[[caption-width-right:320:Let none say that RealMenHateAffection.]]

->''"That is '''SO SWEET''' man, how about a bro hug bump?"''
-->-- ''Webcomic/SweetBroAndHellaJeff''

Nowadays, in the western world, [[RealMenHateAffection displays of affection between men are discouraged]], on the theory that they are too "girly", [[AmbiguouslyGay or indicative of homosexuality]]. A congratulatory clap on the shoulder or back? Fine. Shaking hands or bumping fists? No problem. Hugging and kissing? Not so much.

Therefore, when two men hug, it usually indicates that they are [[HeterosexualLifePartners close friends]], brothers ([[ThickerThanWater in blood]] or [[BloodBrothers in spirit]]) or [[FireForgedFriends trusted comrades-in-arms]]. This is the Man Hug, also known as Dapping Up.

Usually accompanied by a mutual clap on the back or shoulder[[note]](The general rule seems to be the more physical pain you inflict, the more affection is communicated. Expect the occasional clenched-fist-pat, or pound.)[[/note]], the Man Hug is a show of deep trust and close friendship between two men that cannot be broken easily. It may be a show of comfort, a wordless offer of good luck, or even a gesture of greeting. It is often combined with a handshake, so that two men approach, shake hands, throw the free arm around their partner, briefly bump chests, and separate without any further fanfare. However, this can be part of a more elaborate ritual (see the ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' example, below). Basically this hug says, "Yeah I'm hugging you, but I'm also hitting you." as a way to save face.

On a side note, when you have someone who doesn't follow this trope (usually the [[SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan Sensitive Guy]]), he'll usually rush into a low hug, head about belly-button level, and cling like a limpet with the other guy standing stock still and sometimes slowly lowering a hand in a pat-pause-pat rhythm.

Related to AirHugging. May be a sign that two characters are HeterosexualLifePartners. [[EmotionalBruiser Men who aren't afraid to hug]] also don't tend to be afraid to shed ManlyTears. Subtrope of HandshakeSubstitute.

!! Examples:

* ''Anime/DEVILMANCrybaby'': [[BromanticFoil Akira and Ryo]] are fond of showing their affection to each other by hugging. In the very first interaction they have as teens, they jump at each other and hug.
* [[LargeHam ALEXANDER]] [[NoInDoorVoice LOUIS]] [[TheBigGuy ARMSTRONG]], of ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'', being the EmotionalBruiser that he is, doesn't settle with "Pat on the Back hug." No, he goes for a full-on BearHug.
* ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'''s Wild Tiger is [[http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc402/sparkysharps/brohug.gif not afraid to give his bros hugs]].
* ''Manga/SoulEater'''s bro hug between Black Star and Soul. While the hug itself could pass as completely heterosexual, their choice of words before the hug made it look less so.
* For all its machismo, ''Manga/SlamDunk'' has quite a lot of hugging, particularly after an impressive game.

* While ''ComicBook/SinCity'' is usually RatedMForManly, we have at least one notable example of this trope. When Wallace, the OneManArmy, meets up with a former military buddy to kick a little bad guy arse, he is greeted by a bear hug from the EmotionalBruiser. He mentions that his ribs almost break.
* Averted in one ''ComicStrip/{{Zits}}'' strip, where Jeremy and Hector stop just short of one, recognizing that it's a lot less awkward on TV. By mutual agreement they will [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain never mention it again.]]

* In ''Fanfic/TheOnlyFamilyWeHave'', Pyro gives Scout a bear hug that ''lifts Scout off the ground''.
* As with ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'' example below, the male Smurfs in ''Fanfic/EmpathTheLuckiestSmurf'' also engage in a day of hugging each other, with the exception of Grouchy.

