Maps and charts are ways of depicting the layout of an area onto a sheet of paper (or other surface) to help prevent people from getting lost.

They also manifest in fiction in a variety of ways and serve a variety of purposes:

!!Maps in general
* FantasyWorldMap \\
No Fantasy setting is truly complete without this handy visual aid.
** LeftJustifiedFantasyMap \\
Why is the ocean always on the left?
* FoolsMap\\
A map that leads you on a WildGooseChase.
* HereThereBeDragons \\
"{{Filler}}" as it applies to otherwise blank and/or unknown areas of maps.
* LawOfCartographicalElegance \\
All relevant landmasses will conveniently fit into a rectangular containing area.
* MagicMap \\
A map that does more than just show roads and towns. People, [[MacGuffin objects]], or supernatural things may also be shown.
%% PatchworkMap is about arbitrary geography, not maps or charts.
* SpaceFillingEmpire \\
Maps are drawn with a small number of superstates for easier political relations.
* SpreadingDisasterMapGraphic \\
Maps provide a vivid illustration of the scope of a looming or ongoing disaster.
* TravelMontage \\
These montage sequences may include frequent glances at a map.
** WorldTour \\
Same as the above.
* TreasureMap \\
X marks the spot after you take fifty paces east of that palm tree between the rocks!

!!Maps in VideoGames
* AlternateWorldMap \\
VideoGames, especially RPG's, may utilize more than one WorldMap for assorted reasons.
* CartographySidequest \\
The game draws and fills in level maps as you actually explore them.
* LevelMapDisplay \\
Shows your position inside a VideoGame level, and may update in real-time.
* OverworldNotToScale[[note]](or TraversibleWorldMap)[[/note]]\\
An interactive "map" or small-scale view of the world that the player can freely travel upon between distinct areas.
* PointAndClickMap \\
Map screen that lets you point and click to instantly travel between discrete levels/areas, WarpWhistle style.
* RiskStyleMap \\
Used in a StrategyGame setting to indicate who controls which territories.