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Mànhuà (Traditional: 漫畫 Simplified: 漫画) is the general term for Chinese-language comics and print cartoons, and is applied both to works originally written in Chinese, and translated comics. The Chinese characters for mànhuà are identical to those used for Japanese {{manga}} and Korean {{manhwa}}.

Although mànhuà were widely published and read in China from the 1920's, often with political or satirical content, modern works have mainly been published in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Today, mànhuà can be found on sale anywhere with a large Chinese-speaking population.

The art style in mànhuà is generally more realistic than is typical of Japanese manga, and normally drawn in full color. The order Chinese mànhuà are read in depends on the situation: more traditional ones tend to be read from right to left, while more modern ones tend to be read from left to right.
!!Notable titles include:
* ''Manhua/BillionPrincess'' (百億公主): A rebellious daughter of very wealthy family encounters music, drama, romance.
* ''Manhua/{{Bloodline}}'' (血族): A 2009 VampireFiction series, and one of China's best and most popular domestic works, the last descendant of vampires fights against the ChurchMilitant Shengdi.
* ''Manhua/BowlingKing'' (滾球王): A Taiwanese {{Shonen}} comic in a ten-pin bowling setting.
* ''Manhua/TheCelestialZone'' (天界无限): Published in Singapore in Chinese and English; often abbreviated to "TCZ".
* ''Manhua/ChineseHero'' (中華英雄): Chinese swordsmen vs. racist kung-fu mafia gangsters in 1930's Chicago.
* ''Manhua/{{Choukakou}}'' (長歌行): A BadassPrincess plotting a rebellion against Emperor Taizong of during the Tang Dynasty. Also known as ''Chang Ge Xing'' and ''Song of the Long March''.
* ''Manhua/CityOfDarkness'' (九龍城寨): Centered around the TheTriadsAndTheTongs in Hong Kong's infamous Kowloon Walled City.
* ''Manhua/CollapseOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt'': A collection of horror-like, short stories, ranging from body horror to TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.
* ''Manhua/CyberWeaponZ'' (超神Z): Science-fiction martial arts vs. demons; given an AnimatedAdaptation.
* ''Manhua/DivineMelody'' (仙曲): [[{{Kitsune}} An immortal fox spirit]] befriends human children and tries to repay her debt to their reincarnated selves.
* ''Literature/HalfPrince'' (½ 王子): A brother and sister and their friends' adventure in virtual reality.
* ''Manhua/FengShenJi'' (封神记): An emperor defies the commands of JerkassGods.
* ''Manhua/FightingPrettyFoxgirl'': A popular {{Shoujo}}-like fantasy with a humanoid demon fox and rabbit as the main characters; adapted into an animated series.
* ''Manhua/FungWan'' (風雲): Set during the Ming Dynasty, {{Deuteragonist}}s Nip Fung (Wind) and Bou Ging-wan (Cloud) learn martial arts in their early years and grow up to become legendary fighters. Also know as ''Wind and Cloud'', it was adapted into the 1998 film ''Film/TheStormRiders''.
* ''Manhua/GuFangBuZiShang'': A historical drama featuring a female military genius who inadvertently falls in love with the general of the enemy army.
* ''Manhua/AnIdealWorld'' (尋找自我的世界): A nineteen-year old slacker learns the value of hard work.
* ''Manhua/InfinityGame'' (无尽游戏): A student accidentally finds himself as a DungeonMaster of another realm and decides to play with it.
* ''Literature/TheLegendOfSunKnight'' (吾命騎士): The thirty-eighth generation Sun Knight, his friends, his enemies and their adventures.
* ''Ngau Chai'' (牛仔)
* ''Manhua/OldMasterQ'' (老夫子): A [[NewsPaperComics newspaper strip]] [[LongRunner running since 1962]].
* ''Manhua/TheOne'' (獨領風騷): Fashion, romance and super-models...yes, it's aimed at young girls. How'd you guess?
* ''Manhua/OrientalHeroes'' (龍虎門): Martial artist heroes fighting for justice in modern day Hong Kong; [[LongRunner running since 1970]].
* ''Manhua/PaintingWarriors'' (繪戰師): In the early Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127), at the western border of the Tangut Empire, a pivot point of the Silk Road, brave warriors battle for a rumored sacred item. TheHero, "untouchable war painter" Tao Hui, is the ancient equivalent of a war-photographer.
* ''Manhua/RavagesOfTime'' (火鳳燎原): A complex re-telling of events from ''RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms''.
* ''Manhua/SchoolShock'' (雏蜂): A military girl/human weapon is assigned to protect an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent who might be an important person.
* ''Manhua/ShowMeTheMoney'' (搶錢女神): A comedy-based mànhuà about a super-strong, but very mercenary-inclined schoolgirl.
* ''Manhua/TeddyBoy'' (古惑仔): Source material of the ''Film/YoungAndDangerous'' film series
* ''Manhua/ThirteenDotCartoons'' (十三點): An always cheerful, fashion-crazy girl from an impossibly rich family, and her friends go on wacky adventures in each issue.
* ''Manhua/WeaponsOfTheGods'' (神兵玄奇): Warriors vie for magical weapons in the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sixteen_Kingdoms Sixteen Kingdoms Era]] of Ancient China.
* ''Manhua/YouthGoneWild'' (搖滾狂潮): A GenreMotif/{{Rock}} music-based mànhuà from Taiwan.