* In ''Film/BillAndTedsExcellentAdventure'', Bill and Ted hug each other in relief after a close brush with death in the Middle Ages -- and then [[AccidentalHug pull away]], both blurting, "Fag!"
* At the end of ''Film/KangarooJack'', Charlie and Louis hug, resulting in the following quote (first line paraphrased):
--> '''Jessie:''' C'mon guys, the chopper's leaving! \\
'''Louis:''' Just a minute, we're having a very intimate, non-gay moment.
* In the movie ''Film/{{Houseguest}}'', Sinbad poses as a family friend of an affluent family. When he meets Phil Hartman's character at the airport, he quickly finds himself the awkward recipient of the Waist Hug Limpet Cling.
* An incredibly awkward example between Kirk and David in ''[[Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan The Wrath of Khan]]''.
** Subverted in ''Film/StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier''. After [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Spock saves him from a]] SufficientlyAdvancedAlien, Kirk is about to hug him when Spock says quietly, "Captain, please, not in front of the Klingons."
* Subverted in ''Film/BrokebackMountain'' (of course). After seeing each other for the first time in four years, Jack and Ennis share a platonic, rugged "man hug". But when they pull away, their faces linger just a little too close to each other. Ennis looks around to make sure they are not being watched... then pushes Jack up against a wall and they proceed to [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming make out like the world is ending.]]
* In ''Film/FromDuskTillDawn'', Seth Gecko gives his brother Richard one of these after reading him the riot act for raping and killing their hostage, but while assuring him that everything will be fine once they get to Mexico.
* Deliberately subverted in ''Film/GroundhogDay'', where Phil, after meeting that one annoying guy for the umpteenth consecutive loop, decides that the best way to get rid of him is with a full-on embrace, held for wayyyyy too long for maximum awkwardness.
* In ''Film/{{Blade}}'', the title character exchanges a brotherly hug with a contact who supplies him with his garlic extract.
* Frodo and Sam share a big, tearful hug in ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings: The Fellowship of the Ring'' after Sam risks drowning to accompany Frodo to Mordor. Other examples from the trilogy are Gimli and Aragorn when the latter turns up alive at Helm's Deep, and Boromir and Faramir in a flashback following the recapture of Osgiliath.
* ''Film/TheHobbitAnUnexpectedJourney'':
** We have Thorin hugging a surprised Bilbo, after [[ArsonMurderAndLifesaving he rebukes]] [[AngerBornOfWorry the hobbit]] for [[spoiler: facing down Azog and a pack of wargs to prevent Thorin being decapitated.]]
-->'''Thorin''': I have never been so wrong in all my life.
** Gandalf and Elrond share a brief embrace when they meet again at Rivendell. Dwalin and Balin are shown hugging and wearily butting heads in a flashback to Azanulbizar, happy to see each other alive.
* ''Franchise/BackToTheFuture'':
** The [[Film/BackToTheFuture first movie]], after Doc Brown assures Marty that everything will be alright, he rushes upon him with a hug that left the Doc wondering how much it actually meant for him.
** In ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartIII'', Doc hugs Marty when the latter turns up in 1885.
* ''Film/XMenApocalypse'': Alex Summers and Charles Xavier haven't seen each other in two decades, and their greeting is a handshake which promptly turns into a warm embrace. This gesture is noticeably more intimate than the straightforward handshake shared between Havok and Hank [=McCoy=] (a former classmate). It hints that Alex feels a greater degree of fondness and esteem for Professor X, whom he had once looked up to as a father figure and who had played a pivotal role in his life when Alex was a teenager.
* In ''Film/FortyTwo'', Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey gives one to Jackie Robinson after the latter suffers a HeroicBSOD.
* In ''Film/FullMetalJacket'', Joker and Cowboy have a rather heartfelt one when they are reunited.
* ''Film/RememberTheTitans'':
** Initially PlayedForLaughs when Louis Lastik gives Coach Boone a [[TenderTears tearful hug]] while saying "I'm eligible." [[HeartwarmingMoments Turns out he's happy because Boone just helped him get accepted to college.]]
** FireForgedFriends Julius and Gerry also share a few.
* ''Film/LoveActually'': The "Billy Mack"-plotline ends with an intensely awkward, but deeply heartfelt Man Hug between Billy Mack and his [[HeterosexualLifePartners manager]] [[VitriolicBestBuds Phil]], which is only slightly spoiled by Billy's insistence they spend Christmas getting drunk and watching porn.
* In ''Film/MichielDeRuyter'', there were several of these after the Dutch fleet captured The Royal Charles and destroyed a big part of the English fleet.
* Maverick and Iceman at the end of ''TopGun''.
* ''Disney/TheLionKing'': Mufasa isn't shy about hugging Rafiki. Mufasa's son Simba later follows suit. It helps that they're different species, one's a monkey (mandrill) and the other two are lions.
* ''Film/TheBluesBrothers'' begins with one, when Elwood picks up Jake who is fresh out of prison.
* Coach Gordon Bombay and team captain Charlie Conway share a lot of man hugs throughout ''Film/TheMightyDucks'' trilogy.
* Finn and Poe have an epic man hug upon being reunited near the end of ''Film/TheForceAwakens''. Notably, they have already bonded previously while escaping from the Kylo Ren's Star Destroyer at the very beginning of the film, but then lost each other in the ensuing starfighter crash and never got to formalize their bond, so to speak. Their hug thus serves as a long-delayed payoff of the setup at the start of the story.

