Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese director best known for creating productions possessing incredible [[SceneryPorn artwork]], each involving [[BittersweetEnding bittersweet]] plots about the distance between his romantic leads. He has established his own animation studio named Comix Wave.

Shinkai is famous for drawing, producing, and even voicing ''VoicesOfADistantStar'' himself and for the extreme success it had despite its humble creation. He has been referred to as "the new [[Creator/HayaoMiyazaki Miyazaki]]" by some, although he himself dislikes the nickname, citing it as an "overestimation".

'''Makoto Shinkai productions to date'''

* ''Anime/SheAndHerCat'' (1999)
* ''Anime/VoicesOfADistantStar'' (2002)
* ''Anime/ThePlacePromisedInOurEarlyDays'' (2004)
* ''Film/FiveCentimetersPerSecond'' (2007)
* ''Anime/ChildrenWhoChaseLostVoices'' (2011)
* ''Anime/TheGardenOfWords'' (2013)
* Animated openings for ''minori'''s visual novels ''Haru no Ashioto'' (2005), ''EfAFairytaleOfTheTwo'' (2006-2008), ''eden*'' (2009) and ''Supipara'' (2011)

!!Makoto Shinkai's works feature these elements:

* AuthorAppeal: Trains are present in all of his works.
* AwardBaitSong: ''Voices Of A Distant Star'' and ''The Place Promised In Our Early Days'' apply these songs in their endings to great effect.
* BittersweetEnding: These are prevalent in all of his works, [[spoiler: with the exception of the novelizations, where the dénouement is explored in greater detail.]]
* IWillWaitForYou: These elements are found in ''Voices Of A Distant Star'' and ''The Place Promised In Our Early Days'', but subverted in ''Five Centimeters Per Second'', [[spoiler: where it contributes to the melancholy of the protagonist as the story reaches its end.]]
* LongTitle: Most of the productions have rather long titles. In particular, ''Five Centimeters Per Second'''s proper title is ''5 Centimeters Per Second: A Chain Of Short Stories About Their Distance''. And ''Children Who Chase Lost Voices'' is only part of the GratuitousEnglish subtitle of ''Hoshi o Ou Kodomo: Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below'' [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment (the first part means "Children Who Chase Stars")]].
* OneManArmy: MakotoShinkai did everything save the music and the female lead's voice in ''Voices Of A Distant Star''. In his subsequent works, he has had a production team helping him.
* SceneryPorn: This is a given in his works -- consider that his art has a tendency to make ''RealLife'' appear dreary and low-resolution. In particular, the art in ''Five Centimeters Per Second'' [[UpToEleven surpasses]] those of his previous works: see SceneryPorn and CherryBlossom trope images.
* TheMario: Shinkai himself is a real jack-of-all trades filmmaker. For ''Five Centimeters Per Second'', he was responsible for writing, directing, storyboarding, directing the sound, animating, supervising and drawing the backgrounds, cinematographer, and editing. He also wrote the lyrics to the [[AwardBaitSong theme song]] to ''The Place Promised in Our Early Days'', and as mentioned previously, did everything in the creation of ''Voices Of A Distant Star'' aside from voice the female lead during the initial run, which was provided by his wife.