Martin Lawrence is an American actor and comedian. Born April 16, 1965, he began his career as a stand up comedian and gained notoriety in the 1990s after a successful run on ''Series/StarSearch''. He has branched into acting, directing, producing and writing.
!!Roles Of Note:
* ''Film/BadBoys'' (1995): Marcus Burnett
* ''Film/BlueStreak'' (1999): Miles Logan
* ''Film/{{Life}}'' (1999): Claude Banks
* ''Film/BigMommasHouse'' (2000): Malcolm Turner
!!Associated Tropes:
* ActingForTwo:On his sitcom Martin he played him self and serval other characters the most notable one Sheneneh .
* ActorAllusion:in the first ''Film/BadBoys'' movie, Julie asked Marcus(MartinLawrence) if he "felt funny" and he answers "Well, I'm not a comedian..."
* AbhorrentAdmirer: Sheneneh in the tv series ''Series/{{Martin}}''.
* ButtMonkey: Marcus Burnett in ''Film/BadBoys.''
* TheCasanova:His character on ''A Thin Line Between Love And Hate''.
* CloudCuckooLander:Jerome on the T.V. series ''Series/{{Martin}}''.
* ClusterFBomb: When he is doing stand up comedy .
* CowBoyCop:in ''Film/BadBoys'' and ''Film/BlueStreak''.
* DeliveryGuyInfiltration: Miles Logan in ''Film/BlueStreak''.
* DisguisedInDrag:His character Malcolm Turner had to do this in every ''Film/BigMommasHouse'' film.
* DumbassDj:His character Bilal in ''Film/HouseParty''.
* EverythingIsRacist: Did a bit on this on his stand up movie ''You So Crazy''.
* FatSuit:Had to be a fat elderly lady in ''Film/BigMommasHouse'' and it's sequels.
* {{Jerkass}}: His character in ''National Security''. How much is he? He practically ruins the life of the cop who was trying to help him; I.E got him thrown in jail over a tape that looked like police brutality (it wasn't, he was trying to kill a bee and Martin's character is deathly allergic to bee stings), refused to tell the truth to the man's wife due to the fact she was black, and when said cop rightly gets fed up and punches him in the face for his doucebaggery. He ''tracks'' the man down over the slight and ''punches him back''. Just...wow.
* NWordPrivileges
* OddCouple: His character Marcus Burnett with Mike Lowry in ''Film/BadBoys.''
* PrisonRape:Made a joke of this in his ''You So Crazy'' StandUpComedy movie .
* SaltAndPepper:In ''National Security'' and ''Nothing To Lose'' also ''Film/BlueStreak.''
* SassyBlackWoman: Shenehneh in his tv series Martin and Big Momma in ''Film/BigMommasHouse.''
* StandUpComedy
* TalkingToHimself:In his Tv series ''Series/Martin'' he plays multiple characters .
* TokenMinority: His character in the film ''WildHogs''
* UncleTomfoolery: His character Terrance Paul Davidson in ''Nothing To Lose.''