* Literature/AlexCross and his childhood friend Samson frequently exchange these as greetings in the novels by James Patterson.
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'':
** Sirius and Lupin in ''Literature/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkaban''.
** Harry and Ron (and later Dean and Seamus) in ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows''.
* Lampshaded in the ''Literature/ChroniclesOfNarnia'', when the narrator explains that since Peter is King, it isn't girly of him to be hugging his men. Or talking animals. He doesn't just hug them, he ''kisses'' them as well. (Though probably not on the lips.) Specifically, in the scene in Prince Caspian when Peter and Edmund arrive, Peter kisses the badger on the head in (gratitude? reward? greeting?) some kind of affection, because the badgers never wavered in their belief that Old Narnia would return to power.
* In Creator/JoelRosenberg's ''Literature/GuardiansOfTheFlame'' on one return of Karl's, Walter takes a minute to hug him, which has no cultural hang-ups in the medievaloid culture they are now in.
* In Creator/GrahamMcNeill's TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Literature/{{Ultramarines}} book ''The Killing Ground'', Uriel and Pasanius embrace when they are reunited after the first two test by the Grey Knights -- just before Leodagarius comments on Pasanius's loyalty and Uriel describes it as [[PowerOfFriendship friendship]].
* In Creator/JohnCWright's ''[[Literature/TheGoldenOecumene The Golden Transcedence]]'', when Helion and Phaethon reconcile, Helion offers him a legal document for the transactions he made by way of apology. Phaethon knocks it aside to embrace him. Rather later, after some TearsOfJoy, the document gets handed over, rather bedraggled.
* In Creator/LJagiLamplighter's ''[[Literature/ProsperosDaughter Prospero Regained]]'', Mephisto jumps to embraces [[spoiler:Astreus after he regains his wings, somewhat surprising Astreus]].
* TheStoic Literature/JohnRain reluctantly [[FireForgedFriends accepts one from Dox]] at the end of ''Redemption Games''.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/AllInTheFamily'': In "The Stivics Move West," the final scene between Archie and Mike ... where Archie, after some initial discomfort, lets down his guard and hugs a clearly emotional Mike back.
* Very common on ''Series/HawaiiFive0''. Steve and Danno are quite prone to man hug, especially when one or both has just gotten out of a life-threatening situation.
* Pretty much standard in ''Series/FullHouse''. With all the hugging that goes on in that show, some of those guys have to be walking around with [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal black and blue busted, bruised backs]].
* ''Series/{{Heroes}}'': Nathan and Peter Petrelli always, always do this when they meet (except in more angsty moments).
* ''Series/{{Chuck}}'':
** In the Season 2 Finale, Chuck goes in for a man-hug with Casey, telling him that "See? Guys can hug too." Casey is less enthused.
** And in the ''Series'' Finale they share another one, [[spoiler: this time ''initiated'' by Casey]].
* Hercules in ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'' did this a lot, as did Iolaus.
* Chandler and Joey from ''Series/{{Friends}}'' tend to make a big show of awkwardness around these, but it comes up often enough to be lampshaded in a ClipShow episode. In the finale, when they're having a moment, Chandler asks: "So, awkward hug or lame cool guy handshake?" Joey picks the handshake, but after they hug anyway.
* Barney, Marshall and Ted have quite a few of these on ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''.
* ''Series/DrakeAndJosh'': Three words: "Hug me, brotha!"
* Michael and Lincoln share one of these on ''Series/PrisonBreak'', [[MoodDissonance during a prison riot]] for a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'':
** ''Supernatural'' often does this with brothers Sam and Dean in CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.
** Also done by Cupids as their handshake. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Cupids are full grown, naked men by the way.]]
* Clark Kent and Lex Luthor share several of these throughout the earlier seasons of ''Series/{{Smallville}}''. Most, if not all, make for wonderful CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming scenes.
