MakotoIshii is a voice actor from the Chiba Prefecture, currently affliated with Mausu Production, as mentioned on TheOtherWiki.

His page most definitely NeedsABetterDescription.

!!Notable roles by Makoto Ishii:
* Arthur in ''TearsToTiara''
* Corn (Cress) in ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}: Best Wishes''
* Henmi in ''Manga/SekaiIchiHatsukoi''
* Kazuki Makabe in ''FafnerInTheAzure'' (''Dead Aggressor'', ''[[{{Prequel}} Right of Left]]'', and ''[[TheMovie Heaven and Earth]]'') and ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsUX''
* Kunihito Kusanagi in ''ShangriLa''
* Largo in ''BlackJack''
* Laurent in ''FireEmblemAwakening''
* Masumi Nishijima in ''MiraiNikki''
* Repede in ''TalesOfVesperia''
* Shinichiro Nakagami in ''TrueTears''