies, he's likely a character possessing the traits typically associated with the '[[{{Uke}} receiver]]' in BoysLove and {{Yaoi}}. If he's not gay, he's probably [[MasculineGirlFeminineBoy less aggressive and masculine than his female]] LoveInterest.
** Alt: Feminine Stu
* '''LemonStu''': He can seduce and sleep with literally anyone he wants and ReallyGetsAround. This guy has the sex life most guys can only dream of. For he is TheCasanova taken UpToEleven. See the main page for more details.
** Alt. names: Cassanova Stu
* '''{{Lemon Stu}} [[AntiSue Anti-Stu]]''': ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, LemonStu [[JustForFun/XMeetsY meets]] AntiSue. This type of Marty Stu is unattractive, [[JerkSue rude]], and [[ThisLoserIsYou often meant to be a stand-in for the male audience]]. Yet somehow, he manages to score with beautiful women, often resulting in KavorkaMan and UglyGuyHotWife.
** Alt. names: Lemon Stu Loser, Anti Stu Casanova, Kavorka Stu
* '''Geeky Stu''': Some males realize that they will never physically meet the qualifications for your typical action hero, even though they may enjoy their adventures. Qualifications that include rugged good looks, strength, stamina, athletic ability, and a strong constitution as well as being charismatic and having excellent social and leadership skills. They prefer a protagonist that they could see themselves as. The Geeky Stu is average looking, cerebral, quirky, and probably of a scientific bent, even if he doesn't hold a degree. His strength is in his gray matter, not his myosin. He kicks ass using wit and intellect. He disarms foes with clever rhetoric and [[TheCasanova kills the ladies]] with {{adorkable}} charm. His sidekick might be an action ready type ready to supply the brawn, but will always be taking orders from Geeky Stu, the brains of the operation. Geeky Stu considers himself an intellectual elite in a world of fools. And he is always ready to put the powers that be in their place, whether they be military martinets or bureaucrats. He will always win over "The Girl" from the Alpha Male jock because GeeksAreSexy. HardScienceFiction has quite a number of these. May overlap with EinsteinSue.
** Alt. Names: Nerd Stu, Intellectual Stu
* '''[[PuritySue Purity Stu]]''': This is the Marty Stu whose main character flaw is... His lack of flaws, which irritates the audience to no end. He is an AllLovingHero or something similar, and may see it as his personal mission in life to be TheCaretaker to everyone, whether they want it or not. He will radiate IncorruptiblePurePureness, and this aura of perfection will often create a weird inversion of StrawLoser, as this character is just so ''wonderful'' that he makes everyone else look bad. He will either be a TechnicalPacifist or an ActualPacifist, unless of course, he actually has to fight, in which case he will fight in the most heroic way, with no one being killed. '''If''' (and this is a big if) he has any flaws, [[ButNotTooEvil they will be so tiny that you'll need a magnifying glass to see them, or they will be cosmetic flaws that don't really affect him or the story.]] And those flaws will almost exclusively be [[GoodFlawsBadFlaws "good guy flaws."]] He will often have a traumatic past, and may have been a bad guy then, but now he's simply good. In those cases, he's TheAtoner. If he's TheAtoner he may be on the receiving end of ReformedButRejected. On the other hand, anyone who crosses ''him'' will be EasilyForgiven, not because of an agenda but out of the goodness of his heart. He's nice to everyone, even his enemies. In some cases, he may even save the life of one of his foes, or of someone close to them, which most will see as kind but the more cynical will interpret as PassiveAggressiveKombat. If he dies, he may ascend to Heaven/be sainted/have everyone, even his enemies mourn him/ ect. He will probably help others in a way that may come off as sweet to most, but as CondescendingCompassion to the more cynical. Everyone will love him, and those who don't will be vilified. In fantasy, he may very well be TheChosenOne. He may very well be able to do amazing things simply through his goodness. If a young boy, he may be a male version of ThePollyanna. He will probably love his country. He will always, always, always be willing to rescue people, even if they don't want it. Is nearly always a GoodSamaritan, but very rarely runs into NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished. If a superhero, he will be TheCape UpToEleven. He will often be an impossibly good judge of character, and always do the right thing. Sometimes this happens when HistoricalHeroUpgrade is taken UpToEleven. Often, he and his actions will be very, very {{Anvilicious}}.
** Alt. Names: Perfect Hero Syndrome, Mr. Good Guy, Messianic Stu (in works where he takes on Christ-like qualities, not that uncommon,) Buddha-Like Stu (in works where he takes on Buddha-like qualities, also not that uncommon,) [[Myth/KingArthur The Galahad]] (in works featuring chivary as in Arthurian legend).
* '''{{Black Hole S|ue}}tu''': His gravity is so great, he draws all the attention and causes other characters (and, often, reality itself) to bend and contort in order to accommodate him and elevate him above all other characters. Characters don't act naturally around him - guys wish to emulate him and [[ChickMagnet all the girls flock to him regardless of circumstances]]. They serve as plot enablers for him to display his powers or abilities, with dialogue that only acts as set-ups for his response. He dominates every scene he is in, with most scenes without him serving only to give the characters a chance to "talk freely" about him - [[CreatorsPet this usually translates to unambiguous praise]] and [[ShowDontTell exposition about how great he is]]. Most people don't oppose him and anybody who does will [[EasyEvangelism either realize their fault in doing so or just prove easy to overcome.]] Often a combination of the above Stu archetypes.
* '''{{Informed|Attribute}} {{Anti S|ue}}tu''': This Stu is [[AntiSue disadvantaged by society, magic, technology or any other factor owning to certain attributes that make him weak and disadvantaged]]...''[[BlatantLies except none of those weaknesses ever come into play]]'', while any or all of the "positive" elements of the above Stu archetypes continue to apply in the context of the story.