* ''TheTodayShow'' had Creator/JeremyRenner and Anthony Mackie from ''Film/TheHurtLocker'' as guests when the 2010 Academy Award nominees were announced. When Renner's nomination for Best Actor was given, there was a cut to Renner and Mackie hugging each other.
** Also, when the film won Best Picture at the Oscars, the two took the stage with their co-star Brian Geraghty. While the producers were giving their acceptance speeches, the three actors could be seen behind them, arms around each other. They were positively giddy (with Renner even letting out a delighted scream).
* Chase does this to ''Series/{{House}}'' after [[spoiler:he finds out his boss has cancer]], resulting in a very embarrassed House and a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
* In the first episode of the sixth season of ''Series/HogansHeroes'', [[SupremeChef LeBeau]] is all set to [[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt leave Stalag 13 for good]] and says his goodbyes. He shakes Hogan's hand, kisses Carter and Baker on both cheeks (very much a case of RealMenWearPink), and then draws Newkirk into a hug. [[SubvertedTrope He still kisses him too afterwards]].
* Tony gives Gibbs a very quick "Yay, you're not dead!" ManHug in the first episode of the fourth season of ''Series/{{NCIS}}''. Gibbs just stand there, though. Too manly at the moment even to slap a back.
** A more emotional version at the end of the episode "Keep Going", where Gibbs grabs Palmer into one of these. This time it's Palmer who's too stunned to do anything. (The backstory on this moment is that Palmer spent the entire episode trying to talk a suicidal man out of jumping off a building. In the course of talking to him, he mentioned that Gibbs had never hugged him, indicating that he didn't think Gibbs liked or respected him. Gibbs promptly proved otherwise.)
* In a second-season episode of ''Series/HomeImprovement'', Tim talks about the ManHug in a ''[[ShowWithinAShow Tool Time]]'' segment, and tells his guests that he's secure enough as a man to dare hug other men as a token of appreciation. The hug issue is very quickly dropped when Al remarks: "You know, Tim, in Europe, men kiss each other on both cheeks."
* ''Series/{{Merlin}}'':
** Merlin goes in for a hug with his HeterosexualLifePartner Arthur but is quickly stopped by him.
** But played straight with Merlin and Gwaine in 3x08.
** It continues in 4x02 after [[spoiler: Merlin comes back alive and well after the Dorocha attack]], everyone proceeded to ManHug Merlin. But again, subverted with Arthur who just smiles, pats him on the back and pulls him to the fire where everyone else is.
** The two finally hug in 4x06. Notable in that it's ARTHUR who initiates the man hug.
* ''Series/ThirtyRock'' - Jack is dismayed to find his new boss is a big proponent of the man-hug, and they need to last ten seconds.
* Averted on ''Series/TheWestWing'':
-->'''JOSH''': I apologize.
-->'''LEO''' [shrugs]: Your apology's accepted.
-->[Josh moves in for a hug.]
-->'''LEO''': What are you doing?!?
-->'''JOSH''': It looked like you wanted to hug me.
-->'''LEO''': Boy, did you read that wrong.
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'':
** When Jack returns alive after being captured by the Others, he and Sawyer do the handshake followed by a pat on the back version.
** Actually Lost loves this trope, when ever a male character returns from the jungle he is greeted with either a man hug from someone in the crew (Hurley is pretty dependable for this, but it could any guy) or a ReunionKiss from their sweety.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** In the episode "Tabula Rasa" all the main characters lose their memories; Giles and Spike conclude that they're father and son. They still have their antipathy for each other, but as they part ways, Giles initiates the most tentative, awkward man hug ever recorded.
** Lampshaded in season 4's "The Freshman" when Xander returns from him travels and hugs Willow and Kathy but hesitates at Oz.
---> '''Xander''': Do we hug?
---> '''Oz''': I think we're too manly.
** In season 5's "Into The Woods", after Joyce is given a clean bill of health, everyone hugs... except Xander and Giles, who both seem to realise that Men Don't Hug at the last second. After [[spoiler: Joyce dies]] a couple of episodes later, they share a long hug.
* ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld'' had a quite a few of these between HeterosexualLifePartners Cory and Shawn and Jack and Eric, and between brothers Cory and Eric and Shawn and Jack. In one episode Cory and Shawn engage in a longer, more amorous hug than usual after they reconcile their friendship which prompts Topanga to say, "Stop it! You're boys!".
* Deconstructed on the ''Series/WillAndGrace'' episode "A Chorus Lie." When Jack tries to "in" Matt Damon (expose him as a straight man pretending to be gay), they hug and Jack points out the straight-guy no hip contact hug, which Matt (Owen) counters with a description of feeling Jack's pecs.
* Series/StarskyAndHutch tend to do this every now and then.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'': Whenever Mulder returned from the apparent death, Frohike would hug him. In "Three Words" he squeezes him very tightly and for a long time. Mulder hugs him back and then he jokes about it.
-->'''Mulder''': Melvin, I'd be a whole lot happier to see you if you'd just take your hands off my ass.
* At the end of ''Series/{{Criminal Minds}}'' season two episode "Revelations", Reid gives Hotch a hug. It's a heartwarming moment considering what happened in the episode, though [[TheStoic Hotch]] has a surprised look on his face. The male cast of Criminal Minds actually tends to be pretty physically affectionate, at least for American TV. When you chase down serial killers all day, I guess you don't have much to prove.
* During the last episode of ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'', a wordless man hug is the only goodbye that Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien can manage.
* In the pilot of ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', Neelix gives Tuvok a big hug when they first meet. Tuvok ''really'' [[HatesBeingTouched doesn't reciprocate]].
* ''Series/HoratioHornblower'', "Retribution": Horatio hugs Archie Kennedy, his fellow lieutenant and closest friend after he finds out that Archie was hiding from him that he had been shot during a battle.[[spoiler:Horatio's very shaken because it's actually a Mortal Wound Reveal]]. Showing affection among men wasn't uncommon during Regency period and in WoodenShipsAndIronMen genre.
* ''Series/BarneyMiller'': After Wojo is nearly killed in a tunnel collapse and returns to the squadroom, Harris grabs him in a sudden hug... which he instantly regrets when the thick layer of dust on Wojo gets [[TheDandy all over his clothes]].
* ''Series/TheMusketeers'':
** When D'Artagnan is finally officiated as a Musketeer by the King, he proceeds to hug Athos, Aramis and Porthos.
** A GroupHug version is done in the last episode with all of them.
* In the ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' episode "The Sign of Three", John is so moved by Sherlock's best man speech that he offers him a man hug while Sherlock is spluttering in confusion that he made everyone cry.
** Lampshaded just before the actual hug:
--->'''John''': If I try to hug him, please stop me.\\
'''Mary''': Certainly not!
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** Robb Stark and Jon Snow give each other a farewell hug before the latter leaves Winterfell to join the Night's Watch. [[{{Tearjerker}} Sadly, this would be the last time they saw each other]].
** Likewise, Jaime and Tyrion Lannister in the season 4 finale [[spoiler:after the former helped the latter escape from being executed for allegedly poisoning Joffrey]].
* Ethan and Victor share a rather awkward man hug at the end of ''Series/PennyDreadful'' season three while [[spoiler:mourning Vanessa's death]]. This is especially poignant as the two have been keeping a distance from each other, one being a man of action and the other, of science, and it is ''Victor'' who initiates said hug, despite being the socially awkward nerd and probably realizing that [[spoiler:Vanessa's death hurts Ethan ''way'' more than him]].
* In the ''Film/NineEleven'' documentary made by the Naudet brothers[[note]] They were doing a documentary on the NYFD that ended up being one on the terrorist attack[[/note]], the firefighters returning to the station share plenty of these, relieved that everyone is safe. On of the brothers who has made it back pesters the firemen about the other until the other brother finally walks in. At this point, they do their own version of this trope, complete with tears (until that moment, each had feared that the other was dead).

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Tag-team partners do this all the damn time after particularly hard-fought matches.
* The ending of the Wrestling/BrunoSammartino vs. Wrestling/PedroMorales match at Shea Stadium in 1972 featured the two faces embrace in a show of sportsmanship following their epic 75-minute match, which ended in a draw. Given this was the first major face-vs.-face match, to see two men that entered the match as bitter enemies and emerge once again as friends was unheard of beforehand.
* The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kliq#Curtain_Call:_The_MSG_Incident Curtain Call Incident]] for Wrestling/TheKliq. Then again, that's hardly the only incidence - those guys are ''always'' hugging.
* Whenever a long-tenured wrestler retires, due to injury or otherwise, there tends to be a lot of these going around. Wrestling/RicFlair, Wrestling/ShawnMichaels and Wrestling/{{Edge}} all provided examples of this when they retired.
* Since it's kind of hard to act subtly to a large arena full of yelling people, deep and manly hugs are the standard method of demonstrating that two wrestlers ({{Face}} or {{Heel}}) are friends/allies.

* ''Theatre/{{RENT}}'': Roger and Mark at the end of ''"What You Own"''. (Lots of subtext throughout the show/movie.)

* In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty'', Snake gives one of these to Otacon at the end of a seven-step Cool Handshake, shortly after [[spoiler: Otacon's sister Emma dies]] and before the latter goes to rescue a number of hostages from the Big Shell.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' the MC can give one (of the arms-around-the-waist variety) to Yosuke if he chooses the right choice in an earlier scene. Amidst his crying, Yosuke questions the manliness of the hug, saying, "You dumbass... that's for girls..." Of course, there is only [[GoingThroughTheMotions one hug animation]] for the MC.
* In ''VideoGame/JakIIRenegade'', Daxter gets drunk and gives his [[HeterosexualLifePartners Heterosexual Life Partner]] Jak a hug while slurring "I love you, man!" Jak looks less touched by the display of affection and more disturbed by it.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'': "What, no homie love? No hug?"
* In ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'', Ezio can give his BFF [[Creator/LeonardoDaVinci Leonardo]] a Man Hug during a scene where he's prompted. [[VideoGameCaringPotential Players have been known to go back and reload from a previous save if they miss the prompt the first time]]. And they do it without a prompt whenever they meet in ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedBrotherhood''
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2,'' Jacob will give one to Shepard after his loyalty mission is completed. The same happens if Shepard is a woman. Apparently in this galaxy soldierly man-hugs are unisex.
* Cole and Zeke exchange one in the good ending of ''VideoGame/{{inFAMOUS 2}}'', just before Cole goes off to face the Beast.
* After the battle with the Master Control Program in ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII'', Tron says goodbye to Sora, Donald and Goofy with hugs (which symbols a promise that they will meet again), in what many fans consider one of the most heartwarming moments in ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' history.
* ''Franchise/RatchetAndClank'':
** This almost happens to the titular duo in ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureToolsOfDestruction''... they decided on a fist bump instead when they realize that [[{{TheChick}} Talwyn]] is watching them.
** Played straight in ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureACrackInTime'', when they believe that [[spoiler:they must say goodbye because of Clank's duty as the caretaker of the Great Clock]]. And this is shortly before the final boss...
* Happens [[OncePerEpisode at least once per game]] in the ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigi'' series with the brothers hugging each other when reunited after a brief separation [[BigBrotherInstinct with Mario generally being the comforter.]] Popple finds this all rather soppy in ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiSuperStarSaga'' when Mario rescues Luigi from his tied-up predicament. Actually, they hug each time you save Peach from her temporary kidnapping when the bros. [[EscortMission escort her]] in Teehee Valley.
* Gorons in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'' greet each other with a massive hug. After Link saves the cavern that is their food source and chief Darunia adopts him as a blood brother, they offer to hug Link en masse, but because Gorons are made of stone, he declines. Which is to say, he runs away in terror.
* In the Pit of Saron dungeon in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' the rescued prisoners can remark, "You deserve a mighty man hug."

* In ''Radio/BleakExpectations'' a reformed [[BigBad Mr. Gently Benevolent]] notes his former nemesis looks troubled and offers "Man hug?". The protagonist declines. Repeatedly. Harry Biscuit takes him up on it. ''"Mmmm, nice."''

* ''Webcomic/SweetBroAndHellaJeff'' features the "bro hug bump", which is presented with [[MundaneMadeAwesome as much dramatic buildup and as many superlatives as possible]].
-->[[MemeticMutation where doing it man where MAKING THIS HAPEN]]
** Averted, however, in ''WebComic/{{Homestuck}}'' itself when Dave actually meets Dirk and (after a lengthy heart-to-heart conversation) grabs him in a completely un-manly clinging hug.
* ''Webcomic/JohnnyWander'': Do the bro hug! [[http://www.johnnywander.com/comics/172 Hug like bros!]]
* Narrowly averted in ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' in [[http://www.egscomics.com/?date=2011-02-14 these]] [[http://www.egscomics.com/?date=2011-02-16 two]] strips.
* In ''WebComic/RustyAndCo'', [[http://rustyandco.com/comic/level-3-17/ in gratitude]] -- followed by a threat if he ever tells.

* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'': Jaune and Ren share one when team RNJR has to go their separate ways at the middle of Volume 4. This is specially noticeable for being the only pair to hug during the goodbye.
* Lampshaded and parodied in this "How To Give the Perfect Man Hug" video by VideoJug: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUdWApwbudQ "Give a great man to man hug to your closest friends and family without getting that awkward feeling!"]]
* ''Smosh'' has helpfully provided a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7CMqeVYkDo Guys' Guide To Hugging Guys.]]
* ''Roleplay/TheBalladOfEdgardo'': Player characters need to be touching for them to be teleported together, so Edgardo and Squid played this one for all its worth with a powerful hug between two muscular men right before the final battle.

* A hilarious subversion of this is in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' ("Savage Time: Part III") after Superman and a handful of the other Leaguers return to the present. Batman had not been with them (well, there was an alternate version of him where they went) so he is given the ManHug by Superman. To which he replies in a confused, but still utterly deadpan voice: "...am I missing something here?"
* The end of a very hilarious {{lampshaded}} ''WesternAnimation/HomeMovies'' scene [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v12F0bZkJ4E tries this]].
* In the fourth season of ''WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}}'', [[spoiler: the tension between Nathan and Pickles that leads to the [[TenMinuteRetirement band temporarily breaking up]] ends at the finale with Nathan finally apologizing for destroying the record and for stealing the woman Pickles was interested in, the reuniting of Dethklok, and a Man Hug between the two men.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/HarveyBirdmanAttorneyAtLaw'' has the man-kiss, which is similar.
* An entire day in Smurf society is devoted to hugging among the male Smurfs in ''TheSmurfs'' episode "A Hug For Grouchy". Of course, Grouchy hates hugs and doesn't like being hug-mugged by anyone.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': Burns sends Smithers to have [[InsistentTerminology hired goons]] beat up Homer. But Smithers feels this is too harsh, especially since Burns owes his life to Homer on more than one occasion. So when giving the instructions to the goon, he teeters back and forth between letting Homer off and letting him live, to the goon's exasperation. When he asks what Homer did, Smithers bawls out "He saved Mr. Burns' liiiife!!" and collapses sobbing on his chest, holding him tight. The confused mook looks around and does the pat-pat-pat-on-the-shoulder thing.

* The two men on the Seal of Kentucky appear to be doing this, symbolizing the state motto, "United we stand, divided we fall".
* Apparently, this is the customary informal greeting shared between male talk show hosts and male guests.
* Very much played straight in ice hockey after a player scoring a goal.